Title:  The Fifth of Five

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO (overall)

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Four weeks after A Week in the Life…

Synopsis:   Declan makes his arrival.


2  3  4  5



Buffy groaned as she stared at the ceiling.  Giles looked over from the wardrobe and smiled, a light blue button-up shirt in his hand. 


“You alright, love?”


She stared at him and sighed dramatically.  “Oh yeah…I’m as big as a house, my back is killing me, and all I hear are the sounds of drills and hammers.  I’m great.”


“You’re beautiful, Buffy.”  He whispered sincerely as he moved back to the bed and sat down next to her.  “And…I can give you a back rub if you’d like.”


“No.”  She pouted as he stroked her abdomen with his fingers.  “If you give me a back rub, then I’ll be horny on top of everything else…”


He grinned at her.  “I could take care of that as well…”


She rolled her eyes and carefully pushed herself up.  “You have to go to work.”


He shook his head and readjusted the pillows behind her back.  “I’m working from home today.”


Her brow furrowed as she leaned back against the pillows.  “Then why are you getting dressed?”


“Because I have phone calls to make.  And I’d prefer to not discuss the current status of Marijana and her Watcher with the Board while…unclothed.”


Buffy chuckled and ran her fingers down his chest.  “Fair enough, I guess.  Do you think they’re having sex yet?”


“Mm…I’m rather sure that particular detail is none of my business.”  He replied, smiling as Declan kicked against his hand.


She returned his smile, covering his hand with hers.  “He does love her, you know.”


“I know.”  He whispered, leaning into her and brushing his lips across hers. 


Before he could deepen the kiss, she lightly pushed him back and shook her head.  When he tilted his head in a silent question, his eyes showing his concern, she offered him a smile.


“If we start this, we’re both going to end up frustrated.”  She groaned again as she heard the unmistakeable sound of a power drill.  “Come on, help me up.  There’s no point in me staying in bed…it’s not like I’ll be able to get any sleep anyway.”


“They’re almost finished.”  He replied, slipping into his shirt but not bothering with the buttons yet.  “Xander’s wanting to have the construction completed by the time Declan’s born.  He said something about painting being quieter than building…makes it easier on babies.”


“And pregnant women.”  Buffy added as she carefully manuevered herself to the other side of the bed. 


Giles chuckled as he stood, his fingers deftly buttoning his shirt as he watched her.  “Need any help?”


“With getting out of – oh God!”


Giles ran around the bed in a sudden panic, stopping when he followed her gaze to the floor.  The carpet between her feet was darker than the rest of the room…it only took him a second to realize that it was because it was wet.


“Right…don’t worry about getting dressed, let’s go!”


“The kids…”


“Xander’s here, he can drop them off at school for us.”  He answered quickly, moving to her side and slipping his arm around her back.  “Do you need me to carry you?”


She shook her head and then bit her lip.  “We’re not going to make it to the hospital, Giles.”


Giles cursed softly and without a second thought, led her back to the bed.  She had just lowered herself to the mattress when the first contraction hit.  And it hit hard.


“Fuck!”  She screamed as she clutched her stomach.


Giles scrambled for the phone and quickly dialled Xander’s mobile number.  After two rings, Xander picked up…Giles could hear the banging of hammers clearly over the line.


“Hey Giles, what’s up?”


Giles was in no position to mince words as he moved quickly, gathering as many clean towels as he could from the laundry basket in the corner of the room.  “Buffy’s in labour and I need you to take the children to school.”


Xander narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the driveway, only to find both Giles’ and Buffy’s cars parked in front of the house.  “Um…where are you?”


“Xander, I don’t have time for this…I’m getting ready to deliver my son.”


Xander’s mouth dropped open.  “Deliver your son?”


“Xander!”  Giles snapped as he rummaged through his bedside table for something sharp. 


“Sorry…do you need any help?  I mean, can you do this?”


Giles groaned in exasperation as he pulled a Babylonian dagger with an ebony handle out of the drawer.  “I delivered your firstborn, I’m confident that I can deliver my own child.  Please, can you take the others to school?”


“Yeah, sure…um…should I…do you want me to call anyone or tell the kids anything or…um…anything?”


“No, not…”  Giles trailed off as he glanced between Buffy’s legs as she cried out.  “Bloody hell!”


Xander stared at the phone when he realized that Giles had disconnected the line.  After barking a few orders to his builders, he took off…dialling Willow’s number as he ran towards the house.


* * *


“I should get Willow to flay your cock!” 


Giles flinched, glancing up at her as he carefully bent her knees.  “Hopefully, you’ll feel differently about that later.”


Buffy glared at him.  “Why aren’t you all panicky?”


He offered her a gentle smile and placed his right hand on her abdomen.  “I’ve delivered a child before…and this isn’t our first baby.  I wouldn’t say that I’m calm, but I’m not –”


“Stop…being…wordy guy!”  She ground out through her next contraction.


He gave her a quick nod and took a deep breath.  “Almost there, Buffy.”


“Flay.”  Buffy repeated as she gripped the sheets tightly, her knuckles turning white as the pain ripped through her.


* * *


Willow raced up the steps to the front porch as Xander opened the door, quickly ushering the four younger Gileses out.  Braden smiled as he shifted the backpack on his shoulder.


“Hey, Willow.”


Willow grinned at him.  “Hey…”


Braden waited as Lucas led Haddie and Evan to their father’s car and then gestured inside with a jerk of his thumb.  “Mum’s having the baby, you know.”


“You’re not supposed to know that!”  Xander stated quickly, his eyes wide.


Braden rolled his eyes.  “I’m eleven, Xander.  I’m not an idiot.  I even know where babies come from…”


Predictably, Xander’s mouth dropped open causing both Willow and Braden to laugh.  Xander shook his head and pointed to the car.




Braden chuckled and gave Willow a wink before jumping down the steps and jogging towards the car.  Willow shook her head in amusement as Xander heaved a sigh.


“So…is everything okay in there?”


“I guess.”  Xander said, running his hand through his hair.  “I mean, Giles didn’t say much other than he needed me to drop the kids off to school.  Apparently, this one’s coming pretty fast.”


“You okay to get them to school?”


