Title:  Fallout

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Three months after the end of Alchemy.

Synopsis:  Old issues have been haunting Buffy and Giles.  It’s time to clear the air.




Giles groaned softly as he stood behind her, idly stroking his erection as she bent over the side of the bed and looked over her shoulder at him.  She offered him a seductive smile and wriggled her ass at him.


“Waiting on an invitation or something?  ‘Cause…you know you don’t need one.”


He shook his head, a smile flickering in his desire-darkened eyes.  “No.  Just admiring.”


His smile faded as his eyes darted to the newly acquired scar on her hip, a ‘present’ from a particularly vicious vampire she had encountered on patrol three weeks earlier.  He took a step forward and reached out, lightly tracing his index finger across the jagged line.




At the sound of her soft voice, he moved his eyes back to hers.  “It’s fading.  Slowly…but it is fading.”


She sighed softly and rolled her body until she was sitting on the bed facing him.  She reached out and took his hand, gently pulling him onto the bed beside of her. 


“Hey…what’s going on in that big brain of yours?”  Her fingers grazed across his temple.  “You were here with me a minute ago…”


He looked into her eyes as he brushed the backs of his fingers over her breast.  “I still am.”


“Not completely.”  She inhaled sharply as his knuckle rubbed over her hardened nipple.  “You were two seconds away from taking me.  Then…all of the sudden…”


He cut her off quickly with a kiss.  His tongue slipped between her parted lips as he carefully pushed her back onto the mattress and moved over her, resting his knee between her thighs.  When she rubbed her warm, wet core against his thigh, he groaned and lifted his head.


“I still have every intention of ‘taking’ you.  I just became a little distracted.”


She raised an eyebrow and rubbed against him again.  “You?  Distracted during sex?  Have I lost my touch or something?”


“No…dear God, no.”  He whispered as he took her hand and placed it on his erection.  “You need not worry about losing your touch.  I’m rather sure that’s an impossibility.”


Buffy’s fingers quickly wrapped around the hard flesh and began to stroke.  He slipped his hand between her thighs, grazing his fingers across her clitoris before moving further and easily pushing two fingers inside of her.


“Christ, I want you.”  He whispered gruffly.


“You have me, Giles.”  She grinned and ran her thumb over the head of his cock, relishing in the sound of his gasp.  Her eyes fluttered as his fingers brushed over her g-spot.  “God, Giles…I need you.  Please…”


The sound of the large drops of rain pelting against the window in combination with her urgent plea caused his heart to race.  He wasn’t sure when the sound of rain had become somewhat of an aphrodisiac for him. 


Perhaps it was the time they were caught in a storm near the Scottish border when they were searching for…some demon he couldn’t quite remember the name of at the moment.  He’d had to pull over, the rain was so heavy.  Within fifteen minutes, they had moved to the backseat and she rode him until they both screamed their release.


Yes, perhaps that was when his new appreciation for rain had begun.




His mind cleared of the memory as he registered the whimper.  “Yes, love?”


She looked at him, concern in her eyes as she lifted her free hand and touched his face.  “You keep going away…”


He smiled apologetically, increasing the speed of his thrusting fingers and pressing his thumb against her clit.  “I’m sorry.”


“Is…oh, God…yes, right there!”


His smile widened as she bucked her hips against him.  He reached down, gently removing her hand from his erection and lacing their fingers together.  He moved their joined hands next to her head as he leaned over her and whispered in her ear.


“Remember the rainstorm near the border?”


She nodded quickly, unable to form words as he continued to push her closer to orgasm.


“The sound of the rain pelting the car as you fucked me in the backseat?  God, Buffy…you rode me so hard…do you remember?”


“Uh…yes…God, yes…”  She moaned loudly.


“Do you hear the rain hitting the windows now?”  He used his knee to gently nudge her legs further apart. 




He smiled at her breathless tone and flicked his tongue against her earlobe.  “Do you know how much I want to make love to you in the rain?”




