Title:  Biology

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Six months after the end of Mark of the Thorn.

Synopsis:  Joyce is in England on vacation.  Willow is nearing the end of her pregnancy.  Buffy and Giles are doing just fine.

Note:  This is Part V of the ‘Giles Family Series’.  As with the other parts, this is unbeta-ed.  If you notice any problems, please let me know. 


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Buffy smiled as she lifted her wine glass and took a sip.  “I’m still not sure what the special occasion is, but…I’m having a wonderful time.”


He grinned and sat back in his chair, his wine glass held delicately by the stem.  “It’s an anniversary…of sorts.”


She arched an eyebrow at him.  “Not wedding, because we kinda just had ours.”


He chuckled softly.  “I’m well aware of when our wedding anniversary is, Buffy.  It’s more of an anniversary for me…but, do I really need an excuse to take you out for an evening?”


“Well, no…not really.”  She placed her glass back on the table and tilted her head as she listened to a song play through the speakers.  “Wanna dance?”


He laughed, his eyes sparkling as he stood up and reached for her hand.  As she stood beside of him, he looked down and met her eyes. 


“Do you think you can control yourself for one song?”


She rolled her eyes in amusement.  “I’m pretty sure I can dance with you without molesting you.”




Hearing the barely audible mumble, her eyes darted to his face.  “Do you think you can control yourself for one song?”


“Bloody Slayer hearing.”  He sighed as he stepped onto the dancefloor, quickly pulling her into his arms. 


She laughed and slid her hands up his chest.  “Six years of marriage, three kids…and you still want me to publicly molest you?”


“Molestation isn’t exactly what I’m after.”  He smiled down at her as he moved his hands to her hips.  “A gentle teasing promise should suffice…”


She licked her lips as she ran her fingertip over the pale scar tissue visible above his collar.  “I’d promise you the world.”


His eyes darkened slightly and he cleared his throat.  “You’ve given me the world time and time again.  And do you know what I’ve found?”


She swayed to the music, slipping her fingers into the hair covering the nape of his neck.  “What have you found?”


“You…and our children…are all I need.”


She gently pulled his head down and kissed him soundly.  His hands tightened briefly on her hips as he returned the kiss.  She pulled away slowly as the song ended and smiled lovingly at him.


“We actually made it through a dance.”


He chuckled softly, grazing his fingertips along her cheek.  “Wonders never cease…”


“So this anniversary of yours…”


He grinned, taking her hand in his and leading her back to the table.  “Will be explained in due time, I assure you.”


She looked into his eyes as she sat down.  “I love you.”


He returned the sentiment, love shining in his eyes as he motioned for the waiter.


* * *


She glanced over at him as he navigated the dark road, singing softly along with the song playing on the radio. 


“Pull over.”


“Excuse me?”  He slowed down a little and furrowed his brow.


“Pull over.”  She pointed towards the side of the road.  “There.  Pull over there.”


He did as she asked, moving the car a few metres from the side of the road and shifting the transmission into ‘park’.   He stared out the window and into the trees lining the road. 


“Did you see something?”


“Yeah…”  She smiled and unbuckled her seatbelt, reaching over and killing the ignition.  “A man who really needs to kiss me right now.”


He turned towards her, darting his eyes to her lips before meeting her gaze.  “Buffy?”


“Kiss me.”  She whispered, her fingers toying with his tie.


He licked his lips and swallowed, his voice deepening with a sudden desire.  “If I kiss you right now, I’m not going to be able to stop.”


She grinned, arching an eyebrow.  “Nothing wrong with that.”


He lifted his hand, brushing his thumb across her bottom lip.  “Except for the fact that we’re sitting on the side of a road…and should anyone drive by, they’d be able to see everything.”


Her tongue darted out and licked the pad of his thumb.  “Then I suggest you move the car because I’m about five seconds away from climbing onto your lap and – ”


“Dear Lord, Buffy…”  He interrupted her, fumbling with the key in the ignition as her hand pressed against his groin. 


She rubbed his growing erection slowly, licking a warm path up the side of his neck to his ear as the engine roared to life.  She whispered huskily into his ear as he placed his hand over hers, stilling her motion but increasing the pressure.


“Less than a quarter of a mile ahead…there’s a road on the right.”


“Mm-hm…”  He groaned softly as she pulled his earlobe into her mouth, using her teeth to lightly tug on his earring.  “Where does it lead?”


“Behind this line of trees…that will separate the car from the road.”


He swallowed and took a shaky breath.  “Are you sure?”


“About the road or the fact that I want you right now?”  She smiled as he pushed her hand harder against his erection.  “Doesn’t matter… ‘cause I’m sure about both…”


“A quarter of a mile?”  He whispered thickly.


She gave him a gentle squeeze before removing her hand and settling back in her seat.  “Less than…”


He gave a quick nod and glanced at her as he shifted the car into ‘drive’. 


* * *


He had almost missed the hidden turn, but followed Buffy’s instructions and pulled off the side road into a small clearing surrounded by a clump of trees.  He briefly wondered how she knew about this place and almost asked her.  But her mouth hungrily devouring the side of his neck took his mind off the question.


He inhaled sharply as her hand unbuckled his belt and then quickly worked to free his aching cock.  She circled her fingers around his hard shaft and stroked him slowly as she plunged her tongue into his mouth.


A groan rumbled in his chest as he thrust into her hand.  The movement caused his knee to hit the steering wheel and he broke the kiss, cursing softly.


“You okay?” 


He chuckled as he shook his head.  “I’m fifty years old, Buffy…and I’ve been persuaded to park on an abandoned road to partake in sexual activities with my twenty-six year old wife.  I think I’m far from ‘okay’.”


She grinned and rubbed her thumb across the head of his cock.  “So, you’re not okay…but, in a good way?”


He hissed pleasurably and stared into her eyes.  “In a very good way.”


Her tongue darted out and wet her lips as she knelt in her seat.  He swallowed and moved his hand to her thigh, sliding it underneath the skirt she was wearing.  She shifted slightly, giving him more room as his hand steadily crept towards her core.


“I’m so wet for you, Giles.”


He smiled lustfully as his fingers edged under her silk underwear and brushed across her damp curls.  “So you are.”


He twisted in his seat to face her, hitting his knee against the steering wheel once more.  “Damn!”


She winced sympathetically and gestured towards the backseat with a tilt of her head.  “We could always go back there…”


“Car seats.”  He muttered as he reached around her and flipped the lever to lower the back of the passenger seat. 


She grinned as he began to manuever himself to her side of the car.  “Or…this could work…”


He placed his right knee on the seat between her legs and looked down at her.  “This is still going to be a little cramped, but…maybe if you move further up on the back of the seat…”


She nodded and complied with his request, suddenly glad that the seat had the ability to lay completely flat unlike a lot of other models.  “Do you have enough room now?”


“Just…I think.”  He smiled as she pulled her skirt up.  “You’re sure about this?”


She groaned in frustration, sliding her underwear down and off.  “I swear, Giles…if you don’t fuck me soon, I’m going to explode!”


He positioned himself above her, the head of his cock nudging against her entrance.  “Well, we can’t have that…can we?”


She moaned as he gently pushed his erection into her.  He glanced around, glad that the windows were tinted even though they were basically still dressed and the only light outside came from the crescent moon hanging in the sky.


She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, turning his head back to her.  Her breathing was heavy as she spoke.


“We’re…alone.  Please, Giles…I need you now.”


He started with gentle thrusts, an apologetic tone in his voice as he whispered to her.  “Not much room to move…”


She bent her legs, resting her knees against his sides.  “Don’t need much…”


He closed his eyes, lowering his head to the crook of her neck.  “I love you.”


“You too.”  She moaned as his lips nipped along her neck, his thrusts maddeningly slow.  “Harder…faster…God, Giles…make me come…”


He complied eagerly, gripping the armrest on the door to steady himself as he plunged his cock into her again and again.  She met his thrusts as best she could, given the small amount of room they had.  She lifted her hand and gripped his tie, pulling it loose before raking her nails down the front of his shirt.


“Christ, Buffy!”  He groaned as she scraped across his nipple.  His hips jerked in response, pushing deeper within her.


“Yes!  God, that’s it, Giles…yes…fuck me!”


Her words filtered into his desire-hazed mind and he quickened his pace, determined to give her exactly what she wanted.  Her hips bucked against him, the car rocking slightly with their combined movements.  He stared into her darkened eyes and licked his lips.


“Touch yourself, Buffy.  Rub your clit for me while I’m fucking you.”


She whimpered at his words, feeling her orgasm building quickly.  She moved her hand between them, her fingers finding her clitoris and rubbing the bundle of nerves in a tight circle.


“That’s it, love.”  Realizing he was very close to his own orgasm, he smiled and lowered his mouth to her ear, his breath hot on her skin as he whispered to her.  “Imagine it’s my mouth, my tongue on your clit.  My tongue pressing against you as my fingers slide in and out…”


That’s all it took.  Her body began trembling beneath him, her cries filling the car as her inner muscles spasmed around his thickening cock.  His fingers gripped the armrest so tightly that his knuckles whitened.  And still, he maintained his pace…fucking her as hard as he could throughout her orgasm.


She pulled her hand away from her quivering clit and lifted it to his mouth, tracing his lips with her moist fingers.  He groaned and sucked her digits, the taste of her in his mouth finally sending him over the edge.


Her name left his lips on a delighted cry as he came forcefully within her.  He slowed his thrusts until he was merely lodged inside of her, his lips placing tender kisses over her face and neck.  As his flesh softened, he shifted and allowed himself to slip from her.  She sighed heavily as he carefully manuevered himself back into the driver’s seat.


He cleared his throat, smiling shyly as he tucked himself back into his boxers before zipping and buttoning his trousers.  “Well, I…um…I didn’t know if that would actually be possible.”


She chuckled softly, raising the back of the seat into its proper position.  “We should get a bigger car.”


He laughed and leaned over, kissing her lips.  “I’m not sure if wanting more room for sexual purposes is a valid excuse for buying a new car.”


She smacked his arm lightly and shook her head in amusement.  “That would just be a bonus.  Seriously…three kids…one in a booster and one still in a proper car seat…we should get a bigger car.”


He grinned and, after making sure they were somewhat presentable, reached for the key and started the ignition.  “We’ll see.  For now, we should probably get home.  I would imagine that Joyce has had her hands full with her grandchildren.”


Buffy nodded in agreement, smiling as Giles carefully navigated the car back onto the main road. 


Chapter Two


Joyce had been in England for a little over a week.  She had been prepared to stay in a hotel, but Buffy would have none of it.  She wasn’t sure how long she was going to be able to stay, but she was making the most of her time with her family. 


She found herself hoping that she’d still be in the country when Willow gave birth.  She had always thought of Willow as a second daughter and it was obvious that Willow was very close to the end of her pregnancy.


