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Return of the King


After Uther is transported into the 20th century, things become much clearer in his mind with a little bit of help.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin crossover fic.

Uther/Morgana, Buffy/Giles. 


The Hope Series:

This series is Uther/Morgana...and eventually, Arthur/Merlin as well.


Part I

Hope for Camelot


Utherís been distant.Morgana gives him an explanation.


Part II



Their evening continues, despite them agreeing to wait.


Part III

Hope for the King


Morgana gives Uther an answer, as well as something else to ponder.


Part IV

A Second Chance


The King and his soon-to-be Queen are still learning about one another.


Part V

Tolerance and Love


Uther talks to Arthur and revelations occur.



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