Title:  Thirty

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO overall

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Four months after Shimmering.

Synopsis:  Slayers rarely make it out of their teens.  Buffy is an exception to that.  Part XII of the Giles Family Series.



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It was three days before Buffy’s birthday and Giles found himself sitting in a chair in his office, looking at Willow and Xander, who were sitting on the sofa.  He shook his head slowly, bending down to pick up a paper clip from the floor that Rayna was reaching for.  “There will be no surprise party.”


Xander groaned.  “Come on, Giles.  A Slayer only turns thirty once, you know.”


Giles raised an eyebrow at him.  “And how many times do you intend to turn thirty?”


Willow snorted in amusement.  Xander glared at her before turning his eyes back to Giles.


“You know, the older you get, the funnier you get.  Ha ha.  Funny Giles.”


Giles chuckled softly, smiling warmly as Rayna climbed onto her father’s lap.  “You know how Buffy feels about surprise parties.”


“Isn’t it kinda weird to have a phobia about parties?”


Xander grinned at his daughter and kissed her cheek.  Then he looked at Willow and laughed.  “Because frog phobia is so normal?”


Willow narrowed her eyes.  “Frogs are slimy.  Parties are not.”


“Not the boring ones anyway.”  Xander added cheerfully.


Giles shook his head again.  “No surprise party.”


Willow sighed heavily as she looked at him.  “Nothing bad will happen.  And...she can’t stay mad at us forever over a party.”


“Be that as it may, I much prefer the comfort of the bed to that of the living room couch.  No surprise party.”


Willow huffed and slumped back against the cushions on the couch.  “Fine, no surprise party.”


Giles smiled at her and then looked at Xander questioningly.  Xander tickled Rayna’s ribs, grinning as she laughed.


“No problem, Giles.  What’s the go, then?”


Giles thought for a moment and then took a deep breath.  “I’m rather sure I don’t know.  It’s quite hard to celebrate a birthday when there are issues to work around.”


Willow’s eyes lit up.  “We could have a non-birthday party.  Oz and I could throw a party here and invite you guys to it.”


Giles furrowed his brow.  “You want to throw a party in my office?”


Willow rolled her eyes.  “No.  In the ballroom downstairs.  Strictly non-birthday.  No presents, no cake.  Just...a party that happens to be on her birthday.  We could do cake and presents the day before...or the day after...”


Xander grinned at Willow as she began to ramble.  Giles sat back in his chair and smiled, rolling the paper clip between his fingers.


* * *


That night, after having put Haddie and Evan to bed, Buffy and Giles took the two older boys into the training room.  Lucas had noticed his parents working with Braden and had asked to join in.  After much discussion, Buffy and Giles both agreed.


Giles leaned against the wooden dummy and smiled as Buffy showed Lucas some of the more basic moves in hand-to-hand combat.  When he had copied the moves to her satisfaction, she smiled brightly.


“Very good, Lucas.  You’re a quick learner, just like your brother.”


Lucas beamed at her and then looked at Braden.  “Wanna have a go, Bay?”


Braden snorted a laugh.  “I could take you down in two seconds.”


Lucas narrowed his eyes.  “Yeah?”


Giles chuckled and pushed himself off the dummy.  “Boys...”


“But, Dad...”  Lucas started.


Giles smiled and shook his head.  “You’re just starting, Lucas.  Braden’s correct...at this point in time, he would win quite convincingly.”


Lucas sighed heavily.  “I want to see how it works.”


Braden grinned.  “Mum and Dad can show you how it works.”


Lucas met his older brother’s eyes.  “You fight with Mummy.”


“Spar.”  Braden corrected him gently.  “But, she holds back with me.  If you want to see how it works...how it really works...you should watch Mum and Dad.”


Buffy and Giles exchanged a quick glance as Lucas looked up at them with hopeful eyes.  Giles shook his head and reached down, tousling Lucas’ hair.


“Not tonight, son.”


Lucas’ eyes widened slightly.  “Why not?”


“Two reasons.  One, tonight was your first training exercise and you have much more to learn.  Two...”  He smiled softly at his son.  “You both have school tomorrow and it’s time for bed.”


“But – ”




Lucas scowled at the tone in his father’s voice.  The tone that told him the discussion was over for the time being. 


“Fine.  Goodnight, then.”


Braden bit his bottom lip as Lucas turned and ran from the room.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t really know he’d get that upset about it.”


Giles sighed and gently squeezed Braden’s shoulder.  “It’s alright.  Why don’t you go on and get ready for bed, okay?”


When Braden nodded and left the room, Giles met Buffy’s eyes.  “I’ll go talk with Lucas.”


Buffy smiled softly and rubbed his chest.  “Would you like me to come with you?”


“Thank you.”  He covered her hand with his, stilling her movement.  “But, no.  I was the one to upset him.  Besides, you need to do another round...”


Buffy arched an eyebrow at him.  “Turning all Watchery on me?”


A grin tugged at his lips.  “I may be your husband, but I’m also still your Watcher, Buffy.  How can I expect other Watchers to maintain a high level of training with their Slayers if I let mine slack off a bit?”


She laughed and gave him a gentle shove towards the door.  “Come back and we’ll have a sparring session if you want.”


He gave her a wink and gestured at the dummy.  “Three full rounds of bokator, green level.  Start with tor style.”


Buffy rolled her eyes as she made her way to the dummy.


* * *


Giles opened Lucas’ bedroom door and poked his head inside.  He wanted to smile at the sight of Lucas lying on his back, hands laced behind his head as he stared at the ceiling.  However, he knew that if he smiled, Lucas could very well take it the wrong way.  Instead, he took a deep breath and pushed the door open further.






“Mind if I come in?”


Lucas rolled his head towards his father.  “No.”


Giles gave him a quick nod and entered the room, closing the door behind him.  “I understand that you’re upset...”


Lucas pushed himself up and leaned against the headboard.  “You let Braden watch you and Mummy.”


Giles sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.  “Braden was a year into his training before we allowed him to watch.  It can be a little scary if you don’t understand exactly what’s going on.  You’re only six years old, Lucas...you have plenty of time.”


“How old was Bay when he started training?”


“He was a little younger than you.  Not by much.”  Giles thought for a second before continuing.  “Do you understand the purpose of the training?”


Lucas nodded eagerly.  “We train so that we can teach a girl how to protect the world from monsters.”


Giles chuckled softly, finding it charming how a six-year-old mind interprets information.  “Yes, that’s right.  Now, I want to ask you something and I want you to be perfectly honest with me, okay?”




“Why do you want to train with your brother?”


Lucas narrowed his eyes in confusion.  “Because he wants to be like you when he grows up.”


Giles nodded absently.  “Yes, but that’s why he trains.  Why do you want to train?”


Lucas stared at his father and then spoke with a tone that stated that his reasoning should’ve been perfectly obvious.  “Because I want to be like you too.”


Giles reached out and gently rubbed his son’s leg.  “You know you can be anything you want to be, Lucas.  You can do anything.  You could be an accountant, or a musician, or a veterinarian...it doesn’t matter what you decide to do as long as you’re happy.”


Lucas tilted his head slightly and looked into Giles’ eyes.  “Don’t you want me to be like you?”


Giles smiled warmly.  “I want you to be whatever makes you happy.  You have plenty of time to decide what you want to be when you grow up.”


“Bay said he knew what he wanted to be when he was my age.”


“But that doesn’t mean that you have to know what you want to be.”  Giles responded softly.  “If you want to train with Braden and Mummy, you can.  I won’t deny you that.  And I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.  If you decide at any time that you want to do something else, all you have to do is say so.”


“I can still train though?”  Lucas asked quietly.


“If it makes you happy and if it’s something you want to do, yes.”


Lucas chewed on his bottom lip and lowered his eyes.  “Is it really scary?”


Giles found himself wishing, not for the first time, that he could protect his children from this life.  He wished that they could be blissfully unaware of what went on in the world after night fell.  Of course, he knew better than to speak his wishes aloud. 


He cleared his throat and nodded.  “Sometimes.”


Lucas raised his eyes, his lip trembling slightly.  “I don’t like scary things, Daddy.”


Giles quickly pulled him into his arms and held him tightly.  “I don’t either, son.”


Lucas felt safe in his father’s arms.  He always had, even when the nightmares had caused him to wake up screaming.  Each time it had happened, his Daddy would run into the room and hold him until he had fallen back asleep.  And now, as his father kissed the top of his head, he felt himself relax.


“I love you, Daddy.”


Giles smiled at the tired whisper.  “I love you too, Lucas.  Come on, lie down.  We can talk about this later, if you’d like.”


Lucas nodded sleepily and placed his head on the pillow.  “I like animals, they’re not scary.”


Giles looked up as he pulled the blanket up over Lucas’ body.  “Hm?”


“I can be an animal doctor, yeah?”


Giles smiled and ran his fingers through his son’s wavy hair.  “If you so choose.”


Lucas smiled back and yawned as he closed his eyes.  “Night.”


Giles leaned forward and kissed Lucas’ forehead before whispering a soft ‘goodnight’.  Lucas fell asleep quickly.  Giles stayed where he was for a while, content to watch him sleep. 


Chapter Two


Giles left Lucas’ room and furrowed his brow when he heard the shower running.  He briefly wondered exactly how long he had watched Lucas sleep.  He quickly checked on the other three children to find all of them sound asleep.  He sighed softly, realizing he must’ve been in with Lucas for quite a while if Braden was already asleep.  He opened the bathroom door and smiled when Buffy began talking to him.


“Is everything okay?”


“I think so.”  He responded, pulling his shirt over his head and dropping it to the floor.  “How did you know I came in?”


“I have ‘Giles-dar’.”


He chuckled softly and removed the rest of his clothing quickly.  As he stepped into the shower behind her, she turned to face him. 


“How’s Lucas?”


“Better.”  He took the washcloth from her hand and gently rubbed it over her shoulder towards her neck.  “He wants to train with you, but he doesn’t like scary things.  He likes animals though, because they’re not very scary.”


“Animals?”  She sighed softly as he ran the cloth down her neck to her chest.


“Veterinarian.”  Giles explained, glancing down at her hand when she placed it on his chest.  “What happened to your hand?”


She smiled as she held it up.  “Three rounds, Buffy one...dummy zero.  It needs a new arm ‘cause I kinda broke it.”


He held her hand gingerly, kissing the grazes as he looked into her eyes.  “Does it hurt?”


“Not anymore.”  She whispered.  “Lucas isn’t going to be a Watcher, is he?”


“I don’t know.  A lot could change in four years.”  He stated softly as he moved the cloth over her breasts.


“You okay with that?” 


He nodded, smiling as he felt her nipple harden.  “I just want him to be happy.  And that’s what I told him.”


She reached behind her and grabbed the body wash, pouring a generous amount in her hand before replacing the bottle.  “He idolizes you, you know.”


“I think he was worried about upsetting me.”  He sighed as she began to rub the liquid soap over his chest with her hands.  “We do have another washcloth...”


“Mm-hm.  But, I like doing it this way better.”  She grinned up at him.  “Is that okay with you?”


He slid his hands down her sides, allowing the cloth to drop onto the shower floor as he held her hips.  “I think we should finish washing quickly...”


“Why’s that?”  She asked teasingly, rubbing her hands over his stomach.


He swallowed and pushed her further under the warm spray of water to rinse the suds from her skin.  “Because making love in a shower is not a safe practice.”


She trembled lightly as his hand moved between her legs.  “We’ve done it before.  More than once without any injuries...”


He bent his head and licked the water from her shoulder.  “What I want to do...we have never done in the shower.”


She groaned softly as his fingers teased her clitoris.  “What...do you want to do?”


He lightly nibbled along her collarbone before placing a tender kiss on her lips.  “Come to bed with me and I’ll show you.”




