Title:  Duodecim

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Two months after Sister, Sister.

Synopsis:  Just family life...no looming apocalypse.  For now.

Author’s Note:  Part XXVIII of the Giles Family Series.


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Haddie Giles climbed up on a stool and watched her father slice a banana.  She sighed heavily as he opened the cupboard door and pulled out a jar.


“I miss real peanut butter.  I don’t know why all of us have to suffer...”


Giles chuckled and opened the jar before turning to look at his daughter.  “You know exactly why, Haddie.  Would you prefer peanut butter or Evan?”


“Sometimes I’d prefer peanut butter.”  Haddie mumbled, pouting at her father as she crossed her arms over her chest.  “I don’t like the soy butter...it tastes funny.”


“Mm...so I’ve heard.”  Giles smiled, thinking not for the first time that Haddie had perfected Buffy’s pout.  “But, we found a different kind at the shops.  It’s made out of sunflower seeds and your mother says it tastes very similar to peanut butter.”


“What do you say it tastes like?”


Giles shrugged a shoulder as he covered a piece of bread with the spread in question.  “I haven’t tasted it...I don’t like peanut butter.”


Haddie blew out an exasperated breath as he carefully placed the banana slices on the bread as well.  “You’re infuriating...”


He barked out a laugh and finished off the sandwich, cutting it into triangles and placing them on a plate.  “You even sound like her.”


“Who?  Mummy?”  She asked as she took the plate from him and carefully inspected the sandwich.


“Yes.”  He answered, screwing the lid back onto the jar and returning it to the cupboard.  “Well...try it, Hadley.”


She poked the tip of her finger into the brown substance and stared at it dubiously.  “Why does Evan have to be allergic to peanuts?”


“No one knows why or how allergies occur, Haddie.  You’re allergic to bee stings, Lucas is allergic to penicillin...it’s just something that happens sometimes.”


“What’s Mummy allergic to?”


“Cats.”  Giles answered, rolling his eyes as Haddie sniffed her finger.  “Just try it...”


“I’m getting to it.  What about you?  Are you allergic to anything?”


Giles thought for a moment and then shook his head.  “No, not really.  Nothing that’s life-threatening, at any rate.”


Haddie nodded and licked her finger, her eyes widening in surprise.  “Hey, this is pretty good!”


“Excellent.  Problem solved then.”  Giles stated with a smile, leaning against the counter and glancing out the window when he heard Callie bark.


“What about Braden?  What’s he allergic to?”


Braden grinned as he walked into the kitchen, a soccer ball in his hands.  “You.”


Haddie gave him a glare and then smiled as he reached over and ruffled her hair.  “I don’t make you sneeze or swell up...”


Braden looked at his father and smiled.  “Do I want to know?”


“Haddie misses real peanut butter and doesn’t understand why everyone has to suffer for Evan’s allergy.”  Giles replied, amusement in his voice.




“God, you sound like your father.”  Buffy groaned playfully as she walked in and made her way to the refrigerator.


“What’s wrong with that?”  Braden asked, tossing the ball into the air.


“Nothing at all.”  Buffy grinned, pulling out a container of orange juice.  “Don’t throw that around in the house, Braden.”


“Lucas takes forever to get ready to do anything...”  Braden moaned, tucking the ball under his arm.


Giles chuckled and handed him a banana.  “That comes from the Summers side.”


“Watch it...”  Buffy cautioned, even though the smile was showing clearly in her eyes.


Giles gave her a wink and then turned his eyes to his oldest child.  “Will you be taking Callie with you today?”


Braden nodded as he swallowed a mouthful of banana.  “Yeah, if that’s okay.”


Giles smiled, not voicing the fact that he always felt better when they took Callie with them.  Callie was the next best thing to Oz when it came to protection.  And though his children were growing older and becoming more aware of their surroundings and dangers, he preferred them having that extra added protection.


Even if it was in the form of a seemingly silly dog.


At that particular moment, Lucas rushed in...sliding his arms into his jacket as he looked at his older brother.  “Sorry, Bay...I’m ready now.”


“What took so long?  I’ve been ready for ages...”


“Evan wanted to come.”  He answered, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket.  “Until I reminded him that today is dinosaur day.”


Haddie finished her sandwich and hopped off the stool.  She stood in front of her father and lifted her arms up.  He smiled and picked her up, his smile growing as she kissed his cheek.


“Thank you, Daddy.”  She whispered, giving him a tight hug.


“You’re welcome, darling.”  He whispered back, giving her a kiss before continuing.  “You should go get ready...Willow and Oz will be here soon.”


She nodded and grinned as he placed her back on the ground.  As she ran out of the room, Evan ran in...grinning from ear to ear. 


“I’m ready!  Is Willow and Oz here yet?”


Are Willow and Oz here yet.”  Giles corrected gently, lifting the boy up and settling him on the stool that Haddie had just vacated.  “No, but they will be soon.  You promise you’ll be good?”


“Yeah, I’ll be good.”  He gestured towards the other room and smiled.  “Dec’s awake.”


Braden smiled and tossed the ball to Lucas.  “I’ll go...”


Buffy smiled warmly.  “Thanks, Ru.”


Braden blushed lightly.  “Mum...”


Giles smirked, understanding why Braden reacted the way he had.  He remembered having a similar reaction to his own mother when she had called him by the name that only she had ever called him.  Lucas looked up as he chewed a bite of apple and furrowed his brow when he noticed the wistful look on his father’s face.


“Dad, you okay?”


“Hm?  Oh...yes.  Yes, I’m fine.  I was just thinking about something that happened many years ago, that’s all.”  He offered the boy a warm smile.  “Have you thought about what you’d like for your birthday?”


Lucas’ eyes lit up.  “We stopped in Foote’s the other day...me, Bay, and Oz...”


Giles chuckled softly.  “Oh, did you?”


Lucas nodded emphatically.  “Yeah, and there was this drumkit...”


Giles met Buffy’s eyes and smiled as Lucas continued rambling about the most beautiful set of drums he’d ever seen...in the three months that he’d been playing the drums.  He knew the set that his son was talking about...and he had to admit that it was a nice kit.  But, he also knew that it was far too advanced for Lucas.


Hopefully, Lucas wouldn’t be too disappointed in what he and Buffy had planned for him.


