Title:  Addition

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Pretty much right after Heart of the First

Synopsis:  Buffy and Giles are having another baby.  How will their loved ones react to the news?


2  3  4




Buffy leaned back against Giles’ chest, relishing the sensation of the hot water flowing over their bodies as Giles gently ran the washcloth over her skin.  Taking a shower with her husband was something she didn’t get to do nearly as often as she wanted to.  But on days like this, when their children weren’t home…she took full advantage of the luxury.


“When are you going to tell me?”  Giles’ chest rumbled against her back as he spoke.


She looked over her left shoulder and up at him.  “Tell you what?”


His hand stopped moving, dropping the cloth as he gently pressed his hand against her abdomen.  “If we’re having a boy or a girl.”


She grinned and carefully turned in his arms, sliding her hands up his chest.  “When you ask.”


He cleared his throat, holding her loosely.  “So, you do know then?”


“Mm-hm.”  She murmured as she slid her right hand to the back of his head.  “But, I don’t think I want to tell you while we’re in the shower.”


“No?”  He smiled as she drew his head down.


“No.”  She whispered just before she kissed him soundly.


Giles groaned into her mouth and took a small step forward, tightening his right arm around her as he placed his left hand on the shower wall for support.  She hissed as he moved his mouth to her neck, gently sucking on the tender flesh.


Her hands moved over his back, which was remarkably unscarred by the shards of glass that had cut him two days earlier.  His scars had never bothered her…but many of them had bothered him for a long while.  For that reason, she found herself wishing that she knew Lucian’s secret of non-scarring healing. 


She looked up when he turned the shower off, blushing lightly when she realized that her mind had wandered.  He merely smiled and brushed his fingers through her wet hair.


“You…drifted away for a moment there.”  He stated, his voice tinged with amusement.


“I’m sorry.  I was just thinking about…”


He placed his index finger over her lips, his smile growing.  “Ssh.  I’m not upset, love.  Come…we’ll dry off, get dressed…I’ll make you a wonderful English breakfast…”


She narrowed her eyes.  “Without blood sausage, right?  Because…as much as I love you…I’m not eating that again!”


He laughed, shaking his head as he stepped out of the shower before helping her out.  He grabbed a towel and began to gently dry her hair.  “I promise, no blood sausage.”


“Good, because that’s just gross.”


His laughter grew as he moved the towel over her body, drying her skin.  “I remember a time when you thought most English food was gross.”


“Well, that was before I tried it.  Now I realize that most of it’s okay…they just have really gross names.”  She stated as she watched a bead of water drip from his earlobe.  “I should dry you off…”


He grinned and shook his head, wrapping a dry towel around her body and nudging her towards the door.  “No…you should go get dressed while I dry myself.”




His eyes sparkled as he reached for a towel for himself.  “No…you start drying me off and before you know it we’ll be on the floor rutting like animals.”


She stared into his eyes and licked her lips.  “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”


He chuckled and wrapped the towel around his hips.  “It’s not a bad thing…necessarily.  But…we have breakfast and a discussion or two to get through before Joyce brings the children home.”


“Or two?”  Buffy asked, taking his hand and leading him back into the adjoining bedroom. 


“Mm…”  He purposely averted his eyes as she dropped her towel and bent over to open the drawer that housed her underwear.  “We need to talk about how we’re going to explain this to the others…and…dear God, please quit rummaging around and just pick something.”


She grinned as she looked over her shoulder to find him staring at the opposite wall.  “Sorry…”


He shook his head and huffed a soft laugh.  “You’re not sorry.  And that’s perfectly fine, just…please get dressed.  Even I only have so much self-control…and we really do not have the time…”


“I know.”  She answered softly, pulling out what she needed from the drawer.  “What else do we need to discuss?”


He cleared his throat as he pulled on a pair of boxers before reaching for his jeans.  “Whether we’re having a boy or a girl.  Which I’m fairly certain will almost immediately lead to the choosing of a name…which normally leads to an argument of some type.”


“Yep…”  She agreed as she quickly dressed before running a brush through her wet hair.  “Which normally leads to us deciding on a name and then having really hot sex.”


He turned to stare at her, barefoot and shirtless with his hands still resting on the button of his jeans.  “Buffy…”


She laughed and glanced into his closet.  “Will you wear that rust-colored shirt?  You look so…”


She paused and looked into his darkened eyes.  “It looks really good on you.”  She finished quietly before turning and leaving the room.


He stared after her for a few moments and then chuckled to himself.  He reached into the closet and pulled the rust-colored button-up shirt from its hanger.  She had bought it for him for his last birthday.  One thing that he had to admit about his wife was that she always had great taste in clothes for him.  He never would’ve picked the shirt in that color, but…she had. 


He slipped it on and glanced in the mirror.  She was right, as always.  It did look rather nice on him.


* * *


She watched him clean the remaining egg yolk from his plate with the crust from his toast and smiled.  Braden and Lucas did the same thing…Haddie and Evan refused, saying that it made their toast too soggy.  Giles popped the piece of crust into his mouth and smiled at her.


“What?”  He asked between chews, swallowing as he picked up his cup of coffee.


