Title:  Shades of Grey

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Five months after The Oath.

Synopsis:  After a non-life threatening injury, Giles is suddenly feeling old.  Buffy takes it upon herself to convince him otherwise.



Buffy sighed as Giles groaned, but continued to press her hands along his spine.  After hearing the fourth loud crack, and feeling a deeper fifth, she shook her head.


“I don’t know why you felt the need to throw yourself between Anya and a log.  I mean…it was a log.  Not even a demonic log.”


Giles turned his head, pressing his right cheek into the pillow as Buffy’s fingers coaxed another crack from between his shoulders.  “Xander was too far away to stop her from falling.  And…it wasn’t my intention to be caught between her and the log.”


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “So, she would’ve tripped…I don’t see – ”


Giles looked over his shoulder and met her eyes.  “I’m fairly certain that she’s pregnant, Buffy.”


Her eyes widened.  “Pregnant?”


“Neither she nor Xander have said anything to me, but watching the two of them…there are subtle touches when they think no one is looking.  And…how long has it been since you’ve seen Anya turn down a glass of wine when offered?”


Buffy thought for a moment, shifting as Giles rolled onto his back underneath her.  “Since she was pregnant with Rayna.”


He gave her a nod, wincing lightly as his weight settled.  “Mm-hm.  Considering neither have said anything, she’s fairly early in her pregnancy…if she is indeed expecting.  A fall like that could…well, it could be rather devastating.”


Buffy smiled softly, gently rubbing his chest.  “So, you decided to play the hero…”


“Not exactly, I – ”


She leaned down and covered his mouth with hers, kissing him soundly before slowly pulling away.  “I think that you playing the hero can be very sweet at times.  I just don’t like it when you get hurt doing it.”


He swallowed and moved his hands to her hips.  “I think I’m feeling much better now.”


She chuckled, pulling her nightshirt over her head and tossing it to the side before glancing down and grinning.  “So I see…”


“My God…”


She arched an eyebrow at his gasp.  “Um…you’ve seen me naked before…a lot of times.”


He nodded slowly, lifting his hips as she tugged at his boxers.  “Yes, but…it never ceases to amaze me.”


“What never ceases to amaze you?”  She asked softly, moving to his side as she pushed his boxers down and off.


Lifting his hand, he brushed his fingers over the hardened nipple closest to him.  “That you want me.”


She met his eyes and lowered her body next to his when she saw a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes.  “What’s with the sudden self-doubt, Giles?”


“I…I’m getting older, Buffy.”


“So am I.”  She whispered, suddenly realizing where his thoughts were.


“I’m…I’m nearly fifty-six years old.”


She slipped her right leg between his and leaned over him, her breasts pressing against him as she ran her fingers through his hair.  “We’ve been married for almost eleven years…and now you’re worried about our age difference?”


“When I was in my forties, it didn’t seem that much.  Even after I turned fifty…but…I’m pushing sixty, Buffy.”


“Giles, this has never been an issue for us before…”


“Five years ago, the fall I took today may have resulted in some scratches…possibly a concussion if I’d hit my head.  Today…I could barely walk for the pain.”


“And some men half your age would have done a lot more damage to themselves than you did.”  Her thumb lovingly stroked his cheek as she gazed into his eyes.  “Please tell me what’s wrong.”


He sighed heavily.  “I’m getting grey…”


Buffy narrowed her eyes in confusion.  “Yeah…and I have grey hair too, Giles.  It’s just harder to see when it’s mixed in with blonde.  And…you’ve had grey hairs since I met you.  Granted, I think I gave you a lot more during the first two years…”


He averted his eyes from hers and inhaled deeply, lowering his voice to a soft whisper.  “Never where I found one earlier…”


She successfully stopped the smile from appearing on her face.  “A grey chest hair has never bothered you…”


He glanced at her before staring at the ceiling.  “Buffy, you know that I’m not concerned about a grey chest hair.”


“Yeah…”  She whispered as her hand moved to his groin, his erection having waned during their conversation.  “But, I’m not sure why a grey pubic hair would bother you this much.”


