Title:  Heart of the First

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Two months after Dreamer

Synopsis:  Anya is seven months pregnant.  Buffy and Giles find something else out about Braden’s destiny.


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“River Alexia Harris.”  Anya announced proudly.


Giles nodded as he thought over the name.  It was strange, but then…it suited as well.  And he had to admit that River Harris flowed fairly well.  He nearly chuckled at the unintentional pun he had created in his mind. 


“Like River Phoenix?”  Willow asked brightly.  “Because he was so cute…”


Oz arched an eyebrow at his wife.  “Yeah, but…not so much a wolf.”


At that, Giles did chuckle.  Willow patted Oz’s leg and grinned. 


Anya watched the interaction between Willow and Oz and felt a sense of sadness.  Xander wasn’t nearly as affectionate with her anymore.  Buffy noticed the flash in Anya’s eyes and tilted her head slightly.


“What’s wrong, Anya?”


“Nothing.  Should something be wrong?”  Anya replied quickly, perhaps a little too quickly.


When the other four occupants of the room merely looked at her, she sighed heavily and leaned back against the cushions on the couch, her hands clasped over her swollen abdomen.  She regarded Buffy and Willow carefully for a moment and then began to speak.


“Did you two have problems with sex during the latter stages of pregnancy?”


Oz arched an eyebrow, but remained silent.  He cast a quick glance to Giles, who was staring at Anya as his skin reddened.  Buffy opened her mouth as if she were going to say something and then closed it when Willow recovered quicker.


“Problems?  What kind of problems?”


“Not having it.”  Anya bit her lip as she lowered her eyes.


“Oh.”  Willow responded softly, glancing at Oz and then over to Buffy and Giles.  “Well, there were times when…when I didn’t want to do anything…”


Anya looked at Buffy and sighed as Buffy nodded in agreement with Willow.  “That’s not the problem though.  He’s okay if I don’t want to.  But, when I do want to…he makes some excuse.  I think he thinks I look disgusting.”


Giles shook his head and spoke softly.  “I highly doubt that, Anya.”


When Anya met his eyes, he offered her a warm smile and continued.  “Each time Buffy was pregnant…well, I’d swear that I’d never seen anything more beautiful.  To watch her body grow in relation to our child growing…it was the most amazing thing I think I’d ever seen.”


Anya thought about that for a moment, while Buffy smiled lovingly at her husband.  Oz smiled and cleared his throat, wrapping his arm around Willow’s shoulders.


“I’d have to agree with that.”


Anya’s eyes glistened lightly.  “Maybe that’s because you were watching your children grow.”


Buffy’s brow furrowed.  “Xander’s watching his grow.  You know that he loves River.  And anyone can see how much he adores Rayna.”


“Yeah…but they’re not his biological children.  Maybe what you guys are describing only happens when you’re the true father of the baby.”


“He is the true father of your child, Anya.”  Giles responded quietly, moving to sit on the coffee table in front of her.  “Perhaps you should discuss your concerns with him.  I know from experience that it’s not always simple to know what’s going on in an expectant mother’s mind.  And…I’m rather certain that it will be very clear once it’s discussed.”


“But, he – ”


Giles lifted his hand to affectionately wipe away a tear from her cheek.  “He loves you, Anya.  As desperately as I love Buffy.  Just talk to him.”


Anya sniffled and inhaled deeply in an attempt to stop any more tears from falling.  “Even though I’m as big as a Shirtek’h demon?”


He chuckled and shook his head as he dropped his hand.  “You’re nowhere near as large as a Shirtek’h.  You’re seven months pregnant…”


“I didn’t get this big with Rayna.”  Anya protested.


“Yes, you did.”  Willow responded quickly.  Just as quickly, she began to explain herself as Anya glared at her.


“What I mean is…you’re not unusually big, Anya.  Your size is perfectly normal and you don’t look any different than you did when you were pregnant with Rayna.” 


Anya crossed her arms protectively over her abdomen and sighed heavily.  “Xander still wanted to have sex with me when I was pregnant with Rayna.”


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “Okay, what Giles was trying to say…in a completely cryptic, Gilesy way…was Xander probably still wants to have sex with you, but your hormones are all out of whack.  So, when he says something about it and then you say no…well, that’s okay.  But, when you say yes…he’s a bit confused because he thinks maybe you’re saying yes because you think that’s what he wants to hear instead of what you really want.”


Everyone stared at Buffy as she took a deep breath after she finished her rambling explanation.  She looked into the amused eyes of her husband and shrugged a shoulder.




Giles nodded slowly, his smile growing.  “Precisely…just not as blunt.”


“I like blunt.  It makes more sense.”  Anya stated, her eyes slightly brighter than they were just moments earlier.  “I think I’m going to go find Xander.  I mean…if that’s okay?”


Giles laughed gently and waved his hand towards the door.  “Go on.  It’s not as if you’d get much work done at any rate.”


Anya grinned as she pushed herself up with some effort.  Glancing out the window, her grin faded somewhat when she saw that it was raining and the sky darkening quickly as a storm approached.


Oz read her thoughts easily and stood up, pulling Willow up with him.  “I was getting ready to take Will out for lunch…we could drop you off at home, if you’d like.”


Her grin returned quickly.  “That’d be great.  Thanks!  After River comes, I’m gonna try to talk him into buying another car…again.  We need two.  Especially if he’s at work and I’m home with the girls.”


“Probably not a bad idea.”  Willow agreed before looking back at Buffy and Giles as Giles returned to his seat on the couch.  “You guys need anything while we’re out?”


Buffy shook her head quickly.  “Nope, I have lunch all planned and ready to go.”


Giles raised an eyebrow.  “Do you now?”


She smiled as she met his eyes.  “I do.  And it’s a surprise, so don’t even bother trying to figure it out.”


With a hearty laugh, Willow led Oz and Anya out of Giles’ office.  She wasn’t exactly sure what Buffy had planned, but she had a pretty good idea that it wasn’t exclusive to the eating of food.  She would’ve stayed a little longer…just to watch Buffy squirm a little…but, Anya would’ve protested that idea very loudly, very quickly.


Besides, she had to admit that she was pretty hungry herself.


* * *


Lightning streaked across the storm-blackened sky, drawing Giles’ eyes to the window of his office.  “The storm seems to be…intensifying.”


“Mm-hm.”  Buffy murmured, her fingers intent on their task of unbuttoning his shirt.  “But, we like storms…remember?”


His eyes darkened as he returned his gaze to her, just as her hands slipped under his now open shirt.  “How could I forget?”


The lights flickered once, then twice before going out altogether.  Buffy glanced at the window when she heard a rumble of thunder.


“Wow…look at that.”  She whispered, her fingers absently stroking his chest.


“Mm?”  He mumbled as he carefully manuevered her until she was straddling his hips.  “What, love?”


“Looks like a mini-funnel cloud…”  She inhaled sharply as his hands slid up her thighs, under the hem of her skirt.  “Right over the Thames…”


“Mm…”  His fingers toyed with the sides of her skimpy satin underwear.  “Bad storm…thunder, lightning, driving rain…no power…”


She nearly laughed at his groan when the generator kicked in, illuminating the office in light once again.  “Hold that thought.”