“I was just thinking about the kids…and wondering if this one is going to be more like Braden and Lucas or Haddie and Evan when it comes to eating breakfast.”


Giles chuckled and pushed his empty plate to the side.  “Maybe he or she will have an eating style all of his or her own.”


“Maybe.”  Buffy replied with a smile, placing her empty plate on top of his.  “So…you said something about wanting to have a couple of discussions instead of having sex with me…”


He coughed and shook his head.  “I said no such thing.  I said that there were a couple of things we needed to talk about before your mother brought our children home…and that we didn’t have time.  There was nothing said about me not wanting to bend you over and fuck you until you scream my name.”


He grinned as her eyes widened, calmly taking another sip of his coffee.  “I’m under the assumption that Joyce will be the first to know.”


“Huh?”  Buffy mumbled, obviously caught up on his earlier statement. 


“Focus, love.”  He said gently, his smile showing in his eyes.  “We’ll have to tell people soon, as I’m sure you remember.”


She shook her head as if to clear it and then nodded.  “Yeah…we can tell Mom when she brings the kids home.  And…then we should probably sit the children down and tell them.”


Giles nodded in agreement, leaning back in his chair.  “And the others?”


Buffy glanced at the clock, noting the time before she stood up and walked around to the other side of the table where he was sitting.  If they hurried, they’d have just enough time…and if she worked this just right, he wouldn’t say no.  She could tell by the look in his eyes that he didn’t want to say no.


“We can call them over later today…”  She licked her lips as she glanced at the bulge in his jeans, her fingers lightly fingering the curl of hair at the nape of his neck.  “One discussion over…we have about twenty minutes before Mom gets here.”


He shook his head slowly, even as his left hand moved under the skirt she was wearing and slid up the smooth skin of her thigh.  “Not enough time, love.”


“Don’t need much right now, Giles.”  She countered as she turned from him, causing his hand to end up caressing the firm flesh of her ass.  “You want it as much as I do…we could both come so fast…”


He slipped his fingers between her legs, not surprised to find her underwear damp.  He groaned softly as she bent over, resting her forearms on the table.  She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled, gently wriggling her hips.




He stared at her for a moment before standing up and roughly pushing the chair out of his way with his right foot.  His eyes darted to her backside as he pushed the skirt up over her hips.  He simply looked at her for a few seconds before hooking his fingers under the waistband of her underwear and slowly drawing them down her legs. 


He glanced at the clock as he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling his erection from his boxers.  “We…we’ll have to make this very quick.”


She nodded and closed her eyes when she felt him rub the head of his cock through her wet folds.  “Yeah…fuck me, Giles.”


He entered her with one quick thrust, groaning loudly as he embedded himself completely within her.  Her fingers clawed at the tablecloth, her hips pushing back against him as he slammed his forward.


“Giles!  God, yes!”


He grunted, his fingers digging into her hips as he thrust into her with hard, short strokes.  His movements were designed to bring her to orgasm quickly, the wet slap of each thrust sounding nearly as loud as her moans. 


Normally, this would be when he would slow things down.  Fuck her hard for a few moments, and then slow it down…drawing their orgasms out at a nearly infuriating snail-like pace.  Not today, though.  Not now.  Instead of slowing, he increased his speed…lifting his left hand from her hip and smacking the cheek of her ass.


He was rewarded with a high-pitched squeal of delight and so he did it again, this time just a little harder.  He could feel her fluids gathering around his cock as she fucked him as hard as he was fucking her. 


“Christ, yes!  That’s it, Buffy…fuck me.  God, fuck me!”


He smacked her one more time, the left cheek of her ass a lovely shade of pink now, and groaned loudly as she screamed his name and came forcefully.  He looked down at their union and bit his lip. 


He waited until the very last moment and then pulled out.  His cock throbbed in his hand, nearly begging for release.  He rubbed his wet cockhead against her anus, smiling as she bucked her hips against him.


“Yes, Giles…now…God, come!”


He growled and pushed forward quickly, but as gently as possible.  He barely slipped the head past her sphincter before his orgasm crashed over him, flooding her rectum with his semen.


He stayed inside of her until he softened, both of them breathing heavily and trembling with aftershocks.  He looked down at her and rubbed her back, softly whispering her name.


She chuckled, sounding very tired and nearly drugged, pressing her cheek against the table as her fingers released the tablecloth.  “Mm?”


Grabbing one of the napkins from the table, he pulled out slowly and quickly cleaned them both up before reaching down to pull her underwear back up her legs.  “Are you alright?”


She shivered as his fingers brushed along the backs of her thighs.  “God, yeah.  You?”


He laughed gently, carefully pulling her up to stand in front of him before tucking his softened flesh back into his boxers.  “Oh, yes…I’m…very alright.”


She turned and watched him button and zip his jeans before draping her arms over his shoulders.  She leaned up on her tiptoes and offered her lips to him.  An offer that he accepted without hesitation.


He kissed her slowly, his hands smoothing her skirt back down over her hips.  When they reluctantly ended the kiss, he sighed and glanced at the table.


“I…should clean up the breakfast dishes…”


“Thank you.”  She whispered, smiling as he tilted his head in a silent question.  “For breakfast, for wearing this shirt, for…momentarily sating me.”