“Every time it rains now I get hard…so hard.”  He rocked his hips, rubbing his cock against her upper thigh.  “I think about that night…the car, the rainstorm, the sensation of you on top of me…bloody hell, Buffy…I want you.”


“Now…now, please Giles…please…”


He moved quickly, pulling his fingers from her and replacing them with his hard cock.  He thrust into her hard, groaning as she grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers into her mouth. 


His eyes glazed as her mouth moved along his long digits, mimicking the movements of his erection moving within her.  “Jesus, Buffy…”


She let his fingers slip from her mouth and smiled lovingly at him.  He gazed into her eyes and stopped his motion, trailing his wet fingers down the side of her face.


“What’s wrong?”  She whispered softly, her smile fading.


He shook his head slowly and brushed the hair back from her face.  “Nothing’s wrong.”


She lifted her hand, allowing her fingers to lightly touch his chest.  “You stopped…”


“I fall more in love with you every day.” He whispered, his voice thick with emotion.  “I didn’t think it was possible that I could continue to fall after seven years.  But…I do.”


“God, Giles…”  Her smile returned as her eyes glistened.  “You still say the most amazing things to me.”


He returned her smile, his thumb stroking her cheek as he resumed his gentle thrusts. 


* * *


“There’s passion.  It’s not real passion, it’s induced by the spell.  But, it looks real...and...”


Buffy shifted restlessly in her sleep.  Giles snored softly beside of her, oblivious to his wife’s movements.  Buffy rolled away from him, a whimper escaping from her lips.


“Please...go, now Buffy.  It’s...it’s getting too strong.  Please, I can’t let you see this.”


The dream continued, in disturbingly accurate detail.  Buffy’s fingers gripped the blanket as she pushed her face into her pillow.  Her eyes snapped open and she inhaled sharply.  Her cheeks and pillow were damp with her tears, her heart was racing. 


She slowly sat up and looked over at her sleeping husband.  She wiped the tears from her face and lifted the twisted blankets from around her body.  She swallowed the lump in her throat and slipped out of bed.


Running her hand through her sweat-dampened hair, she allowed one thought to take precedence over the others swirling in her mind.


Tea would be good right now.


* * *


Giles rolled onto his side, his eyes slowly opening when his hand failed to locate Buffy’s warm body next to him.  He yawned and pushed himself up, dragging his hand through his hair as his eyes searched the bedroom.


He tilted his head as he listened, thinking that perhaps one of the children had woken up and he’d slept through it.   Hearing nothing, he yawned again and pushed the blankets off his body.  He glanced down at his bare thigh, smiling softly at the sight of the small bruise where her teeth had been earlier that night.


He sighed and slipped out of the bed, grabbing his robe as he made his way to the doorway.  He tied the belt around his waist and opened the door.  Still he heard no sounds, but did notice a faint light coming from the living room.


He padded down the hall, smiling warmly when he found Buffy sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea in her hand.  “Is everything alright, Buffy?”


His smile dissipated quickly when she looked up at him.  Her eyes were red, the type of redness that only occurs from a bout of tears.  He made his way across the room and sat down next to her.


“Buffy, what’s wrong?”


She shook her head and offered him a smile.  A small, tired smile.  “Nothing.  Just a stupid dream.”


He lifted his hand and gently cradled her cheek.  “Prophetic?”


“No, just…stupid.”  She leaned into his hand and sighed.  “I’m okay.”


“You’ve been crying.” 


She chuckled softly, but it was a sound that he recognized as her attempting to stop her tears.


“Talk to me, Buffy.”


She took a deep breath and ran her finger around the edge of the mug.  “Giles, I’m okay.  Seriously, it was just a stupid, stupid dream.”


“A stupid dream that has obviously upset you.  Please talk to me.”