He sighed heavily, not surprised to find his erection returning as her fingers wrapped around him.  “I don’t really know how to explain it.”


“Sex is virility.”


His eyes darted to hers.  “Sex does not make me a man.”


“That’s not what I’m saying, honey.”  She smiled as she rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock.  “I remember hearing Xander’s dad say things like not being able to perform because he was getting older…”


Giles’ eyes narrowed.  “He said such things in front of you?”


Buffy chuckled as she shook her head.  “No…but he could be quite loud when he was drunk.  That’s why we didn’t spend much time at Xander’s house.”


“Oh.”  He responded as his hips pushed against her hand.


“Anyway…”  Buffy continued, slowing her strokes.  “Maybe it’s something in your head…you see a grey hair near the physical source of your sex…you worry about not being able to perform.  And you have a wife who’s considerably younger than you, so you worry about not being able to satisfy her…sexually.”


His eyes closed as she lowered her mouth to his chest and flicked her tongue against his nipple.  “Jesus, Buffy…”


She smiled against his skin, his cock hot and hard in her hand.  “You know what I think?”


“Hm?”  He mumbled, his right sliding over her back.


“I think you have absolutely no issues with performing…and I think you’re thinking way too much about it.  Shades of grey are natural…just like sex…”  She kissed his lips, taking a moment to gently suck at his bottom lip.  “Just like us…”


He groaned as she rubbed her now very wet core against his thigh and covered her hand with his, stilling her motion.  “Too close…”


She smiled as he took a shaky breath.  “Are you still doubting yourself, Rupert?  Because I’m telling you now…you could be completely grey from head to toe and I’d still want you.  You’d still turn me on with a simple look…and you’d still make me as wet as you’ve always made me with your words.  Do you understand what I’m saying?”


He met her eyes and nodded slowly.  “God, I want you.”


She grinned and carefully pulled their hands away from his straining erection.  Lacing their fingers together, she scraped her teeth against his nipple.


“What do you want?”


His eyes darkened, his fingers tightening around hers as he pulled her fully on top of him.  He stared into her eyes as she straddled him and rocked her hips against his hard shaft.


“I want to fuck you, Buffy.  Hard and fast until we’re both screaming as we come.”


She licked her lips and smiled as she leaned forward to kiss him.  “See?  That sounds like a man who is very confident in his prowess in bed.”


Wrapping his right arm around her lower back, he quickly rolled their bodies until he was kneeling between her thighs.  She smiled up at him, running her free hand down his back, her other still held tightly in his grip. 


“Your back okay for this?”


“I’m feeling absolutely no pain at the moment, Buffy.”  His eyes darted to her chest as she lifted her legs over his hips.  “Perhaps I’ll fuck those as well…”


“Whatever you want…”  She whispered as her hand moved from his back to his chest, her fingers gently pinching his right nipple. 


He pushed his hips forward, entering her in one swift thrust as he unlaced their fingers.  He held still as he looked down at her, his hands on the mattress on either side of her head supporting his upper body.  He exhaled slowly as she slipped her arms around his back, her hands gripping him tightly.


“It’s been far too long since I’ve truly fucked you.”  He whispered in a lust-laden voice.


“Yes, it has…”  She replied in a gravelled tone.  “Fuck me, Giles…God, fuck me…”


He felt her inner walls quiver around him and grinned.  “Are you going to come before I even get started?”


“Mm…you’ve already started though…”  Her nails scratched his skin as she tightened her legs around him.  “You’re inside of me…you’re talking to me…your eyes are smouldering…”


He pulled his hips back and held her gaze.  “I love making love to you so much that I sometimes forget how wonderful it feels to fuck you.  I plan on reminding myself…and you…”


Before she had a chance to respond, he slammed his hips forward and immediately pulled back.  Her fingernails dug into his back as he quickly lunged forward again.


“Yes!”  She screamed as she moved with him, lifting her hips to meet each hard thrust.


As her scream resonated in the bedroom, he had the brief thought of being glad that their children were spending the night at Joyce’s house.  He groaned as she became wetter with each thrust. 