* * *


That night, Buffy and Giles found themselves alone.  Weeks earlier, it had been planned that Willow, Oz, Xander, and Anya would watch the four older children for them tonight.  And so they had converged on the apartments located on the fourth floor of the Council building.


Eight children and four adults...the numbers had made Anya a little nervous.  So, she enlisted the help of Ethan and Michael as well.  Not that it had taken much convincing, at all.  Especially when Ethan knew the reason that the Gileses had requested a night alone.


It was their twelfth wedding anniversary.


They had offered to take Declan too, but with the baby being only four months old, Buffy had felt better with the idea of Joyce taking him for the night.  Giles couldn’t help but agree...Declan was the most demanding of their five children.  And he wasn’t sure how the others would cope with him along with eight other children...sometimes it was hard for him to cope with Declan’s forceful demands.


As he poured a glass of wine and handed it to his wife, he raised an eyebrow.  “Are you sure about the wine?”


She smiled and took the glass from him as she nodded.  “There’s enough in the freezer that I can have a few nights off breastfeeding...”


When his gaze invariably dropped to her chest, her smile grew and she continued with her thought.


“...and it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a night of drunken debauchery.”


His eyes snapped to hers, his tongue darting out to lick his lips.  “Drunken debauchery?”


“Mm-hm.  When was the last time that we got completely smashed and spent the night in each other?  Or on each other?  Or...”


“You should stop now.”  He whispered gruffly.  “I have a magnificent dinner planned for you...and should you continue this train of thought, it will be all for naught.”


“So...you’re not opposed to the idea?”  She asked, swirling the wine in her glass before taking a sip.


“No, I’m definitely not opposed.”  He shook his head slowly, sighing as he watched her lick an errant drop of wine from her lips.  “Just...let’s get through dinner first.”


“And then presents?”  She asked, sliding closer to him.  “Because...you’re going to love my present for you...”


“I’m sure I will.”  He stated with certainty, grazing his fingertips along her jaw as he lowered his mouth and brushed his lips across hers.  “I’m hoping you feel the same about mine for you.”


“As long as it’s not a sword or a weapon of some sort, I’ll love it.”  She whispered, returning his gentle kiss.


He pulled back and shook his head lightly when she attempted to deepen the kiss.  “Not now, love.  The night is so very young...”


She exhaled slowly in an effort to calm herself.  He was right...they had all night.  No children, no looming apocalypse, no unannounced drop-ins by their friends.  It was just them...the two of them.  All night.  Alone. 


This was a rare occurrence and she nodded in agreement as she sat back, lifting her glass and lightly clinking it against his.


“To a long night...”


A slow grin appeared on his lips.  “To a long night.  Happy Anniversary, Buffy.”


“Happy Anniversary, Rupert.”  She replied, taking a sip of the warm red wine.  “Twelve years...so hard to believe...”


“That we’d still be together after twelve years?”  Giles asked, his brow furrowing.


“No, I had no doubt in the fact that we’d still be together...if I was still here.”  She replied softly.  “That’s what’s hard to believe.”


“Not hard for me.”  He whispered, gazing into her eyes.  “You are the most successful Slayer this world has ever known.  It doesn’t surprise me at all that you’re still...here.”


Buffy saw the thought of her death flicker in his eyes, along with the sadness that thought brought with it.  Shaking her head lightly, she reached up and tenderly ran her fingers through his hair.


“Not tonight, Giles.  We’re not thinking about this tonight...”  She lifted her lips to his, kissing him warmly before staring into his eyes.  “Tonight is a celebration...no bad thoughts, okay?”


He nodded slowly, allowing the sadness to give way to the arousal that was smouldering within him.  “No bad thoughts.”


She grinned as his eyes darkened.  “Dinner first, remember?”


He swallowed and gave her another nod.  “Dinner should be ready...”


Buffy licked her lips and sniffed the air.  “I can hardly wait.”


He chuckled softly and stood, gently pulling her up with him.  He could sense her arousal as surely as she could sense his. 


And he was sure that he could hardly wait as well.


Chapter Two


Ethan glanced at Michael, sighing softly as he watched his husband’s eyes follow the children around the ballroom that had been turned into a makeshift soccerfield for the night.  He reached over and gently ran his fingers through Michael’s hair.


“Do you regret it?”


Michael turned to look at him, his question showing in his eyes before he asked it.  “Regret what?”


Ethan glanced towards the playing field and shrugged a shoulder.  “Not having children.”


“No.”  Michael answered softly, gesturing towards the seven children and an Oz chasing a soccerball.  “I love them.  God, I love those kids as much as I would if they were my own.  But…I like the idea of being able to give them back at the end of the day…or the next morning.”


Ethan nodded distractedly, furrowing his brow when Xander blew the whistle.  “Hey, Harris!  Learn the rules if you insist on officiating a game!”


Xander rolled his eyes and handed the ball to Rayna for the throw-in.  Michael smiled and then looked at Ethan again…noticing that he was watching Rayna closely.


“She has your chin.”


Ethan snorted.  “Poor child.”


“Oh, I don’t know…I think it’s a very kissable chin.”  Leaning over, he brushed his lips over Ethan’s chin.  “See?”


“Mm.  You…should stop that, you know.”  Ethan whispered, his eyes darkening slightly when Michael smiled adoringly at him.


“Do you regret it?”  Michael echoed Ethan’s earlier question.


Ethan took a deep breath and released it slowly before shaking his head.  “I’m rather sure I’d have made a horrible father.”


“I’m not.”  Michael stated with certainty.  “I see you with them…that’s not how a man who would’ve been a ‘horrible father’ would act.”


“Yeah, well…”  He rested his hand on Michael’s thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze before he grinned.  “We can give them back at the end of the day…or the following morning…can’t we?”


Michael chuckled, quickly placing his hand over Ethan’s when he felt the subtle slide up his thigh.  “Stop that…”


“What?  Rupert and Buffy the only ones who get to – ”


Michael stopped him quickly with a look that openly displayed his arousal.  “No.  But, we’re not doing it here.  So, calm yourself down and watch the game…”


Ethan smirked and leaned back in his chair, his eyes darting over to Anya who was feeding River.  “I do make cute kids, though…”


Michael rolled his eyes playfully and leaned against Ethan’s shoulder. 