Xander nodded and pulled the keys from his pocket.  “Yeah…what are you going to do?”


Willow glanced inside when she heard the muffled sounds of Buffy’s cry.  “I’m going to see if Giles needs any help in there.”


Xander checked his watch and nodded again.  “Okay, I’ll be back soon.  If they need anything, call my cell, okay?”


Willow gave him a nod and then walked inside.  Xander took a deep breath as Willow closed the door and then made his way to the car.


* * *


Willow cautiously opened the bedroom door and poked her head inside.  “Need any help?”


Buffy’s dark eyes glared at her best friend as she pointed to her husband, who was kneeling on the floor with his hands between her thighs.  “Flay his cock!”


Giles’ eyes widened as he stared at his wife.  Willow chuckled, shaking her head as she walked into the room and closed the door behind her.


“No, I think you’d probably kill me later if I agreed to that.”


“Get ready to push, Buffy.”  Giles stated gently.


“Fuck you!  Push this, you…oh, fucking hell!”


Willow suddenly realized just how quickly this baby was coming.  She rushed to Giles’ side, grabbing a clean towel from the laundry basket on her way.




Giles swallowed, but didn’t take his eyes away from what he could see of the top of his son’s head.  “We don’t have much time here, Willow.”


“What do you need?”


“Pain…he needs pain!”  Buffy grumbled as she pushed her upper body from the mattress and glared at Giles. 


“Take her hand, give her something to anchor to.  Please beware of her strength…”  Giles responded to Willow, ignoring Buffy’s statement.


“Are you okay?”  Willow whispered to him as she moved onto the bed next to Buffy.


He gave her a quick nod and then met Buffy’s eyes.  “I can see his head, darling.”


“Already?”  Willow asked with wide eyes, only to be ignored by both Buffy and Giles.


Buffy sniffled and shook her head.  “I can’t do this, Rupert.”


“You can, love.  Just a few pushes, on my go.”


Willow brushed Buffy’s sweat-drenched hair back from her forehead.  “Tell me when you’re ready, Buff.”


Buffy grabbed Willow’s hand and turned her teary eyes towards her.  “I really don’t want you to flay his cock…”


Willow grinned and gave Buffy’s hand a gentle squeeze.  “Good thing I didn’t then, huh?”


Buffy’s hand tightened around Willow’s fingers.  Willow grimaced, but said nothing.  Giles took a deep breath and licked his lips.


“Three…two…one…push, Buffy!”


Buffy clenched her eyes shut, groaning as she pushed as hard as she could.  Willow inhaled sharply, closing her eyes against the pain Buffy was inflicting on her slender fingers.  Giles smiled as the baby’s head moved closer towards his hand.


Chapter Two


Willow carefully cleaned the blade of the ancient Babylonian dagger that Giles had used to cut the umbilical cord.  “Do I even want to know why you had this in the bedroom?”


Giles chuckled softly and shook his head.  He moved onto the bed and sat next to Buffy, lovingly stroking the baby’s forehead as Buffy cuddled him.


“He’s so beautiful.”  Buffy sighed softly.


Giles nodded in agreement, pressing a soft kiss to her temple.  “I love you, Buffy.”


She looked up at him and smiled.  “Love you too.  You delivered our last baby…”


“Mm-hm.  Didn’t have much of a choice, did I?”  He asked with a smile.


“What’s his name?”  Willow asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and reaching out to lightly stroke the baby’s dark hair.


“Declan.”  Giles answered proudly.


Buffy beamed as she met Willow’s eyes.  “Declan Kingsley Giles.”


“Declan.  Deccie…”


Giles narrowed his eyes at Willow.  “Declan.”


Willow laughed.  “Declan Giles.  It’s a good name.”


“Thank you.”  Giles stated softly, carefully transferring the sleeping baby into his arms.  “Dr. Moran should be here soon, Declan.”


Willow tilted her head thoughtfully.  “Did you get a look-in with this one, Buffy?”


“Hm?”  Buffy murmured, watching her husband examine their youngest child’s fingers and toes.  “What do you mean?”


Willow gestured to Declan and then to Giles.  “He’s more of a mini-Giles than Braden is.”


Buffy laughed softly and then looked up as the door slowly opened.  Her smile grew as Xander peeked around the door.


“Come on in, Xand…”


Xander moved into the room, his eyes fixed on the baby in Giles’ arms.  “Wow…that was quick.  I thought Rayna and River were fast arrivers.”


Giles looked up, arching an eyebrow.  “Fast arrivers?”


Xander waved a hand in a playfully dismissive motion.  “You know what I mean…now hand him over, I’m sure Will has already had a turn.”


Giles chuckled and handed the baby over to Xander once he’d gotten comfortable on the edge of the bed.  Xander carefully rested the little boy on his thighs and studied him.


“Wow, he’s a little Giles!”


Giles smiled proudly.  “I’ll not have him being called ‘Little King’…”


Xander met Giles’ eyes and tilted his head in a confused manner.  “Huh?”


“Everyone insisted on calling Braden ‘Little Ru’ when he was younger…”


“Well, yeah.  That’s ‘cause his name has Rupert in it.”  Xander paused for just a second before grinning.  “Is he a little Kingsley?”


“Declan.”  Buffy answered, leaning her head against Giles’ shoulder as she gazed at the newborn.  “His middle name is Kingsley, though.”


“Declan.”  Xander said softly, looking back down at the baby.  “Ethan’s going to be really pissed off.”


It was Giles’ turn to look confused.  “Because we named our son Declan?  Why would that piss him off?”


“He already knows anyway…”  Buffy added, earning her the glares of Willow and Xander.  “I accidentally called the baby by name at Evan’s birthday party.”


“Oh…”  Willow responded, allowing her glare to soften.


Xander shook his head and then handed the baby back to Giles when he started to fuss.  “Ethan and Michael leave for a ten day trip…and the day after they leave, Buffy has the baby?  He’s going to be pissed.”


Giles chuckled in understanding.  “It’s not as if it was planned.”


“Well, yeah, but still…”  Xander started and then smiled at Giles.  “He would’ve wanted to be here.”


Giles nodded agreeably and glanced at his sleeping son.  Willow?  Would you mind handing me the phone?”


