Title:  Explanations

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Immediately following Bound

Synopsis:  Giles faces the consequences of his actions.

Author’s Note:  This is an approved sequel to wyvernwolf’s Bound.  Not only did she approve it, but she betaed it as usual.  So…special thanks on a couple of counts there. 



Giles stopped for a red light and looked down the road to his left.  That was the way to the hospital.  That was the way he wanted to go…because that’s where Buffy was.


He sighed heavily as the light turned green and he went straight ahead.


He wanted to turn left, but he had promised Willow and Xander that he would get some rest.  In fact, they had literally forced him out of Buffy’s hospital room and given him strict orders to go home, shower, and get some rest.


An argument had ensued, but eventually he realized that he would do Buffy no good in his current condition.  And so he had left to go home.  He hadn’t made it home though…not when he had passed Ethan Rayne strolling down the street.


He had spent the last couple of hours torturing Ethan for what he had allowed to happen to Buffy.  Even though Ethan claimed innocence in the knowledge of what was to happen, Giles didn’t believe him.  Why would he?  The entire situation reeked of Chaos and Ethan Rayne.


His cock twitched in his trousers as his mind replayed exactly how he had ‘tortured’ Ethan.  He reached down and pressed his hand against his growing arousal.  Knowing Ethan, he was probably still cursing Giles’ name…still tied to Spike’s bed…still incredibly hard.


He briefly wondered what Spike’s reaction would be.  Spike wouldn’t kill Ethan, because he couldn’t.  But he was curious as to whether Spike would take advantage of the situation.  And then he realized that he didn’t exactly care.


He groaned as he unconsciously rubbed his hand over his erection.  Right now, he needed to get home.  He had just enough time to grab a shower, drop some Visine into his eyes, and head back to the hospital.


With any luck, he’d be able to convince Willow that he actually had gotten some rest.


* * *


Buffy rolled her eyes as she walked into Giles’ apartment, flanked by Willow and Xander. 


“Guys, I can walk…”  She groaned in exasperation as Xander closed the door.


Xander smirked, leading her towards the couch.  “Yeah, sure you can.  And if Giles sees you walking in here without any help…when you’re actually supposed to still be in the hospital…he’ll throttle us.  Therefore, you get help walking.”


Willow furrowed her brow as she looked around.  “Um…Giles?”


Xander looked at Willow over Buffy’s head.  “Maybe he’s actually sleeping, Will.”


At that moment, the front door opened and a very tired looking Giles walked in.  His eyes widened as he stared at the three people standing in the middle of the living room.


Willow narrowed her eyes and pointed her finger at him.  “You were supposed to come home and rest!”


“I…uh…I got a little sidetracked.”  He looked at Buffy in concern.  “Why are you not in the hospital?”


“Slayer healing.”  She answered simply, her body beginning to hum as her senses picked up on his arousal.  “Where have you been?”


He darted a quick glance at Xander.  “You shouldn’t have let her leave.”


Xander snorted in amusement.  “Yeah, you see…we tried the whole ‘doctors are your friend’ speech.  But, she only wanted you.  I guess she likes it when you play doctor.”


When all of them stared at him, Xander closed his eyes and shook his head.  “And I so didn’t mean that the way it sounded.  I think I should go…because…I just should.”


Buffy grinned and rubbed his arm sympathetically.  “Poor Xander.  Scared by the sexy Watcher/Slayer images…”


Xander gave her a mock glare.  “You’re really not helping.”


Buffy turned her eyes back to Giles.  Though she saw the concern in his eyes, she also saw the desire…and she knew that he knew that she could see it, could feel his burning need for release.


“Guys?  Um…would you mind…you know, going home?  I’m really tired and I just want to snuggle up with my Watcher for a while.”


Willow hesitated, but Xander moved quickly.  He lightly kissed the top of Buffy’s head and softly requested, for about the thirtieth time, that she not scare them like that again.  And then he grabbed Willow’s arm and pulled her away.


Willow looked up at Giles as Xander dragged her past him.  “You have some explaining to do, mister!”


Giles gave her a crooked smile, but gave no verbal reply.  When they walked out the door and closed it behind them, Giles flicked the lock and sighed.  He heard the leather of the couch creak softly as Buffy eased herself down.


“You should have let the doctors keep you in for observation for at least one night.”