He smiled at her whimper and increased the pressure of his fingers.  “Would you like me to make you come first?”


She stared into his eyes and nodded as she gasped.  He licked his lips as he slowly pushed two fingers into her.  He moved his mouth to her ear, nipping at her earlobe with his teeth before whispering huskily to her.


“I want you, Buffy.  I want to fuck you until you come.  And then I want to make love to you until you come again.  Or maybe the other way around.  God, I want to be inside of you right now.”




He smiled when he felt her inner muscles tighten around his fingers.  “Come to bed with me, Buffy.”


“Yes...”  She groaned, holding onto his shoulders for support.


He suddenly stopped his thrusting fingers and pulled them out, grinning when she whimpered in protest.  He met her darkened eyes as he reached around her and turned the water off.


“You were too close.”  He offered as an explanation.


“You said...you said you were going...to make me – ”


He interrupted her with a shake of his head and helped her out of the shower.  “No, I asked if you wanted me to make you come.”


She stared at him as he lovingly dried her body.  “Not nice, Giles...”


He chuckled softly and draped her robe over her shoulders before quickly drying off and grabbing his own robe.  “I’ll make it up to you, love.”


“You’d better...because I’m not exactly happy with you at the moment.”


He moved quickly, cradling her face between his large hands and thrusting his tongue into her mouth.  Her knees buckled and he lowered his left hand to her hip to steady her as his tongue continued to stroke hers.


He ended the kiss as suddenly as he had started it and smiled.  “I’ll just have to see if I can make you happy with me again.”


She mumbled a curse, causing him to laugh softly. 


* * *


He looked down at their union as he slowly thrust his hips against her, smiling as he watched her fingers seek out her aching clitoris. 


“Are you needing direct stimulation tonight?”


She looked up at him, wondering briefly how he could continue to sound so calm and clinical.  “Don’t need...want.”


He smiled and pulled out, resting on his knees between her legs.  Her eyes darkened dangerously.


“For fuck’s sake, Giles!”


His eyes sparkled as his hand caressed her thigh.  “We had an experience one time...a while ago now...that we both expressed interest in repeating at some point.”


“What?”  She asked breathlessly, her fingers increasing their speed on her clit.


He glanced down and watched her for a moment before uttering one word.




She complied, but stared at him almost angrily.  “Fucking hell!”


He chuckled and leaned over to the bedside table.  He opened the middle drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube and the vibrator that he had placed inside earlier.  As he dropped both items onto the mattress next to him, she raised an eyebrow.


“Those aren’t supposed to be there...the kids come in here sometimes.”


He leaned down and kissed her knee as he nodded.  “I know.  I put them there earlier tonight.”


His eyes were drawn back to her wet core, he could easily make out the damp spot on the sheet underneath her.  He licked his lips and looked into her eyes.


“I’m not going to tie you...hands above your head.” 


She gasped, instantly moving her hands to the headboard and wrapping her fingers around the spindles.


He picked up the vibrator and slowly pushed it into her, staring into her eyes as he did.  “You...want direct stimulation, yes?”


She nodded quickly, groaning softly as he removed the toy.


“Then...direct stimulation you shall have.”  He whispered as he pushed his cock back into her. 


He turned the vibrator on low, holding the tip against her clitoris as he began thrusting again.  She bit her lip to keep from screaming, her hips bucking against him.  His eyes darted from her face, to her wet curls, and back to her face.


He increased the vibration and groaned as he felt her inner muscles ripple against him.  “That’s it, love...come for me.”


Her knuckles whitened as she tightened her hold on the spindles.  She came quickly, bathing his cock with her hot fluids.  He groaned and pulled back out, but left the vibrator resting against her clit.




She looked at him through lust-glazed eyes.  “Huh?”


“Give me your left hand.”


She furrowed her brow, but did as he requested.  He placed her hand on the toy and picked up the bottle of lube.


“Hold it there, don’t move it.”




He smiled and popped the lid open, pouring a generous amount of the viscous fluid into his hand.  “Knees up for me, love.”


Her eyes darkened another shade.  “Oh, yes...”


He coated her anus with the fluid, before sliding one, then two fingers inside of her.  He watched her face carefully as he worked his way past the sphincter.  After a few moments, he added a third finger and sighed as she moaned in pleasure.


“Tell me what you want, Buffy.”


She licked her dry lips as she felt another orgasm quickly approaching.  “I want you...in my ass...when I come...”


He grinned and removed his fingers, replacing them with the head of his cock.  He pushed his way in slowly, a low growl escaping his throat when he was fully embedded within her.  His chest heaved as he panted, moving his hand to brush hers away from the vibrator.


She understood his unspoken command and moved her hand back to the headboard.  He turned the vibrator off and let it roll to her side.  Hooking his arms under her knees, he leaned over her and kissed her passionately.


She moaned into his mouth, tempted to let go of the spindles and wrap her arms around him.  He flicked his tongue against hers before pulling from the kiss and looking into her eyes.


“I had grand notions of...teasing you for...a long while.”


“Oh, God...Giles...” 


“But, Christ, I want to come.”  He whispered thickly.


Buffy let go of the headboard with her right hand and reached for the toy resting against her side.  He slowed his thrusts and raised an eyebrow when she held it towards him.


He pulled back slightly, unhooking his arms from her knees.  “What do you want, Buffy?”


“I want...you to...make us both...come...”


He tilted his head slightly, but took the proffered item.  As he turned it on and started to touch it to her clitoris, she shook her head.




He stilled his movement and stared at her.  “What?”


“I...want it inside of me...while you’re fucking me.  And, God...I want you to fuck me.”




“Please, Giles...put it in...and fuck my ass...”


He swallowed hard, shaking his head lightly.  “I...it could...it might...”

She smiled and covered his hand with hers, pushing it towards the desired destination.  “If it’s too much, I’ll tell you.  Please...”


He glanced down and shook his head again.  “There’s not enough room in this position...”


She thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement.  “Me on top...it’ll work.”


He inhaled sharply and carefully eased his erection out of her before rolling onto his back.  She followed him quickly, straddling him as he grasped his cock and guided back to her anus.  Just as the head slipped in, he whispered her name.


She gazed into his eyes, smiling as she lowered herself until he was deep within her once again.  Placing her hands on his thighs, she leaned back slightly and gave him a nod.




He took a deep breath and, with a trembling hand, slowly pushed the vibrator into her wet core.  He watched her face for any sign of discomfort, but found only pleasure in her eyes. 


“Turn it on.”  She whispered.


He did as she asked and groaned when he felt the vibration as well.  Her hands gripped his thigh tightly as she requested him to turn it up higher. 


“How...how high?” 


She looked directly in his eyes and smiled.  “All the way, Giles.  All the way...”


He twisted the knob quickly and moved his hands to her hips as he bit his lip in an effort to keep his groan to a low roar.  Her head tilted back as she began to move atop him. 


“God, yes!”


He followed her movements, matching her rhythm with perfectly timed thrusts.  He knew that it wasn’t going to take long for either of them to succumb to the intense sensation. 


“Fuck!”  He muttered, tightening his grip on her hips.  “Jesus...Buffy!”


“So...so...close...”  She moaned, her nails digging into his thighs as his cock pumped furiously into her ass.


Somewhere in the haziness of his mind, he realized that they were both probably going to scream.  Without a second thought, he grabbed her and pulled her forward onto his chest before rolling their bodies until he was on top of her again.




He looked at her in concern, stopping his thrusts momentarily.  “Alright?”


Her nails raked down his chest.  “God, don’t fucking stop now!”


If he hadn’t been so dangerously aroused, he would have laughed.  As it was, he immediately resumed his thrusts. 


“God, oh God...Giles!”


“Shit...”  He groaned, realizing that her voice was getting louder with each thrust. 


The last thing he wanted was to wake the children, so he leaned over her quickly and covered her mouth with his, swallowing her screams as her orgasm crashed over her.  Her nails gouged his back, her body trembling violently underneath him, as another orgasm hit almost immediately.


She broke from the kiss, gasping for air.  “Giles...God...oh, God...”


His body stiffened and he cried out her name as he came deep within her.  His fingers shook as he reached between their sweaty bodies and fumbled for the knob, quickly turning the contraption off.


He collapsed on top of her, not bothering to remove the vibrator for the moment.  He fought to catch his breath as her hands idly rubbed his back.


“Jesus...”  He mumbled against her neck, shifting his lower body to dislodge himself from her.


She shuddered when he pulled past her sphincter as his softening cock slipped from her.  “Dear Lord...”


He carefully moved to her side and reached down, gently pulling the vibrator out of her and dropping it to the side.  She immediately rolled onto her side and into his arms.


“Okay?”  He whispered between soft pants.


“Can...a person die...from numerous intense orgasms?”  She whispered back.


A smile lit up his eyes as he shook his head.  “I’ve come across no documentation of that happening.”


“Good.”  She inhaled shakily, her body still trembling with aftershocks.  “Then...I’m okay.”


He grinned and leaned into her, placing a loving kiss on her lips.  “I love you.”


She returned his grin and ran her fingers through his sweat-soaked hair.  “I love you too.”


When he had gathered some of his strength, he found the well-used vibrator and bottle of lube and tossed them back into the drawer.  He’d put them back in the box in the closet tomorrow...when he could actually get out of bed.


He smiled and turned off the light before moving back into Buffy’s arms and pulling her further away from the very wet patch on her side of the bed.  She smiled at the sweetness of the gesture and cuddled closer to him. 


They fell asleep at some point, their whispered words of love and affection still hanging in the air around them.


Chapter Three


Giles woke when he reached for Buffy, only to find her side of the bed empty.  He pushed himself up, grimacing when he felt the deep pop in his lower back.  In the dark, he could barely make out an item resting on Buffy’s pillow.


He yawned and turned the beside lamp on, sighing when he realized that the item was a note.  He rubbed his eyes and reached for his glasses before picking the note up.  He smiled softly at her short, but sweet, note.




If you wake up and I’m not here, don’t worry…I’ve just gone Slaying.  Hopefully, I’ll be back before you wake up.  It’s almost 2 a.m. right now.


I love you!




PS – You’re still unbelievably adorable when you’re asleep!


He chuckled softly and glanced at the clock.  She’d been gone for an hour and a half, give or take five minutes.  He took a deep breath and climbed out of the bed, figuring he’d might as well get up and make some tea.  Something must’ve woken her, she rarely went on patrol in the middle of the night these days.


* * *


An hour later, he looked up from the book in his hands as she walked into the living room.  She smiled at him as she shrugged off her rain-dampened jacket and hung it up on the coat rack.


“You’re supposed to be asleep.”


He returned her smile and closed the book.  “I could say the same to you.  Is everything alright?”


She nodded and plopped down on the couch next to him.  “Yeah, just a few vampires.  Nothing out of the ordinary, really.”  She tilted her head thoughtfully.  “Of course, that in itself is a little out of the ordinary.  We don’t get that many vampires in Richmond.”




She rolled her eyes and plucked the book out of his hands.  “Researching at four-thirty in the morning?”


He shook his head, his smile showing in his eyes.  “Not researching, merely reading.  Would you like some tea?”


“No.  I think I’d you to hold me instead.  That relaxes me more than tea does.”


He raised an eyebrow as he pulled her into his arms, sighing as she rested her head against his chest.  “Are you sure you’re alright?”


“Yeah, I’m good.  I just…well, I don’t like going out in the middle of the night and leaving my family.”


Giles looked down at her, picking up a tinge of sadness in her words.  “Buffy?”


“Seriously, I’m okay.”  She tilted her head upwards and smiled softly.  “I promise.  It’s just a ‘would rather stay in bed with my husband than go out and fight vampires’ kinda thing.”


She leaned into him and kissed his warm lips.  “Now…tell me about your talk with Lucas.  If you’re not too tired, I mean.”