Buffy took Declan and smiled as he automatically quietened.  “You know he’s probably having sex…”


Giles laughed as Xander shuddered lightly.  “Yes…and that’s why I’m merely sending him a text message.”


Declan’s face scrunched up, turning a dark shade of red as he prepared to let out a loud cry.  Xander grinned as the doorbell sounded over the baby’s wails.


“That’s probably the doctor, I’ll get it.”  He stated quickly, standing and running towards the door before Giles or Buffy had the chance to thank him.


Giles sent the message to Ethan and then dropped his phone onto the bed next to him.  And then he focussed his attention on his newborn son.


“Oh, Declan…it’s okay.”  He cooed softly, slipping his pinky into Declan’s tiny fist.  “Come on, now…”


Giles’ phone began to ring at the same time as the doctor appeared in the doorway.  The doctor grinned at the Gileses as Giles handed his phone to Willow in a silent request for her to answer it.


“Well, his lungs appear to be normal.”  Dr. Moran joked as he walked into the room.


Willow answered the phone and smiled at Giles as she quietly left the room, giving Ethan the specifics of Declan’s birth over the line.  Dr. Moran placed his bag on the bedside table and gazed appreciatively at the squalling baby.


“Not a bad job at all, Rupert.”


Giles grinned proudly.  Buffy rolled her eyes and nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. 


“He’s talking about the delivery, not about Declan personally.”


“I know.”  Giles answered, giving her a wink.  “But, considering the fact that I delivered him…I feel that I have the right to be proud about it.”


Dr. Moran chuckled and reached down, carefully lifting the baby as he looked at Buffy.  “Declan, is it?  Do you know the exact time of birth?  For the birth certificate, of course…”


“Um…no?  But, I’d bet that Giles does.”


“Nine thirty-seven.”  Giles responded with no hesitation. 


“See?”  Buffy laughed as she watched the doctor examine the baby.  “How is he?”


“Perfectly healthy, seemingly.  Of course, we’ll want to take him to the hospital for the usual tests.”  He regarded Buffy, tilting his head slightly.  “How are you feeling?”


“Considering I just had a baby?  Great.”


Dr. Moran smiled and went back to his examination of the child. 


Giles leaned over and whispered his love for Buffy into her ear before pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.  Buffy turned towards him, lifting her hand to the side of his face and returning his declaration of love before kissing his lips.


* * *


Giles leaned back in the chair at Dr. Moran’s clinic, laughing softly as Willow recounted her phone conversation with Ethan.  Buffy was down the hall, being examined by one doctor while Dr. Moran took down Declan’s measurements.  Xander had gone back to work on the guesthouse.


Giles and Willow both looked towards the hallway when a nurse pushed a wheelchair into the reception area.  Giles smiled brightly and stood, quickly making his way over.  Buffy rolled her eyes at the amusement showing on Willow’s face.  Declan slept peacefully in her arms.


“Don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen you in a wheelchair, Buffy.”  Willow stated with a grin.


“Well, it was either me walk and someone else carry Declan or…”  She gestured at the chair with her left hand. “…this.  I wasn’t ready to let anyone else have him.”


“What about me?”  Giles asked softly, his green eyes focused on the baby.


“Well, you’re different, aren’t you?”  Buffy whispered, lifting Declan up to him.  “You’re Daddy…”


Willow sighed as she watched Giles cuddle his newborn son.  The gentle sound caught Buffy’s attention.  Buffy smiled as she carefully extracted herself from the wheelchair and moved to Willow’s side.


“What’s the sigh about, Will?”


Willow shook her head lightly, a smile tugging at her lips as her eyes misted.  “It’s just…I’ve always loved watching him with your children…especially when they’re babies.”




“There’s just something about the way he looks at them…the way he holds them…”


Buffy nodded in understanding.  “Oz was the same with Maria and Jake.”


Willow grinned and met Buffy’s eyes.  “See…that’s what I’m trying not to think about right now.”


Buffy’s eyes widened slightly.  “Do you want another baby?”


“God, no.”  Willow chuckled. “Two is definitely enough for us.  But…seeing him like that with a baby…and thinking about how Oz is with babies…you can’t stop your mind from wondering what it would be like to have just one more.”


“You shouldn’t discount it right now, Willow.”  Giles stated softly as he met her eyes.  “You’re still young…”


Willow stared at him for a moment and then sighed heavily.  “You’re not helping, Giles.”


Giles chuckled and slipped his right arm around Buffy’s shoulders.  “Since both of you have checked out healthy and sound…what would you say to going home?”


“I’d say that sounds like a wonderful idea…as long as there’s no construction going on.”


Willow smiled brightly as she watched Giles lead his wife out the clinic door, their hours-old son cradled safely in his left arm. 


“No…Oz would kill me.”  She mumbled to herself as she followed them to the parking lot.


Her smile returned as she waited until Giles had gotten both Declan and Buffy settled in the car before climbing into the front passenger seat.  She looked back at Buffy and grinned.


“You sure you don’t want to sit up here?  I don’t mind, you know…”  She laughed loudly as Buffy gave her a playful glare.


* * *


Buffy had gotten Declan settled into his crib quickly…the same crib that each of their four children had used before him.  She looked up at Giles and smiled.


“Lucky we kept this after all, huh?”


Giles returned her smile and leaned down to brush his lips across hers.  “I’ll never call you a ‘packrat’ again, love.”


“Yeah, you will…eventually.”  She chuckled, returning her gaze to their youngest son.  “Giles, he’s so beautiful.”


Giles nodded slowly, smiling warmly as Declan pursed his lips in sleep.  “Will you be alright here while I go pick the children up from school?”


“Mm-hm.”  She murmured, sliding her arms around him and resting her cheek against his chest.  “Xander’s still out back in case there’s a problem…and I think you should be the one to tell them about their new brother.”


Giles lovingly rubbed her back.  “And I think you should get some rest while I’m gone.”




He shook his head, softly clucking his tongue at her.  “No…you gave birth less than seven hours ago, Buffy…”


“Yeah, and I have super Slayer healing, remember?”


“Mm-hm, I remember all too well.  And I’m well aware of the fact that you’re feeling just fine.  But, it would make me feel better if you had a rest while I pick the children up.”


