Title:  A Week in the Life…

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  One month after Pictures of the Past.

Synopsis:  Lucas has a dream, Evan has a birthday, Giles has a discussion with someone who thinks that the time has come for certain revelations.


2  3  4



It was the ‘Fortnightly Get-Together’.  Originally, it was to be the ‘Monthly Get-Together’…but, Willow had vetoed that idea quickly.  She had said that she thought ‘monthly’ was too long.  Everyone seemed to be in agreeance with her and it was changed to ‘fortnightly’.  However, Giles wondered if fortnightly was going to be too much.


Four couples and eight children, soon to be nine children…a lot of people to have under one roof at one time each fortnight.  When he had voiced his concern, Willow had smiled at him and said that it was different ‘because we’re family’.


Giles didn’t have the heart to tell her that once he left home, his family didn’t have get-togethers fortnightly…and his family had been a fair bit smaller.  Instead he had just smiled and agreed to the proposed ‘Fortnightly Get-Together’.


And tonight was the second.


Anya smiled as Michael cuddled River.  “You’re very good with babies.  You should have one.”


Michael looked up quickly and then glanced at Ethan.  “Er…well…that’s a bit difficult given the situation.”




When everyone stared at Anya, she rolled her eyes. 


“You guys think I’m a complete idiot sometimes, don’t you?  I know that two men can’t produce a baby…but, they could get a surrogate mother.”  She huffed.


Giles grinned as Evan climbed up on his lap.  Xander reached over and kissed Anya’s cheek, whispering one of the many reasons that he didn’t think she was an idiot into her ear.  Buffy rubbed her swollen abdomen and smiled when Evan gently patted it.


Oz watched the three older girls play quietly together as Willow leaned against him and directed her gaze to Ethan and Michael.


“Have you guys ever thought about it?  Having a baby, I mean?”


Michael placed a kiss on River’s forehead and smiled as she closed her eyes.  “We’ve talked about it over the years…”


“And?”  Anya prompted eagerly.


Ethan cleared his throat and looked around at the children around the room.  “I truly do love them…each and every one of them…”


Evan grinned and waved at Ethan.  “Love you too!”


Ethan chuckled and gave the boy a wink before continuing. 


“But…I’m not father material.”


“You’re not much older than Giles…and they’re having another baby.”  Anya responded, a puzzled tone in her voice.


Ethan smiled warmly.  “It has nothing to do with my age, Anya.  Some men are born to be fathers…some aren’t.”


Anya looked at Michael.  “Were you?”


“Born to be a father?”  Michael smiled as Anya nodded.  He shook his head slowly and shifted River in his arms.  “No.  An uncle, yes.  But…not a father.”


Rayna turned around and flashed a brilliant smile at Michael.  “And you’re a good uncle!”


Michael looked at the little girl and returned her smile.  “Thank you!  You’re a wonderful niece.”


Rayna blushed lightly, giggled, and turned back to the game she was playing with Haddie and Maria.  Xander cleared his throat and gestured towards his older daughter.


“She, uh…has a tendency of listening when you think she’s not.”


Buffy glanced at Lucas, who was busy showing Jake the way to make a ‘proper paper airplane’, and laughed.  “Yeah, we had one of those too.”


Xander smiled, the memory of Lucas overhearing a conversation between him and Anya concerning Buffy shifting into his mind.  “Yeah, I know.”


Evan leaned up and whispered in his father’s ear.  Giles smiled and nodded.  “Of course, Ev…go ahead and ask.”


Evan climbed down from Giles’ lap and walked over to Xander, putting his small hand on his knee.  “Xannie?”


Xander chuckled at the nickname Evan had given him.  “Yeah, Evvie?”


“I was wondering if I could have a glass of water?”


Xander tilted his head in thought.  “Wouldn’t you rather have some apple juice?”


Evan’s eyes lit up.  “Chunky or smooth?”


Willow looked at Buffy for clarification.  Buffy snorted in amusement.


“I think he means cloudy or clear…but, chunky works too I guess.”


“Oh.”  Willow said with a smile.


Xander ruffled Evan’s hair and grinned.  “Well, the Xan Man knew what he meant…and I picked up some chunky apple juice for you today.”


Evan smiled brightly and happily followed Xander into the kitchen, telling him all about the tennis lessons that he was going to start taking soon.  Anya furrowed her brow and looked back at Buffy and Giles as she leaned back against the cushions on the couch.


“I thought kids his age played soccer, or t-ball, or…pee-wee football…”


“Pee-wee football…”  Giles huffed.  “Thankfully that doesn’t exist here…yes, you have the U7 tag rugby, but…”


He paused as everyone seemed to be amused at his ramble.  “Anyway…he wants to play tennis.  If that’s what he wants to play, that’s what he can play.”


“What if one of them wants to play football?  American football, I mean.”  Willow asked, hiding her smile as Giles looked at her.


He studied her for a moment and then smiled.  “I realize that you’re teasing me.  I just don’t understand American football.  However, if one of our children wanted to play…I wouldn’t say no just because I don’t understand it.”


“Have you ever watched a game?”  Oz asked, tilting his head.  “I mean…besides a Sunnydale High game.  Because, Sunnydale?  Not the best football players around.”


“No, I haven’t.”  Giles admitted.


“You should come over and watch one with us.  And…is it just me, or do you find it interesting that we’ve never had this conversation before?”


Giles just laughed, gesturing towards the sleeping baby in Michael’s arms.  “I think it’s my turn now.”


Ethan grinned.  “Never could keep you away from a baby…”


Giles returned the grin as Michael transferred River into his arms.  “And…never could get you close to a baby…until a few years ago.”


“Things change, mate.”  Ethan stated happily, smiling as Michael sat back down beside of him.


“Yes, they do.”  Giles agreed softly, gazing down at River as he placed her on his thighs…her head resting just under his knees.  “You look so much like your big sister.”