* * *


Buffy laughed as he lifted the spoon to her mouth.  “I can’t believe you made everything with chocolate...”


Giles grinned and tapped the spoon, laden with a rich chocolate mousse, against her bottom lip.  “You like chocolate.  I like you.”


She accepted the offering and swallowed quickly, licking her lips and looking into his eyes.  “You like me?”


“Mm...”  He murmured, his eyes darting to her lips.  “Hopefully more than you like chocolate.”


Buffy snorted and reached for her glass of wine.  “You’re drunk.”


“As are you.”  He responded, taking a drink from his own glass.  “Sadly, there was no chocolate wine to be found.”


“Well, there’s chocolate liqueur...”


He smiled and finished his wine.  “What do you think was in the soufflé?”


“Where did you find a recipe for a chocolate roast anyway?”


“Spanish Roast.”  He corrected gently, lifting a chocolate coated ring of red chilli to her lips.  “I’m Head of Council.”


She chewed the pepper and raised an eyebrow at him.  “You’re Head of Council?  That’s how you found a recipe for Spanish Roast?”


He chuckled and shook his head, popping a ring of chilli into his mouth.  “No...I knew I wanted to use chocolate...I know the Spanish use a fair bit of chocolate in their cooking.  I called Ximen...he was able to provide a few ideas for me.”


“Remind me to thank him the next time he’s in London for a Watcher’s Meeting.”  Buffy murmured as she fingered Giles’ tie.  “And...I like you a lot more than I like chocolate.”


“Oh?”  He whispered as she pulled his tie loose.


“Yeah...the only thing I think I’d like more than you is...”  She met his eyes as she unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt.  “You smeared with chocolate...”


He glanced at the table, specifically the cooling chocolate sauce he’d made for the dinner, and grinned.  “I’m sure something could be arranged...”


“Presents first.” 


He looked down as her fingers continued unbuttoning his shirt.  “Then perhaps you should stop undressing me...”


“What’s wrong with naked gift-giving?”  She countered playfully.  “Chances are, our gifts are gonna turn into us being naked anyway...”


“Drunken logic.”  He chuckled, gently pulling her hands from his clothing.  “Come...presents, then bed.”


“Or living room floor?”  She asked as he stood and pulled her up with him.  “It’s been so long since we’ve had the opportunity to have sex anywhere other than our bedroom.”


He licked his lips and led her into the living room.  “Wherever you want me, you can have me...”


Her eyes lit up, her hand grabbing another bottle of wine as they passed the wine rack.


* * *


Braden smiled proudly as Lucas kicked the ball past Oz and into the net.  Seeing a shimmer out of the corner of his left eye, he turned and got Willow’s attention. 


“Hey, Will?  Wanna do a sub for a few?”


Willow grinned and glanced at her husband.  “Sure thing, Braden…I love scoring against Oz!”


Hearing Anya snort, Willow rolled her eyes.  “You know…you’d think after all these years you’d quit taking everything as a sexual innuendo.”


Anya grinned and kissed a sleeping River’s head before meeting Willow’s eyes.  “And you’d think after all these years you’d quit saying everything in a way that you know I’m going to take as a sexual innuendo.”


Willow stared at her for a moment and then laughed, reaching down to stroke the sleeping girl’s hair before jogging out to take Braden’s place.  Braden smiled at her and jerked his thumb towards his brother.


“Luke can take it from either side, but…he prefers the right.  Oz’ll catch on pretty quick though, so try to force Luke to the left…”


“Everything okay, Bear?”  She chuckled when Braden turned a light shade of pink.  “I’m sorry, Braden…you’ll always be my BradenBear, though.”


“You know I’m almost twelve…”


“Yeah.  And you’ll still be BradenBear when you’re fifty.”


Braden sighed heavily.  The shimmer caught his attention again and the slight annoyance he had felt with Willow disappeared.  Xander gave a quick pip on his whistle and Braden grinned.


“Remember…force him to the left.  It’s for his own good if he plans to play at school…”


Before Willow could question him further, he ran off the makeshift field…giving a wave to Ethan and Michael before making his way towards the corner of the room.  Ethan waved back, narrowing his eyes slightly as he wondered where the boy was going.


Ethan leaned forward and stared in disbelief as he watched Braden talk to…no one.  Or to clarify, no one that Ethan could see.


“Ethan?”  Michael asked, following Ethan’s line of vision.


“I thought Haddie was the only oracle they have.”


Michael darted his eyes to Ethan and then smacked his shoulder.  “You know how much Rupert hates it when you call Haddie an oracle!”


“Yeah, but it’s fun watching him get all worked up over it.”  Ethan chuckled, nodding as he continued to watch Braden.  “Who is he talking to?  Do you see anyone?”


“No, but…”  He trailed off when Ethan gasped.  “What is it?”




“Katie?  How do you know it’s Katie?”


“I read his lips.”  Ethan shook his head as his smile grew.  “He did it.”


Michael smiled softly as Braden looked up at the spirit and laughed.  “Who did what?”


“Rupert.”  Ethan rubbed the back of his neck as he sat back in his chair.  “The bastard said he’d find a way for Braden and Katie to communicate…and he did.”


“But…wouldn’t he have told you?”  Michael asked, turning his eyes to Ethan.


Ethan looked into Michael’s eyes and smiled.  “No…it wasn’t his news to tell.  This is Braden’s story.  Rupert wouldn’t dream of taking that away from his son.”


“He wouldn’t even tell you?”


Ethan’s eyes darted to Michael’s lips and then resumed the mutual gaze.  “No.  That’s one of the things about Rupert that pushed me into a friendship with him when we were young.  You can tell him anything…and it stays with him.  Unless there’s a danger to someone…in that case, he’ll tell someone who can help him.”


Ethan glanced at Braden and sighed softly.  “There was no danger here.”


Michael took in the scene across the room and tilted his head thoughtfully.  “He looks happy about it.  I was worried when he found out about Katie that there’d be some jealousy issues…”


“I’m sure there were.”  Ethan replied.  “But that child is so much like his father…he wouldn’t have announced his issues to everyone.  Rupert would’ve discussed it with him though, there would’ve been a family meeting about it or something, I’m sure.”


