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BBC Children in Need




Off with his head…


Free Agents



What do children want?

BBC Children in Need




You were cc’d, right?






BBC Radio 2

Jonathan Ross

16 February 2002


Tony discusses Manchild




Tony makes a Valentine’s Day call

Tony discusses Little Britain




What’s Mr. Finch all about?

Life in Somerset




Nova 93.7 (Perth)

Nathan & Nat with Shaun McManus

29 May 2009


Uther’s ‘old school’, not a prick.

Anthony Head and Angel Coulby

12 June 2009


Not the best sound quality, but it’s here

10 July 2009


Aack! Long intro, cute interview

Anthony Head and Bradley James

George Lamb Show

18 September 2009


He’ll be King when I’m dead

BBC Radio 5

Weekend Breakfast

19 September 2009


Mean, moody, and menacing…

BBC Radio 2

Michael Ball’s Sunday Brunch

4 October 2009


1 2 3 4 5 6  Full File

Nova 96.9 (Sydney)

Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie

12 November 2009


Babies and Free Agents

Absolute Radio

The Christian O’Connell and David Tennant Breakfast Show

14 November 2009


Tony discusses music…and even sings a bit




BBC Radio 2

Jonathan Ross

Hosted by

Catherine Tate and David Tennant

30 January 2010


Inanely grinning, X Factor, and rat’s tails…

BBC Radio 5

Richard Bacon

15 February 2010


Would Tony still work if he won Lotto?

Interview with Richard Pt1

Interview with Richard Pt2

Interview with Richard Pt3

BBC Radio 4

Saturday Live

with Fi Glover

27 February 2010


ASH talks Buffy and animals

The Mix Radio

The Bobby D Show

25 March 2010



ASH talks Uther




I’ll be adding more interviews as I come across them.  I hope you enjoy them!





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