Instead of answering him, she pulled out of his hold and ran towards the light switch.  He smiled as she flicked the switches, sending the office back into darkness…the only light coming from the flashes of lightning through the window.


She stopped suddenly as she made her way back to the couch, her eyes roaming over his bare chest.  He watched her curiously for a few seconds before whispering her name.


Her eyes darted to his as she gently shook her head.  “Nothing’s wrong…it’s just…”  She gave a soft sigh as she slipped her hands under her skirt.  She maintained eye contact as she slid the scrap of satin down her legs and dropped it to the floor.  “You look so…God, I want you, Giles.”


His fingers made quick work of his belt, button, and zipper as he watched her walk back to him.  She licked her lips as he pulled his erection free, grinning as she slid back onto his lap.  His hands moved to her hips automatically, a soft groan escaping his lips as his cock slipped through her wet folds.




Draping her arms over his shoulders, she bent her head and kissed him soundly.  She pulled away slowly and flicked her tongue against his bottom lip.  Her eyes sparkled in the dim light as she scratched her nails against the back of his neck.


“So…what you told Anya today…”


“Mm?”  He mumbled, his fingers tightening against her skin as she gently rocked against him.


“Did you ever tell me no because you thought that’s what I wanted to hear?”


He stared into her eyes and shook his head, a wry smile forming on his lips.  “I’m not that noble, Buffy.”


Her thumb rubbed over the pale scar on his neck as she lifted her hips slightly.  “Are you going to tell me ‘no’ now?”


“God, no…”  He growled, pulling her back down and holding his hips still as he entered her.  “Fuck me, Buffy…”


Neither of them noticed the mini-funnel cloud becoming larger.  They didn’t even register that the room was nearly continuously bathed in light from the lightning outside. 


She had just begun to move on top of him when a bolt of lightning struck the window of the office, shattering the glass.  In a purely instinctual move, Giles wrapped his arms around his wife and turned her from the window…shielding her body from the flying glass with his own body.


He barely felt the glass cut through his shirt and into his flesh as they fell to the floor.  He probably wouldn’t remember landing on the floor.  The force of the blast had knocked them both unconscious before they’d landed on the soft moss green colored carpet.


Small shards of glass swirled around the room, caught up in the fierce wind blowing in through the destroyed window.  The glass dropped to the ground suddenly as a shape took form within the swirling wind.


A being stepped forth and looked down at the couple, sighing as he noticed the back of the man’s shirt showing more red than the white of the material.  He hadn’t meant for anyone to get hurt. 


He knelt and pressed two fingers against the side of Giles’ neck.  A smile of relief shone on the being’s face as he nodded to himself.  He could have Giles’ back cleaned and dressed by the time he regained consciousness.  And then the three of them could have a talk.


Chapter Two


Giles opened his eyes, immediately wincing at the sharp stinging sensation in his back. 


“It’s just your flesh healing.  The sting will go away soon.”  A voice spoke softly.


Giles’ eyes snapped back open to find the owner of the voice sitting on the chair, a steaming mug of tea held in his hand.  He moved quickly, pulling Buffy into his arms as she began to rouse.  Almost as an afterthought, he glanced down at his trousers…surprised to find them zipped and buttoned.  Even his belt had been rebuckled.


“I, uh…took the liberty of redoing your fastenings.”


Giles narrowed his eyes, intentionally not thinking about the fact that this stranger had obviously touched him.  “Who are you?  And…why are you here?”


“Giles?”  Buffy groaned softly. 


He looked down at her quickly, gently stroking her hair.  “Buffy, are you alright?”


“Yeah…”  She nodded, lifting her eyes to his.  “What did you do to me?”


“What?”  Giles whispered, concern showing in his eyes.


His concern started to fade as she smiled.  It faded even more when she leaned up to give him a soft kiss before she whispered a reply to him.


“It’s not often you can knock me unconscious with an orgasm.”


She tensed in his arms when she heard a chuckle that was distinctly not Giles’.  Her head snapped towards the sound, her eyes narrowing.


“What the hell – ”


The being held up a hand and offered a gentle smile.  “I’m not here to cause havoc or to hurt anyone.  I’m here to talk about the Protector…”  He rushed to finish when he noticed both Buffy and Giles tense dangerously.  “I come as an ally to you and your family.  Your son will need help to defend the world against demonic activity…and that help can only come from his four siblings.  The two of you are required as well, of course.  But, when it comes down to that final battle…the two of you will be needed elsewhere and – ”


“Four siblings?”  Giles asked cautiously, carefully pushing himself up from the floor and pulling Buffy up with him.  “I think your information is somewhat incorrect.”


The being gave another friendly smile and shook his head.  “No, Mr. Giles.  My information is correct.  I’ll explain in just a moment, but first I should introduce myself.”


He stood and took two large steps towards the couple, extending his hand.  “My name is Lucian.  I’ve been sent by The Powers That Be to rectify a detail that has been overlooked.  It wasn’t overlooked intentionally, but it is a very important detail.”


Buffy looked at Lucian’s hand and then up at Giles.  Lucian smiled, realizing that neither of them trusted him.  He couldn’t really blame them.


He lowered his hand and pulled an object from the inner pocket of his jacket.  “I was told to give this to you should you not trust what I’m saying.  I sincerely mean no harm here.”


Lucian dropped the object into Giles’ palm.  Buffy’s brow furrowed when she recognized the look of shock on her husband’s face.


“Giles?  What’s going on?”


Giles shook his head in disbelief, clearing his throat as he turned the small toy car over in his hand.  “I…this is Ewan’s.”


“What?”  Buffy asked, her eyes widening.


“There is a custom within the Council of Watchers.  When a trainee is in his fourth year, he must surrender a personal object…something that means a great deal to him…to be used as a sign of trust at some point in the future.  I…gave this.  It was Ewan’s favourite.  After he…died…I kept it, as a reminder.”


Buffy nodded slowly, gesturing towards Lucian.  “And he just gave it back to you, which means…”


“He can be trusted.”  Giles replied softly, closing his fingers around the small car. 


Lucian sighed softly and gestured to the couch.  “Please…have a seat.”


Buffy noticed how gingerly Giles lowered himself to the couch.  “Are you okay?”


“His back will heal quickly…with no further scarring.  I apologize for the shattered window.  I replaced it after I tended to his wounds…”


Giles nodded and offered Buffy a smile.  “It just stings a bit.  I’ll be fine.”


Lucian waited until they were settled and then took a deep breath.  Seeing no benefit of easing his way into it, he simply began.


“You were destined to have five children, not four.  However, the gap between your second and third was a bit longer than anticipated.  Add to that the fact that…”  He looked into Buffy’s eyes.  “Your body changed a full year ahead of schedule…”


“My body changed?”


“Menopause.”  Giles offered softly, pulling her closer to his side.




Lucian chuckled nervously.  “I apologize, I’m not in the habit of discussing the reproductive system of human women.  The situation remains the same.  You were to have five children.  This fifth child…is as important as the older four.  Braden Giles will need all four of his siblings to be successful in his venture.”