River yawned, blinking her eyes open for just a moment before falling back asleep.


* * *


Giles had seen the flash of desire in Buffy’s eyes as they looked at each other across the dinner table.  He had looked away quickly, feeling a sudden rush of arousal sweep through him.  The last thing he wanted was to have an erection in front of his children. 


His face reddened as his mind conjured up a soundbite of Haddie’s innocent voice asking ‘why is your lap hard, Daddy?’.  Braden looked up and noticed his father’s skin discoloration.


“You okay, Dad?”


“Hm?”  He met Braden’s eyes quickly and nodded.  “Yes, I’m fine…why would you ask?”


Braden shrugged and loaded his fork with mashed potatoes, which he had drowned in ketchup…a habit he had inherited from his mother.  “I don’t know…you look a bit red.”


Buffy snorted a laugh, causing Giles to glare at her as he spoke to his oldest son.  “No, I’m fine.  Your mother just put a little extra chilli in my potatoes…as a joke.”


Braden laughed.  Braden’s laugh was infectious…always had been.  Within a minute, all four of the children were laughing uncontrollably.  Buffy and Giles followed as well…with Buffy casting an apologetic glance to her husband.


Giles grinned as he gave her a nod of acceptance and went back to his dinner, carefully avoiding the potatoes…just in case one of the children should ask why he was still eating them.


* * *


Giles’ eyes darkened as Buffy climbed on top of him, his hands moving to her hips and resting his thumbs against the sides of her abdomen.  She smiled down at him, rocking her hips against his…relishing the sensation of his thick shaft sliding across her clitoris.


“Sorry…about earlier…”


He smiled and then groaned softly as she reached down and rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock.  “S’alright…Christ…do that again…”


She complied with his request and grinned as his hips arched off the bed.  “Giles?”


“Yeah?”  He gasped, his accent slipping as his hands tightened on her hips, increasing the pressure of her warm heat against his erection. 


She felt a shiver run through her.  One word, spoken in a slightly rougher accent…it was amazing what that did to her.  She licked her lips and covered his hands with hers.


“It’s been awhile since I’ve tied you…”


“It has.”  He agreed with a smile, his eyes darting to the bedside table.  “Middle drawer…you should find all you need.”


She raised an eyebrow at him.  “Planning this, were you?”


He slid his hands from her hips, his eyes sparkling with desire.  “Hoping, perhaps…”


“And when did you have time to put stuff in the drawer?”


His eyes darted to her heavy breasts.  “When you were in the shower.”


She moved off of him, grinning as he groaned when she gave his erection a hard stroke before releasing him.  She knelt and leaned over, bracing her weight with one hand on top of the bedside table as she used her other to open the drawer. 


The temptation was too much for him to take.  He gave in, rolling towards her and dragging his tongue over her left ass cheek.  She jumped, clearly startled, and then gasped as his hands squeezed her cheeks before spreading them.  She hissed in pleasure as he flicked his tongue against her anus.


With a gentle bite to her right cheek, he pulled away and rolled back to his prior position.  She quickly emptied the contents of the drawer, tossing the items onto the bed before turning back to face him.  Her eyes were drawn to his groin, his left hand stroking his cock as his right gently kneaded his balls.


“Jesus…”  She whispered lustfully.


He stopped his movements, rubbing the palm of his right hand over his thigh…his left still wrapped around his erection.  “Buffy…”


She blindly reached for the soft leather strap as she stared into his eyes.  “You…should get comfortable now.”


He smiled as he gave his cock one more stroke before releasing it.  “How do you want me?”


“It’s up to you…”


He swallowed as his eyes roamed over her body.  “I think I’m fine where I am…”


She grinned and gestured towards the headboard.  When he lifted his arms above his head and wrapped his fingers around the spindles, she straddled his stomach and leaned forward.  He groaned as she secured his wrists to the headboard with the leather strap.


She met his eyes and stroked her fingertip down his cheek.  “Okay?”


He nodded slowly, shuddering as her finger traced his bottom lip.  “You’re already so wet…”


“Mm-hm…”  She rotated her hips, spreading her moisture over his stomach.  “Legs down, babe…”


He took a deep breath and lowered his legs back to the bed.  “Buffy, please…”


“No teasing tonight, Giles.”  She whispered and then repositioned herself over him.  “I want to fuck you so hard…are you okay with that?”


“Oh fuck yes…”  He growled, holding his hips still as she grasped his erection, slipping the head inside of her.  “Now…fuck me now…”


She stared into his eyes and then, with a single nod, she slammed down on him.  He pulled against his bindings, groaning loudly as she quickly lifted and slammed down again.


“Ssh…”  She gasped, choosing a hard and fast pace.  “Not so loud…kids…”


He bit his lip to stifle his groans, his hips moving with her.  He would’ve asked her to stuff his mouth full with something…her tongue, a breast…but knew that it would be impossible given her current stage of pregnancy.


His teeth bit into his lip, drawing blood as he tried to keep from screaming in pleasure.  Watching him writhe beneath her…seeing the drop of blood…feeling him thicken within her...it all threw her over the edge.  She leaned back slightly, her right hand on his thigh as she came violently, flooding his thick cock as she covered her mouth with her left hand to stifle her loud groan.


“Buffy!  Christ…”  He moaned, dangerously close to his own orgasm.  He sucked in a sharp breath when she suddenly moved off of him. 


She didn’t say anything, but smiled at his groan of frustration.  And then she sucked his cock into her mouth.  She smiled inwardly as he cursed and bucked his hips against her mouth.


She sucked hard, cupping his testicles in her right hand and gently massaging them.  She looked up as his back arched, his hands pulling at the headboard as he started to lose complete control.  She slowed down, gently running her tongue along the underside of his erection. 


It was then that he lifted his head and looked down at her through eyes nearly black with desire.  His chest heaved, a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face.