She was quiet for a few moments.  Giles realized that she was collecting her thoughts and decided to wait until she was ready.  With another deep breath, Buffy lowered her eyes and stared at the mug in her hands.


“Have…um…have you ever…”  She sighed heavily and began again, speaking quickly.  “Have you ever thought about having sex with another woman?”


His brow furrowed as he stared at her.  “You dreamt that I was with another woman?”


She ignored the question and quickly asked another.  “Hypothetically…would you want to be with another…well, someone else?”


“Hypothet…”  He paused and regarded her carefully.  “Buffy, are you questioning my fidelity?”


“No.  God, no.  I know you haven’t cheated on me.”


He reached out and carefully took the mug from her, placing it on the lamp table before moving to sit on the coffee table in front of her.  When she didn’t look up, he sighed and placed two fingers under her chin, tilting her face until he could see her eyes.


“It would never enter my mind to be unfaithful to you, Buffy.”


“I know.”  She whispered, her eyes filling with tears.  “I know, Giles.  I swear I know.”


His thumb caught a tear as it spilled down her cheek.  “Are you speaking of someone specific?”


Another tear fell and she averted her eyes from his.  He moved from the table and knelt on the floor in front of her.


“Have I given you reason to worry?”  He asked softly, his voice thick with concern. 


She shook her head silently, still not meeting his eyes.


“Please, Buffy…”


“Do you ever think about Amelia?”  She whispered, almost inaudibly.


His eyes widened slightly as he shook his head.  “Amelia?  Buffy, that was…we were teenagers when we were together.  I…”


He stopped suddenly when she looked up at him.  “Oh, God.”


She swallowed thickly.  “I know you haven’t been with her since – ”


“The Primordium.”  He finished for her.  “You dreamt about the Primordium.”


“It was so long ago now, Giles.”  Her voice wavered as she spoke.  “I feel like an idiot for letting this upset me now.”


“I don’t believe there’s a statute of limitations on this.  To be very honest, I expected this years ago.  We…you always glossed over it when I would try to discuss your feelings about it.”


“I know.”  She nodded in agreement.  “I didn’t see it as a big deal.  I mean, yeah…obviously it was a big deal.  There was sex involved…but, I knew…know…there was no other choice.  I never thought it was something you wanted to do.”


He swallowed nervously.  “Do you now?”




He exhaled slowly and placed his hands on her knees.  “Do you think it was something I wanted to do?”


She shook her head and covered his left hand with her right.  “No, no I don’t.  Unless…well…did you?”


“Having sex with another woman is the last thing I want, Buffy.  Since the moment I allowed myself to fall in love with you, I’ve wanted no other person.”


Buffy lowered her eyes again and sighed.  “Except for that skank at the pub a couple of years ago.”


“I didn’t want her.”  Giles whispered as he looked away, his tone full of sadness.


She looked at him quickly when he pulled his hands away and stood, immediately regretting her words.  “Giles…”


“I was so hurt.  So angry…so…confused.  What happened…that…it wasn’t about me wanting her…or any other woman.”


She closed her eyes briefly, cursing herself for making the comment.  “I know.”


“Do you?”


Her eyes snapped open and met his.  She gasped softly when she noticed the tears in his eyes.  Standing quickly, she grabbed his hand and sighed.


“I do, Giles.  I do know.  I’m sorry…that…that was uncalled for.  I’m so sorry.”


He cleared his throat, shaking his head.  “No…it wasn’t uncalled for.  You shouldn’t have had to see that.  You shouldn’t have had to stop me from…”  He pulled his hand from hers and turned away.  “I should never have gone there.  Not in the state of mind I was in.”


He exhaled shakily and stared out the window.  “As for Amelia…I’ll always care for her, you know this.  But, my feelings for her extend no further than friendship.”


Buffy bit her lip.  “Do you ever think about it?  The Primordium, I mean.”


“It crosses my mind once in a great while.”  Giles admitted softly. 