He smiled and then told her everything.  She listened intently, watching his eyes for any sign of disappointment.  She exhaled slowly when she realized that all she saw in his eyes was love for their son.  When he finished, she gently rubbed his chest.


“You’re such a wonderful father.”


His brow furrowed slightly.  “All I want is for them to be happy, Buffy.  Braden seems to be pulled towards this life.  Lucas, as much as he wants to be like his brother and me, is a very different child.  He wants to learn, and I’ll teach him all I can, but there’s a level of fear in his heart that Braden has never had.”


Buffy nodded and kissed him again.  “And that’s what makes you a wonderful father.  What do you think Haddie and Evan will be?”


Giles rubbed her back lovingly and smiled.  “Haddie is extremely attuned to the spirits drifting in and out of her life.  She could very well be a liaison to the spirit world.”


“Like a Medium?”


Giles snorted as he shook his head.  “No, not like a Medium.  Nearly ninety percent of so-called ‘mediums’ are fraudulent.  And those that are not tend to use their abilities to make money.  I was thinking more of Hadley working with the Council as a liaison.”


“You’re such a cynic.”


He grinned and leaned down, brushing his lips across her cheek.  “I’m not a cynic.  I’m British.”


She laughed softly and looked into his eyes.  “And Evan?”


Giles thought for a minute and then grinned again.  “Evan will probably be in trouble more often than not.  Not the type of trouble that will land him in prison, but the type of trouble that will keep us on our toes.”


“A little Ripper in him, is there?”


He nodded as he chuckled.  “You can see it in his eyes.  He’s a very charming boy.  And he’ll learn to use his charm to get exactly what he wants.”


“Were you a charming boy?”


He laughed and shook his head.  “No.  A charming teenager and young adult, yes.  As a child, no.”


Buffy smiled and reached up, tracing his lips with her index finger.  “You’re a charming man, as well.  I think you could charm your way into anything with me.”


He lightly nipped at her finger before running his tongue over the tip.  “Oh?”


“Mm-hm.  And I think you know that.” 


He looked into her eyes and lifted his hand, combing his fingers through her hair.  “What I know is that I’m hopelessly in love with you and I’d do anything to make you happy.”


“Anything?”  She whispered, moving her fingers to the scar on his neck.


“Mm.”  He sighed, tilting his head as she traced the raised flesh.


“You know what would make me happy, Giles?”  She asked as she climbed onto his lap.


He inhaled deeply, feeling his body respond to her contact.  “What would make you happy, darling?”


She lowered her mouth to his neck, flicking her tongue against the scar before moving to his ear and whispering to him.  “No surprise birthday party.”


“That has already been discussed.”  His hand moved to the back of her head and gently guided her back to his neck.  “Please…do that again.”


She chuckled and covered the scar with her mouth, her hand moving between them to untie the belt of his robe.  He groaned lowly and she wasn’t sure if it was due to her teeth nipping along the ridge of scar tissue or her hand wrapping around his thick erection.  She smiled inwardly when he growled.  That was due to the combination of both actions.


“Dear Lord…Buffy…”


She stroked him harder, knowing it wouldn’t take him long with the way she was currently attacking his neck.  And, how she wanted to make him come hard and fast.  She tightened her hand around him, relishing the sound of his gasp and the sensation of his cock hardening further at her touch.


Giles wanted to rip her clothes off of her, but knew by the way she was touching him that she was doing this for him.  She wanted to make him come and she wouldn’t allow him to distract her from her task. 


And so, he settled for holding her head to his neck with his left hand as his right gripped her hip.  He fought the urge to buck his hips against her, instead concentrating on the feeling of her hand furiously pumping his cock as she sucked hard against the sensitive flesh of his scar.




When she felt his erection thicken, she quickly bit down on the ridge of flesh she was currently sucking.  She felt the rumble in his chest a split second before she felt the heat of his semen coat her hand.  She groaned against his skin, continuing her hard strokes until she felt the second gush.


She lifted her head and looked into his darkened eyes, a smile on her face.  “How about I clean you up and we go back to bed for a few hours sleep?”


He swallowed, but didn’t say anything as she slid from his lap and knelt on the floor between his legs.  As her tongue collected the cooling fluid from his skin, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand to his mouth.  She looked up at him as he cleaned each of her fingers, along with her palm, with his tongue.


She shuddered lightly and he smiled, knowing that the sight of him cleaning his come from her flesh never failed to arouse her.  She shook her head slowly and pulled her hand from his mouth.


“Stop that.  This was about you.  About me making you come.”


He licked his lips and nodded.  “And you did, my love.”


“Yeah, but…when you do that…it makes me want you to make me come.  And that wasn’t what this was about.”


His eyes sparkled as she ran her tongue along her palm.  “And…you didn’t want to come?”


“No.”  She whispered softly.  “I just wanted to do this for you.”


He tilted his head slightly and stroked her cheek with two fingers.  “Do you want to come now?”


When she hesitated in her answer, he smiled and gently pushed her shoulder until she was forced to lie down on the floor.  “Would you like me to make you come…hard and fast, just as you did for me?”




He knelt beside of her and edged his fingers under the hem of her shirt.  He looked into her darkening eyes as he lovingly stroked the smooth skin of her stomach.


“Tell me, Buffy…will you allow me to make you come?”


She swallowed hard, shivering under his touch.  “Aren’t you…tired?”


He nodded slowly, moving his hand under her shirt until his fingers brushed the satin cups of her bra.  “I am.  And I’m fairly certain I’m not going to be able to make love to you again tonight.  However, I’m just as certain that I can bring you to orgasm if you wish.”


He leaned down and placed a warm, open-mouthed kiss on her stomach where her shirt had ridden up.  “And I desperately want to give you pleasure.”


She trembled as his hand moved back down her torso, resting on the button of her jeans.  He waited, watching her chest rise and fall with her heavy breaths.  When he heard her whispered ‘please’, he quickly pulled the button free and drew the zipper down.


She lifted her hips, gasping as he tugged her jeans and underwear down her legs.  He dropped the garments to the side and gently nudged her legs apart.  He moved between her legs and gave her a tender smile before lowering his head.


It was a rare occasion for him to simply dive in.  He much preferred to take his time, dragging his tongue along her inner thighs before placing light kisses over her core.  Not tonight.  Tonight was about making her come hard and fast. 


She gasped, digging her fingers into the carpet as he quickly pulled her clitoris into his mouth.  He looked up at her as he pushed two fingers inside of her, curling them to graze her g-spot as he thrust into her. 


She groaned and bucked her hips against him.  He smiled inwardly and continued to pump his fingers into her at a fast and steady pace as he held her hardened nub between his teeth.  He alternated sucking and licking the tender flesh.


He felt her muscles clench around his fingers and knew it wouldn’t be long.  He increased his pace, pushing her closer to orgasm with each thrust.  When he felt her body begin to shudder under his ministrations, he pulled his mouth from her core and quickly moved up her body. 


He covered her mouth with his, pushing his tongue into her mouth as his fingers continued twisting and pushing into her wet core.  He felt her fluids gush around his fingers as her orgasm hit.  He swallowed her scream of ecstasy, gradually slowing the pace of his fingers. 


He brought her down lovingly, easing the kiss into one of love and passion as his fingers slipped from her and tenderly stroked her quivering clit.  He smiled down at her as he lifted his head.




“Mm…”  She mumbled, her body sated for the moment.  “Love you.”


“Oh, I love you too…I love you so much, Buffy.”  He whispered as he leaned back down to kiss her lips once more.  “We…should go back to bed…”




He chuckled, gathering her discarded clothing before helping her up from the floor.   He closed his robe and tied the belt as he watched her carefully step back into her jeans, pulling them up but not bothering to button or zip them. 


As he led her to the bedroom, he remembered the party that Willow had discussed with him.  He glanced at her and shook his head.  They were both too tired for him to bring it up now.  He made a mental note to talk to her about it the following day. 


He watched her quickly undress and slip into one of his t-shirts before falling into bed.  He smiled, closing the bedroom door and grabbing a pair of pajama pants from his dresser as he removed his robe.


He grinned sleepily, realizing that she was nearly asleep already.  He slipped into bed next to her and pulled her into his arms.  He sighed happily when he heard her mumble ‘I love you’ as she snuggled closer to him.


He glanced at the clock and made the quick decision to work from home the following day. 


Chapter Four


Giles looked up from the paperwork covering his desk to find Buffy glaring at him.  He sighed softly and sat back in his chair.


“It isn’t a birthday party, Buffy.  It’s a party...which is coincidentally being held on your birthday.”


She crossed her arms over her chest.  “And the difference is?”


“No streamers, no birthday cake, no presents, no singing of ‘Happy Birthday’.  Just a group of friends, music, food...probably alcohol consumption.”  He answered patiently.


“You promise me that this isn’t some surprise thing?  ‘Cause if it is, I’m going to be really pissed off.”


He smiled and motioned her over with a quick wave of his hand.  When she moved around the desk, he pushed his chair back and pulled her onto his lap. 


“I swear to you, Buffy...this is not ‘some surprise thing’.  I know how you feel about such things, especially when it concerns your birthday.”  He brushed his lips across hers.  “It’s just a party.”


“Okay.”  She answered uncertainly.  “But, if it turns out to be something else – ”


“I’m sleeping on the couch for a week.”  He finished for her, his smile widening.  “I have no intentions of doing anything that would cause you to push me from our bed.”


“Two weeks, not one.”  She corrected him with a smile.  “How busy are you at the moment?”


He arched an eyebrow at her and chuckled.  “Buffy...”


She sighed heavily and moved from his lap, standing beside of his chair and combing her fingers through his hair.  “I know, I know.  Technically, you’re working from home.”


He looked up at her and grinned.  “I could take an extended lunch, if you wish.”


“Mm...that could be nice.”  She twisted a lock of his hair around her finger.  “You need a haircut.”


He laughed and picked up his mobile phone when it began to ring.  “I have an appointment tomorrow.”


“Good.”  She smiled as he flipped the phone open.


He ran his hip over her denim-clad hip as he lifted the phone to his ear.  “Rupert Giles.”


He listened for a moment and rolled his eyes.  “No, Mitchell, the nest of Shravkins is not a concern of yours.  You’re nearly eight hundred miles away.  Gregory and Natasha are infiltrating tomorrow morning.”


Buffy chuckled, finding Giles’ use of the word ‘infiltrating’ more amusing than she should.   Her chuckle turned into a laugh as she walked down the hall and heard his exasperated tone.


“I’m looking at the paperwork as we speak.”


She shook her head in amusement and walked into Lucas’ bedroom, sighing at the toys scattered across the floor.  She changed the sheets on the bed and then began straightening the mess up.  Of all of their children, Lucas had to be the most disorganized. 


She had nearly finished cleaning the room when she heard Giles swear loudly, followed by the distinct sound of a large book dropping onto his desk.  She calmly made her way back to the living room, leaning against the doorframe as he muttered under his breath. 


“Everything okay?”


He looked up from his furious page turning and ran his hand through his hair.  “This is why I want to change the process in which Watchers in Training are promoted to active duty.  Mitchell Stockton is an absolute bloody idiot who is liable to get Arundi killed in action.”


“What happened?”  She asked softly, pushing herself from the doorframe and walking further into the living room.


“He’s determined to ‘assist’ Gregory Campson and Natasha.  His reasoning is that Arundi has never faced a Shravkin...which is precisely the reason I’ve instructed Gregory to take Natasha to Vancouver to dispose of the nest.”


Buffy took a deep breath and sat down on the arm of the couch.  “Okay, I get what you’re saying, but...how is Arundi supposed to learn about Shravkins if you don’t allow her to face one?”