Giles narrowed his eyes and blew out a quick breath.  “Even if we were able to have another child…”


“You can.”  Lucian interrupted, leaning back in the chair and crossing his left leg over his right.  “That is the reason I’m here.”


As Buffy and Giles both stared blankly at him, Lucian cleared his throat.  “You’ve both experienced the desire for another child, have you not?”


The room was silent for a few moments before a soft ‘yes’ was heard, spoken in unison by both of them.  Lucian’s smile returned.


“And that is because you were supposed to have five.  Is there any reason why you waited so long between two and three?”


“Lucas and Haddie.”  Giles corrected.  “We…had difficulties conceiving Haddie.  And then there were personal issues…”


He trailed off when Buffy placed her hand on his thigh in a comforting manner.  She gently squeezed his leg, smiling up at him as he met her eyes.


“The important thing is…we worked everything out.”  She turned her attention back to Lucian.  “But, when Evan was getting ready to turn two…I felt this…I don’t even know how to explain it.  It was like I felt a loss…but, I hadn’t lost anything.”


“That was nature’s way of telling you that you weren’t finished.  Your body decided otherwise, however.”  Lucian explained.  “I can restore your reproductive system long enough for you to become pregnant…if that’s what you’d like.”


Giles placed his hand over Buffy’s and took a deep breath.  “Braden’s prophecy…would he be able to be successful if he has only three siblings?”


Lucian bit his lip as he thought hard for a moment. 


“It would be a terribly brutal fight and it would take much more cunning and concentration on their parts.”  He thought again and gave a quick, nearly imperceptible nod.  “But, it is possible that he could succeed.”


Buffy looked up at Giles curiously.  “Giles?”


Giles licked his lips and took a deep breath.  “I don’t want to have another child simply to throw him or her into battle.  We aren’t breeding an army, Buffy.  I want to have another child because I love you…and I think our family would be even richer if we were able to have another.”


“You really want another baby?”  She asked in a surprised tone.


He nodded slowly, his thumb rubbing over the back of her hand.  “I do.  I’ve…dreamed of having another child with you.”


“But, you never said anything…”


“I didn’t see the point in discussing something that couldn’t be.”  He smiled warmly and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “May I point out that you never said that you wanted another baby either?”


She smiled shyly, lowering her eyes briefly.  “Same reason.”


Giles looked at the car he still held in his left hand and swallowed thickly.  “Is this a decision we need to make right now?  Tonight, I mean?”


Lucian shook his head, uncrossing his legs and leaning forward slightly.  “No, not tonight.  But, it should be made in the next few days.  The Protector’s battle is slated to start in a little over eleven years.”


A thought suddenly occurred to Buffy and she shook her head violently.  “No!  No, I can’t do this.  I can’t send an eleven year old child out to fight whatever ungodly demons – ”


Lucian furrowed his brow.  “Mrs. Giles…Braden will be twenty-two years, I believe.”


“But, if we have another baby now, he or she will only be eleven when – ”


“Ah, now I see.”  Lucian interrupted softly.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.  Not all of your children will be physically involved in the battle.  In fact, it’s still unclear as to whether your second child…Lucas…will be physically involved.  What is known is that each of the five children that were named in the prophecy will have their own part to play.  And each of their roles are very important to the end result.”


“Oh.”  Buffy responded uncertainly.  “I…I still don’t know.”


Lucian smiled as he stood up and stretched his back.  “I was told not to press for an answer during our first meeting.  I was merely to give you the information I have at my disposal.  You should discuss it…chart the pros and cons, as it were.”


Giles was obviously deep in thought when Buffy nudged him in the ribs to get his attention.  He looked up quickly to find Lucian smiling warmly at him.  Giles stared at him blankly for a moment and then understood what Lucian was waiting for.


“Oh, yes…right.”  He pushed himself up and walked over to his desk. 


Buffy stood up and followed him,  a look of confusion on her face.  “Giles?  What are you doing?”


“Hm?”  He looked up as he placed Ewan’s toy car on his desk, right in front of the framed family portrait.  “Oh…I need to replace the car with something else of personal value.  A token such as this can only be used once.”


“Oh, okay.”  She leaned against the desk and lightly ran her finger over the top of the die-cast car.


He opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a button.  She arched an eyebrow as he walked over and handed it to Lucian.


“A button?  A button has personal value to you?”


Lucian gave Giles a knowing smile.  “Your token is accepted.  I’ll stop by in twenty-four hours to see how your decision is coming.”


Giles returned the smile and glanced at the window.  “Perhaps use the front door tomorrow?”


Lucian chuckled as he walked to the office door.  “Of course.  Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Giles.”


And with that, he breezed out of the doorway. 


Giles took a deep breath and looked at Buffy.  “I suppose we have much to discuss before…”  He checked his watch and raised an eyebrow in surprise. “One forty-five tomorrow afternoon.  I would’ve sworn it took longer than an hour and a half for all of this to occur.”


Buffy ignored his ramble.  “Tell me about the button.”


He met her eyes and gave her a shy smile.  “It was from the blouse you were wearing one night…”


“What night?”  She asked, sliding onto the desk.


He swallowed and made his way to her, standing between her thighs as he ran his fingers through her hair.  “We hadn’t been dating very long.  You came to the apartment to see me after patrol…”


“Yeah?”  She whispered on a near moan as his fingers moved down the side of her neck.  “Was that the night you ripped my shirt open after you pushed me against the wall…and you sucked my nipples until I screamed your name?”


He smiled, the fingers on his other hand slipping under her skirt.  He groaned softly as the tips of his fingers brushed over her soft curls.


“That happened as well.”  He answered eventually.  “However, that was not the reason I kept the button for over eleven years.”


Her fingers made quick work of his shirt buttons, belt, and the fastenings of his trousers.  “Tell me, Giles.”


He inhaled sharply as she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor before pulling his erection out of his boxers for the second time that day.  She chuckled, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking him slowly.


“Tell me…”


He swallowed hard and looked into her eyes.  “That was the night you called me Rupert for the first time.”  He sighed happily as she tilted her head in a silent request for him to continue. 


“You looked into my eyes…stared into my soul…and whispered ‘I love you, Rupert’.  I’d never heard my name sound so…beautiful…before.”




He gently pushed her back until she was lying across his desk and he was leaning over her, the shaft of his cock pressed against her clitoris.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.  He gazed into her eyes for a moment before brushing his lips across hers.


“I love you so very much, Buffy.”


Her reply was cut off by her deep moan as he shifted his hips and slid his cock into her.


Chapter Three


Buffy slowly pushed herself up and glanced at the floor.  She smiled sheepishly as she took in the papers, files, and books that she had knocked off the desk during their passionate tryst.




He looked up from the task of buckling his belt.  “What’s that, love?”


Smoothing her skirt down, she met his eyes.  “I, uh…kinda made a mess of things here.”


He chuckled and leaned over to place a soft kiss on her cheek.  “Things that we can pick up.  I wouldn’t trade the sight of you thrashing on top of my desk for a clean floor.”