She sighed softly and smiled.  The children were absolutely gorgeous.  Buffy sent pictures regularly and she talked to them often on the phone, but pictures and phone conversations were poor substitutes for holding them in her arms. 


Braden looked more like Rupert every day, Haddie looked exactly like Buffy…only she had her father’s eyes.  Lucas inherited features from both of his parents.  What Joyce noticed most about Lucas was his apparent love of books.  She chuckled, knowing exactly which of his parents that had come from.


She looked up when she heard the front door open.  She smiled warmly as her daughter and son-in-law walked into the living room.


“You’re back earlier than I was expecting.”


Giles chuckled and pulled his tie free.  “We’re not really used to staying out these days.  Richmond may not be demon-free, but it doesn’t require long patrols.  Besides, we prefer to spend most of our time with the children.”


Buffy grinned and plopped onto the couch next to her mother.  “How were they tonight?”




Buffy narrowed her eyes playfully.  “No, I was talking about Braden, Lucas, and Haddie.”


Joyce rolled her eyes.  “Seriously, they were angels.  Braden and Lucas are very close, aren’t they?”


“Joined at the hip, most of the time.  And they’re both very protective of Haddie.”  Giles stated as he sat down in the chair. 


“They made me laugh…the boys.  And, I’m glad that you let me know how much they know of your lives…”


Giles sighed heavily.  “What did they do?”


Joyce chuckled.  “They were playing ‘Watchers’.  Though Lucas maintained he was more of a researcher.”


Buffy laughed loudly.  “And what did they do with Haddie?”


“Oh, Haddie…she was the damsel in distress.  Lucas did all of the research and Braden directed his Slayer on the best way to save the damsel.”


Giles snorted in amusement.  “And his Slayer?”


Joyce grinned and leaned back against the cushions.  “I was his Slayer.  Because…according to Watcher Braden…it makes perfect sense for the Slayer’s mother to be a pretend Slayer.”


Buffy shook her head, her smile showing in her eyes.  “Any trouble getting them to bed?”


“No…but Lucas wouldn’t let me leave until I’d read him three stories.”  She reached over and brushed her daughter’s hair with her fingers.  “How was your evening?”


“Wonderful.”  Buffy sighed softly and glanced at her husband.  “Though…he still hasn’t told me what the anniversary is.”


Giles smiled warmly and twisted the onyx ring on his right pinky.  “You may be disappointed, Buffy.”


Buffy scoffed.  “I really doubt that anything could disappoint me after tonight…”


Giles blushed and glanced at Joyce as he cleared his throat.  “Be that as it may…”


“Please tell me.” 


He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.  “On this night, thirteen years ago…”  He smiled as he watched her mentally calculate the years.  “I pledged my life to you.”


“Huh?”  She whispered, her brow furrowing in confusion.


He stood and made his way to the couch, choosing to kneel in front of her instead of sitting next to her.  “Merrick knew his time was running out when he was appointed your Watcher.  The night before he left England for Los Angeles, he came to my flat.  He asked that I take over your training should anything happen to him.”


Buffy’s eyes widened.  He smiled and lifted his hand, his fingers gently stroking her cheek.


“That night, I swore my Oath to the Slayer…to you.  I vowed to train you to the best of my ability.  Merrick would send me letters of your progress.  He said that you were…special.”  He tilted his head slightly as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.


“The day I met you in the library, I realized what he meant.  And it was on that day that I vowed to do everything I could to protect you.  I didn’t know then that I would fall in love with you.  I didn’t know that we would eventually get married and have three beautiful children.  But…I knew that you were special.  And I knew that the world was infinitely better with you in it.”


He swallowed as his thumb brushed a tear from her cheek.  Hearing Joyce’s soft sniffle, Buffy and Giles both looked at her.  Joyce wiped her face and shrugged.


“You just…have a way with words.”


Giles reddened and Buffy smiled broadly, lifting her hand to run her fingers through her husband’s hair.  “He really does, doesn’t he?”


Buffy turned her eyes back to Giles and sighed happily.  “So…you took me out for a wonderful dinner with dancing and…um…conversation…to celebrate the night you made the decision to put up with me?”


Joyce chuckled, not missing Buffy’s hesitation on the word ‘conversation’.  Giles blushed heavily and lowered his eyes, knowing exactly why Joyce was chuckling.


Buffy raised an eyebrow and looked at her mother.  “What’s so funny?”


Joyce waved her hand and laughed again.  “Oh, nothing.  Just…well, your father and I used to have ‘conversations’ before we came home from a night out after you were born…”


“Oh, God…that is so much more information than I needed!”  Buffy groaned. 


Joyce’s laughter ebbed, though the smile still shone in her eyes.  “I’m just happy that the two of you are…well, happy.  I have one question though.”


Giles’ eyes were still downcast, seemingly studying Buffy’s rings.  Buffy looked at her mother intently.  Joyce took a deep breath and glanced between the two.


“Any plans for a fourth?”


Buffy’s eyes widened and Giles’ head snapped up, as they asked the same question simultaneously.




Joyce grinned and shrugged her shoulder.  “It’s just that you’re still young…and you’re wonderful parents.  I wasn’t sure if you were going to try for another girl or…”


“It, uh…we haven’t discussed it, actually.”  Giles stammered softly.


Buffy took hold of his hand and cleared her throat.  “Even if we do decide to have another baby, it’ll be a while.  I mean, Haddie’s only eight months old.”


Seeing how uncomfortable her son-in-law was, Joyce backtracked quickly.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep any – ”


Giles shook his head quickly.  “No, you didn’t, Joyce.  It’s just…well, it caught me off-guard.”  He offered her a warm smile to let her know he wasn’t upset.  “As I said, we haven’t discussed it, but…it’s not something I’m opposed to…later down the road.”


Buffy grinned, lightly squeezing his hand.  “Yet…we don’t know what Haddie’s going to be like when she’s two.”


“Yes.”  Giles agreed, his eyes twinkling.  “If she’s anything like the stories I’ve heard about you…”


Buffy slapped his arm playfully.  “Hey!”


He merely grinned, though his eyes darkened half a shade as he looked at her.  Joyce shook her head in amusement and glanced at the clock.


“Right…well, it’s been a long night and I am a bit tired.”  She stood up and stretched.  “I think I’m going to head off to bed myself.”


Buffy stood and gave her mother a tight hug.  “Sleep well and…thank you.”


Joyce tilted her head, her eyes asking a silent question.  Buffy shrugged and kissed Joyce’s cheek.


“For coming to England…for watching the kids tonight…for being you.”


Joyce sighed in contentment and gave Buffy a kiss.  “You’re welcome…for everything.”



* * *


Giles turned off the light and pulled Buffy against his chest.  He wrapped his arms around her, his hand resting on her abdomen as he placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck.






“How did you know about that road?”


She smiled and rolled over to face him.  “You aren’t the only one who researches…”


He grinned and brushed her hair back from her face.  “So…you planned it, then?”


“Maybe.”  She teased as she placed her hand on his chest.  “I knew what I wanted…and I knew that I couldn’t have it here.”


His brow furrowed.  “Pardon?”


She leaned into him, kissing his lips as her fingers found his nipple.  “I wanted…needed…you to fuck me tonight.”


He groaned softly, his nipple hardening under her touch.  “Buffy…”


She smiled, moving her lips to his chin.  “I’ve gotten pretty good at controlling my volume when we make love…but, not so much when your cock is pounding into me.”


“Christ…”  He whispered huskily, his erection emerging as she continued talking to him.


“When you fuck me, I can’t stop the screams.”  Her tongue flicked against his skin as she gently scratched her nails down his torso.  “Of course, neither can you…”


“No…I can’t.”  He agreed with a hiss as her fingers edged under the waistband of his pajama pants.  “Dear Lord, Buffy…”


She smiled, curling her fingers around his erection.  He inhaled sharply as she began to stroke him and slipped his hand underneath her top.


“Did I not satisfy you earlier?”


“Mm…you definitely satisfied me.  I love the way you fuck me…you always satisfy me.”


He thrust into her hand, grazing his fingers along her ribcage.  “If that’s true…what’s the meaning – ”


“Of this?”  She finished for him, grinning as he gave her a quick nod.  She licked her lips and gently pushed him until he was lying on his back.  “This is me wanting to taste you.”


He moaned her name, closing his eyes as she kissed her way down his chest.  He lifted his hips when she tugged at his pants, allowing her to slide them down his legs.  She looked at his face, sliding her fingertip along the underside of his cock.






“Are you okay with this?”


He forced his eyes open and stared at her.  He nodded slowly, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed.  “Please, Buffy…”


She grinned, keeping her eyes locked with his as she lowered her mouth to his erection.  She pulled the head between her lips, flicking her tongue against the sensitive flesh.  He lifted his hand and brushed his fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head with his palm.


“Harder…”  He whispered thickly. 


She smiled inwardly, complying with his request.  She knew that he wanted her to make him come quickly.  She slid her mouth down his shaft, pressing her tongue against the throbbing vein.  He grunted in response, his hips arching towards her.


She watched as his eyes fluttered and then closed in pleasure.  She took the opportunity to slip her fingers between her legs, coating them in the moisture gathered in her warm channel. 


She increased her suction, bobbing her head in time with his gentle thrusts.  She watched him carefully, waiting for the right time.  She felt his cock thicken in her mouth and knew the time was nearly there. 


She allowed him one more thrust before grabbing his hip with her left hand, stilling his movement.  His eyes snapped open as she moved the moisture-covered fingers of her right hand between his buttocks.  He stifled his groan when he felt her middle finger gently slip into the puckered orifice and nudge against the sphincter.


He stared into her eyes, his vision blurred through his darkened eyes.  She recognized the plea in his unfocused eyes and sucked harder as she pushed past the tight muscle.  He fought to control his groans as she began thrusting into him, her finger pressing against his prostate with each thrust.




She mumbled incoherently around his cock as she quickened her strokes.  His hips bucked against her as she moved her free hand to stroke his shaft.


His body trembled beneath her, his left hand gripping the sheets.  When he moaned her name, she tightened her grip and pressed hard against the sensitive spot inside of him.  With one last hard suck on the head, he exploded in her mouth.


She swallowed greedily, easing her grip on him as she continued to lightly stroke his prostate.  His trembling fingers touched her cheek, his unspoken request for her to stop.  She carefully removed her finger and used her tongue to clean his flesh before allowing it to slip from her mouth.


She crawled up his body and smiled as he reached for her.  He panted heavily as he wrapped his arms around her, sweeping his tongue into her mouth.  His groan rumbled in his chest, tasting himself on her tongue.


She kissed him slowly, lovingly caressing his chest as he ran his warm hands down her back.  She pulled from the kiss and looked into his eyes, dark and heavy-lidded.


“My God, Buffy…”


She smiled and laid her body next to him as she ran her fingers through the soft hair on his chest.  “I love you, Giles.”