Giles looked up from the book and glared at her.  “If it were one Shravkin, I would be more likely to allow the assist.  However, this is a nest...of forty, at last count.”  He turned the book towards Buffy and pointed at the opened page.  “Would you want to face at least forty of these creatures if you’d never seen one?”


She glanced at the picture even though she didn’t have to.  She’d faced her fair share of the demon in question.  “You know I wouldn’t.”


“He’s reckless...and he should have never been promoted to active duty.  But, because he had fulfilled his requirements and passed his lessons...”  He leaned over the desk, placing his palms on the paperwork and staring down at the picture.  “He’s going to get her killed.”


She walked over and placed her hand on his back in a comforting gesture.  “What are you going to do?”


He shook his head and turned to look at her.  “This is the fourth time he’s challenged me.  I have no choice but to put in a request with the Board Members for a suspension, possible termination pending the outcome of the investigation.”


“Oh.”  She lowered her hand as he stood back up.  “Um...what happens when a Watcher is terminated?  Because...they have a lot of knowledge of a lot of things.”


Giles sighed and shoved his left hand into his pocket.  “Until thirty years ago, termination meant exactly that.  The person was...terminated.”


Buffy’s eyes widened.  “They were killed?”


Giles nodded slowly.  “However, I have no intention of killing someone because they’re not performing adequately.  Thirty years ago, they began wiping the memories of those who were to be terminated.”


“Wow...harsh.”  When he looked at her sharply, she continued quickly.  “But way better than death.”


“It has to be done, Buffy.  To ensure the safety of those involved in the Council, it has to be done.”  He replied quietly.  “And, in order for me to protect Arundi to the best of my ability, I have no choice.”


She was quiet for a few minutes and then looked into his eyes.  “Is there anything I can do to help?”


“Would you mind going through the qualifications of active Watchers who have not had a Slayer assigned to them?  She’ll need a replacement Watcher ready to go before I submit my request to the Board.”


She nodded as she studied his posture.  “You really hate this part of the job, don’t you?”


“More than you can imagine.”


* * *


Giles was nearly finished with his application for investigation against Mitchell Stockton when his phone rang. 


“Rupert Giles.”


Willow’s cheerful voice brought a smile to his face.  “Hey, Giles.  How’s working from home going for you today?”


He chuckled softly.  “It’s nice to be in my own home, however...it is still work.  What can I do for you?”


“Oh, I was just wondering if you’d had a chance to talk to Buffy about the party.”


“Mm-hm, I have.”  He glanced up as Buffy placed a fresh cup of tea on his desk.  “We will attend as long as I can be assured that there will be no attempts of celebration.”


Willow laughed.  “Have you been threatened?”


Giles smiled and lifted the cup to his lips, taking a small sip.  “You could say that.”


“No celebration of Buffy’s special day, I promise.  But...when can we do cake and presents?”


He met Buffy’s eyes and smiled.  Willow would like to know an appropriate time for cake and gifts for your birthday.”


Buffy sighed heavily and shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t know...tomorrow, maybe?  I would say Sunday, but the party’s on Saturday and if there’s alcohol involved...”


Giles grinned and gave her a nod before speaking to Willow.  “Is tomorrow evening amenable to you?”


“Yeah, that’s great.”  Willow answered quickly.


“Very well.  Dinner around seven or so?”


“Yep.  Followed by cake and the giving of presents.  I’ll let the others know.”


Giles nodded absently, glancing back down at the paperwork in front of him.  “Thank you.  I apologize for cutting our conversation short, but I’m in the middle of some fairly daunting paperwork.”


“Okay, will you be in the office tomorrow?”


“Yes, I see no reason that I shouldn’t be.”  He answered, ticking a box on the form in front of him.


“Good.  See you tomorrow then.  Have a good day, Giles.”


He smiled softly.  “You too, Willow.”


He closed the phone and placed it on the desk before looking at Buffy.  “Have you found any suitable candidates?”


“Yeah.”  Buffy nodded as she opened another file.  “A couple look really good, but I’m leaning towards Paul Welston.”


He held out his hand in a silent request for Welston’s file.  She handed it to him with no question and he took another sip of his tea as he opened it.  He read through his marks and lesson evaluations, nodding as he turned a page.


“I have no issues with recommending him as a replacement.  He’s shown great promise in the past.”


Buffy watched him as he carefully wrote the name ‘Paul Welston’ in a box on the form.  “Do you think Mitchell will take Arundi to Vancouver?”


“I sincerely hope not.  I made it abundantly clear that he is to stay in Camrose.”


Buffy bit her lip and took a deep breath.  “And what happens if he goes?”


“Should he survive?”  He looked up as she nodded silently.  “Then it will be grounds for immediate termination with no further investigation.  He’d be transported to Devon where all knowledge of the Council would be cleansed from his mind.  He’d be given a new set of memories, and we’d procure employment for him in another country.”


Buffy tilted her head slightly.  “It’s Arundi that you’re more concerned about, isn’t it?”


“Arundi would be merely doing as she was told if he sends her in.  And her chances of survival, even with Gregory and Natasha, would be slim.  The Shravkins would hone in on her inexperience.  And she would pay dearly for Mitchell’s arrogance.”


Buffy thought for a moment and then gave him a nod.  “If you’re all finished with that, I’ll fax it for you.”


Giles exhaled slowly and signed his name to the bottom of the form.  He read back over it one last time before handing it to Buffy.  As he watched her fax the documents to the Board Members, he hoped that he wasn’t too late.


Chapter Five


The following morning, Giles walked into his office and checked his voice mail messages.  He sighed in relief when he heard Gregory Campson’s voice telling him that the nest of Shravkins had been taken care of quickly and efficiently, with no injuries to either him or Natasha.


The second message was a scathing one from Mitchell Stockton.  The Board had placed him under immediate suspension and were currently investigating his effectiveness as a Watcher.  Arundi had been placed under Paul Welston’s care.


He shook his head slowly, realizing that he had taken the correct course of action.  The third and final message was from Alan Brooks, Head of the Board.  Mitchell was under Council watch for the time being and he would be notified should any issues arise.


He looked up as Ethan strolled into his office.  He saved the messages and leaned back in his chair.  “Good morning, Ethan.”


“Hello.”  Ethan sighed heavily as he sat down in the chair in front of Giles’ desk.  “So, dinner tonight, yeah?”


Giles raised an eyebrow.  “Yes, around seven.  You seem a little...distressed.”


Ethan shook his head.  “No, stressed maybe.  But, not distressed.”


“What seems to be the problem?”


Ethan picked at a loose thread on his jeans.  “Anna came by last night.”


Giles’ eyes widened slightly.  “Oh?”


“Yeah.  Said she missed me...still loved me, blah de blah blah.”




Ethan smirked and pulled the thread free.  “And I was in the middle of having the best blow job I believe I’ve ever received.  Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at being interrupted.”


Giles smiled, but said nothing as he waited for his friend to continue.  His smile faded as Ethan took a deep breath and looked into his eyes.


“She left me, Rupert.  She left me and I lost control of everything.”


“I know.”  He responded kindly, leaning forward and resting his arms on his desk.


“And things with Michael are going really well.  I mean...really well.  Not just sexually.”


Giles’ smile returned.  “He’s good for you, Ethan.  And...he does love you.  I can see it in his eyes when he looks at you.  And I’m reasonably certain that you are in love with him.”


Ethan smiled softly and lowered his eyes.  “Yeah, you could say that.  You know, I’ve been doing some thinking and...I’m beginning to wonder if I am actually bisexual.”


Giles tilted his head slightly.  “What do you mean?”


“Oh, don’t get me wrong...a woman can turn me on and I do enjoy fucking – ”


“Ethan.”  Giles interrupted quickly.  “I’m well aware of that, but I don’t need the details.”


Ethan grinned and gave him a nod.  “If I’m with a woman, I always have a man...or five...on the side.”  He cleared his throat and twisted the ring on his right ring finger.  “I, uh...I haven’t even thought about bringing a woman to bed with Michael.”


“You...Ethan Rayne...you are in a monogamous relationship?”


Ethan rolled his eyes.  “That’s right, go on...have a laugh, mate.”


Giles smiled warmly and shook his head.  “I’m not having a laugh, Ethan.  If anything, I’m a little shocked.  But, I’m not having a laugh.”


Ethan swallowed and took a deep breath.  “As much as I loved Anna, I couldn’t be faithful to her.  God knows, I tried.  But, Michael...”


Giles furrowed his brow slightly when Ethan trailed off.  “What is it, Ethan?”


“Michael’s the first person I’ve ever thought I could spend the rest of my life with.”  He answered quietly.  “He...God help me, he makes me blissfully happy.”


“And I take it that you told Anna all of this?”


“Yeah.”  Ethan nodded slowly.  “She accused me of using her for sex.  I, uh...I didn’t really deny it because I think maybe she was right in a way.”




Silence fell over the both of them for a few minutes, neither knowing exactly what to say.  Ethan finally broke the silence and smiled.


“So, I have no idea what to get your wife for her birthday.  I was wondering if you might be able to go shopping with me.”


Giles stared at Ethan, confused by the sudden shift in conversation.  “Um, of course.  I do have a fair amount of work this morning, but...I have to go out this afternoon for a haircut.  We could go around one, if that’s okay with you.”


Ethan nodded and stood up.  “Yeah, that’s fine.”  A slow smile appeared on his face.  “I was going to say something about your hair looking a bit Ripperish, but wasn’t sure how you’d take it.”


Giles chuckled and gestured towards the door.  “Meet me back here at one.”


Ethan laughed as he walked out the door.


* * *


Giles laughed as he watched Michael allow Evan to wrestle him to the floor.  Evan sat on Michael’s chest, grinning triumphantly.


“Gotcha Mital!”


Michael grinned, his blue eyes shining brightly.  “You sure about that, mate?”


As Evan nodded, Michael grabbed him and easily lifted him into the air.  Evan kicked his legs and waved his arms, giggling madly.


“Who’s got who now, Evan?”


“You gots me!” 


Buffy shook her head in amusement and leaned against Giles’ side.  “He’s really good with Evan.”


Giles nodded in agreement, smiling as Haddie, Maria, and Jacob attacked Michael as well.  “He’s really good with all of them.”


Rayna was sitting at her father’s feet, happily playing with the discarded wrapping paper from the gifts Buffy had already opened.  Lucas was sitting next to Willow playing rock, paper, scissors.  Braden was talking with Oz about something that seemed to be a secret.


Anya grinned and handed Buffy a large box.  “This is from me and Xander.  Xander made it, but I helped with the details because I’m good at that.”


Buffy chuckled and carefully unwrapped the box, tossing the bow in Rayna’s direction.  Rayna grabbed the bow and giggled as she waved it.


She lifted the lid on the box and looked inside, gasping softly.  “Oh my God.  Thank you!”


Xander blushed lightly as Giles held the box, allowing Buffy to carefully pull the item out.  Braden turned towards his mother, narrowing his eyes when he saw the gift.


“What’s that?”


Buffy sniffled lightly.  “Do you remember Sunnydale at all?”


Braden shook his head and walked over to her.  “Not really.  I remember the swingset in the backyard.”


Buffy wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at her oldest son.  “This is a miniature of the shop that Daddy used to own.  And all of us used to spend a lot of time there.”


“I worked there.  I made a lot of money for your Dad.”  Anya added brightly.


“I, uh...I’ve been building a lot of miniatures lately.  My newest hobby.”  Xander spoke softly.  “Do you like it?”


Buffy grinned and handed the replica to Giles as she ran over to hug Xander.  “I love it.  Thank you so much, Xand!”


Xander smiled widely.  “I’m slowly rebuilding the town of Sunnydale.”


“Amazing craftsmanship, Xander.”  Giles stated as he inspected the glass encased Magic Box.  “Quite remarkable, in fact.”


