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2 July 2021 – Rules of Engagement has been uploaded. 

20 June 2021 – Four Knocks for an Opportunity has been uploaded. 

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A Portal in Sunnydale

BtVS/DW Crossover

Buffy befriends a strange man while on patrol.  Giles runs into a lost woman on his way home.  Two worlds are getting ready to collide.


Enough for Now

After a momentary lapse of control, Giles panics…and Buffy gets angry.



After Thanksgiving, Buffy is tired of pretending.


Four Knocks for an Opportunity

Giles realises his mistakes and is pushed to correct them…whether he wants to or not.


Instant Memories

Head injuries are tricky things.


Invite Me In

Giles is on his way back to Sunnydale, trusting in light within the darkness.


Moments in Sandstone

After Giles arrives in Sunnydale with the first round of Potentials, he shares his thoughts…and Buffy shares her sanctuary.


Music Appreciation

Buffy gives Giles a different perspective when it comes to ‘research music’.


One Good Day

While discussing Buffy’s near-miss, it’s determined that other discussions need to take place.


Pulling it Back Together

Giles and Buffy have been arguing. Buffy's tired of it.



Buffy and Giles bond after Riley leaves.


Solutions and Resolutions

Buffy has a request that Giles needs to process. She also has an idea that could change everything.


Tea and Daleks

Buffy still patrols. Giles still waits up...most of the time.


Tumbling, Bumbling

Buffy and Giles need to have a discussion.  Follow up to A Portal in Sunnydale.


Warning Sign

Remembering all he’s lost, Giles makes a decision.





Bird watching, salmon sharing, nature vs nurture…everyone’s amenable.


Beautiful Time of Year

Buffy and Giles learn more about his past in a completely accidental manner. 

Written for help_haiti.



Buffy is injured and her Slayer healing seems to be impaired.  Worried that something is drastically wrong, she seeks out Giles’ assistance.


Drinking, Deflecting, Discussing

Giles has some things to say – and Xander is going to listen, whether he likes it or not.



Giles has had numerous favourite activities throughout his life. His newest one is by far his most favourite of all.



When filters are lost...


Forcing His Hand

Giles is having nightmares.  Is his subconscious trying to tell him something?


Green Eyes

Unexpected changes are occurring.  Sometimes, unexpected changes are a very good thing.


If, Perchance, He Unlocks the Door...

Buffy and Giles are not in the best place emotionally. There are reasons, but they need to work to find out what those reasons are – and to see if the issues can be resolved.



When Giles finds something he can’t help stop, he doesn’t quite know what to do.


Logical Steps

A break from work, questionable music, an unexpected encounter…there are logical steps to everything in life.



There’s always been an obstacle along the way.


Rules of Engagement

Ultimatums rarely go as planned.


Skipping Steps

There are steps to move forward, steps that shouldn’t be skipped.


Something Warm

There was an incident. Now they need to work through it.


Standing Still

Willow’s creativity gives Buffy and Giles the nudge they need.



There’s alcohol. There’s Buffy. There’s Giles. And a bit of uncertainty.


That's What You Do

New Year’s Eve. New relationship. New setting. Everything is new…everything is lovely.


The Best Everything

Giles is in trouble and it’s up to Buffy to help him.


The Crowns of Snowdonia

A year after Sunnydale, Buffy and Giles come together again to take care of a potential apocalyptic threat.


The Monster Inside

Can Willow be stopped before she’s completely lost?


This Kind of Stupid

Buffy needs to talk to Giles, but that conversation is put on hold when disaster strikes. Again.


Under the Influence

Painkillers have a tendency to loosen one’s tongue.


What Lies in Your Heart

While chasing a vampire, Buffy and Giles find themselves trapped in a strange place. 


When Giving Up Isn't an Option

After Buffy's sacrifice to save the world, Giles is having issues. People he never expected to help him, more ways than one. 




A Good Place to Start

Giles isn't dealing with things very well.


A New Chapter, A New Book

Tensions are high…boiling points are reached.