Buffy sighed softly and leaned up to place a tender kiss on his chin.  “Okay, but if you’re gone more than an hour…I’m getting up.”


He smiled widely and ran his fingers through her hair, lowering his mouth to hers once again.


Chapter Three


“Where’s Mummy?”  Evan asked as he climbed into his seat.


Haddie narrowed her eyes as she looked at the baby capsule buckled in beside of her.  “And…why is the baby seat out?”


Lucas looked at his father with wide, excited eyes.  “Is Declan here?”


Giles chuckled and then made a big show of looking into the baby capsule before shaking his head.  “No…he doesn’t seem to be here.”


Lucas rolled his eyes.  “You know what I mean, Dad!”


Giles looked back towards the school, grinning as he watched his oldest son run towards the car.  “Sorry I’m late!”


“You’re not exactly ‘late’, Braden.”  Giles responded softly, glancing at a passing car as Braden smiled and waved at the occupant.  “Who was that?”


Lucas grinned mischievously, slipping into a sing-song voice.  “Amanda Evans, his girlfriend!”


Braden glared at his brother.  “Shut up, Luke!”


“He wants to kiss her!”  Lucas shot back, giggling madly.




Evan tilted his head to the left and looked at his oldest brother.  “She has my name!”


Braden furrowed his brow.  “Huh?”


“Her name’s Evans…my name’s Evan.  We have the same.  I like her!”


Braden rolled his eyes, causing Giles to laugh.  Haddie caught Braden’s eyes and smiled warmly. 


“She’s pretty, Bay.”


Braden couldn’t help but smile back at his sister.  He exhaled deeply and then nodded in agreement.


“Yeah, she is.”


“See?  She’s his girlfriend…Braden has a girlfriend!”  Lucas giggled, quickly ducking out of Braden’s way as Braden threw a punch at him.


Giles reached out quickly, blocking the punch as Lucas ducked out of the way.  “Braden Rupert Giles!”


Braden sighed heavily and slowly met his father’s dark eyes, knowing that he was in trouble if his father was using his full name.  “He’s teasing me…”


“He’s eight.  That happens.  You’re eleven…you need to learn to control your temper.”  Giles turned his eyes to Lucas and shook his head.  “And that’s enough of the teasing, Lucas.”


“But, he has a girlfriend…” 


“Mm-hm…and so will you one day, and then Haddie and Evan will tease you mercilessly about it.  Because that’s what siblings do.  But, for now…we have more important things to discuss.”


Braden’s frown turned into a smile as his eyes brightened.  “Mum had the baby?”


“Yes.”  Giles answered, smiling at each of the four children.  “So, what do you say we stop off and buy Mummy some flowers and then go home to see your new brother?”


Giles chuckled as Lucas and Braden both scrambled into their seats in the back of the SUV.  He climbed into the driver’s seat and glanced in the rearview mirror, watching his children excitedly discuss the arrival of Declan for a moment before starting the car.


* * *


The house was quiet when Giles opened the front door.  With a smile, he turned and whispered to the children.


“Quietly, like a mouse, yes?”


Braden and Lucas grinned, whereas Haddie and Evan nodded emphatically.  Giles gave a quick nod of acknowledgement and gestured towards the hall.


“Okay, if you promise to be really quiet and not wake him…you can go into Declan’s room while I go wake Mum up.”  He held out an arm, blocking the path of the two youngest children as he looked at Braden and Lucas.  “Make sure they don’t wake him up.”


Braden nodded and Lucas stood up straight, obviously proud of the fact that he had been given the same level of authority as his older brother in this situation.  Braden took Haddie’s hand as Lucas took Evan’s.  With another gentle nod, Giles took a step back and allowed them access to the hallway.


He watched the older boys lead their siblings down the hall and then he followed, turning into the bedroom.  He smiled lovingly as he took in her form…lying on her side and sound asleep, her left arm curled under her head and her right arm holding Giles’ pillow tightly against her chest. 


He glanced at the baby monitor on the bedside table, smiling when he heard Haddie whisper, ever so softly, how cute their baby brother was.  He sat down behind Buffy, gently stroking her hair as he whispered her name.


She shifted slightly, her brow furrowing in sleep as she tightened her hold on the pillow.  Giles chuckled and leaned down, brushing his lips across her cheek.






“Wake up, darling.  The children are home.”


She opened her eyes slowly, sighing heavily as she looked at the pillow.  “You’re not my husband…”


“No, but I am.”  Giles answered, amusement in his voice.


She looked up quickly, alarm in her eyes for just a brief second.  “Okay, that was embarrassing.”


He chuckled and trailed his fingertips along her cheekbone.  “Have a nice sleep?”


“Mm-hm…”  She yawned and then sat up, looking around the room.  “Thought you said the kids were home?”


“They are.”  He gestured at the baby monitor as another soft whisper was heard.  “See?”


She heard Declan whimper and then Evan whisper in an urgent tone.  “I didn’t do anything!”


Buffy snorted a laugh and allowed Giles to help her out of bed.  She looked up at him and then wrapped her right hand around the back of his neck, gently drawing him to her lips.  He kissed her warmly, pulling away when her tongue flicked against his bottom lip.


She sighed heavily and then brushed her fingers through her hair.  “Later?”


“Mm-hm.”  He murmured, darting his eyes to her lips.  “Later.  Now…we have five children in one room.  We should go make the formal introductions.”


She leaned up and placed another soft, quick kiss on his lips before whispering ‘I love you’ and walking towards the bedroom door.  His eyes drifted to her ass, licking his lips as she walked out of the room.


“I love you too.”  He whispered, carefully adjusting himself before following her out of the room.


* * *


“Carefully…support his head with your arm…”  Buffy gently positioned Evan’s arm correctly and smiled.  “See?  You can hold a baby.”


Evan swallowed and then looked at his mother, slight panic in his eyes.  “What if he moves?”


Giles chuckled and gently stroked Evan’s hair.  “You’ll be fine, Ev.  Mummy and I are both here…nothing’s going to happen.”


Evan nodded slowly and looked down at his baby brother’s face.  “Hi, Dec…I’m your brother.  You can call me Ev…everyone else does.”