Xander ducked his head in an almost shy manner.  “Thank you.”


Ethan cleared his throat as Buffy sat back down next to Giles.  “I highly doubt that we can top that, but...”  He handed Buffy a box wrapped in bright purple paper.  “This is from Michael and me.”


Michael dug himself out from under the four children and made his way to Ethan’s side.  Ethan smiled at him as Michael rubbed his hand along Ethan’s back.


Buffy carefully unwrapped the box and looked at Ethan suspiciously.  “Nothing’s going to jump out of here and bite me or anything?”


Michael laughed and shook his head.  “If it does, then we brought the wrong box.”


Giles chuckled and pulled Evan onto his lap as they watched Buffy unwrap her last gift. 


“Wow.”  Buffy whispered as she pulled the framed painting out of the box.  “This is...wow!”


Ethan smiled nervously.  “I, uh...well, Rupert gave me the idea.  Michael helped me pick it out.  It just seemed to fit.  I mean, it reminded us of you.”


Buffy lightly ran her finger over the painted starburst.  “It’s beautiful, Ethan.”


She looked up and smiled brightly.  “Thank you both so much, it’s absolutely gorgeous.”


Michael smiled warmly.  “That’s one of the reasons it reminded us of you.”


Anya turned her head and stared at him.  Michael grinned and shrugged his shoulder as he met Anya’s stare.


“I may be gay, but I can and do appreciate beauty in women.”  He grunted softly as Ethan nudged him in the ribs.  He smiled and kissed Ethan’s cheek.  “I said appreciate, which I do.  This does not mean that I would attempt to seduce her.”


Anya snorted.  “That’d be kind of funny to see, actually.”  When all of the adults stared at her, she sighed.  “I just meant that...” 


She waved her hand and shook her head.  “Nevermind, the moment’s gone.  But, trust me it was funny.”


Giles smiled and gently turned Buffy’s head towards him.  “Happy Birthday a day early, Buffy.”


She sighed happily as he placed a tender kiss on her lips.  “Thank you.”


Evan tapped his father’s thigh and grinned.  “Cake now?”


Giles laughed and ruffled the boy’s hair.  “Yes, we can cut the cake now.”


* * *


The evening had been rather enjoyable.  The painting had been hung in the living room, the miniature that Xander had built was placed safely in one of the bookcases.  Once the children started becoming restless, they decided to call it a night. 


After their friends had left, Giles did a quick tidying of the living room while Buffy took a bath.  He checked on the children before walking through the bedroom to the ensuite.  He smiled as he leaned against the doorframe.


“You look comfortable.”


She opened her eyes and smiled at him.  “Mm...I like soaking in a tub full of hot water.”


He stepped into the bathroom and knelt next to the tub.  He pushed his sleeves up and reached into the water, finding the stray washcloth.  She closed her eyes again, enjoying the sensation of Giles gently running the cloth over her shoulder.


“Did you have a nice night?”  He asked softly.


“Mm-hm.  It was nice to have a birthday celebration that didn’t involve mass murder or demon attacks.”


He chuckled and dipped the cloth under the water, lightly caressing her breasts.  She sighed at the contact, smiling as he moved the cloth lower. 


“What are you doing?”


“Washing you.”


She opened one eye and looked at him.  “Feels a little more like copping a feel than it does actually washing.”


He grinned as he rubbed the cloth over her mound.  “Killing two birds with one stone can be a good thing.”


She automatically spread her legs, giving him more room to manuever.  “Wanna come in with me?”


He shook his head slowly, forgoing the cloth and using his fingers to trace her sensitive folds.  “No, I’m okay where I am.”


She moaned softly as he pushed his middle finger into her and used his thumb to rub her clitoris.  “That’s...nice...”


He smiled and used his free hand to push the hair back from her face.  He glanced at the clock and leaned over to kiss her lips.


“Happy birthday, Buffy.”


The water and bubbles sloshed against the side of the tub as she rocked her hips against his hand.  Frustrated at the lack of room for more movement, she grabbed his forearm and looked into his eyes.


“Take me to bed, Giles.”


He nodded slowly, giving her core one more firm rub before pulling the stopper out of the drain.  He took her hand and helped her out of the tub, gasping softly when she gently squeezed his growing erection.


She grinned and released him, grabbing a towel and rapidly drying her body.  He undressed as he watched her, allowing his clothes to fall to the bathroom floor.  She licked her lips and ran her fingertip down his chest, circling his nipple before she stepped away from him.


“Why don’t you come and show me how good my birthday can be?”


He grinned and followed her into the bathroom, intent on showing her exactly how good her birthday could be.


Chapter Six


Willow bounced up to Buffy and Giles with a wide smile on her face.  “You having a good time?”


Giles nodded as he swallowed a mouthful of sandwich and Buffy grinned.  “It’s great, Will.  Great music, great food…”  She nudged her husband in the ribs.  “Just ask Giles about the food.”


Giles glared at her and then smiled at Willow.  “Yes, wonderful choice with the roast beef.”


Willow laughed and glanced around the room.  “I’m glad that so many people were able to make it on such short notice.”


Buffy chuckled.  “Well, the open bar might’ve had something to do with that.”


Willow grinned and then gestured to the dancefloor.  “You should dance, everyone else is.  Even Ethan and Michael.”


Giles raised an eyebrow and searched the floor, smiling when he spotted Ethan and Michael dancing to the up-tempo song.  “Maybe when a slower song comes on.  I’m not nearly inebriated enough to dance to this.”


Buffy looked up at him and smiled suggestively.  “And how inebriated are you at the moment?”


He glanced at her lips and shook his head.  “Not that…yet.”


Willow nudged Buffy as Oz weaved his way through the mass of people.  “Go get him another drink.”  She grinned at her husband as he took her hand.  “I’m gonna go dance.”


Buffy laughed loudly as Oz dragged Willow onto the dancefloor.  She turned to face Giles, running her finger along his tie. 


“So…how many more drinks before you’ll dance with me to this kind of music?”


She didn’t wait for an answer.  Instead, she took off towards the bar.  Giles shook his head in amusement and took another bite of his sandwich.


* * *


Two hours and six drinks later, Giles giggled at something Michael had said.  He was sure it was funny, but he wasn’t sure he could remember what it was.  Ethan grinned and looked at Buffy.


“I think you’ve succeeded in getting him drunk.”


Giles scowled at Ethan.  “I’m not drunk.  I’m…too inebriated to drive, but I’m not falling on my face drunk.”


Michael laughed, shooting Ethan a quick glance when he felt Ethan’s hand on his inner thigh.  “Stop that.”


Ethan gave him a wink, removing his hand when Anya and Xander walked over to the table.  Anya looked directly at Giles and spoke quickly.


“Are you sure the kids are alright?”


Giles nodded, a smile appearing on his face.  “Linda and Stella have worked with the Council for years.  If there were any problems, they’d let us know.”


Anya sighed and then looked at Xander.  “I still want to go check on Rayna.”


Xander smiled understandingly and took her hand as he looked at the four seated at the table.  “We’ll be back down in a few minutes.”


Buffy smiled and took a sip of her drink.  “Would you mind checking in on ours while you’re up there?”


Xander grinned and shook his head.  “Not at all.  Come on, An.”


Buffy watched Xander and Anya make their way to the door before meeting her husband’s eyes.  “You should dance with me.”


Ethan nodded in agreement.  “Yeah, Rip…you haven’t danced with her all night.  What’s the go with that?”


Giles pushed his chair back and stood, pulling Buffy up with him.  “Because I wanted to enjoy the party for as long as possible.”


Michael tilted his head as he watched Giles lead Buffy to the dancefloor.  “What did he mean by that?”


Ethan chuckled and took a swig of his beer.  “Watch and see.”


* * *


They had been able to make it through one full dance before Buffy felt his hands move down to her hips.  She grinned and tilted her face upwards to look at him. 


“How are you feeling?”


“The way I feel each time I dance with you.”  He smiled and tightened his hold on her. “Which could be rather dangerous considering how much I’ve had to drink.”


“What do you mean?”  She questioned, sliding her hand up his chest and circling his left nipple with her fingertip.


His eyes darkened at the contact and he pulled her close against him, sighing at the sensation of her body pressed against his growing erection.  “God, I want to kiss you.”


She lightly pinched the nipple she’d been circling and licked her lips.  “Then maybe you should.”




“One kiss, Giles.  That’s all I’m asking for.”  She moved her hand from his chest to the side of his neck.  “I like it when you kiss me while we’re dancing…”


His eyes darted to her lips, knowing he was lost as his lowered his head.  “Will I ever be able to deny you anything?”


“I hope not.” She whispered a millisecond before his lips touched hers.


* * *


Ethan grinned as Michael’s eyes widened.  “They do realize they’re in public?”


Ethan shook his head slowly.  “I’m thinking that they don’t care all that much at the moment.”


Michael slowly raised his beer bottle to his lips, pausing as he watched the kiss spiral out of control.  “Dear God…”


Ethan laughed and finished the last third of his beer in one swallow.  “Mm-hm.  Soft-core porn on the dancefloor with those two.”


Michael shook his head as Buffy moved with the music, suggestively rubbing against Giles as he continued to plunder her mouth with his tongue.  “I’m not sure it’ll be soft-core for long.”


“Nah.  Rupert’ll stop himself before he loses complete control of the situation.”


Michael cast a quick glance at Ethan.  “You don’t really seem all that surprised.”


Ethan’s eyes twinkled.  “I’ve seen them dance before.”


“Does this happen each time they dance?”


“Mm-hm.”  Ethan glanced back at Buffy and Giles, smiling as he watched Giles’ fingers edge under the hem of Buffy’s blouse.  He took a deep breath and looked at Michael, who was intently watching the Gileses.  “My God, you’re gorgeous.”


Michael looked at him quickly, immediately recognizing the arousal showing in Ethan’s eyes.  “Are you getting turned on watching them?”


Ethan leaned forward, sliding his hand up Michael’s thigh.  “I’m getting turned on by you getting turned on watching them.”


Michael inhaled sharply as Ethan’s hand covered his erection.  “Ethan…”


Ethan gave Michael’s cock a gentle squeeze as he flicked his tongue against Michael’s neck.  “I’m thinking we should find somewhere else to be for the moment.”


Michael swallowed hard, resisting the urge to push against Ethan’s hand.  “Hm?”


Ethan moved his mouth to Michael’s ear and whispered hotly.  “I want to make you come, Michael.”


Michael nodded quickly as Ethan stood up, his erection showing prominently in his trousers.  He allowed Ethan to pull him out of the chair and drag him towards the door.  He wasn’t exactly sure where Ethan was taking him, but he was sure he didn’t really care.


Anya laughed softly as Ethan muttered ‘excuse us’ as he pushed past her and Xander.  “Wonder what they’re up to?”


Xander chuckled, leading Anya across the room to where Willow and Oz were standing.  “Yeah, I wonder.”


Oz smiled at Xander, leaning forward slightly to allow himself to be heard over the music.  “How’s Rayna?”


“Sleeping like the baby she is.”  Xander replied, looking around the room.  “You know where Buffy and Giles are?  Buffy asked us to check in on their brood for them.”


Willow snorted a laugh.  “Yeah…they’re dancing.”


Willow nodded her head in Buffy and Giles’ direction.  Anya grinned brightly and Xander shook his head slowly. 


“You’d think they’d be over that by now.  I mean…they’ve been married nine years.”


“I think it’s sweet.”  Anya stated brightly before narrowing her eyes.  “Are they gonna have sex right there?”


Xander groaned softly as Willow and Oz laughed heartily.


* * *


Giles broke the kiss and stared into Buffy’s eyes.  His breathing was ragged, his erection was throbbing.  “We should…”


“Stop?”  Buffy supplied as she attempted to catch her breath.