He turned slowly and met her eyes.  “Not for the reason you’re thinking, Buffy.  When it crosses my mind, I feel nothing but regret and anger.  I know that it hurt you.  And I would have given anything to spare you that pain, but the only thing that would have spared you would have been for me to let her die.”


He licked his suddenly dry lips and motioned towards the sofa.  “I, uh…I think you should talk about it.  You…you need to tell me what you felt, what you feel…”


“It was so long ago, Giles.”


“It doesn’t matter.  It’s apparently still haunting you, causing you pain.  I don’t want you to hurt over this anymore, Buffy.  It’s alright to be angry with me.”


A tear rolled down her cheek.  “It wasn’t your fault.”


At that moment, he knew.  He knew that she did harbour feelings of anger towards him.  And she felt guilty over that fact.  Without saying a word, he took her hand and led her back to the couch.  They sat quietly for a few moments before he spoke.


“It might not have been my fault and we might not have had any other choice.  But…technically, I betrayed you and you have every right to feel angry about that.”


“I don’t want to be angry with you.  I didn’t want to be angry then.”


“I had sex with her.”  He pushed gently.


Her jaw clenched then released.  “Did you enjoy it?”


“At the time, yes.” 


Anger flashed in her eyes and he continued slowly.


“As soon as I…well, when it was over, I…God, I had never felt so much guilt.  Not just because of what I had done, but…because I had enjoyed it.”


“Was it because of the magic?”  Buffy questioned carefully.


“Mostly.”  He admitted quietly.


Buffy stood up quickly and began to pace.  “Could the baby have been yours?”


“No.  You know how far along she was when she lost the baby.”


She stopped and glared at him.  “That’s not what I’m asking.”


“Oh.  Um, no.  No, I didn’t…”


“You didn’t come?”


He averted his eyes.  “Not inside of her.”


She inhaled sharply, feeling the tears prick at her eyes.  “Did she?”




“Did you make her come?”  She ground out.


He closed his eyes and lowered his head.  “Yes.”


She wiped her hand across her eyes and took a deep breath.  “Is that the part you enjoyed that wasn’t because of the magic?”


When he didn’t answer right away, she knew the answer.  But, she knew she needed to hear it from him.  She moved to the coffee table and sat down in front of him, much like he had sat in front of her earlier.


“Giles, please…”


“What do you want me to say, Buffy?”  He asked sadly.


“The truth.”  She whispered as she reached out and touched his knee.  “That’s all I ever want you to say.”


He raised his head and looked into her eyes, a tear spilling onto his cheek.  “Yes.  God, I’m sorry, but yes…and I hated myself for it.”


“What happened after?  Before you called me.”


“I took a shower…changed clothes.  Cleaned the couch…”


Buffy raised an eyebrow.  “You…on the couch?”


“Where did you think – ”


“The sheets had been changed, I just assumed…”


He shook his head quickly.  “I’d changed the sheets that morning.  They, uh…well, they needed to be changed.  I…I couldn’t…I didn’t…”  He sighed heavily.  “I apologized to her for not taking her to bed.  But, I couldn’t…it was bad enough that it had to happen in the first place.”


“Oh.”  That admission caused her to want to wrap her arms around him and hold him tightly.  But, there were still questions to be asked and answered.  “Um…what happened between…um…before you took a shower, but…after…”


He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.  “She held me.  I cried…and she held me, telling me how sorry she was…and assuring me that you still loved me.  I was so sure I was going to lose you…”


Buffy swallowed nervously, knowing she had one more question to ask.


“Did…did you tell her you loved her?”


“No.”  He answered with no hesitation.  “I do not take those words lightly, Buffy.  And I won’t say them if I don’t mean them.”


“I know.”  She whispered and gently squeezed his knee.  “I know.  I just…I had to hear it from you.”


“I should have killed him when he showed up at the apartment.”