“Finish it, Buffy.  God…let me come…”


She answered him with a wink and increased her pace again.  Within a few strokes, he was sliding into her throat with ease.  When he felt her move her finger between his ass cheeks, he groaned.  When he felt her nudge her finger into him and past his sphincter, he hissed and then called her name.


And when her name left his lips, his cock exploded in her mouth.


She swallowed greedily, her hand moving from his balls to his stomach.  She rubbed his skin soothingly as she eased back.  He shuddered as the cool air took the place of her warm mouth around him.


“Untie me…”  He gasped breathlessly as she moved up his body.


Within seconds, his hands were free.  He immediately wrapped his arms around her and covered her mouth with his.  He groaned as he tasted both of them on her tongue.  He gasped as she tore her mouth from his and glided her lips down his neck.


When he felt her mouth close over the scar on his neck, he knew that the night wasn’t over yet.


Chapter Two


Lucas quietly pushed his parents’ bedroom door open, the light from the hallway illuminating his path to his father’s side of the bed.  He paused only briefly before placing his hand on Giles’ shoulder.


“Daddy?”  He whispered softly, glancing at the other side of the bed when his mother shifted slightly.


Giles opened his eyes and looked at his son.  “Lucas?  What’s wrong?”


“Had a dream.”  He whispered, running his hand through his hair in a gesture reminiscent of his father.  “I’m sorry I woke you up.”


Carefully pulling his arm out from Buffy’s head, he sat up and shook his head.  “It’s alright, Lucas.  Let’s go into the living room, yes?”


Lucas nodded quickly.  “Yeah.  Don’t want to wake Mum up too.”


Giles smiled and ruffled Lucas’ hair.  “No, we don’t.”


Climbing out of the bed, he leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Buffy’s forehead.  She shifted in her sleep, but didn’t wake.  With a smile on his face, he moved over to his dresser and pulled a t-shirt out of the second drawer. 


He stifled his groan as he slipped the shirt over his head.  His muscles screamed at him, but he merely smiled once the initial blast of pain faded.  He wouldn’t have traded the time he’d spent with Buffy that evening for anything. 


Lucas looked at him in concern when he limped towards the door.  “You okay, Dad?”


Giles nodded and gently ushered Lucas into the hall, closing the bedroom door behind them.  “I’m fine, just must’ve slept wrong.”


Lucas seemed to accept his father’s answer and led the way to the living room.  He sat down on the couch and furrowed his brow as Giles gingerly lowered himself to the cushions next to him.


“Aren’t you going to make tea?”


Giles smiled and shook his head.  “I think I’d like to hear about your dream first.”


Lucas sighed heavily and lowered his eyes.  “It’s about Evan.”


Giles’ smile disappeared.  He paid no attention to his screaming muscles as he turned to face Lucas.  “What about Evan?”


“I don’t know if my dream…I don’t know if it was just a dream or if it’s something that’s gonna happen.”  Lucas sniffled, meeting his father’s eyes. 


Giles felt his heart begin to race.  “Lucas…”


“There was this helicopter…and it was flying over our house…”


Giles furrowed his brow.  “Helicopter?”


“Yeah, and…there were a lot of people here.  And all of the sudden, the helicopter swooped down…”  Lucas waved his arm through the air, imitating the motion of the helicopter in his dream.  “And then it was gone and Evan was laying on the ground and not moving and…”


Giles grabbed his son quickly as he became increasingly upset.  He held him against his chest and lovingly rubbed the boy’s back.


“It’s okay, Luke.”   He whispered, pressing a comforting kiss to the top of his head.  “Ssh…it’s okay.”


“Do you think it was real?”  Lucas mumbled into his father’s chest, curling his fingers into the front of Giles’ t-shirt.  “I mean…why would a helicopter attack Evan?”


Just as Giles was getting ready to respond, Lucas lifted his head, his eyes drawn to Giles’ neck.


“Dad?  What happened?”


“What happened?”  Giles looked down at his son in confusion.  When he saw where Lucas’ eyes were focused, he raised his hand and touched his fingers to the raised skin on his neck.  “Oh…well…”


“Did you get bitten again?”  Lucas asked quickly, his eyes widening. 


“No…well…no.”  Giles answered nervously.  “Sometimes…not often…but sometimes, um…”


He paused, not knowing exactly what to say.  He didn’t want to tell his son that his mother and clamped her teeth over the scar and sucked as hard as she could until he was begging her to come.  And so, he gave his son an answer that could very well be plausible…to an eight year old boy whose mother was the Slayer and his father was a Watcher.


“Your mother and I were training and…we were using staffs.  I didn’t duck in time, and your mum’s staff hit me in the neck.”  Giles unconsciously rubbed at the scar, which he assumed was a lovely shade of purple at the moment, and nodded as his son stared at him.  “I, uh…but, I’m fine.  I just…well, I bruise easily is all.”


Lucas thought over his father’s words and then shook his head slightly.  “Okay…but, my dream…do you think it’s real?”


Giles lowered his hand from his neck and smiled warmly.  “No.  Well, I think it was a real dream, of course.  But…I think it was just that…a dream.  I can’t imagine that a helicopter would swoop down from the sky to hurt Evan…or any of you.”


“Good.”  Lucas exhaled deeply.  “It just seemed so real, you know?  And it scared me…and…you said to talk to you about them if they scared me…”


Giles nodded slowly, his smile shining in his eyes.  “I did…and I’m very glad that you remembered.”


Lucas smiled and leaned back against the cushions, his eyes suddenly looking very tired.  “It seems all silly now.”


“It’s not silly if it affects you, son.”  Giles responded gently, lovingly stroking the boy’s hair.  “And the most important thing is that you feel better about the situation now.  You do feel better now, don’t you?”


“Yeah…”  Lucas answered, covering his mouth to hide his yawn. 


Giles grinned and carefully stood up.  “Come on…if you don’t get back to bed soon, you’ll fall asleep on the lounge.”