The corner of his mouth tugged upwards.  “Go upstairs, I was going to say.”


“Yeah?”  She smiled as his thumbs rubbed her sides.


He nodded slowly, stopping himself before taking her mouth with his again.  “I don’t fancy sexual encounters in public…and I’m very close to not caring where we are.”


“There are some dark corners in this room…”


He raised an eyebrow and glanced at her breasts.  “Not dark enough for what I want to do.”




He moved his hand, inconspicuously brushing his fingers over the button of her denim skirt.  “If I wanted just to touch you, I’d take you to the table where I could slide my hand under your skirt and underwear without anyone realizing.  If I wanted to push you against the wall and rub against you until I come, I’d take you to the darkest corner of this room and do just that.”


She licked her lips, moving her left hand to rest just above his belt buckle.  “So…what do you want that we can’t do here?”


He stared into her eyes, not bothering to hide the lust in his.  “I want you on your knees in front of me with my cock in your throat.”


“Oh, God…”  She breathed, a wave of arousal crashing over her.


His fingers toyed with the button on her skirt.  “And then I want you on your hands and knees in front of me as I fuck you until you scream my name time and time again.”




He could almost smell her arousal.  He could definitely see the deep flush of her cheeks.  “God, I want you Buffy.  Let me fuck you tonight.  Right now.  Let me fuck you right now.”


She groaned at the urgency of his tone.  “We…we should go…”


He grinned and popped the button free.  “Are you going to come for me right now?  Just listening to my words in this room full of people?”


Her eyes darkened another shade.  “Thought you didn’t fancy sexual encounters in public…”


He smiled and leaned down, whispering in her ear.  “I don’t fancy getting my cock out in public.  But, the thought of you coming as I talk to you…that turns me on.  Shall I tell you how I want to fuck you with my tongue?”


He felt her tremble as she moaned his name. 


“Or how I want to suck your clit as I fuck you with the vibrator that’s in my bag upstairs?”


“Oh, God…”  She groaned, her fingers tightly grasping his tie.


“Are you going to come for me right here on the dancefloor, Buffy?”


She stared at him through passion-blurred eyes.  “Take me upstairs right now, Giles.”


He grinned and took her hand. 


As Willow, Oz, Xander, and Anya watched them rush from the room, Anya laughed loudly.  Xander looked at her, amusement showing in his eyes.


“And the funny would be?”


“They’ll never make it through more than one dance together, will they?”


Oz chuckled and led Willow back to the dancefloor.  Xander gave Anya a wink and gently took her hand, following the Osbournes.


No one took notice of the two figures standing in the corner nearest the exit.  Faith looked up at Angel and grinned.


“I reckon we wait until tomorrow to wish Buffy a happy birthday.”


Angel chuckled as he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.


Chapter Seven


The party had died down about two hours after Buffy and Giles had disappeared.  Oz had gone upstairs to check on their children before going to their room.  Xander and Anya had procured a room about an hour earlier.  Xander had stated he was tired, but Willow was sure that Anya had other things in mind.


She chuckled softly as she gathered Buffy’s belongings that had been left behind.  Checking the table once more, she nodded and turned to find Angel and Faith standing directly in front of her.  Startled by their sudden appearance, she took a step back.


“Um, hi?”


Angel smiled warmly.  “Hi, Willow.  Didn’t mean to scare you.”


“Oh, well people appearing out of nowhere kinda startle me.”  She narrowed her eyes slightly.  “Why are you here?”


“Buffy’s birthday.  Just dropped by to say ‘hi’.”


Faith cleared her throat.  “And I wanted to talk to Giles about something.”


Willow looked at Faith, concern in her eyes.  “Big evil brewing?”


“Huh?  Oh, no...just something kinda personal.”  Faith replied softly.


“Oh, well...um, they’re not here right now.”


Faith barked out a laugh.  “Yeah, we saw them leave.  If I had to guess, they’re probably in the middle of getting down and dirty right about now.”


Angel shook his head and coughed lightly.  “So...who’s watching the kids?”


“Oh, they’re all here.  Buffy and Giles’ four, our two, and Xander and Anya’s daughter.  They’re upstairs with the au pairs.  We knew that we’d all end up staying here tonight...”


Angel raised an eyebrow.  “Xander and Anya had a daughter?”


Willow nodded quickly, digging into her purse for the small photo album that she always carried with her.  She flipped through it and smiled, turning the open book towards Angel.


“Rayna Amelia Harris.  Isn’t she beautiful?”


Faith looked up from the picture quickly.  “Amelia?”


“Yeah.”  Willow sighed softly.  “Amelia meant a lot to Anya.  Rayna was born the night of Amelia’s funeral.”


Faith quickly averted her eyes.  “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to come back.”


Angel put his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.  “I’m sure that they knew we would’ve come back if we’d been able to.”


Willow’s eyes widened as she dropped the photo album back into her bag.  “Um...are you two...together?”


Angel cleared his throat softly.  “Yeah, we are.”


“Oh, okay.  Well, that’s...um...weird, but...okay.”


Angel chuckled as Faith leaned against him. 


* * *


Buffy thrashed against the bed, moaning Giles’ name as he pushed her towards her fourth orgasm.  He looked up at her, smiling inwardly as he continued to thrust the vibrator into her as he sucked hard at her clitoris.


He had already come once, kneeling behind her and fucking her hard after she had sucked him into her throat for several minutes.  His cock was hard again and he had the brief thought that sex was a more challenging experience when one was intoxicated.


Of course his intoxication hadn’t been helped by the fact that once he had actually gotten her into bed, he had poured champagne over her body and licked it off.  Logically, he knew that not much alcohol could be consumed by that act, but the thought of what he had done seemed to have intensified the effect.


His thoughts were interrupted by her loud scream as she came again.  He quickly pulled the vibrator out and dropped it to the side, using his tongue to lap up her juices.  He groaned at the taste that was uniquely her mingling with the taste of champagne in his mouth. 


“God...”  She panted as he moved to her side.  “I thought that...being drunk...was supposed to make...a person less coordinated...”


He smiled and ran his hand over her sensitive breasts.  “I concentrate more.”


She chuckled and glanced down, instantly noticing his erection.  He groaned softly as she wrapped her fingers around it. 


“You’re hard again...”


“Mm.  Rather certain my concentration has lapsed too much to fuck you again...”  He mumbled as she began to stroke the hard flesh.


“I know how to concentrate.”  She whispered as she leaned over him and ran her tongue along his chest.  “I bet I can concentrate enough to fuck you...”


He swallowed and choked out a hoarse whisper.  “What do you propose?”


She grinned and moved down his body, picking up the well used vibrator on her way.  She dragged her tongue up the underside of his erection as she held the toy up for him to see.


“This inside you...turned on.  Your cock in my throat.  Yeah?”


His fingers shook lightly as he reached out and stroked her cheek.  “God, yes...”


* * *


Angel and Faith had just passed the room that Buffy and Giles were occupying when they heard Giles’ groan of ecstasy.  Angel cleared his throat and walked faster down the corridor.  Faith grinned as she looked up at him.


“If you were able to blush, you’d be bright red right about now, wouldn’t you?”


“They should think about soundproofing their room.”  Angel responded, not answering her question.


Faith laughed and shook her head.  “There is a reason that they’re on a different floor than everyone else.”


He quickly ushered her into the room at the end of the hall and closed the door behind them.  “I doubt that the reason would be so that they could have extremely loud sex.”


She turned to face him, pulling her shirt over her head and dropping it to the floor.  “Wanna see if we can drown them out?”


He chuckled and pulled her into his arms.


* * *


Buffy licked her lips and tossed the vibrator to the floor.  She moved up his body and covered his mouth with hers.  Their tongues met quickly, twisting and turning together as they rolled onto their sides.


The kiss ended slowly, their hands lightly touching each other as they gazed into one another’s eyes.  Buffy smiled as she soothingly rubbed his back.


“You okay?”


“Mm.  Will prob’ly have a hell of a headache in the morning.”  He stated softly, his speech slurred by a combination of the alcohol and the exhaustion that was quickly claiming him.  “You?”


“Oh yeah, I’m good.  Exhausted, but good.”


He smiled as he reached down and pulled the blankets over their sweat-slicked bodies.  “Perhaps we should rest.”


She snuggled against him and lightly kissed his chest.  “Thank you.”


He looked down at her and brushed the hair back from her face.  “For what?”


She met his eyes and sighed in contentment.  “For what’s probably been the best birthday I’ve ever had.”


He offered her a gentle smile and pulled her tighter against him.  “I love you.  I just wanted your day to be what you wanted it to be.”


She worked his words over in her mind for a second and then chuckled.  “That probably would’ve made sense if I wasn’t drunk.”


He laughed and moved his hand to her hip.  “Go to sleep, Buffy.”


She closed her eyes, as did he.  The last words he heard before sleep took him over was her softly whispered ‘I love you too’.


* * *


The morning came too quickly for the adults.  The children didn’t seem to notice.  Anya grinned as Giles staggered into the common area down the hall from his office.


“Have a good night?”


Giles shot her a quick glare, but nodded anyway.  “It was a very enjoyable evening.”  He looked at Willow and smiled.  “And the party was wonderful.”


Willow returned his smile and yawned, leaning her head on Oz’s shoulder.  “Thanks.  Next time I have this idea though...remind me that between all of us, we have seven children.”


Xander snorted softly.  “Seven children who think eight o’clock on a Sunday morning is sleeping in.”


Buffy walked in, fresh from her shower, but still looking very tired.  Giles sighed softly as she started to walk across the room towards the coffee maker.


“Morning.”  She mumbled to the others, pausing to give Giles a tender kiss.  “Good morning.”


“Good morning, love.”


“Where are the kids?”  She asked as she resumed her journey to the fresh pot of coffee.


“Ethan and Michael took them outside to play in the courtyard.  Apparently it’s a beautiful day.”


“Apparently?”  She chuckled and turned around.  She opened her mouth to say something else but stopped when she noticed two people standing in the doorway.


As her arm dropped and the coffee spilled from her mug, Giles turned his head towards the doorway.  “Angel...Faith...”


Angel smiled shyly.  “Hi.”


Willow sat back up, her eyes wide.  “Oh yeah...um...Angel and Faith got here last night.”


Buffy ignored the obvious statement and stared at Angel.  “What are you doing here?”


Faith grinned as she walked into the room.  “Well, we came by to talk to Giles and we were gonna wish you a happy birthday.  But, it sounded like you were having a pretty good one without us wishing it to you.”


Buffy furrowed her brow.  “Huh?”


Angel cleared his throat and ran his hand through his hair.  “Happy birthday, Buffy...a day late.”


“Huh?  Oh, thanks.”  She lowered her eyes and noticed that she had spilled her coffee.  “Shit!”


Giles looked at her quickly and Xander pushed himself off the couch.  “It’s okay, Buff.  I’ll get it.”


She mumbled a ‘thank you’ and placed the mug on the countertop before moving towards Giles.  She darted her eyes between Angel and Faith, taking a deep breath.


“Is everything okay?”


Angel nodded quickly, hoping to ease Buffy’s nerves somewhat.  “Everything’s fine, Buffy.”


Buffy slipped her hand into Giles’ and shook her head.  “You said you came to talk to Giles.  Things are normally not ‘fine’ if you need to talk to him.”


Faith smiled in understanding.  “It’s not a Slayer issue, B.  It’s more of a personal thing.  And it’s more ‘me’ than ‘we’.”


“Oh.”  Buffy looked into Faith’s eyes, suddenly concerned for her.  “Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I just...”  Faith sighed and looked up at Giles.  “Can I talk to you?”


Giles nodded and gestured towards the door.  “Of course.  My, uh...my office is just down the hall.”


Angel gently squeezed Faith’s shoulder.  “Do you want me to come with you?”