He grinned as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Momentarily?”


She returned his grin and shrugged a shoulder.  “That should keep me satisfied until tonight…”


He laughed as he stepped to the side and gathered the dishes.  “I should hope so.”


She sat down, his cup of coffee in her hands, and watched him clear the table.  As he loaded the dishwasher, she took a deep breath.






“We didn’t have the other part of the discussion.”


He looked over at her and smiled.  “No.  No, we didn’t.”


She finished his coffee and made her way over to him, handing him the empty mug.  “I want his middle name to be Kingsley.”


A slow smile appeared on Giles’ lips as his eyes sparkled.


Chapter Two


“Daddy!”  Haddie giggled as Giles lifted her into the air. 


He grinned as he straightened his arms, holding her high above his head.  “What?”


She wiggled as much as she could, her laughter growing.  “Put me down!”


Buffy smiled as Evan wrapped his arms around her neck and looked at Joyce.  She gestured towards her husband and grinned.  “Watch this.”


Joyce furrowed her brow in a silent question, but turned her eyes to her son-in-law.


Giles laughed at his daughter.  “Why?”


Haddie suddenly stopped wriggling and gave her father a brilliant smile.  “So I can give you a kiss.”


Joyce whispered a soft ‘aww’ as Giles gingerly lowered his arms, allowing the little girl to wrap her arms around his neck.  Haddie smiled broadly and hugged Giles tightly before placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek.


“I love you, Daddy.”


He held her with his left arm, curling a blonde curl around the index finger of his right hand.  “I love you too, Hadley.  Did you have fun last night at Grandma’s house?”


Haddie nodded enthusiastically.  “Yep.  Grandma played games with us…and then we watched a movie and…how come we only have one grandma?”


Giles glanced at Buffy and Joyce, clearing his throat as he looked into Haddie’s inquisitive green eyes.  “How many are you supposed to have?”


Evan grinned and held two fingers up.  “Two!”


Giles sighed and sat down on the couch, settling Haddie on his lap as Buffy sat down next to him with Evan.  Joyce bit her lip and looked out the window to the back yard, smiling as Braden and Lucas took turns throwing a tennis ball for Callie.


Giles looked down as Haddie’s small hands played with the buttons on his shirt.  “Who is Grandma?”


Haddie looked up at him as Evan answered in his most helpful voice.


“Grandma’s over there, Daddy.”


Buffy didn’t even try to stifle her chuckle as Haddie stared at her younger brother. 


“That’s not what Daddy meant, Ev.  Is it, Daddy?”


Giles smiled and shook his head.  “Not exactly.  But, do you know what I meant?”


Haddie nodded quickly.  “Yep.  Grandma is Mummy’s mummy.”


“That’s correct.”  Giles replied and waited for Haddie to work it out for herself.


“But…you don’t have a mummy.”


Giles exhaled softly and swallowed.  “No, I don’t.  Not anymore.”


He paused, not sure how much more information to give to her at the moment.  He wasn’t sure that he wanted to have to explain death to a five-year-old…he wasn’t even sure he knew how to explain it to her.  The boys took it in stride, but Haddie was so much more sensitive to things like that.  Buffy caught his eye and was getting ready to attempt to change the subject when Haddie tilted her head thoughtfully.


“So, that’s why we only have one grandma.  If you still had a mummy, then we’d have two, right?”


Giles gave her a small smile.  “That’s right, Haddie.”


Seemingly satisfied with that answer, at least for the time being, she gave him a tight hug and another kiss on the cheek.  When she heard her older brothers laughing outside, she grinned.


“Can we go outside with them?”


He nodded and carefully lifted her from his lap.  “Off you go.”


Evan scrambled off of Buffy’s lap and hurried after Haddie as she ran to the back door.  Giles exhaled a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair.


“Well, I wasn’t sure that would be enough of an answer for her today.”


Joyce nodded in agreement as she made her way to the smaller sofa.  “She’s such a smart little girl.”


Buffy smiled proudly, leaning against Giles’ side as he draped his arm along the back of the couch.  “Yeah…she gets that from her father.”


Giles scowled lightly at her.  “And you.  She’s so much like you, Buffy.  I hope that…”


He trailed off and bit his lip, realizing that he had nearly referred to the baby before they had told Joyce about him.  Buffy chuckled and gave him a nod before turning her eyes to her mother.


“Mom…we need to tell you something.”


Hearing Buffy’s nervous tone, Joyce leaned forward and regarded her carefully.  “Are you okay?”


“Yeah…”  Buffy answered quickly, taking a deep breath as she sat up straight.  She looked at Giles and ran her fingers through her hair.  “Why am I more nervous this time than I was the first?”


Giles smiled in understanding, lowering his arm from behind her and taking hold of her hand.  “Probably for the same reason that I am.”


Joyce narrowed her eyes.  “You’re both nervous…over something that you’ve apparently done before?  Maybe it would be best just to tell me…before I start panicking.”


Buffy squeezed Giles’ hand, hard enough to cause pain had he not been so nervous himself.  And then she exhaled slowly, steadying herself.