Michael looked at him and arched an eyebrow.  “Now who sounds jealous?”


“Not jealous.”  Ethan disagreed with a smile.  “I admire Rupert for being so different than his own father when it comes to parenting skills.  If his own father had shown his affection for his son…well, things would’ve been much different.”


Ethan thought about his statement for a moment and then huffed softly.  “Of course, had that happened…Rupert wouldn’t have left the Academy and I never would’ve met him.  Suppose I should thank Father Giles for that.”


Michael nodded in agreement and leaned over to place a tender kiss on Ethan’s cheek before looking out onto the field.  The younger children had already taken themselves off to the side and Braden had rejoined his brother.  The two oldest Giles children versus Oz and Willow.  Michael glanced at his watch and realized that it was nearly time to call a halt to the game.


“You do realize that as soon as we get these kids to sleep, I’m going to make love to you…right?”


Ethan licked his lips and slid his hand back to Michael’s thigh.  “I was hoping.”


“I love you, EJ.”  Michael whispered, his thumb stroking Ethan’s cheek.


Ethan’s reply was lost when they heard a smack, the sound of a soccerball bouncing across the floor, and then the thud of something hitting the floor.  This was followed quickly by the unmistakable sound of Lucas crying out in pain.


Chapter Three


Buffy gave Giles a tipsy grin as he popped the cork on the bottle of wine.  “So...presents now?”


Giles regarded her carefully, giving her a slow nod before refilling her glass and setting it to the side.  He gestured across the room and cleared his throat.  “Yours is there.”


Buffy looked to where he had gestured and narrowed her eyes when she saw the large silk-covered item in front of the window.  “Huh.  Why didn’t I see that earlier?”


Giles smiled as he stood and took her hand, pulling her up next to him.  “Because it wasn’t there earlier.”  He shook his head when she reached for the glass of wine.  “After presents, yes?”


“Okay.”  She whispered, quickly making her way over to the window.  She ran her fingers lightly across the silk covering and smiled warmly at him.  “Can I?”


“Of course.  Just...be careful and lift the silk from the front...”


Buffy narrowed her eyes in confusion, but did as he instructed.  The silk felt cool under her fingers and her eyes widened as the material slowly exposed the item underneath.


“A telescope?”


Giles’ eyes sparkled as he took the silk from her, draping it over the chair before clearing his throat.  “Careful not to move it...but have a look now, love.”


She looked at him curiously and then carefully looked into the telescope.  “It’s a star...which is what I would expect to see at night when I look into the – ”


“The star is called Duodecim Gilesean.”  Giles interrupted, his voice soft and barely hiding his nerves.  “It, uh...the constellation it is a part of is called Lyra.”


Buffy lifted her eyes and stared in wonder at him.  “You bought me a star?”


“What?  No...no, you can’t buy a star.  But...you can adopt one, for lack of a better term.”


“Giles...”  She breathed, her surprise evident in her tone.


He cleared his throat and glanced past her, darting his eyes to the stars twinkling in the night sky.  “The constellation Lyra is said to have been formed by Zeus when Orpheus was killed by the Bacchantes...”


A quick shift of his eyes to her face brought about the realization that Buffy wasn’t in the mood for a lesson in mythology.  And the look in her eyes did nothing to stop the urge to pull her into his arms...his sheer willpower was the only thing that actually kept him from doing just that.


“I, uh...was at a loss as to what to get you this year.”  He admitted with a smile, moving close enough to her that he could lightly brush his fingers through her hair.  “Things have been so hectic lately and...”


“It’s perfect, Giles.”  She whispered, sliding her hand up his chest.  “I love you so much.”


He swallowed thickly when her hand came to a rest on the side of his neck.  “I love you too.”


Buffy grinned and stepped forward, pressing her body against his.  “That was a naughty, naughty thought that just went through your head.”


“Mm.”  He murmured, sliding his hands down her sides and then to the small of her back.  “Much like the thought that’s going through yours right now.”


She raised an eyebrow and scratched her nails against his neck.  “So you want to undress me, tie me up, pour wine all over my...well, I don’t have a cock, so...”


What little shred of willpower he was holding on to slipped through his grip.  With a low growl, he covered her mouth with his as he dragged her away from the window.  He broke the kiss long enough to drop to his knees in front of the fireplace, gazing up at her for a moment before pulling her down with him.


“Your present!”  Buffy started, pausing when Giles unceremoniously pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the side.


“It can wait, love.” 


“But...”  She gasped as he leaned forward and covered a lace-clad nipple with his warm mouth.  “Oh, God...”


He smiled against her breast as his fingers quickly pulled his shirt buttons free.  He lifted his head and stared into her eyes as he shrugged his shirt off and dropped it on top of her discarded dress.


“It can wait, yes?”  He reached out and popped the clasp open on the front of her bra.  “It’s not...alive or anything?”


She inhaled sharply as his fingertips grazed her hardened nipples.  “No, it’s not alive...”


“Good.”  He mumbled, gently pushing her to the floor and kneeling between her legs.  “Inanimate objects can wait until I’ve tasted your come mixed with...”  He glanced at the bottle of wine resting on the coffee table and chuckled.  “Reisling?”


“First bottle I grabbed...didn’t look...”  She panted as her fingers made short work of his belt and trousers, pushing them along with his boxers down his thighs.  “Giles...”


He smiled and took a long drink straight from the bottle.  He closed his eyes briefly when he felt her fingers curl around his erection.  Opening his eyes, he gazed down at her as he swallowed the wine and then quickly leaned over her, capturing her lips in a searing kiss.


She barely heard the material of her underwear rip, but she smiled inwardly when she felt him pull the ruined slip of silk away.  She opened her eyes when he ended the kiss and lifted his body from hers.


“What’s wrong?”  She asked as she sat up, pausing when she felt her head swim from the alcohol.


“You’re naked, I’m not.”  He grumbled, thrusting the bottle of wine towards her.  “Here...”


She chuckled and took the bottle, lifting it to her lips as he quickly rid himself of his remaining clothing.  She placed the bottle on the hearth behind her and stared into the eyes of her husband, laughing softly as she tilted her head.


“God, you’re drunk.”


“That’s already been established.”  He replied, reaching for her hand and guiding it back to his erection.  “You wanted debauchery...”