She laughed as she slid from the desk and wrapped her arms around him.  “How can you make something that’s so…raw…sound so sweet?”


He grinned as he lovingly rubbed her back.  Just as he opened his mouth to respond, the office door swung open.  Willow cautiously walked into the room, glancing at the strewn papers.


“I, uh…well, I wanted to check on you guys.  That storm was pretty bad.  A funnel cloud was spotted over the Thames and I overheard someone say that it was headed towards Tower Hill.”


Buffy reluctantly pulled out of Giles’ embrace and nodded slowly.  “Yeah, it got pretty bad.  Power went out, but the generator kicked in pretty quickly.”


“Well, at least you know that – ”  Willow’s eyes widened as Giles turned and bent over to pick up a manilla folder that was on the floor next to the desk.  “What the hell happened to you?”


Giles turned quickly, folder in his hand as he straightened.  “I’m sorry?”


“Your back…blood on your shirt?”  Willow stammered, quickly making her way across the room and turning him so that she could inspect his shirt.  “What happened?  This is fresh…”


Giles cleared his throat and glanced at Buffy.  “I assure you, Willow…I’m fine.  Lightning struck the window during the storm, but the injuries were minimal.”


Willow’s eyes darted to Buffy.  “You’re okay?”


Buffy smiled as she nodded.  “Giles apparently shielded me.”


Willow glanced at the window, and then did a quick double take.  “Um…”


Giles sighed, knowing that he and Buffy were going to have to explain why there wasn’t glass all over the room and why his back was seemingly uninjured despite the fact that there was a fair amount of drying blood on his shirt.  He met Buffy’s eyes and gestured towards the couch when she gave him a gentle nod.


“Willow, would you mind having a seat?”


Willow narrowed her eyes, but did as he asked.  “What’s going on?  A demon crashed through the window and then repaired it…along with doing a healing spell on you?”


Giles cleared his throat and sat down, taking Buffy’s hand and pulling her down next to him.  “It wasn’t exactly a demon.”


 “Oh.”  Willow stated, her eyes darting between Giles and Buffy.  “See, that’s weird… ‘cause I was just being sarcastic.  I actually thought that maybe Buffy got a little carried away while you two were…um…you know…”


Giles blushed lightly and cleared his throat again.  Buffy gently squeezed his hand to get his attention.  He turned his head and stared into her eyes.  Willow watched them, amused and amazed at the same time.  It never failed to surprise her how they could carry full conversations with one another without saying a word. 


Buffy breathed a soft sigh and rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand.  “We’re thinking of having another baby.”


Willow furrowed her brow as she sputtered.  “But…you…Evan was…well, you can’t…have another, I mean.  You….well, you went…you’re not…”


Giles smiled softly.  “Perhaps we should’ve started at the beginning.”


“Beginning…good.”  Willow responded, nodded her head emphatically. 


Giles glanced at the window as he laced his fingers with Buffy’s.  “His name was Lucian.”


* * *


Willow opened her mouth, closed it, and then shook her head as her mouth fell open once more.  “You were supposed to have five?”


“Apparently so.”  Giles confirmed.  “Though I will most likely ask to see proof before we make our final decision.”


“Do you want another baby?”  Willow asked, eyes wide.


Buffy smiled, her fingers tracing indistinct shapes over his thigh.  “Yeah…”


Willow thought for a moment, choosing her words carefully.  “If you do…and he could make it happen…why didn’t you tell him yes?”


“It…isn’t that simple, Willow.”  Giles replied softly.  “We need to be fairly certain of what this child’s role would be.  I…if we were to have another baby…he or she would only be eleven at the time of Braden’s battle…”


“We can’t send an eleven year old into something like this.”  Buffy finished for him.  “But we’ve both felt the desire for another child…”


“However, as I told Lucian, Buffy and I are not creating an army.  And that is not a reason to allow this to happen.”


Willow remained quiet, watching her friends as they shared a loving smile.  With a smile of her own, she stood and walked over to the closet.  She shook her head slightly as she reached in a pulled out a clean shirt for Giles.  Her smile turned to a grin as she tossed it to him.


“You need to change your shirt…the kids will be worried if they see that one.”  She paused for a second as he nodded in agreement.  “And…seriously consider this, guys.  I mean, I know you want to wait to talk to this Lucian guy again, but…I just feel like this is the right thing to do.  Just my opinion though.”


Giles tilted his head slightly, his eyes bright as he smiled warmly at Willow.  “Thank you.”


“No need to thank me.”  She shrugged a shoulder, walking backwards to the door with a wide smile on her face.  “I know you’re the boss, but…it’s Friday and you two have a lot to talk about.  Maybe you should head home…and do that?”


Giles chuckled and shook his head in amusement.  “Good night, Willow.  Have a wonderful weekend.”


“You too.”  Willow replied as she pulled the door open.  “See you Monday…unless, you know, you have something to tell me before then?”


Buffy laughed as she gestured to the door.  “Out, go home.”


Willow’s laughter could be heard as she closed the door behind her.  Buffy turned and glanced at the clean white shirt in her husband’s hands. 


“What do you say?  We head home?”


Giles’ eyes sparkled as his fingers unbuttoned his shirt.  “I’m not opposed to that suggestion.”


Buffy’s eyes darted to his chest as he slipped the ruined shirt from his shoulders.  She reached out and gently ran her fingertips over the scars, smiling as his nipples hardened from her touch.


“I really love you, Giles.”  She whispered as she met his eyes, allowing her fingers to brush over his left nipple. 


He shivered and licked his lips.  “I want to have another baby with you.”


She sighed happily at his softly spoken statement.  “Let’s go home and talk about it, okay?”


He nodded slowly, standing and slipping his arms into the sleeves of the clean shirt.  She bit her lip gently as she lifted her hands and assisted him in the task of buttoning the shirt.  She looked up at him when she felt his hand gently cradle the side of her face.


“I love you, Buffy.”  He whispered.


Leaning into his touch, she gazed into his eyes as she buttoned the last button on his shirt.  “Let’s go home.”


He gave another nod and smiled as she took his free hand. 


* * *


That night, she watched him. 


Dinner was finished, the children had been bathed, Haddie and Evan had been put to bed.  She sat on the couch and watched her husband with their two oldest children.  They were sitting on the floor, papers and books spread around them on the floor.


Callie climbed up on the couch and flopped down beside of Buffy, sighing heavily as she did so.  Buffy chuckled and lovingly stroked the dog’s soft, velvety ears.  Callie looked up at her with her chocolate brown eyes and tilted her head.  Buffy grinned and leaned down, kissing the top of her head. 


“Oh, I get it!”  Lucas exclaimed excitedly.


Buffy and Callie both looked towards the three sitting on the floor.


Braden rolled his eyes.  “It’s about time.”


“Braden…”  Giles spoke softly, a warning tone in his voice.


Lucas narrowed his eyes and stared at his older brother.  “You know, Bay…just because you’re older than me doesn’t mean you know everything.  Besides, I can do things that you can’t.”


Braden snorted.  “Yeah?  Like what?”


Lucas sat up straight and beamed happily.  “I can do a one minute drumroll.  You can’t do that.”


