Title:  Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRM

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  A few months after Reign of Love.  AU.

Synopsis:  Some details of a previous trip come to light as Buffy and Giles are waiting for their flight.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.




Giles smiled as Buffy weaved her way through the maze of people and stopped in front of him.  “There you are.”


She grinned and placed her hand on his chest.  “Think I’d run off or something?”


“No.”  He answered softly, gazing into her eyes.


“But you were worried?”  She asked, before suddenly lurching into him when someone bumped into her.  “Hey!”


“Sorry…”  The man sheepishly replied, shifting his bag to his other shoulder.


Giles gave the man an understanding smile.  “It’s alright.”


Buffy righted herself and sighed, nodding at the man in acceptance of his apology.  Turning her attention back to Giles, she looked at him expectantly.


“What?”  He questioned, furrowing his brow.


“Were you worried that I’d run off or something?”


“Oh.”  He smiled as he shook his head, curling a strand of her hair around his finger.  “No.  No, I was just…missing you a little.”


“I was gone for like ten minutes…fifteen tops.”  She replied, laughing gently as his skin flushed to a light shade of pink.  “That’s really cute, you know…”


“Oh, yes.  I’m sure it’s very becoming of a grown man to miss his new wife when she goes to the restroom.”


She reached up and traced his ear with her fingertip.  “I was actually talking about the fact that you blushed.  But…yeah, you missing me is pretty adorable too.”


He stared at her for a moment, his eyes darkening a shade before he reluctantly pulled away from her touch.  Lowering her hand, she licked her lips and smiled.


“I get the feeling that you pulling away from me has nothing to do with not wanting me to touch you.”


“Mm.”  He murmured, taking a slow, deep breath as he glanced at her chest.  “Not exactly.”


“But…we can’t.”  She whispered.


He looked around at the hundreds of people milling around the terminal and shook his head.  “No, we can’t.  Not here.”




His eyes met hers quickly.  “Not here.”


Hearing the firm tone of his voice, she grinned.  “On the plane?”




“People do it all the time, Giles.”


Giles huffed and shoved his right hand into his trouser pocket.  “Not me.  Not after…”


 Buffy arched an eyebrow as he cut himself off, his face reddening.  “Not after what?”


“Nothing.”  He grumbled, picking up the bag resting at his feet.  “We should find our gate.”


“Uh-huh.  So…who did you have sex with on an airplane?”


Giles blew out an exasperated breath as a younger couple to their left turned to look at him, smiles on their faces.  He glared at the couple, feeling a sense of accomplishment when their smiles faded and they scurried off.


“Well, that was just mean…”  Buffy remarked playfully.


Giles turned his glare to her.  “And that was highly uncalled for.”


Buffy grinned and slipped her hand into his.  “You know that glare has never worked on me, Giles.  Besides…I didn’t mean to ask it that loud.”


He sighed heavily, allowing his glare to soften.  There was no use in wasting it on someone who took no notice of it anyway.  He gently squeezed her hand and then started walking towards their gate.


She looked up at him as he led her through the crowd.  “Giles?”




“Who was she?”


Giles rolled his eyes, tightening his grip on her hand as he abruptly changed direction.  Buffy stumbled lightly.




He let go of her hand long enough to pull a card out of the inner pocket of his jacket as they approached a door.  He swiped the card and pushed the door open with the toe of his shoe as he grabbed her hand again.


Buffy’s eyes widened as he dragged her through the doorway into the deserted room.  “What the hell is this?”


“Airline lounge.”  He replied, dropping the bag he was carrying onto the floor and gesturing towards a very comfortable-looking chaise.  “Sit down.”


“You’re a member of the airline’s private club?”  She asked as she sat down and stretched her legs. 


Giles ignored her question and sat down next to her.  “It was a very long time ago…”


Buffy smiled.  “You’re gonna tell me a story, aren’t you?”


“Are you sure you want to know?”  He asked softly, covering her hand with his. 


“Depends?  How long ago is ‘a very long time ago’?  Because if this is about you and Olivia taking a trip somewhere without my knowledge, then…no, I don’t want to know.”


Giles smiled tenderly.  “No…I was twenty-one and it was my first trip to America.”


Buffy’s eyes sparkled as her smile grew.  “Ripper on a plane, huh?  Yeah, I think I really wanna know now.”


“There’s really not that much to tell, Buffy.”  He ran his fingers through her hair and cleared his throat when she gave him the look that said she wasn’t letting it go.  “I didn’t even get her name.  Or…if I did, I don’t remember it.”


“Are you serious?”  Buffy asked, a surprised tone in her voice.


He nodded slowly and sighed.  “She was a stewardess…”


“Flight attendant.”  Buffy corrected automatically.


“In those days, they were still called ‘stewardesses’.”  Giles replied absently.  “I kept asking for drinks…she kept giving them to me, along with a few smiles.”


“Were you that easy?”  She asked teasingly.


A smile flickered in his eyes.  “You have no idea, love.”


“It took me forever to get you into bed…and she just had to give you beer and a smile?”


“It was a different time, Buffy.  And it was whisky…and there was no bed.” 


She lightly chewed on her bottom lip and then sighed.  At his questioning look, she shrugged a shoulder.


“I just…I feel a little jealous and I feel kinda stupid about feeling a little jealous.  Because, I mean…I know you were with other women before.  Like…before I was even born…”


“It was sex, nothing more.  I barely remember what color hair she had.  I was young, drunk, and horny.  She was willing.  That’s all that mattered back then.”


“What do you remember?”


“That it was uncomfortable.”  He answered with a small smile.  “The bathroom was cramped…barely large enough for one person my height.  There wasn’t much room for movement.  I, uh…I remember getting frustrated at one point for that very reason.”


“Sounds like sex on an airplane is overrated.”


“I think it’s all relative.”  He whispered, his eyes darting to her lips. 

”What do you mean?”  She whispered back, glancing down at his hand as he started rubbing her thigh.


“The bathrooms in first-class are a fair bit larger…”


She looked back up quickly, her response interrupted by his mouth covering hers.  She whimpered as his hand cupped her breast.  She dropped her hand to his burgeoning erection, smiling inwardly as he groaned into her mouth.


Just as he started to push her down onto the lounge, an announcement was made over the loudspeaker.  He gave a groan of annoyance and reluctantly pulled from the kiss.


Buffy grinned as the announcement was repeated and their flight number was called for boarding.  His answering grin spoke volumes.  She didn’t have to ask where their seats were on this flight.


“How long is the flight again?”


“Long enough, love.”  He chuckled and brushed his lips across hers as he stood.  “Long enough.”




~ End


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