“So did you.”  She countered as she started to stroke his hard flesh.  “Duodecim?”


“Twelve.”  He groaned, slipping his left hand between her thighs as he thrust his hips against her hand.  “Harder, Buffy...”


She tightened her grip and let out a groan of her own as his middle finger pushed its way into her warmth.  “You...you should fuck me...”


“Busy.”  He mumbled, pushing a second finger into her.  “Lie down.”


She glanced at his hard cock in her hand and licked her lips.  “If I lay down, I won’t be able to reach you like this.”


He stared lustfully into her eyes, a small grin playing at his lips.  “And if you continue, I’m going to come far too soon...”


She licked her lips and continued her firm strokes.  “Then come.  Come all over me...and then you can do what you really want to do right now.”


His fingers twisted inside of her, his thumb rolling her clitoris, as he struggled to hold on.  Knowing that his body was betraying him, giving in to her touch, he took a deep breath.  He felt his chance approach, her grip lessening as her body reacted to his thrusting fingers.  In a move that surprised her, he quickly pulled his fingers out of her and pulled her hand from his cock as he knelt between her thighs.




He chuckled and pushed his erection into her as he traced her lips with his wet fingers.  When she opened her mouth and hungrily sucked his digits into her mouth, he began to move his hips in short, hard thrusts. 


“What I really want?  This...you tasting yourself while I fuck you.  And then...I’m going to taste yourself on your own tongue as I come...”  He growled as she cleaned his fingers of her juices. 


She pulled her mouth from his fingers and stared into his eyes as she shook her head quickly.  “Too…too fast…come too soon…”


He paused his motion and swallowed thickly.  “Sorry, I…”


“Shh…make love to me for a while.  We have all night, Giles.”  She whispered as she slipped her hand to the back of his neck and drew his lips to hers.


The sudden shift from frantic to tender was nearly his undoing.  As her tongue slid between his lips and her legs wrapped around his hips, he shuddered.  He successfully kept his orgasm at bay, lengthening his strokes as much as her legs would allow.


He pulled from the kiss and straightened his arms, smiling as he looked down at her.  “You...look so beautiful.”


Buffy gave a sound that was half snort and half moan, causing Giles to chuckle and raise an eyebrow at her. 


“I’m sorry...what was that?”


Buffy glared at him and then ran her nails over his left nipple, causing his chuckle to give way to a rumbling groan.  Her glare softened as she smiled.


“Same as that...”


He narrowed his eyes, mischief flashing in them as he supported his weight with his right arm and reached for the bottle of reisling, all the while maintaining his slow and steady pace.  As his eyes drifted over her torso, her breath hitched. 


“Alright?”  He questioned softly as he looked back to her eyes.


“God yeah...”  She breathed, darting her gaze to the bottle in his hand.  “Where’s that going?”


He paused his thrusts and licked his lips.  “Deciding.”


“Jesus, don’t stop!”


He gave a crooked grin and flicked his eyes to her throat.  “Be still, love.”


Her eyes widened as he tilted the bottle.  Her back arched as she felt the liquid splash against her skin before pooling in the hollow of her throat.  Her nails dug into his sides as she heard the sound of thick glass against stone as he placed the bottle back onto the hearth. 


And then she felt it.  His tongue against her flesh, his lips caressing her skin as he lapped the fluid from her.  Her legs tightened around him as her hips bucked against him. 


He smiled against her skin as he felt her inner walls clench around his cock.


It wouldn’t be long…for either of them.


Chapter Four


“Should we take him to the hospital?”  Anya asked as she knelt next to Lucas.


Lucas glared at her and rubbed his shoulder.  Willow successfully held her laughter when she saw the perfected ‘Giles’ glare.


“Um…I don’t think so.”  Michael stated softly as checked the back of Lucas’ head.  “Just a small bump, no blood…”


Braden exhaled a deep breath and smiled at his younger brother.  “That wasn’t exactly what I meant by ‘hit it with your head’, Luke.”


Lucas turned his glare to Braden and rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, I got that…thanks.”


Oz snorted a laugh and kicked the soccer ball across the room.  “Come on.  Now that we know there’s no need for a trip to the hospital and there’s no blood, no severed limbs, no stitches needed…it’s bath and bed time.”


As the children, with the exception of Evan, followed Oz and Willow out of the ballroom, Michael looked up at Ethan and furrowed his brow.  “You okay, EJ?”


Ethan nodded slowly, picking Evan up and sighing as the young boy rested his sleepy head on his shoulder.  “Yeah, I just…well, that was worrisome.”


Michael stood up and brushed his palms against his jeans.  “He’ll be bruised and a bit sore, but…he’ll be fine.”


Ethan swallowed, rubbing Evan’s back as he felt the boy relax in his arms…a sure sign that sleep was near.  “It was…the sound, more than anything.”


Michael smiled in understanding, gesturing around the room.  “The acoustics in here are brilliant.  However...it also makes a fall and a cry sound worse than they really are.” 


He glanced at the boy in Ethan’s arms and chuckled.  “He’s asleep...”


Ethan smiled softly.  “So, we put him to bed…and then put us to bed?”


Michael grinned and slid his arm around Ethan’s back.


* * *


“Christ!  Buffy…”  Giles groaned, sliding his hands to her hips and squeezing as she rode him.


“Quit…holding out…Rupert…”  She gasped, feeling her third orgasm quickly approaching. 


“I just…”  He started, then paused as she slammed her hips down on his and stared into his eyes.  “Buffy?”


“All night, Giles.  We have…all fucking night…”  She resumed her pace, faster and harder than before, closing her eyes at the sound of his thick guttural groan.  “Come now…please…”




She gave a huff of annoyance and pulled his hands from her hips.  Lacing their fingers together she leaned forward and pressed the backs of his hands to the cushions under his head.  Staring into his eyes, she rocked her hips against him and grinned.


“Come now…and I’ll fuck you later.”


He curled his fingers over her hands and lifted his head enough to nip at her bottom lip.  “You’re…fucking me…now…”


A grin played on her lips as she shook her head.  “No…I’m riding you…right now.”


Understanding flickered in his darkened green eyes.  “Jesus…”


“That’s it…”  She groaned as his hips slammed up against hers.  “God, yes…Ru...pert!”