Hearing Giles sigh, Buffy looked up at him.  “What’s wrong?”


He met her eyes, smiling brightly and shaking his head quickly.  “Nothing at all, love.  I’m just…somewhat overwhelmed at the moment.”


Buffy returned his smile and nodded in agreement.  “I know what you mean.”


“So…you delivered him, Dad?”


Giles looked at Braden, who was obviously very impressed with his father, and nodded slowly.  “I did.  We didn’t have enough time to get to the hospital.  Declan decided that it was time to come…”


Lucas looked up, worry in his eyes.  Giles noticed his distress quickly.


“What’s wrong, Lucas?”


“Is he okay?”  Lucas asked softly, his fingertips stroking the top of the baby’s head.  “I mean…I read a story once where a baby was born at home and it got really sick and – ”


Buffy interrupted him, gently threading her fingers through his soft brown hair.  “He’s fine, Luke.  Where did you read a story like that?”


“In the paper.”  He answered quietly, gazing down at the baby in Evan’s arms.  “You promise he’s okay?”


Buffy nodded and placed a tender kiss on his cheek.  “I promise.  Dr. Moran said he’s in perfect health.”


“He looks like Daddy.”  Haddie stated with a smile.  “Will he have green eyes too, you think?”


“I hope so.”  Buffy answered.  “I would guess yes…because all of you have your father’s green eyes.”


“Bay’s the only one with a brown spot like Daddy’s.”  Evan said as Lucas carefully lifted Declan into his arms, with Giles’ help.


Haddie was quiet, in deep thought as she played with Declan’s toes.  Buffy and Giles exchanged a quick glance, somehow both knowing what their daughter was thinking.  Braden wasn’t the only child of Rupert Giles to have a brown spot in a green iris. 


Katie also had one.  Less pronounced than Braden’s or her father’s, but it was there…a small brown spot in the lower part of her right eye. 


Hadley had already made a comment about Katie’s eyes being the same color as her father’s…and her brothers’.  It wouldn’t be long before she put the pieces together.


If she hadn’t already.


“Haddie?”  Giles asked softly, smiling as she looked up at him.  “Are you okay, sweetheart?”


Haddie nodded slowly, glancing at her baby brother when he whimpered.  “I was just thinking, Daddy.”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


Haddie thought for a second and then looked at her brothers.  Braden was watching her carefully.  She gave a slight shake of her head and smiled at her father.


“No, not right now.  Can I hold Declan?”


Giles smiled warmly, caressing a soft curl of her hair.  “As soon as Lucas’ turn is finished, Princess.”


Haddie grinned, her green eyes shining brightly.  “I’m still your Princess?”


Giles nodded and lightly tapped the tip of her nose with his finger.  “You’ll always be my Princess, darling.  When I’m old and you’re a mother yourself, you’ll still be my Princess.”


“Always?”  She asked, giggling as her father playfully poked her stomach.


“Always and forever.  Princess Hadley Summer Giles.” 


Braden chuckled and nudged his sister.  “What if Declan had been a girl?”


“Well, I’d still be Princess Hadley Summer Giles…she would’ve had a different name.  ‘Cause you can’t have two Haddie Gileses.  That’d just be silly!”


Giles and Buffy laughed, followed quickly in laughter by their four oldest children.  Declan opened his eyes for a nanosecond and then pursed his lips.  When he gave a soft cry, Buffy reached for him…promising Haddie that she’d have her turn as soon as Declan had been fed.


Giles sat on the couch and pulled Haddie onto his lap as he watched Buffy carry Declan down the hall towards the bedroom.  As the three boys moved to the floor…turning on the PlayStation and playfully arguing over which game to play, Haddie met her father’s eyes.


“Katie has a brown spot too.”  She whispered, staring at the amber patch in her father’s left eye.  “Not as big as your’s or Bay’s, but…she has one.”


Giles took a deep breath and then successfully changed the subject by asking Haddie about her day at school.  He tried not to think about how perceptive his young daughter truly was.


Chapter Four



Five Days Later…



Buffy watched her husband as he methodically changed Declan’s nappy.  Even though he was chatting lovingly to the baby, Buffy knew something was bothering Giles.  Something had been bothering him for a few days, but they hadn’t had a chance to sit down and talk.  Not with getting Declan settled into his routine and four other children to take care of…not to mention her exhaustion from recovering from childbirth.


She was feeling better tonight.  In fact, she was feeling better now than she had in months.  She tilted her head slightly as she watched Giles redress their son.




“Mm?”  He murmured, snapping the button of Declan’s green onesie closed.


“What’s wrong?” 


Giles picked Declan up and looked over at Buffy, fully prepared to deny that anything at all was wrong.  The concern in her eyes made him think twice.


“How long have you been worried that something’s wrong?”  He asked softly, cradling the baby in his left arm.


Buffy shrugged a shoulder, smiling softly as Declan clenched a fist and yawned.  “Since Tuesday.”


Giles sighed and gently placed Declan in his crib, whispering his love for the boy as he covered him with the blanket.  Buffy leaned over the railing and kissed the baby’s forehead before gently rubbing his chest. 


They waited until Declan had settled down and then Giles led Buffy to their bedroom, pausing long enough to make sure the baby monitor was turned on before he closed the door.  As Giles looked into her eyes, he was suddenly very glad that Joyce had offered to take care of the other four over the weekend.


“What’s wrong?”  Buffy whispered emotionally, her bottom lip quivering.


“Oh, love…”  Giles breathed as he pulled her into his arms. 


He carefully manuevered them across the room, sitting down on the bed just as her tears started to fall.  The tears caught him off-guard and he pulled back just enough to look at her.




“You…you’ve been so…preoccupied.  We…we get up, take care of the kids…you make your phone calls…I’ve been sleeping when Declan’s been sleeping…”


His brow furrowed slightly as his confusion grew.  “Buffy, what’s – ”


“You haven’t even joked about making love…and…is it me?  Do you not want to be with me right now?”


“What?  No, Buffy…I…I do want you.  And I think about making love with you…”


“But, you haven’t said anything…”  She sniffled, lowering her eyes as she wiped the tears from her face.  “And you haven’t really been talking about anything else at all…except the kids…”


He sighed heavily and placed two fingers under her chin, gently lifting her face towards him.  “I love you.”