Buffy was fully prepared for Braden to strike back with sarcasm.  After all, he was definitely his father’s son.  She was pleasantly surprised when Braden smiled proudly at his brother.


“You can?  That’s great, Luke!”


Lucas blushed lightly.  “Thanks…can you come to my lesson tomorrow?  I can show you.”


Braden thought for a second and then nodded.  “If Grandma takes us out for ice cream after.”


Lucas smiled.  “Grandma always takes me for ice cream after.”


Giles interrupted the boys softly.  “Alright…it’s late.  Help me tidy up this mess.  And then…it’s time for you two to head off to bed.”


Buffy smiled as the three of them picked up the papers, the conversation suddenly switching to music.  At that moment, she realized that she wanted to say ‘yes’ to having another baby.  There was no question about it.


And her desire to have another baby was suddenly very strong.  Nearly as strong as it had been each time they had tried in the past.  When Giles turned and met her eyes, she inhaled sharply.  Her desire wasn’t ‘nearly as strong’…it was as strong.  If not stronger.


And she had every intention of telling him as soon as Braden and Lucas were in bed.


Chapter Four


Buffy walked back through the living room towards the kitchen after having gone to check on the children.  She smiled as she looked at Callie, sound asleep in her bed next to the fireplace.  All four kids asleep, as well as the dog…now was the time for her and Giles to have a talk.


He looked up and smiled, lowering the knife to the counter.  “Everyone asleep?”


“Yep, even Callie.”  She gave a soft chuckle as she glanced at the plate resting on the counter in front of him.  “Hungry?”


“Not really hungry.”  He replied, picking up the plate of apple slices and leading her back into the living room.


“Nervous munchies, then.”  Buffy said with a gentle smile as he sat down on the couch and motioned for her to join him.


He shrugged a shoulder and picked up a piece of apple.  “Perhaps.”


Her eyes sparkled as he held the apple to her lips.  She took a bite and chewed as she watched him pop the rest of the slice into his mouth.


“How do you do that?”


“Hm?”  He murmured as he picked up another piece of apple, taking a bite before offering it to her.  “How do I do what?”


She glanced at the apple held between his fingers at her lips and then looked into his eyes.  “Make something as simple as eating sliced apple so…hot.”


He raised an eyebrow, his hand lowering as he smiled.  “It was completely unintentional.”


Leaning into him, she kissed him softly, relishing the taste of apple on his lips.  “That’s what makes it so arousing, you know.”


“Oh?”  He whispered, his eyes closing as her warm mouth found the side of his neck.  “Buffy…”


Her mouth moved up the side of his neck, tongue tasting his skin in the spots she knew were more sensitive than others.  Her breath was heavy and hot as she whispered thickly into his ear.


“You…should probably take me to bed now.”


He swallowed hard, the fingers of his left hand flexing against her back as the plate fell from his right hand to the floor with a soft thud.  “We…should probably talk first.”


She nipped at his earlobe with her teeth, her left palm pressed against his shirt-covered chest.  “Do you want to have another baby, Giles?”


He inhaled sharply at the contact, nodding slowly.  “Yes.”


She smiled and then ran her tongue along the shell of his ear, grinning as he shivered.  “So do I.  I want another baby too.  Talk over now?”




She pulled back and looked into his eyes, not surprised to see true concern in them.  “What’s really wrong, Giles?”


He sighed softly as he gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Nothing’s wrong, really.  I guess I’m just thinking of my age.”


“You think you’re too old for us to have another baby?”  She questioned quietly, gazing into his darkened eyes.


“Am I?”


She tilted her head slightly, allowing her hand to slide down his chest to rest on the warm bulge in his trousers.  “You don’t feel too old to me…”


“I’m not talking about sex, Buffy.”  He stated quickly, placing his hand over hers when she started to rub his burgeoning erection.  “I don’t have an issue with sex…obviously.”


She chuckled and glanced down at their hands before kissing him warmly.  As she slowly ended the kiss, she pulled her hand out from under his and draped both arms over his shoulders.


“You are the best father in the world, Giles.”


He huffed a laugh as he slipped his arms around her waist.  “I highly doubt that.”


“I don’t.”  She answered without hesitation, her fingers lovingly rubbing along the back of his neck.  “And neither do the four children currently asleep in their rooms.  I dare you to tell them that you aren’t the best father in the world.”


He looked into her eyes, the timbre of his voice lowering slightly.  “And you are the best mother in the world.  It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful you are with each of them.  There are times when I want nothing more than to sit on the back porch and watch you play with the children out in the yard.”


“Yeah?”  She asked, a smile tugging at her lips.


“Yes.”  He replied as he lifted his left hand and ran his fingers through her hair.  “And then there are times…”


Her right eyebrow rose slightly as he trailed off.  “There are times…what?”


“There are times when…you infuriate me beyond belief.”  He caught her hand when she moved to playfully smack him, his amusement showing in his darkened green eyes. 


“Giles!”  She complained, even though she was laughing.


“Let me finish, love.”  He grinned, staring into her eyes as he waited for her to compose herself.  When she successfully stifled her laughter, he released her hand and slid both of his to her hips.  “And then there are times when I have no interest in getting out of bed.”


He licked his lips and continued softly.  “Of course, those times occur mainly when the children are spending the night elsewhere.”


Reaching up, she pulled his glasses off and carefully tossed them onto the lamp table.  “So…your interest in not getting out of bed…does that have to do with pain, exhaustion, or depression?”


His fingers found the button on her jeans and pulled it free.  “Rarely does it concern pain.  Sometimes exhaustion comes into the picture.  And I can honestly say that it’s been years since I’ve stayed in bed all day due to depression.”


“Care to elaborate on your reason for wanting to stay in bed?”  She whispered shakily as his fingers slipped into her satin underwear.


He groaned when he felt her wet heat against his fingertips.  “Christ, I want you, Buffy.”




“Here, now…inside of you.  God, I want to be inside of you…”  He stated urgently, his free hand moving to the button and zipper of his own trousers, freeing his erection.  “God, fuck me, Buffy…”


She moved quickly, sliding to the floor between his legs and whimpering as his fingers slipped from her wet folds.  He gazed at her through lust-darkened eyes, his cock held tightly in his left hand, groaning as she sucked her own juices from his wet fingers.


She smiled up at him, kneeling on the floor and resting her palms on his thighs.  “It’s been too long since you’ve come in my mouth, Giles.”


He swallowed thickly, his hand beginning to slowly stroke his shaft as he stared into her eyes.  “Yes.  Yes, it has…”


Leaning forward, she flicked her tongue against the head of his erection, her eyes never leaving his.  “Fuck my mouth, Giles.”


“Buffy…”  He groaned softly as his hand tightened around his cock. 


She placed her hand over his, gently prying his fingers from around the thick shaft.  “Fuck my mouth…and then I’ll fuck yours.”


His eyes were nearly black with desire and she was fairly certain that hers were just as dark.  She ran her tongue along the underside of his erection, smiling as she heard his sharp intake of breath.


When she stood up and grabbed his hand, he furrowed his brow.  “Buffy?”