“No, I should have.  If I had…James would still be alive, Amelia might not have lost the baby, you…God, Buffy…he was going to kill you.  He was going to kill you and Braden.”


She shook her head and moved to the couch next to him, placing her palm on the side of his face.  “We discussed this then.  If you had killed him, I would’ve lost you.  If you had killed him, we probably wouldn’t even have had Braden…much less Lucas, Haddie, or Evan.  And if I’d lost you…I probably wouldn’t be here now.”


“So many innocent people died because of him.”


“And how many more people would’ve died if I’d lost you?”  She whispered softly.  “I wouldn’t have been able to help anyone, Giles.  So, this may sound a little selfish, but…for my sake, I’m glad you didn’t kill him.”


She leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.  “I love you.  God, I love you so damn much, Giles.”


He wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to his chest as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.  “I love you.  I’m sorry for everything that happened back then.”


“Ssh…no more apologies.”  She lovingly stroked the back of his head.  “It’s over…it’s all over.  And…I’m sorry I didn’t discuss this with you years ago.”


He blew out a deep breath and lifted his head slightly.  “We, uh…we should talk about something else…”


Instinctively knowing he wasn’t talking about changing the subject, she sighed.  “I’m not sure I want to talk about…her.”


“Neither do I.”  He stated softly, kissing her cheek and then raising his head further to look into her eyes.  “But…we should.”


“We have, Giles.  We talked about it when it happened.”


He lifted his hand and touched her neck in a loving gesture.  “I know.  But…I think…I think I need to talk about it.”


Worry flashed in her eyes.  “Did something else…I mean…is there more to it than what I know, what I saw?”


He lowered his eyes and she gasped.  “Oh God…Giles, did you…did I actually get to you too late?”


He looked back up quickly and shook his head.  “No, Buffy.  What you saw…that’s as far as it went.”




“I wanted to hurt you.”  He whispered painfully.  “Christ, I hate myself for what I did…but, I wanted you to be in as much pain as I was in.”


“Giles, I forgave you a long time ago.  Besides, you weren’t at fault there…Bamapana – ”


His eyes welled with tears as he shook his head.  “The demon caused me to doubt you.  He didn’t make me go to a pub and pick up the first girl I found to fuck against the wall.  And I would have, Buffy.  I was so close to – ”


She looked away, biting her lip.  “I know how close you were.”




She looked back at him, fear rising in her heart.  “What more could you possibly say about it, Giles?” 


“I wasn’t in my right mind…”


“I know.”  She lifted her hand and combed her fingers through his hair. 


“I wanted to hurt you as much as I possibly could…emotionally.”  He whispered, choking out his words.




Her bottom lip quivered as she fought back her own tears.  She knew that the situation had been mainly to help him forget for a while, and possibly to hurt her.  That wasn’t a surprise.  The fact that he was so upset right now as he was talking to her…that was breaking her heart.


“At one time in my life, I was quite cruel…Ethan can attest to that.  The pain I was experiencing, combined with the alcohol…I found it disturbingly easy to slip into the person I once was…the person I buried so long ago.”


His thumb trembled as it caressed her bottom lip.


“I had every intention of telling you about that experience…in great detail.  Purely to hurt you.”  He swallowed hard.  “And…there’s a spell…”


Her eyes narrowed slightly.  “You were going to put a spell on me?”


“Not exactly, no.”  He inhaled deeply.  “I…I was going to make you see, feel, hear…everything that had happened.”


Buffy’s mouth dropped open, her hand falling from his hair.  “What?”


He lowered his hand from her face.  “I’m so sorry.”


“Is this…”  She shook her head as she stared into his eyes.  “You were going to tell me something else when we were talking through this…when we were working through things.  I stopped you.  Is…were you going to tell me this?”


He nodded slowly, his voice quavering as he spoke one word.  “Yes.”


