Title: Sandalwood
Author: Froxyn
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Synopsis: Scent can be very…scintillating.
Timeline: AU…S5ish, companion piece to Elderflower.
Author’s Note: As always, thank you, A.

She opened her eyes, glancing at the clock in the dim light of the room.  She sighed, knowing there was only one reason she’d suddenly wake up at 3:28 in the morning.  Then she smiled…because he was snoring.  Not a deep, rattle the windows snore that happened after a busy night on patrol…but the gentle snore of exhaustion that happened after they made love. 


She rolled over to face him and her smile grew.  She loved watching him sleep.  When he was truly at ease, sleeping peacefully, he looked almost boyish.  Like now…lying on his stomach, right leg bent, left arm curled under his pillow…hair unruly, lips slightly parted.  She didn’t move for a good five minutes…until the pull became more insistent. 


With a heavy sigh, she slipped out of bed and got dressed.  After pulling her hair into a ponytail, she walked back over to the bed.  She knelt in the spot in which she had been sleeping just a little while earlier and leaned down, kissing him softly.


He stirred immediately, his right hand curling into a fist before stretching open.  Then his eyes fluttered open and he smiled. 




She chuckled, reaching over and running her fingertips over his bare shoulder.  “Hey.”


“Everything okay?”  He asked sleepily.


“Yeah.  Just a couple of risings, I think.” 


He pushed himself up, turning and leaning back against the headboard.  He rubbed his eyes as the blankets fell down around his waist.  “Need me to come with?”


She glanced at his chest, the skin slightly blue around his right nipple.  “Nah, it doesn’t feel apocalypse-y.  Just blood suck-y.”


He looked at her for a moment and then snorted a laugh.  “Alright, be careful, love.”


“I will.”  She leaned into him and gave him a warm kiss.  Then she placed her hand on his chest and smiled.  “Go back to sleep, I shouldn’t be long.”


“Mm.”  He mumbled, scratching the back of his head as she slid out of bed and grabbed her jacket.  “I love you.”


She grinned brightly at him.  “I love you too.  See you soon.”


He nodded as she ran down the stairs. He listened as she opened the weapons cabinet and assumed she had grabbed a couple of stakes.  He sighed as he heard the door open and close.


“As if I’ll go back to sleep.”  He said to himself, pushing the blankets off of him.


He glanced at the clock and rubbed his face, grimacing at the sensation of stubble.  He made his way down the stairs and headed towards the bathroom, pausing in the kitchen long enough to put the kettle on the stove. 


* * * * * *


Three hours later, Buffy quietly pushed open the door.  She rolled her eyes, not surprised to see him sitting on the sofa with a mug of tea in his hand. 


“You didn’t go back to sleep at all, did you?”


“No.”  He smiled as she kicked off her shoes and plopped down next to him.  “Would you like breakfast?”


“No…”  She shook her head slowly, glancing at the soft curl behind his ear that was always present when he was freshly showered.


She sniffed and then licked her lips as she moved closer to him.  He sighed happily as she snuggled up against him, resting her head so that her nose brushed against his neck.  She inhaled deeply, the scent of sandalwood and his tea causing some intense emotions within her.


Safety, calmness, love, heat…desire.


He closed his eyes, curling his arm around her as she nuzzled his neck before breathing in his scent once more.  “You alright there, love?”


“Mm-hm…”  She pressed a soft kiss to the side of his neck.  “God, I love sandalwood on you.”


“I know.”  He replied with a smile.


She moved quickly, but carefully, kissing his earlobe as she straddled his thighs.  He looked into her eyes as he placed his mug on the side table. 


“Tea and sandalwood.  Uniquely you.”  She murmured, kissing his chin.  “You shaved.”


“Mm-hm.”  His eyes sparkled as she leaned back slightly.  “I wouldn’t say ‘unique’…bergamot and sandalwood are used in a great many – ”


“Rupert, shut up.”  She said with a smile, causing him to chuckle.


“How was patrol?”  He asked, resting his hands on her thighs. 


“You’re having a problem with shutting up…”


He smiled, allowing his hands to explore at will.  “I need to make sure you’re okay, love.”


“Nothing broken, no blood, not even a bruise.  I did chip a nail…”


“I can fix that for you.”  He whispered, curling the tips of his index and middle fingers into the front pockets of her jeans. 


“Can you fix it later?”  She asked, her breath heavy as he shifted underneath her. 


He nodded, staring into her eyes.  “Upstairs?”


“I probably need a shower first.”  She replied quietly.  “I have been fighting for a couple of hours…”


“Can I come with?”  He licked his lips, continuing to gaze into her eyes.


“You’ve already had one.”  She fingered the soft curl that had caught her eye as soon as she had sat down.


“True, but there’s nothing saying I can’t have another one.”  He looked into her eyes, pausing just for a moment.  “That is…if you’d like for me to join you.”


“Yeah.”  She whispered without hesitation, sliding forward on his lap.  She bit her lip as she pressed against what was very obviously the beginnings of an erection.  “Please do…”


He smiled, gently pulling his fingers from her pockets.  “Get off…”


“Oh, I plan on that.”  She replied without thought.


He snorted a laugh and lightly tapped her hip.  “Well, that’s very good to know.  However, I meant…hop up, let me up…the literal sort of ‘get off’.”


“I like my translation better.”


He smiled, leaning forward to kiss her lips.  “I do too.”


She slowly slid from his lap onto her feet and looked at him curiously, as if she’d just made a realisation.  He looked up at her, then smiled as he stood.


“What is it?”


“You said ‘I know’.”  She tilted her head as she met his eyes.  “When I said that I love sandalwood on you…you said ‘I know’.”