“I love you too.  Christ, I love you…”  He whispered, exhaustion evident in his voice


She rested her head on his shoulder, draping her leg over his thigh.  “We should get some sleep…”


“Mm-hm.”  He mumbled softly, turning his head to place a tender kiss in her hair. 


She grinned, feeling his heart rate calm under her touch.  She closed her eyes, allowing his deep breaths to lull her into sleep.


Chapter Three


Willow chuckled softly as she watched Braden and Lucas scramble to get their bags together as Giles drained his cup of coffee.  Buffy took the empty cup from her husband and smiled. 


“You sure you don’t mind dropping them off on your way to work?”


Giles grinned and slipped his jacket on.  “It’s not as if I have to go out of my way, Buffy.  Besides, I enjoy it.”


She felt a familiar tingle as she let her eyes wander over his body.  He arched an eyebrow when her eyes lingered a little too long around his belt buckle.  He placed a finger under her chin and gently tilted her head up, more than a little surprised to see desire smouldering in her eyes.




She placed her hand on his chest and licked her lips.  “You could come back home after you drop the boys off…”


He cleared his throat softly, glancing at the couch to find Willow and Joyce deep in conversation.  “What’s going on, love?”


“I want you.”  She whispered lustfully, sliding her hand down his chest.


“You had me…three times last night.”  He whispered back.


“Uh-huh.”  She moved closer to him, her fingers brushing over the front of his trousers.  “Stay home with me today…”


He chuckled softly and shook his head.  “You know I can’t.  Not today.”


She pouted for a minute and then reached up, sliding her arms around his neck.  “Maybe I can come into town for lunch?”


He nodded and bent his head, brushing his lips across hers.  “What would you like?”


“You.”  She stated in a matter-of-fact tone.


“Buffy…”  His eyes widened slightly. 


She sighed heavily and licked her lips.  “I just can’t seem to get enough of you.”


“Daddy, we’re ready!”  Braden called cheerfully as he ran to the front door with Lucas right behind him.


“Alright.”  He smiled at the two boys before turning his eyes back to Buffy.  “Come for lunch.”


Her eyes sparkled.  “Is that what I’m having?”


His brow furrowed in confusion.  “Pardon?”


“You said ‘come for lunch’.  Is that kinda like ‘thai for lunch’?”


His mouth dropped open, his face flushing deeply.  “Buffy!”


Hearing the exclamation, Joyce and Willow both turned towards the couple.  Willow smirked when she took in the expression on his face.


Buffy had the good grace to look slightly embarrassed.  “I’m sorry…I didn’t – ”


“It’s alright.”  Giles choked out hoarsely.  “Um…what I meant was…drop by the office for lunch.”


She nodded slowly, leaning up to give him a goodbye kiss.  His silent groan rumbled in his chest as she quickly pushed her tongue into his mouth.  As she pressed her body tightly against his, Joyce’s eyes widened.


“Is this normal?”  She whispered to Willow.


Willow coughed lightly, her hand resting on her swollen abdomen, and shook her head.  “Not exactly…except for that time when Buffy gave Giles some of her blood.  But even then, that was pretty much all him.  This…this is Buffy…”


Feeling his body begin to respond, Giles broke the kiss and took a shaky breath.  “Buffy…”


“Sorry…”  She whispered and took a step back.  “I’ll, uh…see you for lunch.”


He nodded slowly, confusion and concern in his eyes.  “Call if you need me.”


Lucas tugging on Giles’ pant leg cut off any response she was going to give.  “Daddy, time ta go!”


Buffy smiled and gestured to the door.  “You should probably go now…before I decide to let Mom and Willow drop the boys off and keep you home to myself.”


He blushed lightly and picked up his car keys.  “I love you.”


“You too.”


She sighed heavily as she watched the main men of her life walk out the front door.


* * *


Not long after Giles and the boys had left, Joyce had excused herself to take a shower.  Willow smiled as Haddie crawled over and quickly grabbed the sofa cushion and pulled herself up.


“She’ll be walking soon.”


Buffy smiled proudly as she nodded.  “Yeah, I just hope she waits until Giles is around.  He missed Lucas’ first steps and it really upset him.”


Willow turned her head and regarded her best friend closely.  “Are you feeling okay?”


Buffy snorted and glanced at Willow’s stomach.  “I think I should be asking you that.  How is she doing?”


Willow grinned and laid her arm across the top of the protrusion.  “Healthy and perfectly normal…according to the doctor.”  She narrowed her eyes slightly.  “But…you kinda didn’t answer my question.”


Buffy exhaled slowly and ran her fingers through her hair.  “I guess you’re talking about the goodbye I gave Giles earlier?”


“Mm-hm.  Pretty intense…” 


Buffy’s face reddened lightly.  “Yeah…uh…I’m not sure what’s going on.  What I do know is…”  She cleared her throat and lowered her eyes.  “I can’t get enough of him.”


“What do you mean?”


She glanced at Willow and smiled shyly.  “I want him…all the time, lately.  I mean…last night I made him pull over on the way home.”


Willow’s eyes widened.  “You made out on the side of the road?”


“More than made out…”  Buffy admitted quietly.  “And then…we came home and went to bed.  And I just felt it…I had to have him.  We fell asleep and I woke up this morning around three and…”


“Wow…”  Willow whispered, rubbing her stomach when her daughter kicked.


“Yeah.”  She smiled down at Haddie, who had her small hands on Buffy’s knees and was giggling softly.  “I mean…even now, I…well, it’s not so bad when he’s not here.  But…God, I want him.”


“Any blood swapping lately?”  Willow asked carefully.


“Huh?”  She looked up and shook her head.  “Oh, no…no exchanging of blood.  Just this intense urge to throw him down every time I look into his eyes and…”


“Got it.”  Willow interrupted quickly, a small smile on her face.  “And…thanks for the mental imagery.”


“Sorry.”  Buffy chuckled and glanced at the clock. 


“So, uh…”  Willow started, deciding that a change of subject might be helpful.  “Novak called yesterday.”


“Oh?  How is he?” 


“Novak or…Angel?”


Buffy turned and stared at Willow.  “Will…”


“Look, I know.  I know Angel really screwed up.  But, he was trying to do the right thing.  And…he did destroy the Circle of the Black Thorn.”


“Giles still has nightmares about it.”  Buffy responded coolly.  “It took me months to get him to realize that the scar doesn’t bother me.  He still won’t let me to touch it though.”


“Do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive him?”


Buffy exhaled deeply.  “Do you know how hard it is to explain matching vampire bite scars to a five-year-old?”


“No.”  Willow replied honestly.  “But, I do know that Braden has taken everything extremely well.”


Buffy nodded in agreement.  “It probably helps that he pretty much worships a certain werewolf.”


Willow grinned.  “I think the worship thing goes both ways.  Look, I’m not trying to make you forgive Angel.  But…he’s really sorry about what happened.”


Buffy arched an eyebrow.  “Have you been talking to him?”


“Not much.”  Willow shifted nervously.  “He, uh…he’s called a couple of times.  Mainly to make sure your children are okay…and Giles.  He’s really upset about what Giles had to go through…especially considering…”


“That he tortured Giles for hours a few years ago?”  Buffy finished softly when Willow trailed off.




Buffy took a deep breath.  “You know…Giles forgave him for that.  Giles has forgiven him so much.  But, he…well, both of us, actually…” 


She paused, searching for the right words.  “It’s hard to forgive…even when you know that what happened was beyond his control.  It’s hard…because he put our children in danger.  Giles can forgive what Angel did to him.  He can even forgive him for what Angel put me through.  But…it’s different when it involves our children.”


“I know.”  Willow responded softly.  “Maybe in time…”


Buffy shrugged in a non-committal manner.  “Maybe.  But, right now isn’t the time.”


Willow gave an understanding nod and changed the subject once again, trying her best to keep Buffy’s mind occupied on something…anything…other than Giles.  She didn’t want to say anything at the moment, but…Willow was concerned.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Giles looked up, a smile on his face, as Buffy walked into his office.  He had just put the finishing touches on the picnic lunch he had spread out on the office floor.  She grinned at him, closing and locking the door behind her.




“Hello.”  He stood up and took her jacket, hanging it on the coat rack before ushering her towards the blanket.  “I hope this is to your liking.”


She sat down and curled her legs underneath her.  “I like…definitely.  You didn’t have to go to so much trouble though.”


He sat down beside of her, chuckling as he poured a glass of wine for her.  “No trouble.  Joyce didn’t mind watching Haddie for a little while?”


Buffy took a sip from the glass he handed her and shook her head.  “Nope.  Willow was feeling a little restless, so she took Mom and Haddie into the city for the afternoon.”


Giles glanced at the window and smiled.  “Beautiful day for it.”


“Mm-hm.”  She inhaled sharply, feeling an intense arousal hit her.  “You’re gorgeous.”


He turned to her and stared into her eyes.  “I’m sorry?”


She licked her lips and placed her glass safely out of the way.  “I said ‘you’re gorgeous’…and I totally mean it.”


She didn’t try to hide the desire in her eyes as she pushed herself onto her knees and draped her arms over his shoulders.  He leaned into her and kissed her softly, tasting the wine on her lips.


“Buffy…”  He whispered as she ran her hands up the front of his shirt. 


She took his hand and slid it underneath the skirt she was wearing.  She moaned as she slipped his hand into her silk underwear.


“I want you, Giles.”  She rocked against his hand, her fingers pressing his fingers against her clitoris.  “Oh God…I need you.”


He knew something wasn’t exactly right with this situation.  He had no doubt that she desired him…and sure, there had been times when they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.  But…this was different.  There was a desperation in her eyes that he had never seen before.


“Buffy, wait…”


She shook her head, rocking harder against his hand…pushing herself closer to orgasm.  “No…I need you…”


Even though he knew this was something that probably needed to be researched, the heat from her core was causing a reaction in him.  He groaned as his cock hardened, his fingers now moving of their own volition. 


He rubbed the hardened bundle of nerves as he gently pushed her back until she was lying on the blanket.  He straddled her thigh, using his free hand to unbuckle his belt.  As he unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, he slid his finger into her warm depths.


She groaned loudly, bucking her hips against him when he added a second finger.  “God…Giles…”


Her fingers grasped the blanket as she began writhing beneath him.  He shook his head when he felt her inner walls begin to quiver, now determined to be inside of her when she came.


He moved quickly, ridding her of her underwear before shoving his pants and boxers down his thighs.  He knelt between her legs and slid his hands under her ass, lifting her slightly towards him.


“Open your eyes.”  He whispered in a gravelled voice.


With some effort, she complied and wrapped her legs around his hips.  “Now…Giles, please…”


He bit his lip and, with a quick nod, moved his hips forward and pushed his cock into her warm, wet core.  He hissed pleasurably at the sensation of her warmth surrounding him and gently rocked his hips against her.


“How…how do you…how do you want this?”  He groaned as he pushed her skirt up and glanced down at their union.


She grinned and licked her lips.  “You like watching, don’t you?”