Lucas took a deep breath and stood up, stretching his arms over his head as they started walking towards the hall.  He breathed a heavy sigh and looked up at his father.


“Maybe you guys should take it a little easier in your training.”


“Can’t do that.”  Giles offered softly, hoping that Lucas wouldn’t ask about the redness that Giles could feel climbing up the back of his neck.  “After all…she is the Slayer.  It’s imperative that she keeps up a…”


He trailed off as Lucas shook his head and waved his hand.  Giles saw the gesture as very reminiscent of Buffy when she was a teenager trying to dismiss him during one of his long and rambling speeches.  He chuckled and gestured down the hall to Lucas’ bedroom.


“Go on then, back to bed.”


“See you after the sun’s up.”  Lucas mumbled sleepily, turning suddenly when he reached his bedroom door to look at Giles.  “I love you, Dad.”


Giles smiled warmly at him.  “I love you too, Lucas.  Sleep well.”


Lucas nodded, yawning as he walked into his room and closed the door behind him.  Giles absently rubbed his neck, switching off the hall light as he stepped into the bedroom he shared with Buffy.


Buffy rolled towards him, draping her arm over his stomach as soon as he lowered himself beside of her.  “Where were you?”


Giles smiled and slipped his arm under her neck.  “With Lucas…he had a dream.”


Buffy lifted her head and stared at him through sleep-glazed eyes.  “Everything okay?”


“Yes, love.  It was a dream…I highly doubt we have to worry about a helicopter attacking anyone.”




He chuckled and carefully pulled her back down.  “I’ll explain in the morning…sleep now.”


“Mmkay.”  She muttered, falling back to sleep quickly.


It didn’t take long for him to follow her.


* * *


Giles opened his eyes to find Buffy smiling at him, her fingers lightly stroking his chest.  He smiled back and groaned as he shifted his body.


“You okay?”


“Mm-hm.  Just a bit…sore.”  He grinned, lifting his hand to the side of her face as he lowered his voice to a whisper.  “It’s been a while since we’ve taken turns fucking one another.”


Her eyes darkened slightly.  “The kids are up…”


“I assumed they were.”  He smiled when he felt a tiny nudge against his side.  “Declan’s awake as well.”


“Yeah.”  She glanced at the bruise on his neck and cleared her throat.  “Um…I seem to have gotten a bit…overzealous last night.”


He chuckled, leaning up to place a light kiss on her lips.  “Just a bit.”


“The kids are gonna ask…”


“Yes, they will.”  Giles nodded in agreement, carefully pushing himself up and leaning against the headboard. 


When she sat up beside of him and sighed, he reached out and placed his large hand over her swollen abdomen.  She looked down, smiling as she watched him gently rub her stomach…her smile growing when she felt Declan kick at his hand.


“Lucas asked about it last night.”  He stated quietly, smiling as Declan kicked again.


Buffy’s head snapped up, her smile fading as her eyes widened.  “What?  He saw it?  What did you tell him?”


“I told him that you bit me in the heat of passion.”  He looked up, rolling his eyes as her mouth dropped open.  “Oh for God’s sake, Buffy…as if I’d tell him something like that.  I told him that we were training and you hit me with a staff.”


Buffy stared at him incredulously.  “And he actually believed that?”


“I doubt it.”  He chuckled, throwing the blanket off of his body.  “But he didn’t question it.”


She watched him climb out of bed and then followed him.  “And you couldn’t come up with anything better than that?”


He sighed, looking into the mirror and inspecting the dark purple mark on his neck.  “Buffy…he asked if a vampire bit me again.  What was I supposed to say to him?”


“He did?”  She asked softly, walking over to him and running her hand up his back as he nodded.  “He worries…they all do.  So do I.”


He turned, glancing at her lips before looking into her eyes.  “I made you a promise years ago, love.”


“About?”  She prompted, her hand resting on his stomach. 


“Vampires…and them biting me.”


Buffy’s hand slid up his chest, over his shoulder, coming to a rest on the back of his neck.  “That was about you letting a vampire bite you.  Not about a vampire attacking you.  Completely different things, Giles.”


“Point taken.”  He whispered, leaning down and brushing his lips across hers.  “But in my haste, you hitting me with a staff was all I could come up with.”


“It’ll have to do.”  She replied, capturing his lips again and quickly deepening the kiss.


He slid his left hand into her hair, allowing her to set the pace.  Just as her tongue slipped into his mouth, the bedroom door swung open. 


They pulled apart quickly to find Braden grinning at them. 


“You’re awake.”


Giles narrowed his eyes.  “And you didn’t knock.”


Braden’s grin softened.  “Sorry.  I wasn’t sure if you were awake…and Haddie was about two minutes away from coming in herself.  I thought if you were awake…well…”


He trailed off and shrugged a shoulder.


Giles’ glare turned into a raised eyebrow as Braden peeked out into the hall and announced that their parents were indeed awake.  Buffy coughed lightly to conceal her laughter. 


Haddie ran into the room and stopped as she stared at her father.  “What happened to you?”


Giles smiled as Buffy explained their ‘training incident’.


Chapter Three


The rest of the week had been frantic.  Giles had dealt with a rogue Slayer stationed in Osaka.  It had turned out that she wasn’t exactly rogue…she just didn’t care.  Having no other choice, and fearful for her life, Giles had signed the papers to have her decommissioned.  The girl’s Watcher had been furious at the decision and had flatly refused to be reassigned.  As a result, he had been decommissioned as well.


Buffy had had to deal with a small clan of Illuminati that had decided to take up residence in downtown London.  Xander and Willow had joined her, their respective partners opting to stay home with their children.  Giles had taken his children to Council Headquarters and put them to bed in the quarters that had been set aside for Rupert Giles and his family.  The Illuminati were defeated fairly quickly and they all returned to Giles’ office…each of them stating that it seemed like old times in Sunnydale.


Giles had smiled and then pulled out his journal to take down the details of the incident.  Xander and Willow had exchanged a grin.  Giles and his journal were something they hadn’t been privy to in a while.