He didn’t even try to hold on throughout her next orgasm, allowing her hot juices smothering his cock to take him over the edge with her.  When she collapsed onto his heaving chest, he pulled his hands free from her grip and wrapped his arms around her.


“Bloody…hell…”  He whispered on a broken gasp, rolling to his side as he peppered her face with kisses.


“Okay?”  Buffy whispered, reaching for the errant bottle of wine and taking a drink before handing it to him.


He nodded numbly, taking the bottle with a trembling hand.  “All night, huh?”


She grinned and ran her hand over his sweaty chest as he rolled back onto his back and lifted the bottle to his lips.  “Mm-hm…all night.”


He reached out and gently rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he swallowed a mouthful of the wine.  “Then we should pace ourselves, love.”


Buffy nodded in agreement and leaned into him, placing a warm kiss on his lips.  “You still have your present to open…”


He smirked and raised an eyebrow.  “You’re not it?”


“If I’d known you’d be happy with just a night of sex…”


He cut her off with a kiss, sliding his hand down to her bare hip as his tongue swept into her mouth.  As quickly as the kiss had started, he pulled back and shook his head lightly.


“I’d have been happy with anything…or nothing.  Just a smile from you would’ve been enough, Buffy.”


Buffy’s eyes glistened as he stroked her hair.  “You…and your words…”


“You understood that?”  At her silent question, he shrugged a shoulder and glanced at the nearly empty bottle of wine.  “Wasn’t sure if it was drunken logic.”


She took the bottle from his hand and set it to the side.  “It’s Giles logic, drunken or not.  And I love you.”


“I love you.”  He whispered, leaning into her and brushing his lips over her collarbone.  “I love you so much, Buffy.”


She sighed, content to feel his lips graze her skin for a few moments before remembering that she had been going to get his gift before he had stopped her with his words.  “Giles…”


“Mm?”  He murmured, sliding his lips up the side of her neck.




“Later.”  He whispered into her ear before nibbling on her lobe.


“No, now…”  She shook her head and gently pushed him back, glancing at the clock as she scrambled to her feet.  “You could check on the kids while…”


She trailed off when she looked back at him to find him unabashedly roaming his eyes over her nude body.  “Giles…”


His eyes flicked to hers, a smile appearing on his lips.  “Do you really expect me not to look at you?”


She returned his smile and ran a hot gaze over his body.  “I’ll be back in a minute.  Give Ethan a call, okay?”


“Yeah…”  He muttered, running his right hand over his chest as he watched her saunter out of the room. 


With a heavy sigh, he reached for the phone.


* * *


Michael reached for the phone, groaning as Ethan lightly scraped his teeth along the hard shaft of Michael’s cock.  Ethan’s eyes flashed with amusement as Michael’s fingers curled against the top of his head, halting Ethan’s movements as he flipped the phone open.


“H’lo?”  He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath and opening his eyes.  “Mm-hm...hold on, yeah?”


Ethan slowly pulled his mouth from Michael’s erection, flicking his tongue against the head as Michael handed the phone to him.  “Who is it?”


“S’Rupert...”  Michael answered, wrapping his fingers around his shaft and stroking slowly.  “Don’t be long, EJ...”


Ethan licked his lips, his eyes hungrily watching Michael’s hand slide up and down, and lifted the phone to his ear.  “Rupe?”


Giles chuckled softly.  “Sorry to int’rupt...just, uh...checkin’ on the kids...”


Ethan grinned at the slurred voice on the line.  “You’re drunk.”


“Mm, yeah...”


“You’re drunk...and calling me.  Shouldn’t you be fucking your wife right now?”  Ethan flinched as Michael slapped his shoulder.  He laughed as he listened to Giles’ reply.  “Well, then...sounds like you’re having a wonderful night.”


“Ethan!”  Michael hissed on a whisper, earning him a bright grin from his husband.


“The kids are fine, Rupert...no severed limbs, no stitches, no blood...”  He knelt between Michael’s thighs and wrapped his hand around his own erection as he watched Michael continue to stroke his cock.  “Maybe a couple of bruises, but nothing that requires a trip to the doctor.”


Ethan bit his lip to stifle a groan as Michael reached up with his free hand and gently tweaked Ethan’s nipple.  “They’re, uh...they’re all asleep...dreaming the dreams of princes and fairies, I’m sure.”


Giles smiled.  Ethan may have tried to mask the noise, but he recognized the hesitation in his friend’s voice for what it was. 


“Talk to you t’morrow, Ethan.”  Giles licked his lips as Buffy walked back into the room, a large package in her arms.  “ ‘ave a good night, yeah?”


“Mm-hm...yeah...you too, Rupe.”


And just like that, the conversation was over. 


Ethan tossed the phone onto the bedside table as he leaned over Michael and supported his weight with his left hand next to Michael’s head.  “Jesus, Mike...”


Michael smiled and curled his right leg over Ethan’s hip as Ethan nudged the head of his erection against his anus.  “Love you, EJ...”


“You too.”  Ethan growled softly, pushing his hips forward as he captured Michael’s mouth with his own.


* * *


“Everything okay?”  Buffy asked as she carefully placed the large package on the floor and knelt next to Giles.


Giles nodded slowly, his gaze dropping to her chest as he licked his lips.  “Kids’re alright...Ethan and Michael are having sex...and my God, I want your nipple between my lips...”


“Giles!”  Buffy laughed as he pulled her onto his lap.  “You have to open your present!”


“It can wait.”  He murmured, lowering his mouth to the firm slope of her breast.


“It’s waited all night...”  Her hands tightened on his shoulders as she shivered, feeling his tongue flick over her left nipple.  “God, Giles...please...”


“Please what, love?”  He whispered against her skin.


“Please...open your present...”  She replied, grinding her hips against his as she curled her fingers in his hair and gently tugged his mouth from her breast.  “And then you can have whatever part of my body you want in your mouth...”


“Yeah?”  He whispered, his eyes shining brightly as his hands slid down to her waist.


“Yeah.”  She answered softly, leaning forward and brushing her lips across his.  “Please, Giles...”