Faith smiled up at him and shook her head.  “I’m good.”


Buffy watched the exchange curiously and let go of Giles’ hand as five children came rushing through the door.  Ethan and Michael followed, Ethan carrying Rayna and Jake in Michael’s arms.


Faith’s eyes widened as Giles picked up Evan and gave him a kiss.  “Is that Evan?”


Giles nodded proudly and spoke to Evan.  “Did you sleep well?”


“Yep.  Eban an’ Mital say I good at socca.”


Giles grinned.  “You are.  However, we call it football, not soccer.”


Evan narrowed his eyes as he shook his head.  “Mummy says socca.”


Giles poked his son’s ribs playfully.  “That’s because Mummy is American.  What are we?”


Evan thought for a second and then smiled.  “I Engrish!”


Buffy snorted and picked Haddie up after she had given both of the older boys a good morning hug.  “You’re half-English, half-American.  You can say ‘soccer’ if you want.”


Giles shot Buffy a grin.  “And then he’d be half-right.”


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “Go on.  I’ll take the kids and Willow to go pick something up for breakfast.”


Lucas looked up at Michael and smiled.  “Wanna come with us, Michael?”


Michael thought for a moment, counting the number of people.  “I’m not sure there’s enough room, Lucas.”


Buffy smiled at Michael and waved her hand.  “We’ll take the Council van.  Plenty of room in that.”


Giles pulled his wallet and keys out of his pocket, bending down to lightly kiss Buffy’s lips as he handed them to her.  “Be careful.”


She nodded and looked at Evan.  “Coming, Ev?”


Evan wriggled in his father’s arms.  “Yep!”


Anya nudged Xander in the ribs.  “I want a real coffee.”


Xander grunted softly and rubbed his side.  “Enough room for two more big people and a little girl?”


Willow laughed and grabbed her purse.  “Come on then.”


As the group began filing out of the room, Braden turned and looked at his father.  “Bacon or sausage, Dad?”


Giles smiled at his eldest child, slipping his left hand into his pocket.  “Surprise me.”


Braden grinned broadly and ran out of the room to catch up with the others.


Faith chuckled and met Giles’ eyes.  “It’s nice to see a real family thing going on.”


Giles gave her a slow nod as a smile tugged at his lips.  “Shall we go to my office?”


“Yeah.”  She glanced at Angel and took a deep breath.  “Be back in a few.”


Angel offered her an encouraging smile, sitting down on the couch as he watched Faith and Giles leave the room.


Chapter Eight


Giles closed the door to his office and gestured towards the couch.  “Would you like to sit down?”


Faith sank onto the couch and sighed heavily.  “Sorry for just dropping in.”


“That’s what the Council is for, Faith.”  Giles responded, lowering himself into one of the chairs.  “What’s on your mind?”


“Straight to the point.  That’s good.”  She looked down at her hands, idly twisting a ring on her right middle finger.  “Amelia.”


Giles leaned forward slightly.  “I’m sorry?”


“Amelia’s on my mind.”  She cleared her throat and raised her eyes.  “She was really good to me.  And...I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her.”


Giles smiled in understanding.  “You were rather busy at the time, as I recall.”


“Yeah, but...I should’ve been here.”


“There’s nothing you could’ve done, Faith.”  Giles stated softly.  “There was nothing anyone could do.”


Faith tilted her head and looked into his eyes.  “But, you would’ve...if you could have.”




She wanted to ask him if he still loved her, but she knew that would be too personal of a question.  He had always shied away from the personal stuff.  Besides...she knew that a person always loves their first love.  Just like part of Buffy would always love Angel.


“I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve actually seen you guys.  I mean, I know we talk on the phone or through email or whatever, but...the last time I’d actually seen you was the night Evan was born.”


Giles smiled at the memory and nodded.  And then he took a detour in their conversation.


“You and Angel are...dating?”


Faith’s eyes widened.  “Um...well...”


Giles leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.  “I have no intention of lecturing you on the dangers of dating a vampire.  I’m sure you’re well aware of them.  All I ask is...that you’re careful.”


“It’s not like he can get me pregnant.”


Giles shook his head lightly.  “That’s not exactly what I’m referring to.”


Faith swallowed and gave him a nod.  “Yeah, I know.  Neither one of us planned on it...it just kinda happened.  I’m not really sure how to tell B, either.”


Giles smiled and twisted his wedding ring.  “I’m rather sure she’s already figured it out.  I’m also rather sure she’ll merely tell you what I just have.”


“Angel was her first love.  You always love your first love.”


Giles took a deep breath.  “That’s true.  However, the type of love changes over the years.  It becomes more of an affection than attraction or passion.  In some cases, it can even become friendship.”


“Like you and Amelia?”


Giles lowered his eyes briefly.  “Yes.”


Faith thought for a second and then sighed.  “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have asked that.”


He offered her a gentle smile.  “It was a perfectly valid question.  I had assumed that you knew more about my past with Amelia than you let on.”


“A lot of it was rumour that had been spread around.  Some of it...”  She bit her lip and sat back against the cushions.  “Some of it, Amelia told me.”


Giles regarded her closely.  “You know about Katie.”




Not really knowing what else to say, Giles sat back in his chair and stared at his hands.


* * *


Angel cleared his throat, glancing between Oz and Ethan.  “How is he?”


Oz raised an eyebrow.  Ethan crossed his arms over his chest. 


“By ‘he’, I suppose you mean Braden?”




Ethan shook his head, not bothering to answer the question for the moment.  “What stakes do you have in this, Angel?”


“What?”  Angel asked, sincerely surprised.


“You help the boy, you become human?  Come on, we know about the Shanshu Prophecy.”


Oz glanced at Ethan, intrigued by the older man’s protectiveness over Braden.  He had known that it existed, but he had never truly witnessed it before...at least, not to this extreme.


Angel shook his head quickly.  “No, I...that’s not why I want to help Braden.”


Ethan stood up, shoving his hands in his pockets as he paced the room.  “Then, would you mind telling us why you want to help him?  Because if you cause that boy any problems, I’ll rip your dead heart out of your chest with my bare hands.”


“Ethan.”  Oz spoke quietly.


Ethan turned his eyes to Oz, pulling his right hand out of his pocket and pointing towards Angel.  “You tellin’ me that if he does something, you wouldn’t go after him?”


“Oh, I totally would.”  Oz stated calmly.  “I’d rip him apart with no questions asked.”


“That’s comforting.”  Angel muttered.


Ethan turned towards the vampire.  “It wasn’t meant to be comforting.  It was meant to be the truth.  I don’t understand why Novak told you anything.  And I don’t know why you seem to want to do what you can to protect Braden, but – ”


“He’s Buffy’s son.”  Angel interrupted quickly, pushing himself up from the chair.  “That should be enough of a reason.”


Ethan narrowed his eyes slightly.  “Are you still in love with her?  Because if you are...and should you attempt to...”  He shook his head and stared into Angel’s eyes.  “You’ll meet a side of Rupert that you’ve never seen before.”


Angel met Ethan’s stare with an intense one of his own.  “I’ve met Ripper before...and he nearly killed me then.  I have no intentions of trying to rekindle a very old relationship that I once had with Buffy.  I’d protect any of her children.  But only one of them is going to rid the world of demonic activity.”


A slow grin appeared on Ethan’s face.  “You’re fucking Faith.”


Oz cleared his throat.  “Um...not sure what that has to do with anything.”


Ethan chuckled and shook his head.  “Nothing.  It’s just something I realized, is all.”


Angel narrowed his eyes.  “And you’re fucking Michael.  My sex life is none of your business...just like yours is none of mine.  So, let’s just leave that out of this discussion.”


Ethan grinned and nodded.  “Fair enough.  But, you still haven’t told me the real reason you’re so gung-ho about helping Braden.”


Angel took a step back and looked from Ethan to Oz, and then back to Ethan.  “I promised him I would always be there for him.  It’s as simple as that.  I’m not asking to be his bodyguard.  I’m just asking how he’s doing.”


Oz smiled softly, hearing the conviction in the vampire’s voice.  “He just received his green belt in bokator.  He earned his brown in karate three months ago.  He can hit a target with a throwing dagger from fifty feet.  He’s doing well.”


Angel smiled and nodded.  “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”  Oz replied, before quickly adding another statement.  “But, if you ever try to harm him...you will not survive.”


Angel’s smile grew.  “I know.”


* * *


Faith ran her hand through her long dark hair.  “I kinda considered her like a mother-figure, you know?”  She gave a half-chuckle and looked into Giles’ eyes.  “Which is kinda weird, considering I never thought of you as a father-figure.”


Giles tilted his head slightly.  “Do you have anyone that you do think of as a father-figure?”


Faith snorted and shook her head.  “No, I tend to think of men in sexual terms.  And my father was not a man I wanted to have sex with.”


“You and Wesley?”  Giles asked, instantly reddening.  “I’m sorry, I’m not sure why I asked that.  I – ”


“Once.”  Faith replied softly, the smile fading from her face.  “Years ago, before Robin.  Wes wasn’t…well, he wasn’t really in a good place.  Things with Angel and the others had fallen apart…”


“Connor?”  Giles sighed when Faith nodded.  He knew the story, and he knew Wesley’s reasoning for his actions.  “Wesley was only trying to help.  He meant no harm to the child.”


“Yeah, Angel knows that now.”  She looked back down at her hands.  “Not that Wes ever got the chance to hear Angel say that he understood.  He died a hero, you know.  Funny…I never really thought of Wesley Wyndham-Price as a hero.  Until he died.”


Giles smiled softly.  “Not many people were able to see Wesley’s redeeming qualities.  Including me.  Especially in the beginning.”


Faith raised her eyes and looked directly into Giles’.  “You and Buffy…”


Giles arched an eyebrow.  “Yes?”


“You really didn’t have a thing going on back in school?”


Giles cleared his throat and shook his head.  “No, we didn’t.”


“Huh.  You were so protective of her, not like most Watchers protect their Slayers.  Certainly not any of my Watchers.”


“Buffy and I have never had the typical Watcher/Slayer relationship.”


Faith smiled.  “That’s what makes you unstoppable.  And, these changes to the Council that I’ve been reading about?”  She leaned forward slightly, her smile growing.  “They’re really good, Giles.  You care about the Slayers…maybe a little too much, but you’re not about the glory like Travers was.”


“Amelia wasn’t either.”


“No, she wasn’t.”  Faith agreed before giving him a wink.  “But she wasn’t the rebel you are, either.”


Giles narrowed his eyes.  “You’ve heard about Stockton.”


“God, am I like an open book or something?”  She sighed heavily and slumped back against the cushions.  “Yeah, I heard.  Stockton is the first Watcher to be under investigation since…”


“Me.”  Giles smiled. 


“Yeah, but your situation was totally bogus.  It was just Travers trying to control you.  And…the Board saw that and dropped all charges.  This guy…Giles, he’s dangerous.  Like…the old me kind of dangerous.”


“He’s under surveillance at the moment.”


Faith nodded slowly.  “So was I.  And how well did that turn out?”


Giles regarded her carefully before leaning forward and looking into her dark eyes.  “All things considered…I think you turned out very well, Faith.  You took a few detours to get where you are now and made a couple of bad decisions along the way, but…you found your way back.”


“We’re not all that different really, are we…you and me?”


Giles chuckled and laced his fingers together.  “The important thing is…we both found our way back to where we were supposed to be.”


“At least I didn’t raise any demons while I was away.”


Giles grinned broadly.  “No.  You just worked for one.”


Faith laughed for a moment and then met his gaze.  “You know, there was a time…for a very long time…that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to laugh about that.”


“If you hold onto your guilt, it will eat at you until there’s nothing left.  Eventually, you’ll cease to function as a human.  Guilt will twist your mind quicker than anything else.”