“Hm?”  He mumbled absently, his hands kneading the firm flesh of her ass. 


“Watching…your cock slide in and out…you like it.”


He raised his darkened eyes and met hers as he quickened his pace.  “Do you know what I like watching even more?”


She shook her head, gasping as his erection brushed her g-spot with each stroke.  He smiled and leaned over her, placing his left hand on the floor next to her head and gently touching her face with the fingertips of his right. 


“The way your skin flushes as you near orgasm.  The way your breasts heave as you gasp for breath.”  He groaned as her tongue darted out and wet her lips.  “The way you lick your lips…Christ, Buffy…I’m so close.”


“Me too…”  She panted, her fingers grasping his tie and pulling him towards her.  “I want your tongue in my mouth when I come…”


He grinned and glanced at her waiting lips.  “Do you?”


“Yes…God, yes…”


He flicked his tongue against her bottom lip, causing her to groan softly.  “Just…in your mouth?”


She swallowed and gave him a slight shake of her head as her hips slammed upwards against him.  “No…”


“Tell me, Buffy.”  He whispered in a lust-laden voice.  “What do you want?”


“I want…”  She trembled slightly as her inner muscles quivered.


“Yes?  You want…what?”  His fingers moved from her cheek to her breast, teasing her hardened nipple.  “What do you want my tongue to do?”


“Oh, God…Giles!”


He growled and lightly pinched her nipple.  “Tell me…quickly.  You’re close, Buffy…tell me…”


“Fuck my mouth…while I come…”


“Oh, yes…”  He groaned, lowering his mouth to hers and plunging his tongue inside.


His tongue thrust in an alternating rhythm with his cock.  Her trembling increased, her fingers clutching at his shirt-covered back.  He swallowed her scream as her orgasm crashed over her, flooding his erection as he continued his thrusts.


His mind registered the sound of material ripping.  When he felt her nails scrape across his bare skin, he shuddered and came violently within her.  He slowed his thrusts gradually until he collapsed beside of her, his lips brushing over her neck as his softening cock slipped from her.


“Jesus…”  She gasped, her body still trembling.


“Buffy?”  He whispered, his hand sliding down her body to rest on her hip.


She turned her head towards him, hearing the concern in his voice.  “Huh?”


“What’s going on?”


“I don’t know.”  She whispered back, her voice quivering with something near fear.  “I really don’t know.”


He pulled her into his arms and took a deep, albeit shaky, breath.  “I’ll call Amelia in a little while.  I think…I think we need to research this…”


She nodded in reluctant agreement.  “I…ripped your shirt…”


He kissed her forehead and tightened his arms around her.  “I don’t care.”


She buried her face against his chest, content for the moment.  Though her fear was growing.


Chapter Four


Amelia Clayton walked into Giles’ office to find him sitting on the sofa, looking extremely uncomfortable as Buffy paced back and forth in front of him.  She raised an eyebrow when Buffy practically begged Giles’ name.


Giles sighed softly, running his hand through his hair.  “Buffy, please…”


“You don’t want me?”  Buffy whispered sadly.


Giles looked up quickly, grabbing Buffy’s arm on her next pass.  “You know better than that, Buffy.  You know I want you.”


Amelia cleared her throat, attracting the couple’s attention.  “I seem to be interrupting…which is a tad confusing considering you called me.”


Giles blushed and nodded as he stood.  “Um…I need to have Buffy scanned for any latent traces of any type of spell.”


Amelia chuckled softly.  “Straight to the point, bypassing all explanations.  Interesting approach, Rupert.”


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “It’s not a spell, Giles.  I mean, yeah…I’m all tingly, but not spell-tingly.  I’m…you-tingly.”


Giles turned slowly and stared at her.  “Buffy…”


“Oh…”  She glanced at Amelia and smiled shyly.  “Sorry.”


“Alright.”  Amelia started and leaned against the edge of Giles’ desk.  “Which of you wants to do the explaining?”


Buffy crossed her arms and gave a soft pout as she gestured to her husband.  “He will.  Apparently, I’m too blunt.”


Giles cleared his throat and loosened his tie.  “Yes, well…”


When he hesitated, Amelia tilted her head thoughtfully.  “Rupert?”


Giles gave a defeated sigh and shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Buffy seems to be insatiable.”


Buffy stared at him, her eyes widening.  “And I’m too blunt?  Why not just tell her that it’s taking everything in me right now to not throw you on the couch and – ”


Giles quickly clapped his hand over her mouth.  “Um…I believe ‘insatiable’ covers that.”


Amelia smirked and inhaled deeply.  “And you think it’s a spell?  You don’t think that…perhaps Buffy just finds you irresistible at the moment?”


Giles blushed deeply, jerking his hand away from Buffy’s mouth when she flicked her tongue against his palm.  “I…”


Buffy sighed heavily.  “I find him irresistible all the time.  Problem is…I’m normally able to control my compulsions.”


Amelia narrowed her eyes, her interest sparking.  “And you’re finding difficulty in doing so now?”


“I think ‘difficulty’ is the wrong word.  I’m unable to control them right now.”


“Very interesting.”  Amelia spoke quietly.  “And…if you’re not in the same room?”


“I still want him.  It’s not as…desperate…but, all I can think about is how he feels – ”


“Buffy!”  Giles interrupted her quickly.


“Sorry.”  Buffy replied sheepishly.


He gave her a quick nod and then turned to Amelia.  “It’s the desperation that concerns me.”  He swallowed and grabbed Buffy’s wrist as her hand wandered up the front of his shirt.  “There’s a difference between being overly-aroused and experiencing intense desperation.  I’ve seen it in her eyes, Amelia.  Please…”


Amelia thought for a moment and then nodded.  “I need to make a couple of calls.  Give me twenty minutes.”


Giles stared as Amelia ran from the room, closing the door behind her.  He closed his eyes, willing his body not to respond as Buffy’s hand rubbed over the front of his trousers.


She gently squeezed and whispered his name.


And just like that, his will was lost.


* * *


He groaned as she rode him, his hands tightening on her hips as she moved her hands from his shoulders to the back of the couch.  She leaned forward, brushing a hardened nipple across his lips.


“Suck it…”  She whispered hoarsely.  “God, I love the way your mouth feels on my breasts…”


He licked his lips, suddenly wishing that she had given him the opportunity to take his shirt off.  He wanted to feel her skin against his.  As his mouth closed around her nipple, something in the back of his mind reminded him that they didn’t actually have enough time for everything.  Some things had to be sacrificed…things such as clothing removal.


He sucked the nub as hard as he could, groaning against her flesh as she slammed her hips onto him.  The harder he sucked, the harder she rode…pushing them both towards orgasm.  With the sudden thought that Amelia would be back soon, he lightly bit her nipple and slid his finger between the cheeks of her ass.


She moved her right hand back to his shoulder as his finger nudged against the puckered opening.  “God yes, Giles!”


He released her nipple, looking up and into her darkened eyes.  “Buffy…we need to hurry…Amelia…coming back soon…”


“Close, Giles…not long.”


He swallowed and slipped his fingertip into the orifice as he thrust his hips upwards.  She groaned loudly, her nails digging into his shoulder.  Feeling her begin to tremble, he gasped and whispered her name gruffly.


She looked down at him and smiled.  “Almost…”


He nodded, thrusting harder against her.  “Kiss me.”


She lowered her head, covering his mouth with hers.  Their tongues mingled frantically as her muscles tightened around his cock.  They swallowed each other’s cries of delight as they came together, bodies trembling as hands gripped flesh in an effort to hold on.


Buffy broke the kiss, shifting to rest her head on his shoulder as she fought to catch her breath.  His chest heaved, his hands rubbing her back in a soothing manner as he rested his head on the back of the couch.


He swallowed hard and exhaled shakily.  “We…need to get dressed…”




“Yes, love?”


“I’m…scared.”  She whispered nervously.


He wrapped his arms around her tightly, crushing her against his chest.  “We’ll figure it out, Buffy.  I promise you.”


The door opened suddenly and Amelia walked in, staring at the couch for a second before quickly turning away.  “OH!”


Buffy started to scramble off of Giles and he tightened his hold.  When she looked down at him, clearly puzzled, he smiled softly.


“Not exactly wise to move right now, darling.”


“I’ll…just give you a couple of minutes, yes?”  Amelia spoke hastily and rushed back out of the room, closing the door behind her.


Buffy’s head dropped to Giles’ shoulder and she groaned miserably.  “God, could that have been any more embarrassing?”


Giles chuckled softly as he carefully eased her off his lap.  “She could’ve come in three minutes earlier…”


Buffy glared at him and grabbed her bra from the floor.  “And now you’re finding humour in this?”


He winced lightly as he tucked his tender flesh back into his boxers and refastened his trousers.  “I wouldn’t exactly say that I find humour in the situation.”


She slipped into her blouse and narrowed her eyes.  “Are you okay?”


He gave her a nod and buckled his belt.  “Just a little sore.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been this…active.”


Her eyes glistened.  “God, I’m so sorry…”


“Ssh…”  He pulled her into a hug and pressed a tender kiss to her cheek.  “It’s going to be alright, Buffy.”


A hesitant knock sounded on the door.  He pulled back and glanced down at Buffy’s blouse, smiling as he reached out and quickly fastened the top three buttons.   “Shall we see what Amelia has found out?”


Buffy nodded silently and took a shuddering breath.  Giles took a deep breath himself and turned his head towards the door.


“Come in.”


Buffy pushed herself up from the couch as Amelia walked back into the office.  Giles cleared his throat and stood as well, running his hand through his tousled hair.


“Amelia, I apologize.  We, uh…”


Amelia chuckled softly as she shook her head.  “I should’ve known, Rupert.  But…back to the problem at hand.”


Buffy nervously smoothed the material of her skirt and bit her lip.  “It’s bad, isn’t it?”


“I don’t know.”  Amelia admitted softly.  “I don’t think so, but…I don’t know.  There are a few tests I’d like to have run…”


Giles narrowed his eyes as he pulled Buffy closer to his side.  “What kind of tests?  And…what have you found?”


“Nothing yet.  But, I was able to get hold of Doctor Kiffling…”


“Kiffling?”  Giles questioned.  “You think this is a medical issue?”


“I’m not sure, Rupert.  What I do know is that a spell has not been cast on either Buffy or you.”


Buffy tilted her head slightly.  “How do you know that?”


Amelia smiled.  “Julian taught me how to do a trace scan.  When you mentioned your concern of it being a spell earlier…”  She gestured vaguely and shrugged a shoulder.  “Neither of you are a victim of a spell…trust me on that.”


“But, if it’s a medical issue…what’s wrong with me?”  Buffy asked, fear in her voice.


“There’s something wrong with you?”


Giles, Buffy, and Amelia all looked towards the door to find Joyce and Willow standing just inside the office, Haddie asleep in her pram.  Joyce had been the one to ask the question and now she stood staring at them, awaiting an answer.