He nodded slowly and gently smacked her hip in a request for her to climb off of him.  He smiled as she granted the request, moving off of his lap and reaching for his discarded shirt.  He gave a disappointed sigh as she slipped the shirt on and buttoned it closed. 


She chuckled and gave him a wink as she gestured towards the gift that had been wrapped in gold foil.  He gave her a loving smile and then reached for the package.  His eyes narrowed as he pulled it closer to him.


“Heavier than I was expecting.”


“It’s not a puzzle for you to figure out, Giles...”  She laughed, sitting back on her heels.  “Open it...”


He regarded her carefully, his smile growing as his fingers pulled the tape free.  “You’re excited enough for the both of us.  What have you done?”


She rolled her eyes and stared at him expectantly.  “Open it and see!”


He laughed gently and nodded, turning his attention back to the gift.  He lifted the foil from the contents and narrowed his eyes.  He ran his fingers along the woodgrain case and took a deep breath.






He swallowed and flicked the latches on the side open, carefully lifting the lid.  He gasped softly, his eyes widening as the contents came into view.


“My God, Buffy...”  He whispered, grazing his fingertips over the finely crafted wooden body of the instrument.  “You...it’s a Lowden.”


“I...had a bit of help.”  Buffy stated softly, watching him as he carefully lifted the guitar out of the case.  “I knew what I wanted it to look like, but Oz helped me decide on which woods to ask for...”


“How did you know?”


Buffy smiled as he pulled the afghan over his lap and rested the instrument on his thigh.  “It’s hard not to pay attention when your husband is arguing with his best friend over Lowden versus Gibson.  Of course...Oz agrees with you, but said that Gibson is a decent choice if a Lowden isn’t on the table...”


Giles grinned as his fingers lightly strummed the strings.  “I’ve wanted a Lowden for years...”


“Yeah, that’s what Ethan said.”  She leaned forward and placed a warm kiss on his lips.  “Play for me?”


He smiled and returned her kiss before positioning his fingers on the ebony fingerboard. 


Chapter Five


Anya narrowed her eyes as Michael and Ethan made their way into the kitchen.  She handed River to Ethan and then turned and smacked Xander’s shoulder.


“Ow!  What was that for?”  Xander grumbled, rubbing his shoulder.


“They had sex too!  We’re the only ones who didn’t have sex last night!”


Ethan smirked as Willow blushed.  Clearing his throat, he looked around the room.  “And the children?”


Oz took a sip of his coffee and then sat back in his chair.  “Braden took them on a tour of the museum.”


Ethan rolled his eyes and sat down at the table, lightly bouncing River on his knee.  “Leave it to Rupert to put a museum in the bloody Council building...”


Willow smiled and leaned against Oz’s shoulder.  “I think it’s sweet.  I mean...he did it for Braden and Lucas because they love museums so much.”


Ethan glanced at Oz’s wrist and narrowed his eyes.  “You have a piece of leather fraying there, mate.”


“Yeah...I was going to talk to Giles about it this afternoon...”


Anya huffed and flopped down in a chair next to Xander.  “Great...they all have sex and Oz is going to turn into a werewolf soon...”


Xander stared at her, confusion showing in his dark eyes.  “What?”


She gestured at Oz’s wrist and sighed.  “That piece of leather breaks and it’s Wolf Time.”


Xander turned his eyes to Oz.  “Really?”


“Well, not until a full moon...”  Oz drawled, causing Ethan to chuckle.


River looked up at Ethan and giggled, clapping her hands happily.


* * *


Buffy smiled as she climbed into the shower behind Giles.  He was currently leaning forward, his palms against the wall and his head lowered...allowing the hot water to cascade down his back.  He jumped slightly as she slid her arms around his waist and pressed her lips over the numerous scratches on his skin.


“You okay?”


“Mm...”  He mumbled, bending his arms and resting his forehead against the tiles.  “You?”


“Better than you.”  She chuckled, sliding her hands up his chest.  “What’s done you in, babe?  Sex or alcohol?”


He snorted softly and took hold of her hand, pushing it towards his groin.  He lifted his head as he held her hand over his quickly emerging erection. 


“Safe to say it’s not sex.”  Buffy noted, an amused tone in her voice. 


“Yes...safe to say.”  He stated, barely audible over the sound of the shower.  He turned slowly and leaned back against the wall.  “Did you come in to get clean?”


“That was the original idea...” 




“Yeah...”  She licked her lips and reached up, angling the showerhead to the side.  “Ideas can change.”


“That, they can.”  He replied, lifting his hand and running his fingers through her damp hair.  He smiled as he noticed the faint bruise surrounding the scar on the side of her neck.  “What is the current idea?”


“Watching you.”


He raised an eyebrow as he ran the tip of his index finger down the slope of her breast.  “Watching me?”


“Mm...God, yeah...”


He licked his lips and glanced at the showerhead.  “We’ll, uh...run out of hot water...”


With a grin, she reached over and turned the spray off.  “Let me watch you.”


“Here?”  He asked, even as his left hand curled around his hardening shaft.  “In a wet shower stall?”


“Mm-hm...”  She murmured, licking her lips as she lowered her gaze to his hard cock in his hand.  “Here...now...”


He moved his hand in a long, slow stroke and took a shaky breath.  “And...what are you going to do?”


“What do you want me to do?”  She countered, groaning softly as she saw a drop of fluid appear at the tip of his cock.


“Kiss me.”


Her eyes darted to his.  “If I kiss you, then I can’t watch you...”


“You could feel me though...you could feel my hand sliding up and down my cock...”  His breath hitched as she placed her hand on his chest.  “You could feel my come against your stomach as you fuck my mouth with your tongue...”


“Shit...”  She gasped, pressing her body closer to him.  “Oh...God...”


She could feel him...each movement he made, the feel of his wet glans against her skin getting wetter with each stroke of his hand.  Without another thought, she slid her left hand into his wet hair and drew his mouth down to hers.


His right hand moved over her hip, his fingers flexing against the cheek of her ass as their tongues duelled for control of the kiss.  He smiled as she broke the kiss, moaning loudly when he gave the firm flesh a sharp slap. 


He gazed into her eyes, squeezing her cheek again.  “You’re going to come.”


Her nails dug into his shoulders as she writhed against his body, her forehead pressed to his chest as she whimpered his name.  Feeling his own orgasm quickly approaching, he slapped her ass again, thrusting his hips against her as she screamed his name.