These two incidents, while stressful and time consuming, were a breeze compared to what was to occur on the weekend.  Fifteen children, in addition to the children of the Scoobies, were going to be at the Giles’.


Evan was turning five.


It was Saturday morning…four in the morning to be precise…and Buffy was in the kitchen, busily wrapping gifts as the cake baked in the oven.  Giles watched her with a smile on his face.  She had always made a big deal of the children’s birthdays…and he had let her because it reminded him of his own mother. 


His mother had always done something special with her son on his birthday…and most of the time his father hadn’t been involved.  In fact, the only birthday that he had a clear memory of his father was his tenth. 


And he didn’t particularly enjoy the memories of his tenth birthday.


Buffy looked up and noticed the pensive look on his face.  “Hey…what’s wrong?”


“Hm?”  He shook his head lightly to clear the memories and offered her a smile.  “Nothing’s wrong, love.”


“You looked…”  She thought and then shrugged a shoulder.  “Not as happy as you should look on our son’s birthday.”


He sighed softly and pulled the box containing a state of the art junior-sized tennis racquet towards him.  “I was just thinking about my birthdays as a child…and how my father wasn’t really around for them.  Except for one.”


Buffy leaned forward, reaching over to take his hand.  “You are not your father.  And you’ve been there for every single one of the kids’ birthdays.”


Giles nodded slowly, giving her a soft smile and gently squeezing her hand before setting to the task of wrapping the gift.  “Mum always made the day as special as she could though.  Much like you do for our four.”


“Five.”  She corrected with a grin.


Giles grinned back and shook his head in amusement.  “You can’t really count Declan in the birthday department yet…as he hasn’t had one.”


“No, he hasn’t.”  She agreed and handed the scissors to him.  “But, he will.”


Giles gracefully wrapped the gift, taping it closed before tying an orange ribbon around it.  They chatted softly as they finished with the presents, each either wrapped in orange paper or having an orange ribbon and bow.  After all, orange was Evan’s favourite color. 


When he yawned, she smiled and kissed his temple as she stood up.  “Why don’t you go to bed?”


He shook his head and pushed his chair back.  “No…I’ll be okay.  We don’t have much more to do…”


She laughed gently and opened the oven.  “Looks like all we have to do is wait for the cake to cool enough to frost…”


He smiled, watching her place the chocolate cake on the cooling rack.  “Any ideas of what you’d want to do to pass the time?”


She snorted as she looked over at him.  “Horny?”  When he narrowed his eyes at her, she grinned.  “Sorry…aroused?”


His eyes darted to her breasts before returning her gaze.  “Always.”


Her grin softened and she ran her fingers through her hair.  “Would, um…would you read to me instead?”


He raised an eyebrow as he stood and made his way over to her.  “Are you alright, love?”


She sighed and leaned back against his chest as he slid his hand to her stomach.  “This is the part of pregnancy that I don’t like…”


He bent his head and placed a soft kiss at the juncture of her neck and shoulder.  “Oh?”


“You know…the part where you want me but I don’t physically feel like doing anything?”


He chuckled gently and turned her in his arms, cradling her face between his hands.  “Buffy…I’m fine.  We’ve been through this before…”


“I do want you.”  She whispered softly.  “I just…”


“Ssh.”  He murmured, lowering his mouth to hers.  He kissed her slowly, moving his left hand to rest on the side of her abdomen. 


When he felt her fingers comb through his hair, he gently broke the kiss and smiled at her.  “I know you want me, Buffy.  I also know that you’re nearing four months…”


“I can…suck you…”


He narrowed his eyes as he shook his head lightly when he saw the concern in her eyes.  “No.  Buffy, that’s…I don’t remember you being this worried before.”


Buffy sighed heavily and lowered her hand to his shoulder as she glanced at the prominent bulge in his jeans.  “You’re hard…”


“Yes.”  He whispered, tilting his head as he regarded her.  “And that’s something that happens quite often when I’m around you…or when I think about you…which is most of the time.  I’ve never expected you to take care of it each time I have an erection, Buffy.”


“I know, but…”

“No buts.”  He interrupted softly.  “What would you like me to read?”


Buffy stared at him in confusion.  “Huh?”


“You asked me to read to you…but, you didn’t say what you wanted to hear.”  He replied with a warm smile.


“Oh.  Um, what about…”  She gestured vaguely and he grinned.


He took her hand and led her to the living room.  “Pick a book…”


She looked up at him and placed her free hand on his cheek.  “I really love you, Giles.”


He smiled adoringly at her, turning his head just enough to kiss her palm.  “I really love you as well.  Now…pick a book, darling.”


Buffy moved towards the nearest bookshelf and pulled down the first book she found.  It didn’t matter what he read…as long as he read.  Giles chuckled and made himself comfortable on the couch, taking the book from her as she curled up next to him.


* * *


Neither of them were sure of how it came to be that twenty minutes later, Giles was groaning softly as Buffy’s hand firmly stroked his erection.  All Giles knew was that he had been reading something about a strange mist that concealed the creatures attacking a northeastern US town.


And not long after the main character and his son were trapped in a supermarket, Buffy’s fingers had started gliding along his inner thigh.  He couldn’t remember where he had been in the story when she knelt beside of him and pressed her lips against the side of his neck.  But, at the moment, that detail didn’t matter.


The book fell to the floor and his left hand moved between her thighs.  She shook her head and lifted her mouth to whisper into his ear.




“Buffy, I – ”


“This is for you.  Please…I feel anything but sexy at the moment. And…I want to do this for you, not for me.  Okay?”


When he started to protest, she tightened her grip on his erection and sighed as he groaned.  “Know that I want you, Giles.  Know it, but understand that I just…I can’t right now…I’m sorry…”


His eyes met hers as his right hand covered hers, moving with hers as she continued to stroke him.  “Christ, don’t be sorry…I do understand, love…I swear, I understand.”