“Much like you know that I love elderflower…”


A slow smile appeared on her face as she gestured towards the hall.  His smiled mirrored hers as he lifted his left hand. 


“After you, love.”


“Ladies first or…you just like watching me walk ahead of you?”


“Both.”  He said with a laugh, allowing his gaze to travel down her body as she led him towards the bathroom.


* * *


Buffy smiled, drawing a heart in the steam on the shower door.  Giles smiled too, lathering a washcloth with body wash.  She sniffed, looking up at him. 


“What’s that?” 


“Lemon myrtle.  You like?”


She nodded, sniffing again.  “The heat intensifies the sandalwoody smell…I like that too.”


He chuckled, giving her a wink and then lifted his hand, twirling his finger in the air.  “Turn around.”


She raised an eyebrow at him, but did as he had requested.  She gave a sigh of contentment, placing her arm against the shower wall as he gently ran the cloth over her back.  When she leaned forward to rest her forehead against her arm, he took a small step forward and ran the cloth down her side. 


“You okay, love?” 


“Mm…that just feels really nice.”  She arched her back slightly, groaning when a deep crack sounded.  “You okay though?”


He chuckled, nodding even though she wasn’t looking at him.  “My bones aren’t the ones cracking right now.  I’m fine, why?”


She turned her head just enough to catch his eye.  “Because we’re in the shower…together…and you’re literally just washing my back.”


“And sides.”  He said playfully.


She turned to face him, her lips curling into a smile.  “Don’t forget the front…”


As his gaze lowered, she reached over and squirted some of his body wash into her hand.  His eyes snapped back up when she placed her hands on his chest, the scent of sandalwood suddenly very thick around them. 




She gently turned him, smiling when he closed his eyes as the water cascaded over him.  He groaned as her hand curled around his erection…her smile grew.


“How opposed are you to me taking care of this right here, right now?”


He opened his eyes and stared at her.  “Not very.  But, the water tank isn’t huge – we’ll run out of hot water soon.”


Too soon?”  She asked, stroking the warm flesh in her hand. 


“Possibly.”  He murmured, lifting his hands to cup her face.  “But, I’m quickly finding that I don’t actually give a fuck.”


Any response she would have given him was cut off when he covered her mouth with his, kissing her deeply as he carefully pushed her against the wall of the shower.  She returned his kiss feverishly, increasing the pressure she had on his thickening cock.  When she rubbed a small circle at the base of the shaft with her thumb, he groaned and pulled from the kiss.


“Jesus Christ…”


She grinned, licking her lips.  “I’m gonna suck your dick now.  So, if you’re not okay with the whole here and now thing, you need to say something.”


He swallowed, rubbing his thumb along her bottom lip.  “I’m not ‘not okay’ with it…”


She chuckled, but chose not to tease him for his slightly jumbled statement.  Instead, she gave him a wink and lowered herself to her knees in front of him.  He placed his hands against the shower wall and exhaled slowly as he watched her run her tongue along the underside of his erection.  When she slid her lips over the head and pulled him into her mouth, he gasped and curled the fingers of his right hand into a fist.


She looked up at him as she moved her lips down his shaft, pulling more of him into her mouth.  She held his hips, nails lightly digging into his skin as she shifted her position – just enough to enable her to swallow his entire length. 


He leaned forward, resting his forehead against the ceramic tile as he mumbled her name.  Then he reached down with his left hand, sliding his fingers through her wet hair…moving with her movements, but not forcing them.  She pulled back, swirling her tongue around the head before sucking hard.  He cursed under his breath, tightening his fingers in her hair as his hips jerked forward.  She smiled around his cock and lightly ran her chipped nail down the back of his thigh. 


“Fuck…”  He groaned, thrusting gently into her mouth.  “Jesus, fuck…Buffy…”


“Hm?”  She murmured, sucking harder when she noticed his breath hitch.


He cradled the back of her head in his hand and looked down at her.  “I’m going to come.”


Her eyes sparkled in response as she flattened her tongue against the underside of his cock. 


“And then…”  He continued, his tone thick with desire.  “I’m taking you to bed.  And I’ll be having you for breakfast.”


Her eyes darkened a shade and he smiled.  “You’re beautiful.”


She glanced at the shower head when a splash of cooling water hit her thigh.  Without taking his eyes off of her, he reached over and shut the flow of water. 


“Don’t stop.”  He whispered thickly, tightening his fingers in her hair.  “I’m close…”


She arched an eyebrow at him and he licked his lips.  She sucked harder, continuing to stare into his eyes as she squeezed his left cheek before slipping her finger along the cleft between his buttocks.  His jaw twitched as her finger swept over his anus.  He gave her a brief nod when she probed gently with the tip of her middle finger. 


“Ah, fuck…”  He groaned, resting his forehead against the wall as he pushed back against her finger.


She followed his movement, sucking harder and bobbing faster.  Suddenly, she felt him tense and heard him call out her name.  Seconds later his cock thickened in her mouth and he groaned loudly, fingers curling in her hair as he thrust forward and came.  She swallowed quickly, slipping her finger from his ass and gripping his thighs. 


And then she heard him nearly whimper her name.  She pulled back, allowing his softening cock to slip from her lips.  His fingers trembled against her scalp before he pulled his hand away and sighed heavily.


“You okay?”  She asked, lovingly rubbing his thigh as she looked up at him.


He nodded, looking almost intoxicated as he smiled down at her.  “Wasn’t really expecting that…”


She stood up, wedging herself between him and the wall, and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.  “Fucking sandalwood.”


He snorted a laugh and returned her kiss with a breathless one of his own.

~ End

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