“I…uh, it’s not a spell.”  Giles offered in lieu of a direct answer.


Willow narrowed her eyes as she took in their appearance.  “Lunch?”


Buffy blushed and lowered her eyes.  Willow met Giles’ eyes and regarded him carefully. 


“How are you?”  She asked softly.


“Sore.”  Giles replied without thinking.


Joyce shook her head in confusion.  “Someone tell me what’s going on?”


“I want sex…a lot.  More than normal.  Giles thought it might be a spell.  Amelia says it’s not.”  Buffy blurted, much to Giles’ horror.


“Oh.”  Joyce replied in an uncertain tone.


“Buffy!”  Giles admonished gently.


Buffy grimaced and inhaled deeply.  “Sorry.  I seem to be having this blunt thing going on too…”


Joyce nodded and glanced at Giles quickly before looking into Buffy’s eyes.  “Do I want to know how often is more than normal?”


“Probably not.”  Buffy chuckled nervously.  “But, we kinda missed lunch…and then there was a second round about twenty – ”


Giles turned abruptly and walked towards the window.  Buffy cursed softly and shook her head.


“Uh…I find that my bluntness gets worse as my desire grows…”


Willow’s eyes widened.  “Again?”


“You have no idea.”  Buffy whispered as she turned to look at Giles.


Amelia clapped her hands, breaking the tension in the room.  “Right.  Doctor Kiffling will be here in thirty minutes…well, less now.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to shed some light on this for us.”


Joyce looked at Amelia as Haddie squirmed in the pram…a sure sign she was waking up.  “Why do I get the feeling that you’re not really sure about things?”


“Because I’m not.”  Amelia stated honestly.  “We’re in unchartered territory with Buffy these days.  There has only been one Slayer who lived longer than Buffy…and the Council lost track of her when she turned twenty-seven.  We know that she carried on with her calling and that she died at thirty.  But, those three years are a mystery to us.  Not only that, but a lot of Siobhan’s records were lost in the explosion.”


Joyce nodded and lifted a now-brightly smiling Haddie out of the pram, placing her on the floor.  Spotting her parents next to the window, Haddie quickly crawled across the room.  She stopped when she reached the couch and pulled herself up.


Willow tapped Joyce on the arm and motioned towards the little girl.  Joyce grinned brightly as Haddie grinned and pointed at her parents.


“Da, da, da, da!”


Giles turned around and smiled at his daughter.  “Well, hello there Hadley.”


Haddie bounced up and down giggling madly.  Giles knelt and held his hand out. 


“Come here and give Daddy a cuddle.”


Haddie walked the length of the couch, her hand holding on to the cushions.  When she reached the end of the couch, she clapped her hands and took three unaided steps towards Giles.


Giles’ eyes widened.  Buffy gasped and knelt beside of him.  Haddie stood there, wobbling slightly but remaining upright.


“Come on Haddie.  Just a little more.”  Buffy cooed softly.


“Oh my God…she’s walking…”  Giles whispered excitedly. 


Haddie took two more steps before falling to her knees and completing the distance in a quick crawl.  Giles scooped her up, tears of joy in his eyes.


“Good girl, Haddie!  That’s Daddy’s good girl!”


Haddie giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Joyce wiped her eye as she smiled brightly. 


She had finally witnessed one of her grandchildren’s first steps.  


Chapter Five


“So, uh…what do you think?”  Buffy asked softly as Giles took her hand.


Dr. Kiffling smiled and handed two vials of Buffy’s blood to his nurse.  “I have my suspicions, but I’d prefer to wait until we receive the results of the blood tests.  It shouldn’t take long.”


“How long?”  Giles questioned, lacing his fingers with Buffy’s.


“Forty-five minutes?  An hour at the most.”


Giles nodded and glanced at his watch, sighing heavily.  “That should give us enough time to pick the boys up.”


Dr. Kiffling tilted his head and regarded the couple closely.  He was sure that Buffy’s eyes were darker now than they were five minutes earlier. 


“Perhaps one of you should pick your children up…the other stay here.  Just for, uh…safety reasons.”


Giles narrowed his eyes and then quickly looked at Buffy.  The desire burning in her eyes would have been hard to miss.  He exhaled slowly, nodding in agreement with the doctor.


“I can pick them up.”


Buffy shook her head quickly.  “You dropped them off.  I’ll take Mom with me.”


Giles was quiet for a moment.  “If you’re sure.”


She looked into his eyes and nodded, inhaling deeply when she felt the intense urge to jump into his arms.  “I…better go.  Like…now.”


With a whispered ‘I love you’, she turned and ran out of the room.  Giles sighed heavily, partly with worry for his wife, partly with relief that he had been given at least another hour of recovery time.


* * *


“What did the doctor say?”  Joyce asked hesitantly.


Buffy huffed and changed lanes.  “Nothing.  He took some blood, said he had an idea what was going on.  But…he wants to wait until the blood tests come back before he says anything.”


“Well, that makes sense.”  Joyce offered in her ‘Mom knows best’ tone.


Buffy stopped for a red light and looked at her mother.  “Is there a disease that makes you want to have sex all the time?  Because…that’s the only symptom I’ve got going on right now.”


Joyce cleared her throat as the light turned green.  “Is it only with Rupert?”




Joyce took a deep breath and smiled.  “Are you only wanting to have sex with Rupert?  Or…”


Buffy cut her off quickly, finally realizing what her mother was asking.  “Oh, no.  It’s only Giles.  And the scary part is…it’s more than ‘wanting’.  It’s more like…I ‘need’ to be with him.”


Buffy pulled into the school’s parking lot and sighed.  Joyce registered the worried tone in her daughter’s voice.  “I’m sure everything will be fine, Buffy.”


“Yeah.”  Buffy mumbled as she opened the car door. 


Joyce followed suit, wanting to believe the words she had spoken to Buffy.  But, if she were honest with herself, she wasn’t sure everything would be fine.  It was now a waiting game. 


And Buffy didn’t inherit her lack of patience from her father.


* * *


Giles chuckled softly as Haddie untied his shoelace.   “Fun game, Haddie?”


Haddie giggled and proceeded to untie his other shoe.  Giles shook his head in amusement, glancing at Willow as she sat down beside of him on the couch.


He gestured towards his daughter, a warm smile on his face.  “See what you have to look forward to?”


Willow grinned and shifted uncomfortably.  “I wish it would happen sooner rather than later.  I am now completely jealous of Buffy’s five month pregnancies.”


Giles’ eyes darted to her stomach, lifting his hand as they darted back to Willow’s eyes.  “May I?”


“Yeah, definitely.”  Willow answered quickly.


His smile grew as he placed his hand on her abdomen, feeling the child kick against him.  “It’s amazing…feeling how strong an unborn child is.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like for you.”


“Oh, sometimes like having an anvil resting on my bladder.  But, most of the time…yeah…pretty indescribable.” 


Giles soothingly rubbed his hand over her skin.  “I would sit for hours and…”  He coughed lightly, trailing off as he slowly removed his hand.  “Sorry.”


Willow smiled brightly.  “Don’t be.  She enjoys it, being touched.  Oz talks to her all the time.”


Giles grinned, blushing lightly.  “I used to read to them every night.  Well, to the boys.”  He reached down and pulled Haddie onto his lap.  “Hadley preferred me to sing.  Didn’t you?”


Haddie grinned and pulled the top two buttons of Giles’ shirt free.  “Da, da, da, da!”


Giles chuckled again, shaking his head in amusement.  “As much as I love hearing you call for me…I think we need to start working on teaching you some new words.”


When Willow shifted again, Giles turned to her and smiled.  “You don’t have much longer, Willow.”


Willow returned the smile, thinking not for the first time how lucky they all were to have Rupert Giles in their lives.


* * *


Buffy and Joyce had returned fairly quickly with the boys.  Giles had taken a seat on the couch, Lucas perched on one knee as Braden climbed up to sit beside of him.  He listened attentively as his sons took turns telling him about their respective day.


He glanced at Buffy, sighing inwardly when he noticed her lightly flushed face.  She bit her lip and lowered her gaze from his.  As tired and sore as he was, he still felt the urge to take her somewhere…possibly upstairs to one of the dorm rooms…to relieve her tension.


And that was the moment that Dr. Kiffling chose to reappear.  Giles tenderly placed Lucas on the floor and smiled at the two boys.


“I would wager that Willow wouldn’t mind hearing about your day.”


Willow chuckled when both boys turned to look at her.  “Come on, you know you want to tell me.”


Braden and Lucas ran over to her without a second thought.  Giles cleared his throat and stood, catching Joyce’s eye.  Joyce looked down at the napping Haddie and gave him a quick nod, silently assuring him that she’d help Willow with the children.  He gave her a small smile of thanks and moved to Buffy’s side.


Buffy took a deep breath and looked at the doctor.  “Do you know what’s wrong with me?”


Dr. Kiffling nodded and looked down at the papers in his hand.  “I do.”


Buffy squeezed Giles’ hand, her worry showing in her eyes.  “Is it…bad?”


“I suppose that depends on your definition of ‘bad’.”  He looked back up and glanced at the three children and two adults on the other side of the room.  “Would you prefer to go through the test results somewhere else?”


Giles opened his mouth to respond, closing it when Buffy shook her head quickly.  “No, just…tell us.”


The doctor motioned towards the two chairs sitting in front of Giles’ desk as he leaned against the edge of the desk.  “Very well.  You’re suffering from Hypogonadism.”


Buffy’s eyes widened.  “Huh?  You said it wasn’t bad…depending on my definition of the word.  That sounds…bad.  Like…really bad.”


Giles stared at the doctor.  “Are you sure?”


Dr. Kiffling nodded as Buffy turned to stare at her husband.  “You know what it is?  Someone needs to tell me what it is…now.”


Giles cleared his throat and turned his head, meeting Buffy’s eyes.  “Hypogonadism is the medical term for, uh…well…menopause.”


Buffy waited a second, sure that she had misunderstood him.  With a puzzled look in her eyes, she shook her head.  “I’m twenty-six.”


Dr. Kiffling handed the papers to her and spoke softly.  “You are also the Slayer.”


A Slayer.  I haven’t been the Slayer in a very long time.”  She looked down at the papers held in her trembling hand.  “Are you sure about this?”




Giles slid his arm around her shoulders as she glanced over to find Willow and her mother in deep conversation with Braden and Lucas.  “And the whole me needing to have sex with my husband pretty much non-stop?”


Dr. Kiffling smiled in understanding.  “Your body realizes what is happening.  It’s attempting to force you into procreation one last time.”


“And…there’s nothing I can do to stop it?”


“No.  I do realize that this is an uncomfortable situation.  There are a couple of things you could do to make this transition easier for you and Mr. Giles.”




“Well, there are some medications that you can take that will speed up the process.  Or…you could have another child.”


“She’s, uh…she’s taking contraceptives…”  Giles whispered softly and ran his hand through his hair.