“We’re having another baby.”


Joyce blew out a sigh of relief as she smiled brightly.  “You’re going to adopt?  That’s wonderful news!”


Giles swallowed and shook his head.  “No, we’re not adopting a child.  We…”  He cleared his throat and continued.  “We’re having another child.”


Joyce’s smile faded as her brow furrowed in confusion.  “What?”


“I’m pregnant.”  Buffy blurted.


Joyce shook her head in disbelief.  “No, that can’t be.  You…you went through menopause not long after Evan was born.  You can’t have a baby once that’s happened…”


“You can when a higher being who works for The Powers That Be helps out.”  Buffy replied.


“What?”  Joyce repeated.  “A demon did this to you?  What about the baby?  Is it human?”


Giles held up his hand, a silent signal for Joyce to calm down.  When she did, he spoke softly…a slight tremor in his voice.


“The child is human…and I am the father.  A demon is not responsible for this, Joyce.  I know it’s hard to understand, but please…allow us to explain.”


Joyce stared at him for a moment.  “You’re happy about this…both of you.”


It wasn’t a question.  It was a statement…it was a fact that she could see in both of their faces.


“Yes.  Yes, we are.”  Giles responded.  “This…well, this is something we both have wanted for some time.  We just didn’t think that we’d have the chance.”


Joyce looked at Buffy, sighing as her daughter nodded in agreement.  “Okay…I think I need a little explanation here.”


Giles sat back, smiling as Buffy leaned against him once more. 


* * *


Joyce stared at them in surprise.  She had remained quiet throughout the time it took both Giles and Buffy to explain the situation to her.  Now, as they looked at her expectantly, she realized that it was her turn to say something.


“You, uh…you were supposed to have five children?”


“Yeah.”  Buffy answered quickly.  “And, when we really thought about it…it makes sense.  I mean, we’ve both felt like something’s missing.  And, we’ve both thought about having another baby…but never said anything because we really didn’t think it was possible.”


“How far along are you?”


Giles glanced at the clock and smiled.  “Nearly eight hours.”


Joyce smiled as she shook her head in mild amusement.  “I always found that a bit…strange.  The fact that you both know exactly what time your children were conceived.  I didn’t know I was pregnant with Buffy until eight weeks later…”


“It’s a Slayer perk.”  Buffy said with a grin.  “Kinda like knowing if it’s a boy or a girl.”


Joyce raised an eyebrow.  “And?”


Buffy looked up at her husband and gently nudged him in the ribs.  “Go on…you know you’re dying to tell.”


Giles beamed proudly as he met Joyce’s eyes.  “We’re having another son.”


Joyce’s eyes glistened.  “Have you named him yet?”


Buffy shook her head, glancing down as Giles brushed his fingers over her abdomen.  “No…well, not completely.  I want his middle name to be Kingsley though.”


Giles coughed lightly as he heard the children run up the stairs of the back porch.  “We haven’t told them yet…”


Joyce nodded and moved her fingers in front of her mouth in a zipping motion. 


The back door swung open and Evan made a bee-line for his father, Callie on his heels.  “Daddy, I’m hungry!”


Giles chuckled as he pushed himself up from the couch.  “I’m not surprised.  It is lunchtime, after all.  What would you like?”


“Chicken and avo for me!”  Braden stated as he kicked his shoes off.


Lucas wrinkled his nose.  “Ham and cheese?”


Giles nodded and looked at his daughter.  “Haddie?”


Haddie thought for a long minute and then smiled.  “Chicken and cheese!”


Evan looked up at his father, his green eyes shining brightly.  “Pancakes!”


Joyce and Buffy laughed as Giles rolled his eyes.  “This is a no cook lunch, Evan.”


Evan’s eyes sparkled.  “Pancake batter!”


Buffy snorted as Giles groaned, standing up and ruffling the boy’s hair.  “Try thinking of what you want on a sandwich, Ev.”


Giles raised an eyebrow at his son.  “And don’t even think about saying pancake batter on bread…”


“Ew!”  Evan said as he grimaced.  “That would be yucky!”


“Yes, it would.”  Giles agreed, laughter in his voice.  “So…what kind of sandwich would you like?”




Giles grinned proudly as Buffy shuddered.  “That’s my boy!”


“God, that’s gross…”  Buffy murmured. 


Giles chuckled as he ushered the kids into the kitchen.


Chapter Three


After lunch, Buffy and Giles sat their children down in the living room.  After some gentle encouragement from Joyce, Buffy took a deep breath and gave the announcement.


Braden looked confused.  “But…Anya said that you couldn’t have any more kids…”


Giles raised an eyebrow.  “Why would Anya tell you that?”


Braden exhaled slowly.  “Well, she didn’t really.  She said something to Xander and I kind of…listened.”


Before Buffy or Giles had a chance to reply, Lucas asked a fairly valid question.


“Where’s it gonna sleep?”


Evan grinned.  “He can sleep with me!”


Haddie stared at her younger brother.  “What if it’s a girl?”


Evan thought for a second before turning his grin towards his sister.  “Then she can sleep with you!”