“Oh, fuck...”  He murmured, sliding his hand to her back and holding her against him as his cock throbbed in his hand.  “Coming...Christ, Buffy...coming...”


Her nails broke his skin as she felt his hot come splatter against her stomach, but he didn’t feel it.  And even if he had...he wouldn’t have cared.


* * *


Joyce arrived first, not mentioning the distinct half-moon gouges she noticed on Giles’ wrist as he reached for Declan.  Declan giggled as his father held him high in the air.


“I think someone missed you last night.”  Joyce laughed as Declan snuggled against Giles’ chest when he was lowered. 


Giles darted his eyes to Joyce.  “Were there any problems?”


“What?  Oh, no...”  She gestured to the baby and smiled lovingly.  “He was actually an angel.”


Buffy snorted as she walked into the room, a bottle in her hand.  “Yeah, right...we’re talking about Declan Kingsley Giles, Mom...”


Declan looked up at his mother when he heard his full name and then grinned when he saw the bottle.  Buffy handed the bottle to Giles and kissed her son’s head.


“I love him dearly, but...we’re pretty aware of the fact that he’s demanding.”  Buffy smiled as she gently stroked the baby’s fine hair.


“No more demanding than you were at his age.”  Joyce offered, glancing at the front door when she heard the unmistakable sound of Anya bickering with Xander.


Giles grinned and pushed the nipple of the bottle into Declan’s mouth.  “See?  I knew you got it from your mother.”


Buffy playfully slapped Giles’ shoulder and then turned her attention to their other four children as they made their way into the living room, Haddie riding on Braden’s back...Lucas rubbing his head...and Evan rambling excitedly about something that Buffy couldn’t decipher.  She grinned and then laughed as the adults walked in, looking worn and exhausted.


“Hi, Uncle Giles!”  Maria smiled cheerfully as she looked up at Giles. 


Giles smiled and sat down on the couch, carefully balancing Declan as Maria climbed up next to him.  “Hi, Maria...did you have a good time last night?”


Maria nodded quickly and reached over to rub Declan’s foot.  “Yeah...Jake and Rayna kept fighting though.  Can I hold him after he’s finished his lunch?”


Buffy smiled at the interaction between her husband and Willow’s daughter and tilted her head towards the kitchen.  Willow nodded in acknowledgement and followed her best friend into the other room.


Giles leaned down and kissed the top of the girl’s head.  “Of course, you can.”


Maria grinned excitedly and then glanced at her father.  “Oh and Daddy needs to talk to you about leather.”


“Leather?”  Giles questioned and then met Oz’s eyes.  “Leather?”


“Oh...”  Oz shrugged and lifted his wrist.  “I’m fraying.”


Giles nodded in understanding.  “I’ll have a look after lunch.  Should be as simple as replacing the leather and blessing it.”


Lucas sighed heavily and sat down next to Giles as Maria slid off the couch to go play with Haddie.  As he leaned his head against the cushions and closed his eyes, Giles furrowed his brow.


“Lucas?  Is everything alright?”


“Head hurts.”  Lucas mumbled, rubbing at the large knot and wincing.


“Oh, yeah...”  Anya piped up, handing River to Xander as she started her explanation in the most helpful way she knew.  “Lucas has inherited your habit of getting knocked out.”


“What?”  Giles’ eyes widened in alarm as he looked at Lucas.  “You were knocked unconscious?”


“Rupert, calm down...”  Ethan stated gently, shooting a glare at Anya.  “He wasn’t knocked out.  He fell and hit his head...”


“Doctor Mike said he was gonna be a-okay!”  Evan added, smiling brightly at Michael.  “Isn’t he, Michael?”


Michael nodded and ruffled the boy’s hair.  “Yeah, mate...he’s going to be just fine.”


“Just a headache, Dad...really.”  Lucas whispered, opening his eyes when he felt his father’s fingers carefully examine the lump.  “Didn’t even bleed.”


“Bleed?  What didn’t bleed?”  Buffy asked, concern in her voice as she walked into the room with a large platter of sandwiches.  She narrowed her eyes as she watched Giles hand Declan to Ethan and then hold up three fingers in front of Lucas’ face.  “And...why are you doing concussion checks on our son?”


Xander heaved a heavy sigh and reached up to take the platter from Buffy.  “Because my girlfriend decided to scare Giles.”


As Buffy rushed over to the couch, Braden shook his head.  “Mum, he’s fine...he just got hit in the head with a soccerball and then...hit his head on the floor.”


“The floor?”  Buffy asked, doing a thorough examination of the lump herself.  “What floor?”


“The ballroom floor.”  Braden answered without thought.


Giles stared at Ethan.  “You let them play football in the ballroom?”


“Hey, don’t blame me, Rupe.  It was his idea...”  Ethan stated, gesturing to Xander.


As Giles looked at Xander for an explanation, Xander handed a sandwich to Anya and sighed again.  “Thanks, An...”


Oz smirked and absently toyed with the frayed piece of leather encircling his wrist.


Once the commotion had died down and Giles and Buffy were satisfied that Lucas wasn’t concussed or had any other serious injury, Willow demanded to see the anniversary gifts.


Oz and Xander exchanged a glance as their respective partners both became teary-eyed over Giles’ gift to Buffy.  Giles blushed as the women gushed over the star and cleared his throat.


Joyce chuckled and pulled Evan onto her lap.


As she looked around the room, she was surprised that twelve years had passed so quickly.  And then her eyes settled on her son-in-law and she knew, without a doubt, that without him the last twelve years would have probably been very different. 


Giles glanced in her direction, doing a double-take when he noticed the tears glistening in Joyce’s eyes.  She shook her head quickly, letting him know that she was okay and offered him a warm smile.


He returned the smile and gave her a gentle nod, understanding the emotions he had seen in her eyes when she darted her gaze to her only daughter.  Twelve years, demons and vampires, five grandchildren, extended family...he could understand the emotions.


After all, her daughter was the Slayer...and her son-in-law was the Watcher. 


He smiled broadly as his daughter ran into the room, Maria, Jake, and Rayna right on her heels.


He wouldn’t change the last twenty years of his life for anything...even if he could.



~ End


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