“That would have destroyed me.”  She whispered as her tears reappeared.  “If you had done that spell…it would have – ”


“I know.  God, I know…and I never would have known the truth.  I would have broken you, ruined so many lives…because of my own selfish stupidity.”  His tears flowed freely down his face.  “And I wouldn’t have cared.”


He stood suddenly, dragging his hand through his hair as he looked around the room as if he wasn’t sure what to do.  Buffy wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath.


“In that case, I’m glad that I saw what I saw.”


He turned towards her, looking at her through confused eyes.  “Excuse me?”


She stood in front of him and placed her hand on his chest.  “What I saw…well, it hurt.  But, I would choose to see that every day over the other option.”


When her fingers began to lightly stroke his skin, he placed his hand over hers, stilling her motion.  He gazed into her eyes, lowering his voice to a whisper.  “What are you doing?”


She exhaled slowly, lifting her free hand to the side of his neck.  “Showing you that I love you.”


When he opened his mouth to question her, she shook her head.  “Listen to me.  What you had planned to do didn’t happen.  I can’t, and won’t, hold something like that against you.  And I’m sure as hell not letting it come between us.  I think you needed to tell me, to get it off your chest, so that you can put it behind you.”


She leaned forward slightly and placed a gentle kiss on his sternum.  “Did you honestly think that I would be angry with you?”


He shuddered lightly.  “Aren’t you?”


She tilted her face upwards and looked into his eyes.  “If I were to tell you that when you mentioned divorce I thought about taking the kids back to the States…would you be angry with me?”


He tilted his head slightly.  “Did you?  Think about it?”


His grip loosened on her hand and she took the opportunity to resume the gentle strokes.  “For a split-second, yeah.  Are you angry?”


He shook his head, feeling his heart rate quicken as her thumb brushed over the thick scar tissue on his chest.  “No.”


She offered him a smile, the first smile she had given him since this conversation began.  “And why is that?”


He licked his dry lips and placed his palm against her cheek.  “Because it was an understandable reaction.  And…you chose to stay.”


The hand on his neck moved upwards, her thumb caressing his ear.  “You’re not angry because I didn’t do it.  Just like I’m not angry because you didn’t follow through on that particular plan.  And, let me say…I’m really glad you didn’t.”


“I love you.”


Her smile widened slightly.  “Anything else we need to air out right now?”


“No.”  He whispered as he glanced at her lips.


“Then…do you think you could kiss me?”


He nodded silently, lowering his lips to hers.  He kissed her slowly, patiently waiting for her to deepen the union.  When her tongue gently nudged between his lips and she untied the belt on his robe, he gasped and lowered their bodies to the couch.


As she laid back onto the cushions and pulled him on top of her, he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. 


“We can’t do this here, Buffy…”


Knowing that he was talking about the possibility of one of their children waking and walking into the living room, she smiled. 


“Take me back to bed?”


He glanced at the clock, sighing softly as she slid her hand over his hip.  “Evan will be waking soon.”


“Yeah…”  She whispered, moving her hand and circling her fingers around his quickly emerging erection.


“Shit…”  He hissed as she stroked him slowly, his hips automatically thrusting forward.  “Buffy…”


“Come here.”  She whispered huskily, licking her lips.


He raised an eyebrow at her, his hand parting her robe and moving between her thighs.  “What is it that you want?”


She shivered as his fingers slipped between her suddenly wet lips.  “You in my mouth…”


He groaned and gently pinched her clitoris.  “Bedroom…now.”


Buffy nodded and gave his cock one more firm stroke before releasing him.  He pushed himself off the couch, pulling her with him.  She grabbed his hand and led him back down the hall, quietly but quickly. 


As soon as he closed the door behind them, she turned and pushed him up against it.  He grunted softly, then groaned when her hand closed around his erection.




She grinned and shook her head, kneeling on the floor in front of him.  She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, never taking her eyes from his.  He inhaled shakily and leaned his head against the door.