Buffy smiled and shook her head in amusement.  “We have a while before we have to worry about that.  But, we do appreciate your offer, Evvie.”


Haddie absently twirled the hair of the doll she was holding.  “What are you going to name it?”


“Him.”  Giles corrected softly.  “You’re having another brother.”


Haddie’s smile returned quickly upon the realization that she was still going to be the only princess in the family.  Buffy laughed softly at the little girl’s reaction. 


“So what are you going to name him?”  Haddie asked, crossing her legs Indian-style on the floor.


“Well…”  Buffy began as she looked at each of their children.  “We were kind of hoping you guys would help us with that.”


Braden furrowed his brow.  “Huh?  You want us to name the baby?”


Giles chuckled softly.  “Not exactly.  I would prefer not to have a son named Merlin.”


Lucas glared at his father.  “I don’t want to name him Merlin, Dad.”


The corner of Giles’ mouth twitched as he contained his smile.  “No?”


“No.”  Lucas confirmed before grinning.  “I want to name him Harry.”


“Mm-hm.  As I said, we don’t exactly want you to name the baby.”  Giles reiterated, amusement showing in his eyes.  “What we would like is for each of you to write a letter on a piece of paper.  And then we’ll put the pieces of paper in a hat, and draw one out.”


“A letter?”  Braden asked, tilting his head to the side and looking very much like his father.


Buffy smiled as she gave him a nod.  “Yep.  Whichever letter we pull out will be the first letter of the baby’s first name.”


“Oh…”  Braden replied, a slow smile appearing on his face.  “Okay, I like that.”


Joyce pushed herself out of the chair when the doorbell rang.  “I’ll get that.  It’s probably Willow and Oz.”


“Thanks, Mom.”   Buffy called out as Giles handed each child a piece of paper and a pen.


* * *


Willow smiled as she walked into the living room, Maria holding her hand and Jake dozing in Oz’s arms.  “Hey…”


Giles looked up and returned her smile.  “Hello.”  He glanced at Oz and furrowed his brow.  “Is he okay?”


Oz sighed and shook his head, gently rubbing his son’s back.  “Not really…I think he’s inherited Willow’s tendency for car sickness.”


Giles stood up and gestured towards the hall as Maria ran over for a cuddle.  He picked the little girl up and gave her a kiss on the cheek before he spoke.


“He can have a rest in one of the kids’ rooms…nothing that’ll help motion sickness other than rest.”


Oz smiled gratefully.  “Thanks.  I’ll be right back.”


Joyce chuckled as the doorbell rang again.  “I’m going to guess Xander and Anya this time.”


Giles smiled as he lowered Maria to the ground.  “I’d be very surprised if it were anyone else.”


As if on cue, Anya strolled into the living room with Xander and Rayna behind her.  “We rang the doorbell.”


Giles laughed as Rayna sprinted towards Buffy.  “Yes, we did hear it.”


Xander smiled sheepishly, draping his arm over Anya’s shoulders.  “Sorry for just letting ourselves in.”


Buffy waved a hand in his direction as she picked Rayna up and blew a raspberry on the girl’s neck.  “We were expecting you guys.”


Oz walked back into the room and Anya furrowed her brow as Haddie handed a scrap of paper to her father. 


“What’s going on?”  She asked as Evan followed his sister.


Evan grinned at Anya.  “We’re namin’ the baby!”


Anya narrowed her eyes in thought as she rubbed her swollen abdomen.  “We’ve already named her.  Her name is River.”


Buffy and Giles glanced at each other quickly, Buffy lowering Rayna to the floor.  Evan shook his head and laughed as if what Anya said was the funniest thing he’d ever heard.


“No, silly.  Not your baby.  Mummy’s baby!”


Giles cleared his throat as their friends stared at them in disbelief…with the exception of Willow, who simply grinned happily.  Buffy blew out a breath and shrugged a shoulder.


“Well, there goes the announcement.”


Giles nodded slowly and gestured towards the back door as he looked down at the children.  “Why don’t you take Maria and Rayna outside to play with Callie…”


Haddie shook her head quickly, pointing at the pieces of paper in her father’s hand.  “Not yet…you have to pick one!”


“Hm?”  He looked down at his hand and smiled.  “Oh…yes, of course.”


He closed his left hand over his right and shook the pieces before looking at Joyce.  “Would you mind?”


Joyce smiled brightly and plucked a piece out and handed it to Buffy.  Buffy unfolded it and showed it to Giles.  Oz, Willow, Xander, and Anya continued to stare at the couple…obviously confused as to what was going on.


“D.”  Giles stated with a nod.  “The baby’s name will start with a ‘D’.”


Braden grinned proudly, giving no doubt as to what his suggestion had been.  “Come on, guys…let’s go play with Callie!”


Rayna looked up at her father.  “Sand?”


Xander smiled and nodded.  “Yep…go on, have fun…play in the sand.  But, don’t throw it at anyone, okay?”


Rayna grinned and nodded as she ran towards the door.  “Okay!”


As the six children ran out to the backyard, Buffy took Giles’ hand and gently squeezed.  The room remained silent for a few moments, until Xander chuckled.