She looked down at their hands and smiled.  “That looks…hot…”


He nodded as he followed her gaze.  “Mm.”


Buffy licked her lips and looked into his eyes.  “You…should take your shirt off.”


“Hm?”  He murmured softly.  “Why?”


She turned her hand slightly so that her thumb ran along the underside of his cock.  She grinned as he inhaled sharply, his erection thickening in her hand.


“Because you’re going to come soon.  And…I want to see your come on your chest…”  She leaned forward and bit his left nipple through his t-shirt.


“Bloody hell!”  He growled, pulling his hand from hers and tugging the shirt over his head. 


As he tossed the shirt to the side, their eyes met.  “I love you.”


She smiled at him, his gravelled voice letting her know exactly how close he really was.  “I love you too.  And once I feel a little better, I have every intention of showing you just how much I love you.”


His fingers grasped the arm of the couch as his head flew back.  “Fuck…Buffy…”


“That’s it, babe…”  She whispered urgently, stroking him harder.  “Come for me.  You’re so close…just let go…”


He rolled his head towards her, staring at her through passion-glazed eyes as he lifted a trembling hand to her cheek.  He opened his mouth to speak, and then clenched his eyes shut as he groaned, his orgasm finally crashing over him.


Buffy licked her lips as he shuddered and then came, splattering his chest and stomach with semen.  “That’s it…”


His chest heaved as he forced his heavy lids open.  “What, uh…how did that happen?”


She smiled and gently released his softening cock.  Leaning forward, she ran her tongue over his chest, cleaning the cooling fluid from his skin.  She placed a warm, sucking kiss on his sternum and then met his eyes.


“You read to me.”  She shifted into a more comfortable position, which entailed her basically straddling his thighs, and draped her arms over his shoulders.  “You know how much I love for you to read to me…”


He chuckled softly, sliding his hands up her thighs.  “That wasn’t necessary, you know.”


“Yeah, I know.”  She nodded and moved her right hand to his chest, tracing the thorned circle-shaped scar with her fingertip.  “I think you should think about having this tattooed…”


He snorted a laugh and moved his hands to tuck his warm cock back into his jeans.  “Oh yes…that’s at the top of my ‘to-do’ list.”


She shrugged a shoulder, glancing at the scar on the right side of his chest before resuming her light touches over the thick band of scar tissue.  “I’ve seen pictures of tattoos integrated with scars…they can look really nice.”


“Mm, I’m sure they can.”  He placed two fingers under her chin and gently tilted her head up slightly.  “But, I would prefer not to accentuate certain imperfections.”


He pressed a lingering kiss to her lips and then lightly patted her outer thighs.  “Come on…we need to frost this cake.  And then…we should probably try to get some sleep.  I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be fairly, um…”




Giles smiled and gave her a wink.  “One of the many adjectives that could be used.”


She laughed softly and then slid from his lap.  She stretched as he leaned over and picked his shirt up from the floor.  Hearing her whisper his name, he looked at her questioningly.


“You can leave that off.  If you want…”


He shook his head in amusement and dropped the shirt onto the couch as he stood up. 


Chapter Four


Ethan grinned as he nudged Giles’ shoulder.  “What’d you get up to last night?”


Giles rolled his eyes and tilted his head towards the table overflowing with presents…the cake centered perfectly amongst them.  “Care to hazard a guess?”


Ethan chuckled and shook his head in amusement.  “Leave anything at the shops at all?”


“Not all of those are from us.  Some are from his brothers and sister…some are from his friends…some are from the rest of the family.”  Giles smiled and leaned against the railing on the back porch.  “Most are from us though.”


Ethan looked out into the yard, smiling as the large group of children played.  He gave a wave when Anya looked up at him and grinned.


“Good thing your yard is as big as it is.”


“Mm-hm.”  Giles watched as Michael gave Willow a quick hug before shaking Oz’s hand in greeting.  “Things alright with you and Michael?”


“Huh?”  Ethan turned his eyes to Giles quickly.  “Things are great, why?”


“Just making sure.”  Giles replied.  “He’s just been really quiet at work this past week…”


“Oh.”  Ethan laughed softly.  “He was just trying to stay out of your way.  What with the decommissioning and such…nothing’s wrong at all.”




Ethan looked over at the steps, his smile growing as he knelt down.  “Happy birthday, Evvie!”


Evan giggled and ran into Ethan’s arms.  “I have a orange cake!  Didya see it?”


“I did.”  Ethan gushed.  “Is it orange inside as well?”


“Nope!  It’s chocolate!  Daddy and Mummy made the outside orange ‘cause orange is my fav’rite color.”


Ethan playfully poked Evan’s stomach through the orange t-shirt he was wearing.  “I never would’ve guessed…”


Evan giggled and looked up at his father.  “Present time?”


Giles chuckled and gave him a wink.  “Soon.  But…go find Callie, I think she might have something for you.”


Evan turned and ran back down the steps and raced into the yard calling Callie’s name.  Ethan stood back up, grimacing as his left knee cracked, and arched an eyebrow at Giles.


“Callie might have something for him?”


“Buffy tied a small gift to Callie’s collar for him to find.”  Giles said with a smile. 


Ethan’s response was interrupted by Buffy coming out the back door.  His eyes widened slightly as he glanced at her stomach.  Buffy narrowed her eyes and pointed her finger at him.


“You say one word, I’ll hit you.”


Ethan laughed gently and shook his head.  “I wasn’t going to say anything.  It just…it’s always amazed me how quickly your pregnancies move along.”


“Well at least you didn’t ask if I was sure I’m not having twins.”  Buffy grumbled as she handed Giles a cup of tea.


Ethan furrowed his brow.  “What?”


Giles took a sip of the tea, brushing the fingers of his free hand over Buffy’s very swollen abdomen.  “Anya…need I say more?”