“Dear Lord…”


Her nails lightly scratched his thigh as she pulled the head into her mouth.  She pressed her tongue against the frenum and he groaned again.  His fingers combed through her hair, winding the strands around them as she began to suck.


“Yes, Buffy…God, yes…”  He whispered as he gently guided her bobbing head.  “Harder, love.”


She complied readily, moaning softly when she felt his cock thicken in her mouth.  His fingers tightened in her hair, his hips thrusting against her, as she pushed him closer to orgasm.  His mind was racing, his heart pounding. 


He wanted to come and he knew he was close.  He looked down at her and groaned at the sight of her mouth sliding up and down his thick shaft.  He made a quick decision and pulled his cock from her mouth, smiling as she moaned his name in protest.


“Ssh…”  He whispered soothingly as he pulled her up to her feet. 


“But – ”


He shook his head, lifting her and turning their bodies until her back was pressed against the door.  “God, I want to fuck you.”


She wrapped her legs around him, draping her arms over his shoulders as she stared into his eyes.  “Then fuck me.  Please, Giles…make me come…I was so close…”


He reached between their bodies and easily guided his erection into her wet folds.  “I’ve always found it incredibly erotic that you can come by giving me head.”


Her response was interrupted by a strangled moan as he pushed himself into her.  He paused for a moment, his breath ragged as he fought for control.




She nodded, her nails digging into his shoulders.  “God, yes…fuck me…”


He placed his left palm flat against the door, his right hand slipping underneath her.  He gently squeezed the cheek of her ass as he began thrusting into her.  He chose a fast and hard rhythm, smiling inwardly as she moaned her appreciation.


He lightly nipped along her collarbone before moving his mouth to her throat, placing hot open-mouthed kisses over her heated flesh as his hips pounded against her.  When he felt her inner walls tighten around him, he tore his mouth away from her and stared into her eyes.


“Come for me.”  When she bit her lip to stifle her moans, he ran his tongue up her throat to her chin.  “Let go, Buffy…I can’t last much longer, love…”


The desperation in his tone proved to be her undoing.  Her body shuddered violently as her fluids washed over him.




He groaned against her skin as he continued thrusting.  When he felt her nails rake across his shoulders, he buried his head against her neck to muffle his scream of ecstasy as he came violently within her.


She tightened her arms around him as he leaned heavily against her, the sounds of their gasping breaths filling the room.




He chuckled softly, his hand moving to her thigh.  “Mm.”




“Mm?”  He mumbled, his hand gently rubbing her thigh.


“I love you.”


“I love you, Buffy.”  He whispered as he lifted his head and kissed her lips.  “I, uh…I think I need to put you down.”


She smiled as she ran her fingers through his unruly hair.  “You okay?”


“Mm, yes.  Though my back will probably disagree with me  tomorrow.”


He stepped back, sighing as his softening cock slipped from her.  He carefully lowered her, smiling as she wobbled slightly when her feet touched the floor.


He looked as though he was getting ready to say something, but was interrupted by a soft cry sounding through the monitor.  Instead he smiled and brushed the hair back from her face, taking the time to tuck a strand behind her ear.


“My turn.”


She smiled lovingly at him and pulled his robe closed before tying the belt.  “Do you need any help?”


He shook his head and gently nudged her towards the bed.  “I’m sure I’ll manage.  Besides…you need to rest.”


As the words left his mouth, she yawned.  He chuckled softly as she climbed onto the bed and slipped under the blankets. 


“I’ll be back soon.”


She nodded sleepily and sighed as he left the room, closing the door behind him.  She rolled onto her side and took a deep breath. It had been an emotional night, but she didn’t regret any of it.  Issues that had been hanging over their heads for so long had finally been put to sleep.  She promised herself that she wouldn’t keep things bottled up for so long in the future. 


She smiled as she listened to Giles sing to their youngest child.  Her eyes closed and sleep found her quickly.


There would be no more dreams of the Primordium.  She held no more anger over it.



~ End


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