“Okay…so this funny thing happened on the way over here…”


Giles laughed softly and gestured towards the couches and chairs in the living room.  “Yes, you could say that.  Have a seat…we’ll explain all.”


Anya stared at Buffy as Xander led her to the larger of the two couches.  “You can’t have another baby.  I read about the human reproductive system when I became an ex-demon.”


Willow smiled patiently at Anya.  “Why don’t you just let them explain things, Anya?  I’m sure it’ll make sense after we hear what’s going on.”


Xander narrowed his eyes at his best friend.  “You already knew about this, didn’t you?”


Willow shook her head quickly, allowing Oz to pull her down on his lap as he sat down in one of the chairs.  “No, I didn’t know she’s pregnant.”


“But, you knew something…”  Xander added, sitting down heavily on the couch.


“And now all of you will know everything.”  Giles stated softly, a warm smile on his face.


* * *


Xander merely stared, his mouth opening, then closing, then opening again.  Anya looked amused, but not shocked.  Willow seemed to be as happy as Giles and Buffy were about the pregnancy.  Oz looked deep in thought…which wasn’t unusual for him.


“Boy or girl?”  Oz broke the silence with his softly asked question.


Buffy and Giles exchanged a smile.  Buffy leaned against Giles’ side as she told them that they were having another boy.


“A boy whose name will start with a ‘D’.”  Anya added unnecessarily.  After a beat, she tilted her head.  “What were the other choices?”


Giles looked confused for a moment and then remembered the three other scraps of paper he had shoved into his pocket.  He pulled them out and smiled as Buffy reached for them.


She laughed as she unfolded the first one.  “This has to be Lucas’.  ‘H for Harry’.”


Giles chuckled as he met the confused looks of the others.  “Remember when he was obsessed with King Arthur?  Well, I said that we weren’t going to name him ‘Merlin’…Lucas said that he would’ve suggested ‘Harry’ instead of ‘Merlin’ anyway.”


As their friends laughed, Buffy unfolded a second one.  “Z.”


Giles grimaced, obviously relieved that ‘Z’ had not been chosen by Joyce.  He opened the last one and smiled as he read it.


“J.  I think ‘D’ was the best choice out of the four.”  He grinned at Joyce.  “Thank you for picking the ‘right’ one.”


Everyone laughed, except for Anya. 


“What’s wrong with ‘J’?  I mean, I understand not wanting to name him ‘Harry’ because that’s just horrible.  And not many choices with ‘Z’ other than Zachary or Zane or Zephyr…”


“Zephyr?”  Willow asked as she stared at Anya.


“I didn’t say it was a good name.  But, it can be used as one.”  Anya replied as she waved her hand.  “Anyway…there are a lot of good ‘J’ names.  Jason, Jeffrey, Jack, John, Jared…”


“Mm-hm.”  Giles agreed.  “Those are decent names.  However…our last name is Giles.”


Anya narrowed her eyes, clearly not understanding until she continued.  “Yeah, I know. Jason Giles is…really sucky when you say it together.”


Laughter rang out in the room…no one disagreeing with Anya’s very blunt statement. 


Catching Xander’s eye, Giles motioned towards the kitchen.  “Care to help me with tea and coffee?”


“Um…no, I don’t mind.”  Xander answered cautiously.


Giles smiled and took a quick count of who wanted what as Xander made his way into the kitchen.  Oz went to check on Jake, who was resting in Evan’s room.  Giles gave Buffy a light kiss, running his fingers over her abdomen in a loving gesture.


Chapter Four


Xander had already filled the kettle and switched it on by the time Giles walked into the kitchen.  He turned and watched Giles pull seven mugs down from the cabinet.


“So, I get the idea that you wanted to talk to me about something.”


Giles smiled as he opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of milk.  “Am I that transparent these days?”


Xander shrugged a shoulder and pushed the sugar canister towards Giles.  “Sometimes.”


Giles took a deep breath and dumped a spoonful of sugar into four of the mugs.  “Anya was fairly worried the other day.”


Xander ran his hand through his hair and sighed.  “Yeah…um…”


Giles met the young man’s eyes and smiled.  “Can I give you some advice?”


Xander nodded as Giles leaned against the counter.


“If Anya approaches you, never turn her down.  Even if you are so tired that you feel like you can’t move…don’t turn her down.  Pregnancy causes hormone issues in women that I’ll never understand.  But, I do know that I’d much rather exert myself when I’m exhausted than to have Buffy wondering if I find her any less attractive than she is.”


Xander swallowed nervously.  “I think Anya is beautiful…whether she’s seven months pregnant or not pregnant at all.  I just…I didn’t want her to think…”


Giles nodded in understanding as Xander trailed off.  “I made that mistake once.  Buffy was probably four months pregnant with Braden and…I was tired and said that I was okay.”  His smiled softly as he continued.  “After Buffy’s reaction, I decided that I would never be too tired while she was pregnant.”


Xander bit his lip and picked up the kettle, filling the mugs with water.  “So, uh…you two are really having another baby?”


Giles smiled as he reached for the teabags.  “Yes, we really are.”


“You have a six bedroom house…”


Giles nodded as he finished preparing the tea.  “He’ll probably share a room with Evan.  It would be unfair to ask Braden or Lucas to share their room with him.”