He paused long enough to reposition himself…kneeling between her thighs, hands gripping her hips.  “Open your eyes…”


She forced her eyes open at his gruff tone, gasping at the lust shining brightly in his darkened green eyes. 


“Look at me while I fuck you.”




He smiled and picked up his pace right where he left it…slamming his hips against her, but holding her still until she was begging him to let her move.


Grinning, he loosened his hold on her hips and moved his left hand to her now wet curls.  “You want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck you, don’t you, love?”


“Yes…fuck yes!”


His fingers moved through her curls, easily finding her swollen clitoris.  He stared into her eyes, his voice thick with desire as he continued pumping his cock into her.


“So fuck me.”  He growled, pinching her clit roughly between his thumb and forefinger.


She screamed in ecstasy, her hips bucking against him as her body writhed against the sheets.  Her inner muscles rippled against him as her orgasm crashed over her, flooding his cock with even more of her juices.


He bit his lip as he kept on, quickly pushing her towards a second climax.  His heart pounded in his chest as he felt her clench around him again.


“As soon as you come, I’m fucking your tits…as hard as I’m fucking you now.”


His back was a mess of scratches, some deeper than others and seeping blood.  When he had moved to kneel between her legs, she had moved her hands to his chest and stomach.  His torso was quickly becoming as scratched as his back.  As he looked down and noticed the thin trails of blood along his stomach, he found it insanely erotic and thrust even harder against her.




“That’s it…come for me again…push me, but don’t take me over…”  He growled, a warning tone in his voice.  “I have grand plans for my come…”


“Yes! Oh, fuck yes!  Tell me…”  She cried, her nails scraping over the thick scar tissue on the left side of his chest.


“Part of me wants to cover your chest in my come…”  He grinned as she screamed his name again, her second orgasm hitting hard.


He pulled out quickly and moved up her body, carefully settling himself over her chest as he reached down and pressed her breasts hard around his throbbing cock.  As his hips started moving again, she groaned loudly.


“A bigger part of me wants to shove my cock down your throat as I come.”  He panted as he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.  “Tell me what you want.”


Her tongue snaked out, flicking against the head of his erection on his next thrust.  “Fuck my mouth…”


He groaned and gave her a nod.  “Touch yourself…fuck yourself with your fingers while I’m fucking you…”


He smiled as she obeyed his command.  It didn’t take long for her to make herself come again, her fluids gushing over her fingers and onto the bedding beneath her.  She stared into his eyes as she lifted her wet hand to his lips.


He sucked hungrily at the proffered digits, his cock thickening between her breasts.  Her eyes glazed even more when she realized how close he was.


“Now, Giles…fuck my mouth now!”


With a loud growl, he released her breasts and leaned forward, grabbing the top of the headboard as his cock slipped between her eager lips.


“Jesus…”  He breathed as her tongue swirled around the shaft, his thrusts short and controlled.


As she tilted her head back, he moved with her and slowly pushed his cock into her throat.  Her moan, muffled against his hardened flesh, was his undoing.  Her hands flew to his ass, her nails digging into the firm flesh as her name left his lips on a loud cry of pleasure.


He pulled back slowly, her tongue finding the last remaining drop of his come before he pulled out of her mouth and collapsed at her side.  She smiled as his chest heaved.  It was true that they hadn’t had a proper fuck in a long while, but she clearly remembered her favourite part.  And it was coming up.


His trembling hands reached for her, pulling her tightly against his body as he brushed his lips across hers.


“I love you, Buffy.”  He whispered, his voice scratchy from his growls and cries.


She sighed happily and draped her arm over his chest.  “I love you too, Giles.”


As their bodies calmed, she lifted her head slightly and smiled.  “Still feeling old and decrepit?”


He chuckled wearily and gently rubbed soothing circles over her back.  “Not exactly.”


“Good.”  She lowered her head back to his chest and placed a kiss over a scratch that was fairly deep.  “Next time you start thinking like that, remember this night…remember how you almost made me come before we even really got started.”


He sighed softly and reached down for the sheet to cover their cooling bodies.  “You might have to remind me.”


She grinned and snuggled closer to him.  “It will be my pleasure.”


He laughed gently and closed his eyes.



~ End


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