The doctor nodded knowingly.  “If she weren’t, she would have already conceived.”


“If we…”  Giles started, stopping suddenly and looking into Buffy’s eyes.  “Do you want to have another baby?”


“I was hoping for a little more time.  Like…a couple of years…”


Giles nodded slowly.  “As I.  Do you?”


“Yeah.”  Buffy whispered, her eyes glistening.  “But…not like this.”


Dr. Kiffling narrowed his eyes.  “I’m sorry?”


Giles exhaled slowly, brushing a tear from her cheek with his thumb.  He spoke to the doctor, but kept his gaze locked with Buffy’s.


“Our children were conceived through love…and…tenderness.  We, uh…well, what Buffy and I are experiencing now…it’s desperation.  It’s harsh.  Not without love, because we love one another very much.  But, the act itself…”


“I understand.”  The doctor interrupted quietly.  “I do have a theory, however.”


Buffy and Giles both turned to the doctor, silently requesting him to continue. 


“My theory is that the reason your love making has this ‘harsh’ quality about it at the moment is due to the contraceptives.  Your body is fighting to conceive and has decided that if it fights harder, the barrier will fall.  Does that make sense?”


They both nodded and Buffy took a deep breath.  “So, I come off the pill…our sex life returns to normal and we have another baby?”


“Not instantly, but theoretically speaking…yes.”


Buffy turned to Giles, noticing his furrowed brow.  “Giles, what is it?”


Giles thought for a moment and met the doctor’s eyes.  “We, uh…had some difficulty in conceiving our daughter.”


Dr. Kiffling smiled brightly.  “I’m aware of the medical history.  I honestly don’t think that will be an issue this time.  If you want another child, this will be your last chance.  I’m sorry that you’re having to make a decision such as this in a spur of the moment manner…”


“It has taken five weeks for the contraceptives to be eradicated from her system each time.  Does this mean – ”


The doctor shook his head slowly.  “Her body is desperate for a child.  It will flush her system of medications quickly.  As I said, it won’t be instantaneous…but it could be as quickly as a week or two.”


Buffy chewed at her bottom lip for a moment.  “Giles?”


He answered her with a tender smile, before leaning into her and kissing her lips. 


Chapter Six


Giles explained the situation to Joyce, Willow, and Amelia.  Buffy sat next to him on the couch, concentrating on keeping her hands in her lap.  When he felt her light squirm, he turned to look at her.


“Are you alright?”  He asked softly.


She met his eyes and shook her head.  “Not exactly.”


He reached over and covered her folded hands with one of his.  She trembled under his touch and swallowed hard.




He felt his heart constrict at her whispered plea and tightened his hold on her hands as he turned back to the others.  “I loathe to request this of you…”


Willow smiled warmly.  “Joyce and I can take the kids back to your place.  I’ll call Oz and ask him to meet us there on his way back from Sunbury.  I know he’s missed them and Braden will probably beg him for a guitar lesson.”


“Thank you.”  Giles smiled appreciatively, moving his hand to Buffy’s thigh as he glanced at the clock.  “We shouldn’t be very late.  We, uh…we could bring dinner home with us.”


“Okay.  As long as it’s not Indian.”  Willow gestured towards her stomach.  “She’s not big on the spices.”


“No Indian.”  Giles chuckled softly.


* * *


His hand shook lightly as he slipped the key into the lock.  She had already pulled his shirt tails out of his trousers and slid her hand across his lower back.  He pushed the door open and looked down at her.


“Are you okay with this?”


She smiled and moved past him, entering the room and pulling him in behind her.  “We nearly made love in here before.”


He cleared his throat and closed the door, turning the lock as he gazed into her eyes.  “Different time, different situation.”


He hadn’t been in this room since he and Buffy had collected his belongings and took them back to the house.  He dropped the key on the small desk and looked around nervously.


She ran her hand up his chest, pulling his shirt buttons free as she trailed back down.  “Did you have another woman in here?”


“No!”  He answered quickly, and then realizing she was teasing him.  “Buffy…”


She grinned and pushed his shirt off of his shoulders.  “Then stop with the being nervous thing.  It’s me…it’s you…it’s a bed.” 


She leaned forward and placed a warm, open-mouthed kiss on his sternum.  “And, I don’t know about you…but, I’ve really missed having you completely naked…”


He licked his lips and pulled down the zipper on the side of her skirt.  “As have I.”


She gently caressed the bulge in his trousers as she stepped out of the skirt pooled at her feet.  “Are you okay?”


“Hm?”  He mumbled as he slowly backed her towards the bed, kicking his shoes off along the way.


“Too sore…or anything?”  She whispered as he moved his hands underneath her blouse and lifted it up and off, dropping it unceremoniously to the floor.


He shook his head slowly and pushed her onto the bed, placing his hand between her breasts and applying a gentle pressure until she was lying flat on her back.  He unbuckled his belt with one hand as he used the other to rub her bare thigh.


“Not too sore.”


She shivered under his touch, her eyes darkening with desire.  “God, I need you…”


He smiled softly and removed the rest of his clothing before kneeling between her open thighs.  “Do you want me?”


She read the unspoken part of his question in his eyes.  The part that asked if it was merely her biological clock ticking away that was sparking this reaction in her.  She lifted her hand and lovingly caressed the side of his face.


“I want you, Giles.  I want you so much.”


Hearing the conviction in her tone, his smile widened as he leaned over her.  His erection brushed her inner thigh as he lightly kissed her lips.


“Every night I slept here, I dreamt of making love to you.”


She ran the fingers of her left hand through his hair, moving her right hand between their bodies to caress the warm length resting on her thigh.  He groaned, thrusting his hips involuntarily.


“I love you, Giles.”  She smiled as his eyes darkened a shade, her palm pressing against the head of his cock.  “And…I really need you right now.”


“I know.”  He whispered hoarsely as he shifted his lower body.  “I’d give anything to be able to take this slow with you this time…”


Her hand moved to his shoulder, gripping tightly as he pushed his length into her.  “God!”


He sighed softly, almost sadly.  “But…you need me to fuck you.”


“I’m sorry.”  She whispered almost inaudibly as she lifted her hips.  “I’m so sorry…”


“Ssh…”  His fingers brushed the hair back from her face.  “I understand, Buffy.”


He started with long, deep thrusts, his fingers digging into her hip.  She groaned loudly, meeting his thrusts urgently.  He looked down at her, instantly knowing that what he was doing wasn’t enough for her.


“Tell me what you need, Buffy.”


She stared into his eyes and raised her arms above her head, grabbing the spindles of the headboard.  He swallowed thickly, raising an eyebrow as he continued his thrusts.


“Would you like me to tie you?”


She nodded quickly, her skin flushing.  He took a deep breath, loosening his hold on her hip as he slowly withdrew, allowing his now very wet flesh to trail across her leg as he leaned over the edge of the bed and grabbed his trousers.


He stared into her eyes as he pulled the belt free and dropped the pants back to the floor.  He rested on his heels, sliding his fingers through her wet folds.


“Roll over.” 


Her eyes widened slightly, darting to the belt in his hand before licking her lips.  “You gonna spank me with that?”


His breath caught in his chest, his cock twitching at her words.  “That…wasn’t my plan…”


“No?”  She whispered huskily.


He shook his head, glancing at her hands still wrapped around the spindles.  “I…have nothing else to bind you with…”


“Oh.”  She grinned seductively.  “So…you want me to roll over…and you’re gonna tie me up…and then fuck me?”


“If, uh…you’re amenable…”


She licked her lips again and rolled over, grabbing the spindles again as she rose up on her knees.  She looked over her shoulder as his hand gently massaged the firm flesh of her ass. 


“You sure you don’t want to spank me?”


He groaned and leaned over her, quickly securing her wrists to the headboard.  “Don’t tempt me.”


She gasped as he lowered his head, scraping his teeth along her spine.  “Jesus, Giles…”


He gently nipped her buttock with his teeth and then knelt behind her, his left hand gripping her hip as his right grasped his erection.  He slowly pushed himself into her depths, closing his eyes as she whimpered.


He held still for a moment…until her soft whimpers became urgent pleas.  He grazed his fingertips along her spine, smiling as she trembled.  With no further warning, he slammed his hips forward. 


“God, yes!”  She cried as he withdrew almost completely and plunged back in.


His fingers tightened on her hips to the point of bruising her skin as he continued his hard thrusts.  This wasn’t what he wanted.  He was giving her what she needed, but her needs and his wants were two completely different things at the moment.  He felt the tears prick at his eyes as she screamed his name in ecstasy.


That’s not to say that her heat wasn’t bringing him closer to orgasm.  He was dangerously close…a fact that delighted and saddened him at the same time.  Feeling her inner muscles quiver, he groaned loudly.  His eyes focused on her bound wrists and he shook his head.


“Not like this.”  He whispered.


He gave her a hard thrust and suddenly held still, leaning over her and pulling the belt free.  Her hips continued to move, pushing back against him.  He moaned as she slammed her hips back, effectively fucking him as hard as he was just fucking her.


He covered her left hand with his, slipping his fingers between hers and holding tightly.  “Buffy…”


She squeezed his fingers, feeling his heart pound against her back.  “Please, Giles…so close…”


His hips began to move again, at a slightly slower pace, as his lips trailed warm kisses across her shoulders and up the side of her neck.  His breath was hot against her skin as he whispered into her ear.


“I love you, Buffy.  I love you so much.”


She didn’t register the tear that dropped from his face to her neck as he nuzzled her.  If she did, she would have just assumed it to be sweat.  Her quivers turned to violent shudders as her orgasm crashed over her, flooding his cock with her juices.


She screamed his name as he thrust one last time and came deep within her.  He panted heavily against her neck as he slid his right hand underneath her, holding her against his chest as he carefully rolled them to their sides.


She felt his arms tremble as he held her.  Her smile faded when she heard what sounded distinctly like a soft sob.




“Ssh.”  He buried his nose into her hair.  “Just…let me hold you.”


She was sure she heard sadness in his soft voice.  “Giles?  Did I hurt you?”


He shook his head and tightened his hold on her, preventing her from turning to face him.  “Please, Buffy…let me hold you.”


“Oh God…”  She whispered, her heart aching at his weary tone.  “Giles…”


He swallowed and pressed a soft kiss to the crown of her head.  “You didn’t hurt me.”


“What’s wrong?”  She asked urgently.


“I…”  He inhaled sharply as she used her strength to break his hold and quickly turn in his arms.  He closed his eyes, but not before she saw his tears.


“God, what did I do to you?”  She realized her vision was blurring from her own unshed tears as she gently stroked his face.  “Please talk to me.”


“I’m okay.”  He whispered shakily.  “I’m not hurt, I promise.”


She ran her thumb across the drying moisture on his cheek.  “What’s wrong?”


He opened his eyes and took a deep breath.  “I…I know this is what you…what you need.”  He swallowed, searching for his words and finding them slowly.  “But…it’s getting harder for me.  God, I want to give you what you need…”


“Giles?”  She whispered as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. 