“But, you don’t want me…”  Buffy whispered brokenly.


“I do.”  He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly.  “I do want you, Buffy.”


“But…you haven’t…why haven’t you…”  She shook her head in frustration.  “What’s wrong?”


Giles gazed into her eyes for a few moments.  And then he swallowed thickly, brushing his thumb along her jaw.


“I’m sorry…”


“Don’t be sorry, just tell me what’s wrong.”  She cried softly, lifting her hand to the side of his face.  “Please, Rupert…just talk to me.”


“We’re going to have to tell Haddie about Katie.”  He replied hurriedly.  “She…she’s noticed Katie’s eyes…she’s making the connections, Buffy.”


Buffy narrowed her eyes slightly.  “We’ve already talked about this.  I agreed with you…months ago…”


“Monday night…when you went to feed Declan…Haddie was talking about Katie’s nevus.”


“Her nevus?”


“The brown spot in her eye…she said it isn’t as large as mine, or as Braden’s, but…but, she’s noticed that it’s there.  Buffy, she’s putting it together…and we need to tell her before she asks us…”


Buffy moved her hand to his chest, not surprised to feel his heart racing.  “Shh…calm down.”


Giles swallowed hard, lowering his voice as he spoke.  “I never meant for you to think that my distance had to do with you.  I…want you as much as I’ve always wanted you.  I lay in bed and watch you sleep each night…and I ache for you…but, you’ve been so tired and I’ve been so worried about Haddie, and…”


She quietened him with a kiss, relishing the sensation of his stifled groan as she nudged her tongue into his mouth.  When he felt her hand press against his quickly growing erection, he pulled away.




Buffy gently pushed his shoulder until he laid down on the bed, smiling as she climbed on top of him and straddled his hips.  “It’s been a while…”


“You…you just went through childbirth – ”  He groaned as she rocked against him.


“Uh-huh…and I still have Slayer healing.  I’m feeling fine, Giles.”  She grinned, leaning over him and kissing his lips.  “And I really want you.”


Giles responded to the kiss for a moment before sliding his arms around her and rolling them onto their sides.  Breathing heavily as he ended the kiss, he shook his head and brushed her hair back from her face with his fingertips.


“No, Buffy.  I…I wouldn’t feel right…”


Buffy’s eyes narrowed slightly.  “Giles…Declan’s five days old, we haven’t had sex in over three weeks, you’re hard and I’m horny…”


“Well, that’s a compelling argument.  I’m horny, let’s fuck.”  Giles grumbled as he rolled onto his back.


“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”  She replied quickly, rubbing his chest as she looked into his eyes. 


“What did you mean, Buffy?  Because… ‘you’re hard and I’m horny’ doesn’t really scream passion to me.”


Buffy’s eyes darkened slightly, her fingers stopping their motion.  “Would pushing me up against a hallway wall in the back of a pub scream passion to you?”


Giles darted his eyes to hers, immediate hurt and disbelief showing in his green depths.  Buffy’s eyes widened as she gasped.


“Oh, God!  Giles, I didn’t…I didn’t mean that!”


Giles averted his eyes from hers and cleared his throat.  “Perhaps you should tell me exactly what you did mean.  Because…there’s only one scenario that that statement brings to mind and I thought we had burned that bridge long ago.”


Buffy’s mouth opened and then closed, her hand increasing its pressure on his chest when he started to move.  “Please, don’t go.”


“You…need to let me up, Buffy.”  Giles stated with a slight edge to his tone.


“Giles, listen to me…I – ”


A spark of anger flashed in his eyes, only to be immediately replaced by sadness.  “How long, Buffy?  How long am I going to have to apologize for what I did?”


“You don’t!  You did…years ago and I forgave everything!”  She answered, panic in her voice.


“And yet, here we are…over six years later…”  He glanced at the monitor when he heard Declan’s soft cry. 


Buffy’s eyes filled with tears as they waited to see if he would settle back down.  She closed her eyes briefly when another cry followed.  He wasn’t going to settle…not right now.  Feeling the bed shift, her eyes snapped open and she reached out, grabbing his hand.




“Our son needs…something.  I’ll go check on him.”


“I’m sorry.”  She whispered emotionally, her tears finally breaking free.  “I really didn’t mean it.  I…I don’t know where it came from…”


He gave her a quick glance and swallowed hard.  He could never stand to see her cry.


“We’ll talk about it in a little while.”  He whispered, gently pulling his hand free and walking towards the bedroom door. 


“I love you.”  She sniffled.


He paused with his hand on the knob, lowering his head slightly.  A few long seconds later, he answered her on another whisper.


“And I you.”


With that, he opened the door and stepped out of the room.  Buffy’s tears turned to sobs as the door closed behind him. 


* * *


Giles picked the baby up, cooing softly to him as he laid him down on the change table.  “It’s alright, Declan.  I’ll get you changed and fed and back to sleep before you know it.”


Declan’s face scrunched up as he let out a loud cry, apparently protesting the fact that his father had undressed him.  Giles smiled adoringly, his fingers working quickly to change the baby’s nappy.


“Ssh…almost done, son.”  His smile grew as Declan’s tiny brow furrowed.  “You have the patience of your sister…a trait that both of you inherited from your mother.”


Giles’ smile faltered for a moment.  He cleared his throat softly and tossed the used nappy into the bin.


“I must admit that I was hoping that you would look more like your mother.”  He sighed softly as he examined the baby’s fingers.  “Maybe you’ll have her eyes.  Everything else of outward appearance seems to have come from me.”


Giles tilted his head slightly as Declan calmed down and smacked his lips.  “Not hungry, then?  Well…what if I sat here and told you a story to help you go back to sleep?”


He carefully picked his son up and sat down in the rocking chair.  He rocked slowly, lowering the timbre of his voice as he spoke.


“Once upon a time…many years  ago…there was a town called Sunnydale.”


* * *


Buffy had finally gotten herself under control by the time she overheard Giles tell their son that he had inherited her patience.  She wasn’t sure why she had said what she had said earlier.  She knew that she hadn’t even thought of that night in years…not since the night that they had talked everything out. 