“Bedroom…now.  We can’t do this here…as much as I’d want to.”


He started to protest, but then realized she was right.  At one time…many years ago…they would’ve been able to continue right where they were.  And they had done just that many times before.  But that was before they had become parents.


And so he took a deep breath and allowed her to pull him up from the couch.  When he started to carefully tuck his erection back into his trousers, she stopped him and grinned at his curious look.


“Leave it out.”  She licked her lips at his soft groan when she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft.  “It gives me something to lead you to the bedroom with.”


Giles moved forward as Buffy began walking backwards towards the hall that led to their bedroom.  “Because you’d have such a difficult time getting me there on your own?”


Buffy laughed gently, shaking her head as gave his cock a firm tug.  “Maybe I just like…touching you.”


Biting his lip to stifle his groan, he followed her into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.  Buffy wasted no time in dropping to her knees in front of him.  He quickly unbuttoned his shirt as he watched her untie his shoes.  By the time he had lifted each foot for her to remove his shoes and socks, his shirt had fallen to the floor behind him.


He took a step back, his left hand wrapped around his cock as he smiled at her look of confusion.  He kicked free of his trousers and boxers and stood before her…an extremely aroused and completely naked Rupert Giles. 


“Undress for me, Buffy.”


She nearly groaned at his husky tone, standing and grasping the hem of her shirt.  His hand began stroking the hard flesh, his eyes focused on the shirt that was being lifted over her head.


“Slowly, love.”  He whispered, his gaze dropping to her feet as she kicked off her shoes. 


She dropped the shirt to the floor and smiled at him as she pushed her jeans down over her hips.  “How slow are you wanting me to go?  Because…I’m not sure how slow I can go right now.”


He watched the denim slide down her legs and swallowed hard, quickly moving back to her and pulling her into his arms.


“Ah, bugger it…”


She giggled softly as his hands deftly removed her bra before they made their way to her hips.  “So much for taking it slow…”


He covered her left breast with his hand, rubbing his palm against her hardened nipple as he carefully pushed her towards the bed.  When the backs of her knees hit the mattress and she fell onto the bed, he smiled and pulled her back up until she was sitting on the edge.


“Slow has its advantages.  But, right now…I think it would be more painful than stimulating.”


She glanced at his cock, its tip glistening and begging for her to lick it clean.  And so she did, enjoying the sound of his appreciative groan as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and her tongue slowly swirled around the glans.


He held his hips still for a moment, focusing on the sensation of her tongue against his flesh.  When he felt her pull the head completely into her mouth, he slipped the fingers of his left hand into her hair and looked down at her.


She met his eyes and gave him a gentle nod.  His fingers flexed against her scalp as he gently pushed his hips forward, slowly sliding his cock further into her mouth. 


“Jesus, Buffy…”  He murmured, sucking in a sharp breath when she moved her hands to his hips and lightly scratched at his skin.  “God, yes…harder…”


She wasn’t exactly sure if he meant to scratch him harder or to suck him harder.  So she did both.  The result of her actions was a loud groan from him as his fingers tightened in her hair, his hips jerking forward involuntarily. 


Smiling inwardly, she tilted her head slightly and gripped his hips tighter, pulling him forcefully towards her.  He stared into her eyes as she set the pace for him, pushing and pulling his hips against her. 


When he felt the head of his cock bump against the back of her throat, he took over.  He whispered ‘I love you’ in a gravelled voice as he allowed his right hand to join his left, fingers lovingly gripping the sides of her head as his hips started pumping against her mouth. 


Her groan vibrated against his hard flesh. He gave a grunt as he looked down, watching his erection slide back and forth between her lips.  When her teeth grazed his flesh, he threw his head back and cried out her name.


She maintained her pressure around him as he continued thrusting into her mouth.  When she felt him thicken, she sucked harder…loving the sound of his deep moan.  She was caught off-guard as he grabbed her hands off his hips and pulled his cock out of her mouth.


“What – ”


He breathed heavily and shook his head as he interrupted her.  “Too close…lay back…”


She did as he requested, lying back across the bed and bending her knees.  Just as she began to remind him that he was supposed to come in her mouth, he climbed onto the bed and moved over her, straddling her chest.


He noticed the surprised look in her eyes and gently brushed his thumb over her swollen lips.  “I thought this was what you wanted…”


She nodded slowly, her lips curling into a smile.  “It is…I just thought that you were changing things around.”


Returning her smile, he shook his head and leaned forward, gently nudging the head of his erection against her lips.  “God, no…but if you would prefer something else – ”


She interrupted him by opening her mouth and quickly sucking the smooth head.  He grasped her hands, lacing their fingers together and pressing the backs of her hands to the mattress above her head.  He resumed his earlier pace quickly, hissing as she murmured appreciatively.


She sucked the proffered flesh hard, allowing her teeth to lightly scrape against him on each thrust.  She listened to his breathing becoming more laboured, his grunts and moans growing deeper as his cock thickened in her mouth.


His hands tightened around hers, almost painfully, as he gave one last thrust and held still…groaning her name as he filled her mouth with his come.  She swallowed quickly and greedily, unwilling to let one drop escape.


She continued to bathe his softening flesh with her tongue, even as he released her hands and sat back slightly, looking down at her as his trembling fingers gently stroked her cheek.  He inhaled sharply when the sensation became too much and carefully pulled his cock from her mouth, sighing softly as she placed a gentle kiss on the head.


Moving to her side, he leaned over her and kissed her lips, delving his tongue into her mouth.  He tasted himself on her tongue and wasn’t surprised to find that it excited him.  He moaned softly as her nails scratched at his scalp as he kissed her, his left hand wandering down her body…stopping only when his fingers encountered the wetness between her thighs.


He ended the kiss slowly and looked into her eyes as he slipped his fingers through her wet folds.  “I seem to recall you saying something about fucking my mouth…”


“Mm-hm…God, yes, Giles…”  She murmured, bucking her hips against his hand.


Just as he began sliding down her body, leaving a wet trail over her torso with his lips and tongue, the phone rang.  He gave a groan of annoyance, but continued on his path when she grabbed the offending object.


“What?”  She growled into the handset, ignoring Giles’ chuckle as he ran his tongue along her inner thigh.  She stifled her groan as he spread her lower lips and used the tip of his tongue to trace her folds.  “Wrong…number.”


He smiled as his tongue circled her clitoris, his eyes locked with hers.


“No, I’m…I’m sure.  No Lynne living…living here.”  She bit her lip as he pulled her clit into his mouth.  “That’s…that’s okay…good night.”


Amusement shone in his eyes as she hit the ‘end’ button and dropped the phone onto the bed next to her.  He lifted his head slightly, his warm breath ghosting over her throbbing clit as he whispered to her.


“Wrong number, hm?”


She nodded quickly, her right hand moving to his head.  “Don’t stop…”


He smiled lovingly, his eyes sparkling as he lowered his mouth back to her.  “Yes, love.”