“This…what just happened…”  He closed his eyes, preventing his tears from escaping.  “I don’t know how long I can do this.”


She pushed herself up and gently rolled him onto his back.  She soothingly stroked his chest.  “Just say what you need to say, honey.  Please…”


He blinked his eyes open, staring at the ceiling as he swallowed and inhaled deeply.  “I…God I felt like I was…”


He trailed off, unable to finish the statement.  She combed her fingers through his hair.


“You felt like you were what, baby?”


He met her eyes, surprised at the term of endearment she used.  She had used it before, but not often.  He shook his head and lifted his hand, tenderly tracing her lips with his fingertip.


“I looked down…saw your wrists bound in leather…saw my fingers bruising your skin…”  He shuddered softly, darting his eyes to the pale marks on her hip.  “Buffy, I…I can’t do this again…not like this…”


Her eyes widened as she watched the tears well in his again.  “Oh my God…”


A single tear escaped his eye, realizing she understood.  “I want to make love with you.  Not dominate you…not – ”


She covered his lips with two fingers and shook her head.  “You didn’t, Giles.  You weren’t dominating me.  You didn’t…”  Her voice trembled, unable to speak the word.  “That wasn’t what happened…you…couldn’t…”


He closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around her and crushing her to his chest.  He felt her tears on his skin as her body shook with her sobs.  His own tears broke free as she sobbed the words ‘I’m sorry’ over and over.


They held one another tightly, knowing that they would need to talk this through.  But not right now.  Right now she needed to reassure him.  And right now he needed her to know how much he truly loved her.


Words would come later.


Chapter Seven


They dressed slowly, exchanging tender kisses and caresses.


It had taken nearly thirty minutes for them both to calm down enough to speak.  She rested her head on his shoulder, her fingers lightly petting his chest as he verbally worked through his concerns.


Logically he knew what had happened wasn’t rape.  He knew that she had no doubt of his love for her.  But the fact of the matter was he had always had issues when it came to fucking her.  He could…and did…when she asked.  And there were times when it was his idea.  But, when it became a prolonged event, it became a concern for him.


Seeing her wrists bound to the headboard in leather had been the breaking point for him.  And though he wanted to stop, to slow down…to hold her and make love with her…she hadn’t been able to let him.  She hadn’t realized what went through his head and continued to push him, continued to fuck him.


He helped her through the guilt she felt over that fact.  He held her, lovingly stroking her skin.  Helping her realize that she wasn’t to blame, making her see and believe that she had no way of knowing.


And what had followed had been a tender session of love making that made his heart soar.  She allowed him to move slowly within her, to kiss her…to touch her with the gentle caresses that she was accustomed to. 


When they fell over the edge simultaneously, their sweat mingling together as their whispered words of love surrounded them, he suddenly felt at peace. 


And now they were dressing…to go home. 


“Are we okay?”


He looked up from tying his shoes and smiled at her tentatively asked question.  “We’re very okay, Buffy.  We were never not okay.”


He reached out and took her hand, drawing her close to him.  “But, this…making love with you.  I…needed this.”


“I know.”  She whispered and leaned down, capturing his lips with a soft kiss.  “I love you, Giles.”


He smiled, the first genuinely bright smile she had seen from him in the past few hours.  “I love you too.”


She ran her fingers through his still damp hair and sighed.  “We should get home…”


He nodded in agreement, allowing her to pull him up from the bed.  “We need to pick up dinner as well.”


“But, not Indian.”  She replied with a smile.


He chuckled, taking her hand in his as he led her to the door, picking his keys up from the small desk.  “No, not Indian.”


* * *


They arrived home to find that the children had been bathed, fed, and dressed for bed.  Haddie had been put to bed about an hour earlier.  Giles apologized softly for being as late as they were.  Willow realized there was more to what was being said, but chose not to pursue it.


Braden yawned widely and gave his goodnight hugs and kisses to everyone.  Lucas had fallen asleep in Buffy’s arms as they ate their dinner, take-out from the Italian restaurant that Buffy and Giles frequented.


After the boys had been put to bed, the adults moved to the living room.  Willow regarded the couple carefully and took a deep breath.


“Is everything okay, guys?”


Giles smiled, nodding as Buffy gently placed her hand on his thigh.  “Yes.  Just…a fairly emotional day.”


“So…another baby?”  Oz spoke softly.


“Yeah…”  Buffy confirmed, resting her head against her husband’s upper arm.  “Last baby.”


Silence hung over the room for a few moments.  Willow and Oz exchanged a glance and, with a subtle nod from Oz, Willow smiled.


“We’ve named the baby.”


Giles smiled warmly as Buffy sat up and leaned forward eagerly.  Joyce took a sip of her coffee and grinned.


“Yeah?”  Buffy prompted, gesturing vaguely with her hand.


Oz reached over, laying his hand on Willow’s stomach and smiled proudly.  “Maria Danielle Osbourne.”


Joyce sighed, her smile growing.  “A very beautiful name for what I imagine will be a very beautiful little girl.”


Oz chuckled, glancing down at his hand when his daughter kicked.  “Xander might not agree.  He’s been pushing for Alexis.”


Giles laughed and shook his head.  “You have to admire his persistence in having a child named after him.”


Willow snorted.  “Maybe Anya will be a little more agreeable to that.”


Buffy’s eyes widened.  “Is Anya pregnant?”


“What?  No!”  Willow answered quickly before tilting her head thoughtfully.  “At least, I don’t think so.  I know she’s been talking to Xander about it, but…”


Joyce chuckled.  “I have a feeling that if she were, we’d know.  I highly doubt she’d be able to keep that a secret for very long.”


Buffy giggled softly and moved back into Giles’ embrace.  Giles bent his head and pressed his lips to the top of her head.


* * *


“You look tired.”  Buffy stated as she slipped under the blankets and laid down beside of Giles.


“Mm.”  He murmured and pulled her into his arms.


She chuckled softly and kissed his bare chest.  “So tired that you can’t even form a word.  Is this a sign of an apocalypse?”


“Funny.”  He replied sleepily. 


“Sometimes.”  She sighed and slipped her leg in between his.  “I am sorry about earlier.”


His hand made a lazy pass across her back.  “Ssh.  Stop.  All is well, love.”


“I love you.”  She whispered as she listened to his breathing even out.


“You too.”  He mumbled quietly.


She smiled and closed her eyes as sleep took him away from her for the night. 


* * *


She found herself awake at two-thirty in the morning, the now familiar ache grabbing at her.  She groaned softly, partly in annoyance and partly in arousal, and lifted her head to look at him.  He was sleeping, deeply by the look and sound of it.  Her eyes drifted to his chest, the pale brand-like scar standing out against the darker color of his skin.


She traced the edge of the scar with her fingertip, knowing that if he were awake he wouldn’t allow it.  Time and time again, he had refused to discuss the reason he felt so strongly about the scar.  She assumed that it was due to the fact that it was another scar that Angel had left him with.  She sighed softly, her finger touching the tip of one of the thorns.


She gasped in startled surprise when his hand quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand from his chest.  She looked up to meet the green eyes staring back at her.


“What are you doing?”


She registered his clipped tone of annoyance immediately.  For some reason, she found her own annoyance level rise and pulled her hand from his grasp.


“Why won’t you talk about it?”


He glanced down at his chest, taking a deep breath and then pushing himself up.  He shook his head as he leaned against the headboard.


“Talk about what?”


She stared at him incredulously and sat up, wrapping the sheet around her.  “Don’t be obtuse, Giles.  It really pisses me off when you do that.”


His jaw clenched momentarily and then released.  “I’m not being obtuse.  I am merely unsure as to what you mean.  Are you referring to the incident itself or the physical reminder of the incident?”


She shook her head and narrowed her eyes.  “Neither.  I’m referring to the fact that you won’t tell me why this scar bothers you more than any other scar you have.”


He lowered his eyes and swallowed, his voice softening.  “I would think that should be fairly obvious.”


“Because it was Angel?”


He raised his eyes and inhaled deeply, knowing that she wasn’t going to let him sidestep this discussion any longer.  “Because it’s a reminder that I nearly lost my entire family…and that was my fault.”


Confusion shone in her eyes.  “What?”


“It was my idea to go to Los Angeles.  It was my idea to perform the ritual to repair Angel’s soul.  And in doing that…I nearly got my wife and children killed by the very person I was trying to save.”


“I don’t see it that way, Giles.”  She whispered softly, placing her hand on his arm.


He cleared his throat.  “Dare I ask how you see it?”


She tilted her head thoughtfully and smiled, lifting her hand and resting her palm against the scar.  When he flinched, she increased the pressure until he began to slowly relax.


“I see this as a testament to the man you are.”  She read the question in his eyes and quickly continued.


“If anyone has any reason to hate Angel, it’s you.  He has put you through so much shit over the years.  And yet…you risked your own life to save his soul.  Not because you felt indebted to him, but because you know that he’s playing a vital role in…well, the future of the world.” 


She gently stroked the flesh underneath her hand and swallowed. 


“He could have taken everything that I hold dear.”  Giles whispered sadly.


“But, he didn’t.  And you stopped it.”  She moved her hand from his chest to the side of his neck.  “You were the hero in this story.  And…you’ve always been mine.”


His brow furrowed as he looked into her eyes.  “I’m sorry?”


“You’ve been my hero from day one.  Don’t you know that?”  She glanced at his chest, her smile growing.  “Each of your scars tells a story.  This one…this one proves to everyone what you are willing to sacrifice for those you love.  That’s what a hero does.”


“You’re the hero.”  He protested softly.  “Well, heroine…”


“To our children, that title belongs to you.”  She leaned forward and tenderly kissed the pale flesh on his chest.  “And I love you so much for it.  Please, don’t hide it from me anymore.”


He gasped softly, cradling her face in his hands and tilting her head until he was gazing into her eyes.  “You…are a wonder.”


He leaned forward and brushed her lips with his.  She groaned softly and deepened the kiss quickly, slipping her tongue between his lips as she straddled his thighs.  He returned the kiss hungrily, moaning into her mouth as he felt himself harden.


She began to rock against him, her hands massaging his chest as her desire for him grew.  Just as his hands moved to her hips, the phone rang.  He broke the kiss with a groan and blindly reached for the offending object.


He lifted the handset to his ear, his eyes closing as she continued to move her body against his.  “H’lo?”


He listened for a moment, his eyes snapping open as his hand tightened on her hip, stilling her movement.  “We’ll be right there.”


He hung up the phone as she moved to his side, concern showing in her eyes.  “What’s going on?”


He leaned into her, giving her a quick and tender kiss.  “Willow’s in labour.”


Buffy grinned brightly and jumped off the bed, quickly grabbing her clothes.  “I’ll let Mom know.”


He smiled and climbed out of bed as she ran out of the bedroom.