“No…no, you don’t.”  Ethan chuckled, watching Giles gently rub Buffy’s stomach.  “How much longer now?”


“Technically six weeks.”  Giles answered quickly.




Buffy nodded, smiling as Evan untied the small box from Callie’s collar.  “Pretty sure that Declan’s gonna be a little early…by a few weeks.”


“Declan?”  Ethan questioned, the corner of his mouth tugging into a smile.


“Shit.”  Buffy murmured, sending Giles an apologetic glance. 


Giles merely smiled and lifted his hand to brush his fingers through her hair.  “It’s alright, love.”


Buffy looked at Ethan and sighed.  “Don’t tell anyone…”


Ethan’s smile grew.  “There was a time when you’d threaten me.  ‘Tell anyone and I’ll kick your ass’ type of thing…”


“Yeah, what can I say?  I’ve mellowed…”  She glanced out at the yard and narrowed her eyes.  “Braden Rupert Giles, get down from there!”


As she stormed down the stairs, Ethan laughed heartily. 


“Oh yeah…she’s mellowed…”


Giles took another sip of his tea and handed his cup to Ethan.  “I’d better go help her.  She’ll have my head on a platter if I don’t.”


Ethan snorted as Giles took off, catching up with Buffy quickly.  He took a sip of the tea and sighed happily.


* * *


Buffy stood underneath the tree, hands on her hips as she stared upwards at her oldest child.  “What the hell are you doing?”


“Buffy, love…”  Giles stated softly.  “He’s a boy…it’s a tree…”


Buffy turned her head and stared at her husband.  “And there are twenty other children here who will try the exact same thing if they see him up there.”


Braden scrambled down to the lowest branch and then jumped down to the ground, a black plastic helicopter in his hand.  “Sorry, Mum.  Javed threw this up in the tree…I was just getting it down for him.”


Evan’s young friend smiled as Braden handed him the toy.  He looked up at Buffy, his smile wide and blinding.  “I sorry Missus Evan’s Mummy.  It was a assident.”


Buffy smiled down at him.  How could she stay annoyed with any of them when Javed was so adorable?


“That’s okay, Javed.”  She ruffled the boy’s thick, black hair and grinned as he took off, proudly showing his toy to the rest of his friends. 


“I really am sorry, Mum.  I wasn’t trying to teach the little’uns anything.  He was just really upset…”


“Just…say something to one of us first next time, okay?”  Buffy shook her head and smiled, running her fingers through his hair.  “You look so much like your father the older you get.”


“Mum…”  Braden groaned playfully, mischief shining in his green eyes. 


Lucas’ distinctive cry broke the playful banter.  All three turned as one just in time to see Lucas tackle his youngest sibling to the ground as the rest of the children looked on in confusion.  Giles took off quickly, kneeling on the ground next to them as Buffy followed as fast as her heavily pregnant body would allow.


Evan groaned and pushed Lucas off of him, his green eyes darkening as he stared at his older brother.  “Luke!”


Giles looked at Lucas, surprised to see fear in the boy’s eyes.  “Lucas?”


“Come on guys, it’s time for hide and seek.”  Oz called out helpfully, gathering the other children together…and away from Lucas and Evan.


Buffy smiled appreciatively at him…to which he gave an enigmatic smile and a nod.


“What’s wrong, Luke?”  Braden asked softly, sitting on the ground next to his obviously upset brother. 


By this time, Haddie had made her way over and was gently patting Lucas’ shoulder. 


“I’m sorry, Ev…I thought…”  Lucas sniffled and took a deep breath as Evan sat up and brushed the dirt and grass from his shirt.  “Are you okay?”


“Well, my shirt’s dirty.”


“Lucas, what was that about?”  Buffy asked softly, lovingly rubbing Evan’s back.


Lucas pointed to a discarded toy and sighed heavily.  “That.”


Evan looked over and furrowed his brow.  “A choppercopter?”


“Ah…”  Giles stated softly, attracting Lucas’ attention.  “A swooping helicopter?”


“Stupid toy helicopter.”  Lucas grumbled.  “It looked real in my dream.”


Braden grinned, playfully nudging Lucas’ shoulder.  “You dreamed that a helicopter attacked Evan?”


“Shut up, Bay.”  Lucas sighed as Braden giggled softly. 


“Oh, come on, Luke.  You gotta see the funny side of this.”


Evan stood up and brushed the dirt from the knees of his jeans.  After a moment of scowling at his older brothers, he grinned and launched himself at Lucas.


And just like that, the crisis was over.  The three boys playfully wrestled with each other…Haddie rolled her eyes and took her father’s hand.


“I’m having a tea party with Katie, Daddy…wanna come?”


Giles swallowed and glanced at Buffy.  She gave him a gentle nod and then leaned into him, kissing his cheek. 


“Go on.  Tell her I said hi.”


“I love you.”  He whispered as Haddie tugged his hand, urging him to stand up.


“I love you too.”  She smiled as he stood up and then helped her up.  “Presents and cake in about half an hour, okay?”


He nodded and, after another look over at their sons, smiled and followed Haddie over to the small table she had set up.  Noticing the three other girls sitting around the table, he looked down at his daughter.


“Can your friends see Katie, Hadley?”


“Nope.”  She answered cheerfully, looking up at him.  “But they have their own imaginary friends.”


“Ah…”  He murmured softly.


* * *


“So, what was all the commotion about?”  Willow asked, biting into a shortbread cookie.


Buffy snorted a soft laugh and sat down, rubbing her hand over her thigh.  “Lucas had a dream last week that Evan was attacked by a helicopter.  Javed’s threw his toy helicopter up in the air and Lucas…panicked a little.”


“Oh…poor little guy!” 


“Yeah…he was really worried that something bad was going to happen.”  Buffy said, smiling as she watched her three boys pick themselves up from the ground and join the rest of their friends.  “But, I think Ev has forgiven him.”