Faith thought about his words and then nodded.  “Yeah…but, how did you get rid of yours?”


“I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten rid of mine.  I still feel badly for certain things that have happened in my past.  But, I’ve chosen to not allow them to have power over me.  Your past is part of what makes you the person you are today.  It doesn’t really matter what happened as long as you learn from your mistakes and allow yourself to grow.”


Faith arched an eyebrow at him.  “Who drilled that into your head?  ‘Cause that sounded like a pretty intense testimonial.”


Giles’ eyes sparkled.  “Buffy.  She’s been very persuasive.”


Faith laughed loudly.  “Oh, I can imagine.”


Giles looked towards the door when it opened slowly after a light knock.  He smiled brightly when Buffy poked her head in.




“Hello.”  He replied, standing as she walked into the room.


“Breakfast is here…if you’re hungry.”  She looked at Faith and smiled.  “We picked up some stuff for you and Angel as well.”


“Thanks, B.”  Faith said as she stood up and stretched.  “I didn’t realize how hungry I was until you mentioned food.”


As she started to walk past Giles, he reached out and lightly took hold of her elbow.  She looked up at him questioningly.


“Is there anything else you’d like to discuss, Faith?”


She shook her head and smiled.  “No, I’m good.  Thank you.”


He gave her a nod and returned her smile.  “Anytime.”


He released her arm and she quickly left the room.  Buffy moved until she was standing directly in front of him.


“Everything okay?”


He reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Yes.  She just needed to talk.”


“Good thing you’re a good listener.”


He chuckled softly and bent down, lightly kissing her lips.  When she started to deepen the kiss, he stepped back and shook his head as he grinned.


“Breakfast…about twenty aspirins…and then, maybe, I’ll be up to more than a few kisses.”


She barked out a laugh and took his hand.  As she led him out of the room, she looked up at him. 


“Ru couldn’t decide on bacon or sausage for you.  So you got both…with eggs and mushrooms.”


Giles laughed heartily.  “And I hope a very strong coffee?”


Buffy winked and slipped her arm around his waist.  “Triple shot.”


“You, my darling, are a godsend.”


She smiled as he leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of her head.


Chapter Nine


“How long are you staying?”  Buffy asked as she sat on the steps leading to the courtyard, watching her husband play with their children.


Angel smirked from his position in the doorway.  He carefully stepped out on onto the walkway and sat on the part of the ledge that was protected from the sunlight.


“We’ll probably head back tonight.  How did you know I was here?”


She turned slowly and smiled at him.  “I’m a Slayer, you’re a vampire.  I honed in…”


He grinned and crossed his arms over his chest.  “Did you know I was here last night?”


“No, but I was a little preoccupied.”


Angel laughed softly and looked out to the courtyard, smiling as Giles kicked the soccer ball with the kids.  “He’s a good father.”


Buffy nodded quickly and turned her eyes back to her family when she heard Braden laugh.  “He’s the best.  You’re a good father too, Angel.”


Angel narrowed his eyes and stared at her.  “I gave my son up.”


Buffy shook her head as she pushed herself up from the stair she was sitting on to take a place next to him on the ledge.  “You did what you had to do to save Connor’s life.  That’s what a good father does.”


“Yeah.”  Angel lowered his head and stared at his swinging feet.


“How long have you and Faith been…more than friends?”


He looked up quickly, intending to deny the accusation.  Seeing the smile in her eyes, he chuckled.  There’d be no point in denying it…and if he were honest with himself, he didn’t want to deny it.


“About eight months.  It definitely wasn’t planned.”


“Heat of battle thing?”


He nodded slowly and ran his hand through his hair.  “At first, yeah.  Then, after she realized I wasn’t going to lose my soul, it became more often.  It just…kinda developed into what we have now.”


“Do you love her?”  Buffy asked softly as she glanced back towards her family.


“As much as I can.”  He followed her gaze and smiled.  “It’ll never be what you and Giles have, but I care a lot for her.”


Buffy took a deep breath and looked into his dark eyes.  “Just…don’t get too happy, okay?  I mean, I want you to be happy…but…not the kind of happy that turns you into a homicidal maniac.”


Angel laughed, glancing towards the door when Faith walked out.  “She’s under strict orders to dispose of me should that happen.”


Faith grinned and walked over, sitting on the other side of the vampire.  “You talkin’ about us?”


When he nodded, Faith met Buffy’s eyes and smiled.  “You okay with that, B?”


Buffy returned her smile.  “Yeah, just…be careful.”


Buffy furrowed her brow when Faith barked out a laugh.  Faith shook her head and slipped her hand into Angel’s. 


“Giles said the same thing.  And…he said that you’d say the same thing.  You did…it’s funny.  And…we’re both careful.  He’s telling you the truth.  Something goes wrong, I’ll stake him.”


Buffy darted her eyes between the two of them.  “It’s harder than it sounds, Faith.  Just be careful.”


Buffy slid from the ledge when Lucas called for her.  She smiled at the couple and then gestured towards the courtyard.


“Duty calls.  You’re leaving tonight?”


Angel and Faith nodded as one, Faith was the one to speak.  “You know I’m not good with the ‘stay and visit’ thing.  I wanted to come…see how everyone is doing and all that.  But…”


Buffy nodded slowly.  “I understand, Faith.  Just promise that it won’t be over two years before we see you again?”


Faith grinned.  “I’ll see what I can do.”


When Lucas called again, Buffy laughed.  “I’d better get down there.  Dinner tonight before you leave?”


Angel and Faith glanced at one another before Angel answered. 


“Sounds good.”  He looked up at the sun and squinted his eyes.  “I think I might go lay down for a little while.”


“You know where the rooms are.”  Buffy responded before turning and running down the stairs. 


Angel moved from the ledge, Faith following him.  He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and watched as Buffy picked Lucas up and swung him around playfully.  When she put the boy down, Giles moved to stand in front of her. 


His vampire hearing picked up each word they softly spoke.  He smiled when he heard Giles tell her how much he loved her. 


Faith looked up at him in concern.  “You okay?”


He nodded slowly and swallowed.  “Yeah.  It’s just…sometimes I wish we could have that.”


Faith smiled and rubbed his back.  “No one has that, Angel.  Except for them.”


He met her eyes and gently bit his lip.  “You know what I mean.”


Her smile faded and she reached up to brush her fingers over his brow.  “Yeah, I do.”


He gave the young family another quick glance before gently nudging Faith to the doorway.  “Sun’s moving…I need to go in.”


Faith looked out at the courtyard and smiled brightly as she watched Buffy guide her two older boys through a familiar kata routine.  She knew what Angel meant.  And she had to admit that sometimes she wished that she and Angel could have more than they did.


But, she was a Slayer…and he was a cursed vampire.  There was only so much that they could have.  Unconditional love, children, playtime in the sun…those weren’t on their ‘can have’ list.


Angel moved inside and raised an eyebrow at her.  “Are you coming?”


She crossed her arms over her chest and looked over her shoulder at him.  “I’ll be in soon.  I think I want to watch Buffy train her kids for a bit.”


Angel gave her a quick nod, watching her for another moment as she returned her gaze to Buffy, Braden, and Lucas.  He felt a sense of sadness when she laughed as Braden knocked his younger brother to the ground.


He lowered his head and backed away.  As he disappeared into the building, Buffy looked up and noticed Faith watching them.  With a quick wave of her hand, she beckoned Faith down.  Faith didn’t hesitate. 


It wasn’t often she got the chance to train in the sunshine. 


* * *


Faith and Angel had left soon after the children had been put to bed, but not before Giles had gently taken Faith’s arm and pulled her aside.  She had looked at him questioningly and he had offered her a smile.


“You should train in the sun more.  You’re far too pale for a woman your age.”


She had smiled up at him.  “A Slayer’s life is in the dark.”


He had shaken his head, moving his hand to her shoulder.  “It doesn’t have to be.  I was your temporary Watcher once…though, when I think about it, you listened to me as much as Buffy did.”  When she chuckled, he smiled and continued.  “Just a few hours in the sun, Faith.  Your life doesn’t need to be as dark as it currently is.”


Faith had looked at him for a moment, respect and affection showing in her dark eyes.  She leaned up and kissed his cheek before giving him a hug.


“Thank you.”


He had given her a nod and then met Angel’s eyes.  “Take care of each other.”


Angel had smiled softly and taken Faith’s hand.  “We will.”


And with that, they had left to return home.  And now, Giles lay in the bed with his arm thrown over his eyes.  When he groaned softly, Buffy smiled and looked over at him.




He moved his arm and opened his eyes to find her going through her closet.  “Hm?”


“How are you feeling?”  She asked as she pulled out one of his old and worn dress shirts.


“Fairly ordinary.  I’m rather sure that the time spent in the sun didn’t help.”  He licked his dry lips and raised an eyebrow as she slipped the shirt on.  “Why do you still have that?”


She fastened the buttons and climbed onto the bed next to him.  “I like it.  It’s comfy and you were wearing it the first time you kissed me.”


“You’re very sentimental.  I find it charming.”  He smiled and lightly fingered the collar.  “How are you feeling?”


“Like I’ve been hit by a steamroller.”  She sighed as she laid down beside of him and rested her head on his shoulder.  “I don’t know what took more out of me, the alcohol or the sex.”


He chuckled softly.  “It wasn’t the sex that caused my head to feel like it’s going to explode.”


She grinned and lifted her hand, lightly stroking his forehead.  “I think that’s the only downfall to having children that I’ve found.”


“Mm?  What’s that?”  He asked, relaxing under her touch.


“No hangover recovery time.  I miss that.”  She moved her fingers down the side of his neck.  “I miss getting drunk with you and then spending the entire day after in bed.”


He arched an eyebrow at her.  “Because we did that so often.”


She shrugged a shoulder and smiled.  “I still miss it.”


He took a deep breath and brushed his fingers over the buttons on the shirt.  Her smile faded when she saw concern in his eyes.


“What were you thinking about a few minutes ago?”


He sighed and looked into her eyes.  “Faith.”


“Should I be worried that my husband is in our bed thinking of another Slayer?”


A smile tugged at his lips.  “You’ve nothing to worry about, Buffy.”


“What is it?”  She whispered softly.


“She spends too much time in the dark.”


She raised an eyebrow and rested her hand on his chest.  “Are you worried about her complexion or the fact that she’s sleeping with Angel?”


“I want her to be happy.  And I’m not sure she can be completely happy being with someone she can’t make happy for fear of him becoming…”


“A homicidal maniac?  Yeah…I worry about that too.”


“I can only hope that she’s able to keep her promise should that scenario arise.”


Buffy nodded in agreement and then lowered her lips to his.  “I know this is something we need to talk about…”


He smiled and lifted his hand to stroke her cheek.  “But?”


“But, I think I’d like to take your mind off of it for a little while.”


His smile turned to a grin as she climbed on top of him.  “Well…there is the matter of this headache I have…”


“Mm-hm.”  She mumbled as she leaned down and kissed him again.  “You know what helps a headache better than aspirin or ibuprofen?”


“What?”  He whispered as she rubbed her right hand over his chest.


“A rush of adrenalin.”  She shifted, smiling as she felt him harden beneath her.  “Best thing in the world for a headache.”


He returned her smile, slipping his hands underneath the shirt she was wearing.  “Show me.”


* * *


Nearly four thousand miles to the west, a bright flash took out an entire city.  The flames reflected in the cold blue eyes belonging to the man currently sitting on a hill watching the destruction.


He chuckled to himself, inhaling a lungful of smoke as the screams of the people down below drifted to his ears.


This was going to take time and patience.  But, it would be well worth it in the end.


A smile tugged at his lips as he leaned against the tree trunk.  He had been taught patience all of his life.  Now it was time to practice what he had been taught.



~ End


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