“I, uh…I can build an extra room for you.”


Giles met Xander’s eyes.  “I’m sorry?”


“Well, I…I think it’s important for them to have their own room…and you need a guest room or two.”  He glanced out the window and into the yard.  “You have a huge backyard, Giles.  I could build a small guesthouse right off to the side of the house.  It could be a separate building or I can do it as an addition to the existing house…”


“Xander…”  Giles started, his voice full of astonishment.


Xander smiled and looked back at Giles.  “You’ve done so much for all of us, Giles…from the first day we met you.  Please…let me do this for you and your family.”


Giles smiled and placed his hand on Xander’s shoulder.  “Thank you, Xander.”


Xander gave him a nod that said ‘you’re welcome’ and then glanced down at the mugs.  “We’d better get these in there before they get cold.  Anya hates cold tea.”


Giles gave Xander’s shoulder a light squeeze and nodded.  Xander never ceased to surprise Giles.  And Giles found himself growing prouder of the young man each day.


* * *


Their friends and Buffy’s mother had left after dinner and their children had gone to bed a couple of hours after that.  Buffy had stopped by each of their rooms on her way back from the library at the end of the hall.  Finding each of them sound asleep, she made her way to the living room with a book in her hand.


She stopped suddenly, shaking her head in amusement at the scene in front of her.  Giles was stretched out on the couch, eyes closed…looking very peaceful as he slept quietly.  What she found amusing was not the fact that he had fallen asleep, but the fact that Callie was stretched out on top of him.  Her head resting on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around her.


His eyes opened when he heard Buffy laugh softly.  He yawned as he looked at her and then raised an eyebrow.  Buffy glanced at the snoring boxer and laughed again.


“Have I been replaced already?”


Giles chuckled and shook his head, carefully repositioning the large, sleeping dog as he sat up.  Callie growled in her sleep and then gave a deep huff as she settled back down, her head resting on his thigh.


“You could never be replaced, Buffy.”  He glanced at the book in her hand and grinned.  “It’s been a while since I’ve seen that…”


Buffy motioned for him to move next to the arm of the couch.  He did and smiled as she twirled her finger, her silent request for him to turn so that his back was against the arm.  As he situated himself to her specifications, Callie huffed again and sleepily slid from the couch, stretching out on the carpet.


Buffy moved between his legs quickly, leaning her back against his chest as she opened the book.  “Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a reason to use it.”


He slipped his arms around her, pulling her tighter against him as he kissed the top of her head.  “Very true…at least we only have to look at one section this time.”


She nodded and rested the back of her head against his shoulder.  “Yeah, but that could be either really easy…or really hard.”


His fingers edged under the hem of her shirt and rubbed against her stomach.  “I would imagine that ‘D’ is going to be easier than ‘Z’.”


Sighing softly, she opened the book to the ‘D’ section.  Giles read over her shoulder, aware that she could probably feel the beginnings of his arousal as she wriggled into a more comfortable position between his legs.




He shook his head, his eyes continuing to scan the page.  “Too common.  Darby?”


She turned her head and stared at him.  “Darby?  That’s a…that’s the guy’s name in the movie about the leprechauns.”


He narrowed his eyes in thought.  “What?”


“Jonathan O’Darby and the Little People.  It’s a movie for kids…I hated it.  No to Darby.”


He chuckled and kissed her cheek when she turned her eyes back to the book.  “Alright, not Darby.”




“No, too…American.”  He smiled when she stared at him again.  “I just wanted to see your reaction, love.  It’s really due to the fact that I just don’t like the name.  Um…what about Duncan?”


Buffy exhaled slowly.  “I like it, but…it’s a yo-yo.  Drake?”


He laughed and turned a few pages back.  “A drake is a duck.  I have not fathered a duck.  What about Declan?”


Buffy’s brow furrowed, her eyes searching for the name. “It's Irish...Full of Goodness.”


He had always liked the name Declan…it reminded him of his childhood.  Years before his father told him that he would become a Watcher, a young couple lived next door to them.  That young couple had a son who was about a year younger than Giles.  The boy’s name was Roger.  However, Roger said that when he got older, his name would be Declan. 


Even though Giles was only seven years old at the time, he found Roger’s statement quite funny.  And it was something that he remembered and would playfully tease Roger over it as they got older.  Roger and his parents had been killed in a car accident when Roger was fourteen.  Giles remembered being shocked when his mother had called to tell him.


“Declan Kingsley Giles.”  Buffy’s soft voice interrupted his thoughts.  “I like it…”


She gasped when she felt his fingers brush over her lace-covered nipple.  “Giles…”


His lips moved along her neck.  “Have we named our son?  Or should we continue going through names?”


“He’s Declan.”  Buffy replied, her voice husky.  “What are you doing?”


He chuckled against her skin, his fingers gently releasing her breasts from the lace cups of her bra.  “If you’re asking, I’m obviously doing something wrong…”


“You’re not doing anything…mm…wrong…”  She whispered, arching her back against his touch. 


“Let me take you to bed, Buffy.”  He groaned as he massaged her breasts.  “Let me make love to you.”