Willow nodded in agreement and looked over at the tea party table Xander had built for Haddie a year earlier.  She grinned as she watched Giles accept a tiny teacup from his daughter.


“Giles got roped into a tea party, huh?”


Buffy sighed softly, watching Giles smile towards a seemingly empty spot next to Haddie.  “He, uh…someone wanted to talk to him.”


Willow furrowed her brow as she turned to look at Buffy, who was still watching Giles intently.  “Huh?”




“Oh.”  Willow responded quietly.  “You okay with that?”


Buffy rubbed her stomach as she looked at Willow.  “Of course, I am.  She’s his daughter…I’d never deny him a chance to talk to her.  We just…we wish that Haddie was old enough to understand that Katie is more than a friend…that’s all.”


Willow gave a sigh of relief and handed Buffy a glass of ginger ale. 


* * *


Giles smiled as Haddie relayed the latest message from Katie. 


“Yes, Evan has already decided that he’s either going to be a tennis player or a librarian.”


Haddie laughed as she listened to Katie.  “She says that he’s a decisive boy.”


“Ah, yes…much like I was at his age.”


“He has your eyes…just like the rest of us.”  Haddie smiled and shook her head.  “Except for Braden.  He’s the only one who has the brown spot like Daddy has.”


Haddie seemed to study the ‘empty’ spot intently.  So intently that Giles became a little nervous and glanced at the other little girls sitting at the table.  They were caught up in a conversation about Sparkle pony, which relieved Giles when he heard Haddie’s next statement.


“You have the same color of eyes that we have too.”


Giles looked across the yard towards Buffy, only to find her deep in conversation with Willow.  He jerked backwards when he felt a cool gust of air circle around him.  He inhaled sharply when he heard Katie’s voice whisper in his ear.


“It’s time…”


Haddie furrowed her brow.  “Where’d she go?”


“What?”  Giles asked as Haddie looked around.


“She’s gone…”


“It’s taking all of my energy to talk to you.  She can’t see, or hear, me now…we need to discuss this soon.”


Giles swallowed and gave a gentle nod. 


He felt her disappear as quickly as she had appeared to him.  He looked down at Haddie and curled a strand of her hair around his finger.


“Perhaps she was needed elsewhere.”


“Yeah, I guess.”  Haddie replied distractedly before shrugging her shoulders and edging her way into the conversation her friends were having. 


“Have fun, darling.”  Giles whispered, giving her a kiss as he stood.


She looked up at him and smiled brightly.  “Cake soon?”


He smiled and gave her a wink.  “Soon…you won’t miss it, I promise.”


She winked back and then turned back to her friends.  Giles rubbed his hand over the side of his neck and started on his way over to Buffy and Willow.


* * *  


Buffy had wanted to ask Giles what was bothering him as soon as he had left Haddie’s tea party.  But, he had shaken his head…it wasn’t the right time. 


And so, she had waited.


Through the cake and ice cream.  Through the opening of gifts.  Through the light dinner with their friends.  Through the childrens’ bathtimes, the bedtime stories…


And she was tired of waiting.




He turned the television off and placed the remote on the coffee table.  “Hadley is picking up on certain things.”


She raised an eyebrow.  Apparently he was tired of waiting as well.


“Certain things?”


Giles took a deep breath and turned towards Buffy.  “She noticed the color of Katie’s eyes…that they’re the same color as…”


“Yours.”  Buffy finished for him softly.


He shook his head slowly.  “Ours.  Mine and the childrens’.  Katie…well, Katie focused all of her energy to talk to me.  She said…she said that she thinks it’s time.”


“Time?  Time for what?”  She questioned quickly.


“For, uh…for Haddie to know the true relationship between her…and, um…Katie.”


Buffy’s eyes widened.  “What?  Why?”


“I’m not sure.  Katie wants to discuss it soon.  I…I’m not sure I agree with her.  But, I’m also not sure that I disagree.  Perhaps it would be beneficial to Haddie…”


“How?  How would knowing that someone she’s been talking to for a few years now is her sister…who’s…”


“Dead.”  Giles whispered when Buffy trailed off.  “It’s alright to say the word, love.”


“She’s six years old, Giles.”  


Giles nodded, his heart aching at the sadness in her voice.  “I know.”


Buffy was quiet for a few moments, her mind quickly working through different thoughts.  Finally she took a deep breath and looked into Giles’ eyes.


“Can I be there?  When you talk to her, I mean…”


“Of course.”  Giles answered quickly, lifting his hand to the side of her face.  “I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way.  Haddie is our daughter…a decision such as this…well, it can’t be made by just one parent.”


Buffy’s eyes glistened.  Giles rubbed his thumb along her cheek.


“Ssh…don’t cry, my love.  This isn’t something that’s going to happen tonight.  Tonight…”  He smiled lovingly as he gazed into her eyes.  “Tonight we spend trying to find room for all of Evan’s birthday presents.”


Buffy chuckled wetly and leaned into his touch.  “And…to go through the final plans of the guest house that Xander’s going to build for us.”


“Oh?”  Giles asked, genuinely surprised.


She nodded and gestured towards the cardboard tube on the desk.  “He brought the blueprints over today.”


He smiled and leaned towards her, pressing a warm kiss to her lips before standing. 


Katie hovered in the corner, an adoring smile on her face as she watched her father open the tube and spread the paperwork across the coffee table.


“It’ll all be alright, Dad.  I promise.”  She whispered…and then faded away.


Buffy shivered lightly, causing Giles to pull the afghan from the back of the couch and drape it over her shoulders.  She whispered a gentle ‘thank you’ and then turned her attention back to the blueprints. 


He watched her lovingly, adoringly, as she turned the papers clockwise.  He smiled as she looked at him, obviously waiting for an answer to a question that he hadn’t heard.


“I love you.”


Her furrowed brow smoothed as a smile appeared on her lips.  “I love you too.”


As he leaned in to kiss her again, she decided that maybe tonight could just be about them…



~ End


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