A New Year

Buffy and Giles ring in the New Year.


A Perfect Burst

Dawn has a new hobby – one that brings some interesting things to light.


A Quarter Lost, A Lifetime Gained

There was an incident. Buffy is ready to talk about it.


…And in Health

Buffy’s feeling better after Giles’ care


Anything to Help

Buffy has an issue and there’s someone who might be able to help her.


Attack of the Elquist

After some time apart, Buffy returns to England. She and Giles need to talk.



Buffy tries to protect the ones she loves.  Problem is, she goes about it in a ‘Buffy’ way.


Breaking Point

Giles is pushed past his limit.  Who’s to blame?  What’s the solution?


Bruised, Not Broken

Truths come out, with a little nudge from a friend.



The lives of Buffy and Giles are full of surprises. It’s how they deal with those surprises that make them Buffy/Giles.



Things are never as simple as they are meant to be. Sometimes, that’s not a bad thing..



They have just enough time. Just.



Buffy and Giles deal with the aftermath of Willow’s latest spell to go wrong.



Buffy and Giles have been having issues. Life-changing news means it’s time for a proper resolution. Sooner, rather than later. (Current WIP - 23/05/20).
Warning: This story deals with the serious illness of a young character.  



Giles deals with the consequences of his actions. 

Sequel to Bound by wyvernwolf.


Fallen Rayne

Giles receives some devastating news from England. 



Giles mentions to Buffy that he’s considering leaving Sunnydale.  Buffy’s reaction is not quite what he expected.


Foolish Games

Buffy takes Anya’s advice.



Buffy comes home to find Giles injured, physically and emotionally.  This story deals with disturbing subject matter, please read the warnings before you proceed.


Gifts of Opportunity

Is Giles the First? Buffy volunteers to find out.



A simple gesture is really not that simple.


Hidden Truths

A night of alcohol leads elsewhere.  This was written for the BuffyVerse BigBang.



Giles has been away. But, now he’s home.


In Perpetuum

Giles has been away and is running late. Buffy finally explains an aversion. Giles has questions.

This was written for Summer of Giles 2020 and is a follow up to A New Chapter, A New Book.


In Somno

Giles is attacked by a demon that transports him into a reality based on his fantasy.  Buffy is the only who can bring him back.


Like Heaven

Buffy wants a new experience, Giles is there to help.  Sequel to The Preferred Effect.



Sometimes it's best to just ask. 


Never a Question

Buffy has some news, but isn’t sure how Giles is going to take it. 



The Scoobies see Giles as noble…but, how noble is he really?


Of Sunsets and New Beginnings

Giles takes Buffy to England after her resurrection so they can process. Sequel to When Giving Up Isn't an Option.



Buffy and Giles have an argument. 


Persuading Quentin

Sequel to Enough is Enough.  Prequel to Frustration.

Buffy and Giles have a phone call to make.



Dinner, Zinfandel, rain...progression is inevitable.


Q & A

A question and answer session helps Buffy and Giles work through some issues.



Giles has discussed the benefits of reflecting on a situation. Buffy decides to see if he’s right.


Rule Number Nine

Giles has rules.  He tries to live by his rules, but one is very tempting for him to break.



Buffy and Giles are having a hard time concealing their relationship.


The Preferred Effect

Buffy learns one of Giles’ relaxation techniques.


The Right Decision

Slayers get restless.  Restlessness can affect decision-making abilities…sometimes.


The Snowman

Snow, alcohol, and the Scoobies on a camping trip.


Things Said Badly in Anger

Giles is angry.  Buffy is a little clueless.  They have a lot of things to work through.


To Mend the Rift

Can Giles fix the relationship he has with Buffy?



Buffy and Giles go find the demon that she’s been having prophetic dreams about.  Sequel to Believe.


What Love Can Do

Giles wants to go out, Buffy wants to stay in.  Giles starts to question the basis of their relationship.



Buffy’s reading through some of Giles’ writings and has a few questions.






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