Her emotions always ran a little high for the first few weeks after giving birth, but…she had never said anything to deliberately hurt him.  Of course, she hadn’t attempted to seduce him less than a week after having a baby.  Not that it was an excuse.  There was no excuse for what she had said.


But, she had wanted him…desperately.  And he had turned her down.  Not because he didn’t want her, but because he was worried about hurting her.  She understood that now, but in the heat of the moment all she heard him say was ‘No, Buffy…’ and that had hurt her.


She glanced at the monitor when she heard his voice soothing their newest child back to sleep.


“Once upon a time…many years ago…there was a town called Sunnydale.  An older Englishman moved to that town in hopes of…”  Giles’ sigh could be heard clearly over the monitor.  “You’re five days old…you’ll never remember what I’m going to tell you.”


Buffy swallowed, turning her complete attention to his voice.


“I am a Watcher.  Your mother is the Slayer.  I was sent to Sunnydale, California to train her, to teach her…to Watch her.  To make an extremely long story ridiculously short…I fell in love with her and married her.”


Fresh tears welled in her eyes as he continued.


“I’m not a perfect man, and I’ve made mistakes throughout our marriage, but…Christ, I love her.  And we’ve had five beautiful, wonderful children together…and…”  Giles paused for a few moments, the soft squeak of the rocking chair sounding very loud through the speaker. 


“Sometimes I wonder if my past mistakes will be my eventual downfall.”


Buffy didn’t think twice as she climbed out of the bed and ran for the door.


Chapter Five



Giles looked up as the nursery door opened.  Declan had just closed his eyes and sighed heavily as he fell back asleep.  Buffy stepped inside, wiping the tears from her cheeks.




He looked concerned for a moment and then sighed as he glanced at the monitor.  He had meant to turn it off while he was in the room, but under the circumstances, he had forgotten.


“I – ”


“Put him to bed and come with me, please.”  She whispered, biting her bottom lip.  “Please, Giles…please come with me.”


Giles swallowed and regarded her carefully before standing and placing the sleeping baby into the crib.  After brushing a kiss over Declan’s forehead and whispering his love for the boy, Giles straightened and gave Buffy a nod. 


He moved past her and stepped into the hallway, running his hand through his hair in a nervous gesture as she followed him and closed the door.  “Buffy…”


“I love you, Giles.  It’s as simple as that.”  She licked her lips and continued before he had a chance to speak.  “What I said earlier…it wasn’t fair and I swear I hadn’t even thought about it in years.  I…I’m an emotional wreck at the moment and – ”


He furrowed his brow in concern and lifted his hand to her cheek.  “Are you alright?”


“Yeah, just the normal post-partum blues that I get every time.”  She answered as she leaned into his touch. 


“But…this hasn’t happened before.”


Buffy met his eyes and covered his hand with hers, kissing his palm softly.  “None of this has happened before.”


Seeing the question in his eyes, she sighed.  “I’ve never tried to coerce you into sex this soon after having a baby.  Because of that, you’ve never told me no because you were worried about it being too soon.  And…because you’ve never told me no, my feelings have never been hurt…and this was the first time that I thought you didn’t want me for – ”


“God…I do want you, Buffy.”  He interrupted on a heavy whisper. 


“I thought you did, but…”  She bit her bottom lip and lowered her eyes from his gaze.  “I…I didn’t mean for it to sound so passionless.  It wasn’t just because you were hard and I was horny.”


She looked back up at him when he gently rubbed his thumb over her cheek.  “And I swear…I didn’t mean what I said about the hall in the pub.”


She tightened her fingers on his hand when he started to pull away, tears welling in her eyes as she lowered her voice to a whisper.  “Please, don’t.”


“That…wasn’t passion, Buffy.  That was desperation and self-destruction…”  He whispered sadly.


“I know.”  She swallowed as she moved her hand to the side of his neck.  “I’m so sorry, Giles.”


Giles exhaled deeply and tenderly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “You’re exhausted.  As am I.”


Buffy’s bottom lip quivered.  “I’m sorry.”


Giles felt his heart break just a little.  “It’s alright, love.”


She shook her head, her eyes taking on a liquid sheen.  “No, no it’s not alright.  I…I hurt you…and – ”


He lowered his mouth to hers, tasting the evidence of her earlier tears as his lips moved over hers.  He paused just long enough to pick her up, sliding his arms under her knees as he reignited the kiss and walked into their bedroom.


She pulled away from his lips as he lowered their bodies to the bed.  “Giles?”


He smiled softly and shook his head.  “We’re not making love, Buffy.  Not right now.”


“You still love me, right?”  She whispered nervously.


He remembered how unsure she used to become in the days after childbirth.  It had always been his least favourite part of the process of having children. 


“Never question my love for you, Buffy.”  He stated softly, resting his head on the pillow and pulling her against his chest.  “I’ll always be in love with you.”


“But…you don’t want to…”


“I do, love. But, your body isn’t physically ready…and as much as I want you and want to be inside of you, I can’t put you in that position.”


She was quiet for a moment, nuzzling his chest.  “What position can you put me in?”


He chuckled softly, all tension from Buffy’s earlier faux pas leaving his body.  “Sleep, Buffy.”


“We’re still dressed.”  Buffy murmured even as she closed her eyes.


Giles held her as she drifted off into slumber.  Only when he was sure that she was asleep did he allow himself to follow her.


* * *


A soft gurgle interrupted Giles’ dream.  He was mildly annoyed, considering the dream was something he definitely didn’t want interrupted.  As his mind surfaced from sleep, he realized that the gurgle was from Declan…and all annoyance left him.


He smiled as he opened his eyes to find Buffy sitting next to him, Declan latched onto her right breast as she flipped through a magazine.  Feeling her husband’s gaze on her, she looked at him and smiled.


“Good morning.”


“Mm…”  He reached up and lovingly ran his thumb over the sole of Declan’s foot.  “Morning, love.  You should’ve woken me.”


Buffy shook her head gently and closed the magazine.  “He was hungry…you were sound asleep.  That’s why I brought him in here…I knew you’d wake up soon.”