Chapter Five


It was Saturday afternoon and Giles was driving down the road that led to Council Headquarters.  It was a fairly sunny day and the fact that Buffy’s hand was on his thigh, her fingers rubbing indistinct shapes against his jeans, only made the day better.  Braden had gone with Lucas to his drum lesson…and Giles was certain that his two oldest children would be able to talk Joyce into a trip for ice cream afterwards.  Haddie and Lucas were spending the afternoon with Willow and Oz…they enjoyed their playdates with Maria and Jake.


He stopped for a red light and looked at Buffy.  “You do realize that if you don’t stop that, we’ll be late for our meeting.”


Buffy grinned, but stopped her wandering fingers.  “Wouldn’t want that now, would we?”


He chuckled, placing his hand over hers as the light turned green.  “No.  No, we wouldn’t.”


* * *


“Oh, I meant to tell you…Anya called this morning while you were in the shower.”  Buffy stated as they stepped out of the elevator, hand in hand. 


“Oh?  Was there a problem?”  He asked, shoving his right hand into his pocket in search of his keys.


She smiled and looked up at him.  “If there was a problem, I wouldn’t have forgotten to tell you about it.”


He laughed gently, pulling his keys out as they rounded the corner.  “Fair enough.  What did she want?”


“Well…”  She stroked the back of his hand with her thumb.  “I think she wanted to tell me every single detail of what happened yesterday when she went home.  But, she settled for saying ‘thanks’.”


He shook his head in amusement, stopping in front of his office door and slipping the key into the lock.  “How glad am I that you answered the phone and not me?”


When she hesitated in following him into the office, he met her eyes and tilted his head slightly.  “Buffy?”


She glanced into the office behind him and bit her bottom lip.  “He’ll be here soon.  Lucian, I mean.”


He stepped back to her and nodded, trailing the fingers of his right hand down her soft cheek.  “Yes, he will.”


“And…then we’re going to talk to him.  And he’ll do some mojo thing and then we’ll have sex…you and me, not me and Lucian…”


Giles chuckled softly.  “I should hope not you and Lucian.”


She continued quickly, her words rambling somewhat.  “And then we’re going to have a baby.  A baby we didn’t think we’d ever have.  And – ”


He cut her off with a kiss, a slow and warm kiss that was a promise of much more to come at a later time.  As he pulled back, he smiled and combed his fingers through her hair.


“I love you, Buffy.”


“I love you too.”  She whispered softly.


“Are you sure that you want to have another baby?  We can tell him no…we can – ”


She shook her head and gripped the front of his shirt.  “No, I want this, Giles.  I’m just…I don’t know…I’m just…”


“Scared?”  He asked in a soft whisper, sighing as she gave him a slow nod.  “So am I, love.  But would you love this baby any less than Braden, Lucas, Haddie, or Evan?”


“No.”  She answered without hesitation.  “No, of course not.”


“And neither would I.”  He took a step backwards into the office, smiling as she followed him this time.  “We can do this.  And I’m terrified…just as I was with each of the pregnancies.  But, I do want this…I want to have another baby with you.  I want it all, Buffy.”




“Yes.”  He nodded slowly, continuing his backwards motion into the room.  “I want to protect you and the baby for the first month.  I want to go with you to the ultrasounds and sonograms.  I want to watch our child grow…feel him or her kick me in the side while we sleep.  I want to hear you scream obscenities at me while you’re in labour.  And…I want to hold the baby as our other children come into the room to meet their new brother or sister.  I want everything…”


“God, I love you.”  She whispered emotionally as she wrapped her arms around him, resting her cheek against his chest.  “And I can’t wait to see you with a newborn in your arms again.”


“Ah, does this mean that you’ve made a decision?”  A deep voice came from the doorway.


Startled, Buffy turned and immediately moved into her fighting stance.  She relaxed when she met Lucian’s smiling eyes.


“You know, it’s probably not the smartest thing to sneak up on a Slayer…”


Lucian chuckled as he stepped further into the room and leaned against the conference table.  “Very true.  A mistake I prefer not to make.  I had intended to announce my arrival, but…hearing the tailend of your conversation…”


Giles smiled softly as Buffy leaned back against his chest.  “We do have some questions before we give our final answer.”


Lucian gave a quick nod.  “Of course.”


Giles gestured to the chairs surrounding the table and cleared his throat.  “Please, have a seat.”


Once the three of them had taken a seat at the table and Giles felt Buffy’s hand on his thigh, he took a deep breath.


“My main concern is the health of my wife.”


Lucian’s brow furrowed as he folded his hands on top of the table.  “There are no health issues, Mr. Giles.  That is…nothing that would be considered abnormal.  This would merely be a temporary restoration of her reproductive system.  The child would be conceived in a normal manner…”


“No magick hangover or demony aspect for the baby?”  Buffy asked nervously.


“No, not at all.”  Lucian offered her a gentle smile.  “The only magick that would be used would dissipate quickly.  It’s only there long enough to kickstart your system.  As for demonic aspects…there would be nothing demonic about the process or the child.”


“And the battle?”  Buffy asked quickly.  “You’re sure that he or she won’t be physically involved in the battle?”


“I had a feeling that you would ask that question.”  Lucian responded, slipping his hand under his jacket and pulling a document from the inner pocket. Handing it to Buffy, he glanced at Giles.  “This should help give you the answers you need.”


Buffy took the paper and leaned into Giles as she scanned the page.  “Um…what language is this?”


“Greek mainly.”  Giles answered.  “Ancient Greek…”


Lucian nodded slowly.  “I can have it translated…”


“No, that isn’t necessary.”  Giles shook his head as he read the page. “This states that the fifth is the motivation.”


Lucian smiled.  Buffy looked up at him and furrowed her brow.


“Motivation?  For what?”


“For Braden.  Apparently, the fifth child is the reason that the Protector decides to embark on his journey.”  Giles replied, lifting his eyes to Lucian.


Lucian nodded again, his eyes sparkling.  “Yes…the fifth holds a special place in the first’s heart.”


“Braden is very close to both of his brothers and his sister.”  Buffy stated without hesitation.


“Yes, he is.  In fact, it has been told that the second is the first’s strength.  The third is his loyalty.  The fourth is his warmth.  But he will have a unique bond with the fifth.  The fifth is his heart…and he would never do anything to put the fifth child into danger.”  Lucian leaned back and smiled brightly.  “And that includes making sure that the child is safe when the Protector’s journey begins.”


When Buffy and Giles looked at each other, Lucian breathed a sigh of relief.  He watched them as they moved through their silent discussion.  When they both turned to look at him, he smiled.


“So…what do we do?”  Buffy asked as Giles laced their fingers together.


“Well, you give me permission…and I go back to my office and do what I need to do.  The only thing that is required from the two of you after your approval is…well…”


Buffy smiled as Lucian blushed lightly.  “Try to make a baby?”


“Yes.”  Lucian replied, coughing lightly.  “The, um…restoration is temporary, as I said earlier.  You’ll have a week…so I suggest you commence as soon as you feel that the restoration is complete.”


“A week?”  Giles asked, glancing at Buffy before showing his concern to Lucian.  “What if…well, what if we’re unable to be successful within a week?”


Lucian smiled as he pushed his chair back and stood up.  “I’m fairly certain you will be.  However, if you’re not…I can always ask for an extension.”