* * *


Joyce offered to stay with the children, knowing that Buffy and Giles both wanted to be at the hospital.  Truth be known, she wanted to be there as well, but with it being a little after three in the morning, it was too early to wake the children.


Giles held Buffy’s hand as they rushed into the maternity ward waiting room.  Xander smiled as he looked up.


“Not used to being on this end, are you?”


Giles chuckled as he shook his head and sat down next to the young man.  “Not exactly, no.  Any word?”


“No, but let me tell you…being on the phone and hearing someone go into labour isn’t exactly something I want to do again anytime soon.  My ear is still ringing.”


Buffy narrowed her eyes.  “Why were you on the phone with her?”


“Oh…Anya and I were late getting home and Willow had left a message ordering me to call her ASAP, no matter the time.  So…I did.”  He tilted his head slightly and regarded her closely.  “Are you okay?”


Buffy looked confused for a minute and then smiled.  “She told you…that’s why she wanted you to call her?”


He nodded slowly, smiling when he saw Anya walk into the room with two cups of coffee.  “Yeah…”


Anya stopped suddenly and sighed.  “I only have two.  I didn’t know you were here.”


Giles offered her a gentle smile.  “That’s quite alright, Anya.  I’m perfectly capable of getting something for us in a few minutes.”


Anya nodded and handed Xander a cup as she took the chair next to him.  “So a Slayer’s child-bearing years aren’t as long as normal people’s, huh?”


Xander turned and stared at her.  “I would have thought that after nearly ten years, you would be further in your work in progress called tact than you are.”


Anya shrugged and took a sip of her coffee.  Buffy shook her head in amusement, opening her mouth to respond.  Hearing quick footsteps, she closed her mouth and the four of them turned their heads toward the door.


Oz ran into the room, a wide grin on his face.  “Seven pounds, three ounces.  And absolutely beautiful.”


Buffy’s eyes widened as they all stood.  “Already?”


Oz nodded and jerked his thumb in the direction in which he came.  “Would you like to see her?”


* * *


Nothing would ever rival the pride that Giles felt when he held each of his children for the first time.  However, Oz placing Maria Danielle Osbourne in his arms and asking him to be the child’s godfather came fairly close.


Chapter Eight


Three weeks later…


Willow and Oz were adapting well to parenthood.  Maria was the apple of Oz’s eye and he didn’t even try to pretend otherwise.  When Maria easily slipped into her night time sleeping routine, Giles attempted to hide his jealousy.  He wasn’t very successful.


Joyce had returned to the States two weeks after Maria was born.  Many tears were shed as the Gileses, the Osbournes, and Xander and Anya said goodbye to her at Heathrow.  She promised her grandchildren that she would come back for a visit soon.


Buffy made a mental note to talk to Giles about bringing Joyce out to England permanently.  She had seemed to love the country and the people and Buffy was sure that she and Giles would be able to find her a house with no real difficulty.


Dr. Kiffling had been correct in his assumption that once Buffy came off the pill things would calm down somewhat.  She still felt an urgency, but it was not the overwhelming desire to throw her husband down at any given moment.  Their lovemaking sessions were still very frequent, but they were just that…lovemaking sessions.  They weren’t the raw and unbridled lust-fuelled sessions that had been the norm for a while.


They had made love that afternoon while Braden was in school and Lucas was at daycare.  Giles had come home for lunch, something he had decided he didn’t do nearly often enough. 


Haddie had gone down for her nap and Giles looked into his wife’s eyes.  Amelia had shaken her head in amusement when he returned to work an hour and a half later that she expected.  He mumbled a half-hearted apology as she followed him into his office.


He was second in command at the Council.  He didn’t actually need permission for an extended lunch.  But, there was a lot of work that needed to be done.


He came home late from work, but still in time to read Lucas a bedtime story as Buffy taught Braden the proper way to hold and use a stake.  After the boys had gone to bed for the night and they checked in on a sleeping Haddie, they made their way back to the living room.


Buffy helped him research a nest of demons that had been spotted on the Scottish border.  After they had gone through four books, their eyes met and they shared a warm smile.


And now, here they were…in their bed at two o’clock in the morning.


He smiled down at her, love shining brightly in his eyes as he slowly moved within her.  She lifted her hips to meet his, her hand pressing against the scar on his chest.


“What…are you smiling…at?”  She panted heavily as she came down from her third orgasm.


“You.  Simply you.”  He replied softly, leaning down to run his tongue along her bottom lip.


She moaned and shifted, lifting her legs around his hips.  He groaned lowly at the change of angle and pressed harder into her.


“What are you thinking…right now?”  He asked softly.


She emitted a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a gasp.  “Not sure…my mind is capable…”


He grinned and lowered his head, licking a bead of sweat from her neck.  “Would you like to know what I’m thinking?”


“Uh-huh…”  She muttered and moved her hands to his sides.


“I’m thinking…how utterly gorgeous you are…underneath me.  How beautiful your skin is when it’s flushed from exertion.”




He smiled, supporting his weight with his left hand on the mattress next to her head as he slid his right to her hip.  “And what an amazing sight it is to watch you come…over and over.  My God, I love to watch you come.”


“Oh God…”  She gasped, digging her nails into his sides as she tightened her legs around him.


“Yes, Buffy…God, yes…come for me…”  He groaned and quickened his strokes. 


As if on command, she bit her lip, her inner muscles rippling against his thick cock as he continued to thrust.  Her fluids bathed his erection and he gasped at the sensation.  Her tired legs fell from his hips, her fingers flexing uncontrollably against his ribcage.


“Giles…please…”  She whimpered, her body writhing beneath him.


He slowed his thrusts and tenderly ran his hand down her chest, between her breasts.  “Do you want me to come, love?”


She licked her parched lips and nodded. 


“I’m so close…”  He whispered softly, gazing into her glazed eyes. 


Her nails scratched at his skin, her entire body trembling as he continued rocking his hips against her.  “Giles…”


“Alright…”  He smiled as he leaned down, covering her mouth with his as he shifted and hooked his arms under her knees. 


He swallowed her screams of ecstasy as he quickened his strokes, plunging deeper into her with each thrust.  His groans rumbled in his chest, vibrating against hers as he suddenly stiffened and came violently within her.


He tore his mouth from hers and dropped his head to her shoulder.  “Christ…”


She gasped for breath, nodding as she mumbled her agreement.  Her shaking fingers wound through his sweat-drenched hair as she held him.  “Love you.”


He smiled, shifting his exhausted body to lie next to her.  “I love you.  Are you al – ”


His question ended abruptly as they looked into each other’s eyes, mirroring one another’s wide smiles.  She covered his hand with hers as he splayed his across her abdomen.


“We did it.”  She whispered, her voice tinged with disbelief.


“Yes, we did.”  He whispered in return, his fingers gently rubbing against her skin.


She met his eyes and grinned.  “That’s something we never did find out, isn’t it?”




“You know…how you can feel it at the same time I do.”


“Oh.”  He lowered his head, brushing his lips across hers in a loving gesture.  “No…but, does it really matter?”


She shook her head slowly, sighing happily as he pulled her into his arms.  “I guess not, but…I have a theory.”


He raised an eyebrow and lifted his hand to brush the damp hair back from her face.  “Do you?”


“Mm-hm.”  Her fingers glided over the thorned scar on his chest.  “I think it’s because of our Bond.  I mean…Amelia has said that there are no records of a Watcher/Slayer Bond as strong as ours…”


He smiled lovingly and kissed her again.  “I approve of your theory…”


When she giggled softly, he pulled back and looked at her with a puzzled expression. 


“What is it?”


She shook her head, her smile turning to a grin.  “I just thought of something.”


His hand found its way back to her abdomen as he kissed her cheek.  “Mm-hm…what was your thought?”


“This is the first time we’ve gotten pregnant in our bed.”


His brow furrowed slightly.  “Lucas was conceived in a bed…”


“Yeah, but not our bed.  Braden happened in the library in our house in Sunnydale.”


Giles grinned at the memory and gave her a nod, requesting her to continue.


“Lucas was in that hotel in the middle of nowhere the night Sunnydale imploded.”


He sighed softly and rubbed his fingers against her skin.  “Yes…”


“Haddie…in front of the fire in the living room while Ru and Lucas were spending the night with Oz and Willow.”


“Mm…that was such a wonderful evening.”


“Yeah…it really, really was…”  She chuckled as his eyes darkened, the memories of that night obviously flooding his mind.  “But, this one…our last one…is the only one to be conceived in our own bed.  How weird is that?”


He smiled softly and pulled her snugly against his chest.  “I wouldn’t exactly say it’s weird.”


“No?  What would you say then?”  She grinned and looked into his eyes.


He shrugged a shoulder and gave a sigh of contentment.  “I would say that our children are as unique as we are…and so it would be of the norm that their conceptions would take place in different areas…”


She rolled her eyes, obviously amused.  “Which is a good way of saying it’s weird.”


“Perhaps.”  He chuckled deeply.


After a few minutes of silence, he cleared his throat.  “Um…do you…well, do you know?”


She tilted her head and looked up at him.  “Know what?”


He grazed his fingertips over her stomach and licked his lips.  “The sex.  Do you know the sex of the baby?”


Her brow furrowed in thought.  “That’s something I don’t get.  I mean…you know the moment I get pregnant, but…you never know if it’s a boy or a girl until I tell you.  I wonder why that is?”


“I don’t know.”  He whispered and took a deep breath.  “But, you do?  You know what it is?”


“Yeah, I do.”  She breathed softly as she rolled him onto his back and straddled his thighs. 


He gazed up at her, moving his hands up over her abdomen to brush his fingertips along the underside of her breasts before sliding them back to her hips.  “Tell me?”


Her eyes sparkled as she leaned forward and ran her hands through the hair on his chest.  “You sure you wanna know?”


He nodded silently, inhaling sharply as her fingernail scraped over his nipple.  She lowered her head and kissed his lips before trailing a warm path of kisses along his jaw.  He groaned softly as she tugged on his earring before nipping his earlobe lightly with her teeth.




She smiled, her breath warm against him as she whispered in his ear.


“We’re having another boy.  You okay with that?”


He wrapped his arms around her, crushing her to his chest.  “God, why wouldn’t I be?”


“I don’t know.”  She whispered softly, nuzzling the side of his neck.  “I thought maybe you’d want two and two…”


“Look at me, Buffy.” 


She lifted her head and gazed into his glistening eyes.  “Giles?”


He raised his hand, trailing his fingers along her jaw.  “I want a healthy baby.  I would have been equally happy with either a boy or a girl.”


She exhaled slowly, hearing the absolute truth in his voice.  “What do you want to name him?”


He chuckled and threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling her towards his lips.  “We have five months to decide.  Right now…I think I’d like to make love with you again.”


She grinned as she felt him harden beneath her.  “As long as we’re not going for another marathon.  I’m not sure I can take that again…”


“As you wish, my love.”  He whispered a split second before their lips met once more.



~ End


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