“Yes, Giles…please, yes…”


He smiled and set about to the task of moving her enough to crawl out from behind her.  He glanced at her chest, her hardened nipples poking against the thin material of her shirt, and groaned softly.


Before she had a chance to say anything, he pulled her from the couch and lifted her into his arms.  She relaxed against him, his arm under the backs of her knees as she rested her head against his shoulder.  Her fingers pulled at the buttons of his shirt, slipping inside and gently stroking his skin.


“I love you, Rupert.”  She whispered as he carried her towards the bedroom.


“I love you too, Buffy.”  He answered, brushing his lips across hers.


* * *


“Christ, Buffy…”  He murmured against her neck as he slowly moved within her.


Her hands gripped his back as she lifted her knees, pressing them against his sides.  “Yes…there…”


Straightening his arms, he pushed his upper body up and gazed down at her as he changed his rhythm.  She shuddered and whimpered his name as he ground his hips against hers.


He watched a bead of sweat slide into the hollow at the base of her throat, fighting the urge to lick it from her skin.  Her hands had moved from his back to his sides, her nails digging into his ribs as she pushed back against him.




She opened her eyes, staring at him as she licked her dry lips.  “Huh?”


His eyes followed her tongue.  “You…are so beautiful.”


Smiling up at him, she wrapped her legs around his waist and slid her hands up his chest.  “And you are incredibly sweet…and sexy...”


He looked into her eyes and returned her smile, changing his pace slightly…just enough to make her dig her nails into his shoulders as she moaned.  “Am I?”


“Yes…God, yes…”


“Christ, I love you.”  He growled as he lowered his chest to hers.


His mouth found her neck easily, teeth scraping against her skin as his right hand moved to her hip.  She cried out in frustration as he bit down on her neck at the same time as he held her hip down and pulled out completely. 




“Ssh…”  He mumbled, lifting his head as he shifted his hips forward, rubbing his wet cock over her stomach.  “Relax, Buffy…”


“Relax?”  She wriggled underneath him, doing her best to recapture his erection.  But, her best wasn’t good enough, leaving her even more frustrated.  “Do you even know how close I was?”


“Yes.”  He whispered, continuing quickly before her tirade broke loose.  “Roll over…”


“Giles, I…”


He interrupted her with a soft kiss, carefully moving to her side.  “Please, love…roll over.”


She shook her head, but rolled onto her side facing him, her hand quickly finding his erection.  “I don’t want to roll over, Giles…”


He inhaled sharply, his hips involuntarily thrusting against her hand.  “Buffy…I’m going to come…”


She narrowed her eyes at his statement, rubbing her thumb over the head of his cock.  “That’s kind of the point…”


Covering her hand with his, he shook his head and swallowed thickly.  “I want this to last…and after this morning, I…”




“I’m fifty-six years old for God’s sake, Buffy…I…I don’t have the stamina that I did even twelve years ago…”


She smiled in understanding and brushed her lips over his.  “And yet…you’re still able to make love to me three times in one day.  Tell me, honey…would I have been able to keep up with you in your Ripper days?”


“If anyone could have, it would have been you.”  He answered quickly as he gently pulled her hand away from his aching cock.  “But, these are not my Ripper days…and I’m in danger of coming far too soon.”


Her smile turned to a grin as she pushed him onto his back and leaned over him.  “Or maybe…just maybe…we’re both too tired and we both need to come soon.” 


She placed a warm kiss on his chest as she carefully straddled his hips.  “And…it has nothing to do with our ages…and everything to do with us.”


He groaned her name as she guided his erection back into her, his hands sliding to her hips.  She smiled down at him and lovingly rubbed his chest.


“Just…let go, baby.”  She whispered as she started moving on top of him.  “Let go…and take me with you…”


She watched him bite his lip as he struggled to maintain control, his eyes shut tightly as she slammed her hips down onto him. 


“Or…”  She started, stopping her motion as she spoke.  “We can stop for a while…get ourselves under control…and I can talk to you about the fact that Braden wants a PlayStation.”


His eyes snapped open, his hands tightening on her hips as he stared up at her.  With a quick shake of his head, he slid his hands to her back, pulling her down as he rolled them back over.  He smiled adoringly at her, lowering his chest to hers as he moved his hips against her.


“I don’t think I want to stop. I’m fairly sure that I don’t want to get ourselves under control.  And…I’m definitely certain that I do not want to discuss video games at the moment.”


She moaned, lifting her legs over his hips as she dug her nails into his back.  “God…yes…”


His mouth found her neck once more as he increased his pace, plunging his cock into her warm depths.  As his name became her mantra, he decided that letting go sometimes wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.


They were having another baby…a son…a boy they would name Declan.  Xander had offered to build an extension for their house…an offer that he would discuss with Buffy in the morning.  Their children had taken the news of Declan’s impending arrival amazingly well...and their family was complete.


And after they talked about additions to their home…they’d discuss their oldest son’s request for electronics.  But, for now…


He bit down on her neck as her nails raked down his back and sides.


For now, he had his beautiful wife writhing underneath him…matching him thrust for thrust as she moaned his name.


Everything else could wait until morning.





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