He looked into Buffy’s eyes as he made his way to the door.  “You’ll know when the procedure is complete.  Should you have any questions…”  He gestured to a coin he had left on the table top.  “Use that to call me.”


Before Buffy or Giles had a chance to say anything else, Lucian turned and walked out of the office.  Giles reached over and picked up the coin, turning it over in his hand as he took a deep breath.  Buffy looked up at him and gently squeezed his hand.


“Hey…you okay?”


He met her eyes and closed his hand around the coin.  Nodding slowly, a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.  “Yes…I rather think I am.”


She relaxed and returned his smile, leaning her head on his shoulder.


* * *


On the way home, and in the middle of a conversation about trading their current SUV for a slightly larger one, Buffy felt a tingle in her abdomen…much like the shock received by a person when sticking their tongue to a nine volt battery.  Giles looked at her quickly when she abruptly stopped talking.




Buffy licked her lips and inhaled deeply.  “It’s done.”


Giles smiled softly and took her hand in his.  “Perhaps we can ask Joyce to watch the children tonight?”


“She’ll probably offer.  She normally does after she spends the day with one or two of them.”  Buffy answered softly.  “Giles?”


“Hm?”  He murmured as he turned onto their street.


“We’re going to have another baby.”


His smile grew as he looked at her and nodded.  “Yes, we are.”


Buffy smiled brightly at him and exhaled slowly.  “I think I just needed to say it out loud.”


He chuckled as he continued to their house.


* * *


The following morning found Buffy waking before the sun rose.  She stretched her sore muscles and smiled as she heard Giles’ gentle snoring coming from her side.  She rolled over and watched him sleep, her smile growing as she thought over the previous day’s events.


They had made love as soon as they’d returned home.  They probably would have whether or not they were trying for a baby…when the children were out, they tended to take advantage of the empty house. 


Joyce arrived with Braden and Lucas at the same time that Willow brought Haddie and Evan back.  Just as Buffy had expected, Joyce asked to take the four of them out to a movie and then spend the night at her house.  She didn’t question the fact that Buffy and Giles both agreed immediately.


After dinner, they had made love again…starting on the couch and ending up on the floor in the living room.  He coaxed her into having a hot bath before actually going to bed.  She hadn’t fallen pregnant, but he didn’t seem overly concerned.  In fact, he had smiled and said that they’d just try again tomorrow.


And now it was tomorrow.


She reached out and ran her fingers through the soft hair on his chest.  She smiled again as he murmured in his sleep, shifting a little closer to her.  Keeping her eyes trained on his face, she lowered her mouth to his right nipple.  When she saw his tongue dart out and wet his lips, she sucked harder at the nub.


When her teeth scraped against skin, his eyes fluttered open.  His hands instantly found her…his right slipping under her and finding her bare hip as his left moved to the back of her head, holding her mouth against his chest.


“Christ…”  He mumbled as she slipped her right leg between his so that she was straddling his thigh. 


When his left hand moved to her shoulder, she lifted her head and smiled as she met his eyes.  “Good morning.”


He returned her smile, sighing as she shifted until her knees were pressed onto the mattress on either side of his hips.  “Mm…good morning.  How do you feel?”


She bit her lip, her gaze focused on her fingers playing with his hardened nipple.  “Honestly…like I felt right before we got pregnant with Evan.”


Giles nodded in understanding, his eyes closing as she raised her hips and guided his erection to her.  He groaned as she took him inside, her warm, wet inner walls sliding along his thick shaft.


She smiled down at him as she rocked her hips against him.  “Giles?”




“Open your eyes, baby.”  She whispered, waiting until he looked up at her before she continued.  “That’s it…watch me…”


He licked his dry lips, his hands sliding up her thighs as he gazed at their union.  “Dear God…”


He began matching her thrusts, his hands gripping her thighs tightly as his back arched.  Buffy groaned and covered his hands with hers.


“That’s…yeah, that’s good, baby…just like that.”  She cried as he continued to push her towards orgasm.  “So hot…so…oh, God…Rupert…”


Giles felt her walls tighten around him and bucked his hips in response.  “Buffy!”


Buffy gripped his hands, forcing her eyes to stay open.  “God…you look so good under me…”


He was in no position to disagree.  He didn’t know what he looked like underneath her, but he did know what it felt like to be underneath her.  And it had been one of his favourite places to be since the first time she climbed on top of him.  His eyes closed as he tried to maintain control…and thinking about her on top of him was doing nothing to help him achieve that.


She realized that he was dangerously close and was holding on until she came.  She gave a quick shake of her head and leaned forward, placing her palms on his chest as she continued to ride him.


“Don’t hold out on me, Giles…”  When his eyes snapped open, she moaned loudly…from the intense look in his eyes as well as the sensation of his cock inside of her.  “God, come with me…don’t wait for me…please…”


“Buffy…love, I’m…I’m close…”  He panted breathlessly.


“So am I…”  She replied as her inner muscles began to quiver around him.  “God, Rupert…I’m so close…”


“Yes…fuck, yeah…”  He groaned loudly.


She smiled at the subtle change of his accent.  Her smile faded as she gasped, her orgasm nearing its crest rapidly.  Throwing her head back, she screamed his name.  He quickened his pace, thrusting up into her in a nearly frenzied manner.  Her name left his lips when he felt her fluids gush over him.  With one last upwards thrust, he came deep within her…causing them both to give a cry of ecstasy. 


She collapsed onto his chest, whimpering as his softening cock slipped from her.  His hands moved to her back, gently rubbing her heated flesh as he fought to catch his breath.


Her lips pressed warm kisses against his chest before she lifted her head to look into his eyes.  She smiled as their gazes met.


“You okay?”


He chuckled softly as he brushed the hair back from her face.  “I prefer your wake-up call to the blaring of the alarm clock.”


She grinned and glanced at his lips.  “I like it when your accent changes…”


“Do you?”  He asked softly, his hands wandering over her body.


“Yeah…it’s – ”


She stopped suddenly, her eyes widening.  His widened as well, and then began to glisten.  His left hand quickly moved to her abdomen and stroked the skin softly.


“My God…”  He whispered, struggling to keep his emotions in check.




He looked into her watery eyes and smiled, his fingers still rubbing against her stomach.  “We did it…we’re having another baby…”


She nodded slowly, moving to his side and into his arms.  “God, I love you…I love you so much, Giles.”


His smile grew as he rolled her onto her back and leaned over her to kiss her lips.  Her mouth opened immediately under his, allowing his tongue entry.  She sighed into his mouth as he moved between her thighs, knowing that he was getting ready to perform what she had teasingly called ‘the ritual’.


She smiled warmly as he ended the kiss and moved down her body.  She watched him as he lovingly kissed her stomach and whispered softly.  She didn’t have to ask what he was saying, the words had been the same with each previous pregnancy. 


She ran her fingers through his hair as he continued, grinning as she heard his promises to the baby that they had created.  And after he finished ‘the ritual’, she’d tell him the sex of their child…if he wanted to know. 


And then they could start arguing about names. 



~ End


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