When he furrowed his brow and silently questioned her, she sighed.  “I didn’t want you to wake up alone this morning.”


Giles pushed himself up and ran a hand through his sleep-mussed hair.  “Buffy…”


“I mean, I know you forgave me and everything last night, but…I still feel so horrible about what I said.”


“Don’t.”  He whispered, brushing his lips across her cheek.  “It’s over and done with…and we emerged relatively unscathed.  I’m fine…and more than that, I understand.”




“I promise, Buffy.  I’m fine, we’re fine.”


She shifted and carefully pulled her nipple from Declan’s mouth.  Giles grinned as Declan’s brow furrowed.  Buffy rolled her eyes and turned him in her arms, offering her left nipple to him.


“God, he is just like you.”


Giles paused in the stroking of his son’s head and met Buffy’s eyes.  “That…was a disturbing image, darling.”


Buffy looked confused for just a second and then shook her head.  “I so wasn’t talking about me feeding him.”


“No?”  He asked with a grin on his lips.


“No…I was talking about the fact that…”  She hesitated and then chuckled.  “No, that’ll just sound bad too.  Which reminds me…what were you dreaming about?”


He glanced at her lips and swallowed.  “Why do you ask?”


“Because I was pretty sure I heard a moan…just making sure it was a good moan and not a bad one.”


“Definitely a good one.”  He murmured, causing her to grin.


“I’m…feeling pretty good this morning.  In case you were wondering.  And the others won’t be back until this afternoon…”  She continued quickly when she recognized the signs of an impending protest.  “I just meant…well, we could…there’s always oral sex, Giles.”


His eyes darkened a shade.  After a few moments of silence, he slid his hand to her thigh and moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. 


“Yes there is.”


She grinned at the veiled acceptance of her offer and looked down at Declan, who was looking to be extremely drowsy.  Hopefully, it wouldn’t take him long to go to sleep after he finished feeding.


* * *


Giles groaned as she knelt beside of him and firmly stroked his erection.  “Buffy, please…”


She smiled and gently ran her nails along his inner thigh.  “This isn’t about me, Giles.  It was never about me.  It was me wanting to taste you, to make you come.  Let me do this for you.”


“I…want to taste you.”  He whimpered softly as she rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock. 


She watched his eyes darken as she moved her left hand between her legs, sliding her fingers through her wet folds.  She felt her heartrate quicken when he moaned lustfully as she sucked her fingers into her mouth.


Before he could say anything, she leaned over him and plunged her tongue into his mouth.  He sucked her tongue hungrily, thrusting his hips against her hand.  She smiled as she tore her mouth from his, his growl voicing his protest.


“You wanted to taste me.  You’ve tasted me…”


“Bloody..hell…”  He groaned, moving his hand to her bare hip. 


She shook her head, tightening her grip on his cock.  “Hands off, Rupert…this is all about you.”


“Buffy…”  He whimpered, allowing his hand to fall back to the mattress. 


She stopped her hard strokes and simply held his thick shaft in her hand as she looked into his desire-darkened eyes.  “You were right, I’m not physically ready.  But, emotionally…I’m right here with you.”  She glanced down at her hand when she felt him throb.  “Maybe I’m not as close as you are, but…”


“Please don’t stop.”  Giles whispered hoarsely.


She smiled and rubbed her thumb in a small circle.  “I’m not stopping, I’m contemplating.”


The muscle in his jaw twitched as his fingers curled in the sheet beneath him.  “Con…contemplating?”


“Mm-hm.”  She murmured, licking her lips as she resumed her strokes, albeit much slower and gentler this time.  “I don’t know if I want you to come in my mouth…or if I want you to come all over yourself and then I’ll clean your skin with my tongue.”


He groaned and bucked his hips in an unspoken request for her to move harder and faster.  She resisted for another moment.


“Do you have a preference?”


He stared at her, lifting a trembling hand to her face and gliding his thumb over her bottom lip.  “I…just want to come.”


“You’re very close either way…”  Her eyes sparkled as he nodded in agreement. 


She made her decision quickly, grinning as Giles shuddered beneath her when she lowered her mouth to his aching cock.  He slipped his fingers into her hair, guiding her mouth down his length.  His back arched as she swallowed him into her throat, his eyes clenched shut as he let out a loud groan.


She looked up at him when she felt his short nails scratch against her scalp.  She hummed appreciatively against his hard flesh, relishing the vision of him fighting to maintain some semblance of control.  That control was lost when she gently squeezed his heavy sac and sucked as hard as she could as she slid her mouth up to the head of his cock.


“Fuck!”  He cried, reflexively pushing her back down.  “Oh fuck, Buffy!”


Buffy smiled inwardly as she kept up the hard pace, the tip of his erection slipping into her throat on each plunge downwards.  She felt him thicken in her mouth quickly, his fingers flexing against her scalp as he urged her to suck harder.


She could feel her own orgasm building rapidly, much faster than she was expecting.  When she heard him gasp and felt him tense, she pulled back and clamped her lips closed behind the glans.  She came as he cried out her name and filled her mouth with his come.


She swallowed quickly and only released him when she heard his softly whispered ‘please, Buffy’.  She felt the tremble in his hand when he wrapped his fingers around her arm and pulled her up to him. 


He covered her mouth with his, easily coaxing her lips apart with his tongue.  He kissed her slowly, relishing the taste of himself in her mouth.  When breathing became an issue, he ended the kiss and inhaled shakily.


“My…my God…”


“Okay?”  She asked, feeling as shaky as he sounded.


He met her eyes and smiled as he nodded.  “You came as well.”


“Am I that transparent?”  She chuckled as she settled next to him, draping her arm over his chest.


“No, but…after this many years, should I not know the post-orgasmic haze that shows in your eyes?”


“Haze?  I’m not hazy…”  She protested lightly, grinning as he laughed softly.  “Okay, maybe a little hazy…”


“I love you, Buffy.”  He whispered, gently kissing her lips.


“I love you just as much, Rupert.”


They needed to talk about their daughter.  More importantly they needed to talk about their daughter’s relationship with his daughter.   Just as she was going to suggest that very thing, his mouth found the scar on her neck.


The talk could wait just a few minutes longer.



~ End


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