“I feel fine, Giles.  A little sore, but…I’m good.”  She offered him a small smile when he looked over at her.  “Where were you?  And don’t tell me that you went for a walk…or a drive…to clear your head.”


She glanced at his groin and arched an eyebrow.  “Because I don’t believe you get that worked up by taking a walk or going for a drive.”


He exhaled a deep breath and walked over to her, not looking at her as he sat down on the couch next to her.  “I, uh…”


When he hesitated, she turned towards him, wincing lightly as her healing wound pulled.  “Giles?  I…I think you need to tell me what happened.  Because…the doctors gave me a lot of painkillers and now my head is coming up with all kinds of different possibilities and I really don’t want to think about you with another woman while I’m lying in a hospital bed.”


He looked at her sharply.  “No.  It wasn’t…I wasn’t with a woman, Buffy.  I wouldn’t do that…not to you.”


“I know…but heavy painkillers make you think funny things.”  She glanced down and noticed that his erection had subsided somewhat.  “You weren’t with a woman?  Does that mean you were with a man?”


Giles swallowed nervously.  He had told Buffy the truth about his sexual curiosity as a late teen.  She knew that he had had a couple of male lovers in the past…and she knew that one of them had been Ethan for a time.


“Ethan was responsible for your injury.”  He whispered, his eyes automatically moving to her side…where she had been stabbed.  “I…are you sure that you’re okay?”


She lifted her hand from her side and lifted her shirt, exposing the bandage.  “I promise, Giles…I’m fine.”


Giles nodded, tenderly brushing his fingertips over the bandage.  “I was so frightened.  I thought I’d lost you.”


Buffy smiled and lifted her hand to his cheek.  “It’ll take a lot more than an impy demon with a knife to take me away from you.”


Giles watched his fingers gently pull the tape from the bandage.  “I saw Ethan on my way home from the hospital.  So, I stopped…and pulled him into the car...after I gave him a quick thrashing.”


He continued as he carefully peeled away the gauze.  “He admitted that he had been working with the demon, but said that he didn’t know what the demon’s true intentions were.”


He looked up and met her eyes briefly.  “I didn’t believe him.”


She saw the flash in his eyes and rubbed her thumb over his cheekbone.  “What did you do?”


Giles cleared his throat as his fingers traced the edges of the wound.  “It doesn’t look very bad at all now.”


She ignored his comment and repeated her question.  He sighed heavily and moved his hand to her thigh.


“I took him to Spike’s crypt…and tied him to the bed.”


Buffy’s eyes widened slightly.  “Did you…Giles, did you…”  Her voice lowered to a whisper.  “Did you fuck him?”


Giles narrowed his eyes as he stared into hers.  “No.  Why the hell would I do that?  Why would I reward him for hurting you?  That demon could have killed you, Buffy!”


“Ssh.”  She moved her hand to his neck, her fingers gently massaging him as she urged him to calm down.  “It’s okay, Giles…just…what did you do?”


Giles felt his anger spark within him again as he described what he’d done.


“I blindfolded him…I ripped his clothes from him…and then I wrapped my hand around his cock.”


Buffy inhaled sharply, but said nothing.  However, she did move her hand to his chest and gently rubbed her palm over his left nipple.


“He thought I was going to make him come.”  He grinned absently and shook his head.  “But I know what hurts Ethan as much as a sound thrashing…and that’s being denied release.”


“How many times?”  She whispered. 


“Four times I brought him to the edge…but I didn’t let him go over.”  He licked his lips and stared into her darkened eyes, his erection hot and hard once again.  “I left him there…writhing on Spike’s bed, begging for me to let him come.”


Buffy raised an eyebrow.  “You left him there?  You know that Spike’ll probably…”


“I don’t care.”  He whispered, his eyes darting to her lips as her hand slowly moved down his torso.  “He was responsible for hurting you…and all I could think about was hurting him in return.”


Her tongue slid along her bottom lip as her fingers pressed against the hard bulge in his trousers.  “Did you come?”


“No.”  He choked out, his fingers tightening on her thigh.  “I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.”


“But you want to…come, that is.”  She stated in a husky voice.


“God yes.”  He whispered, covering her hand with his and pressing it harder against him.  “But…you, uh…you should rest…”


Her eyes sparkled as she pulled her hand out from under his, leaving his resting on top of his cock.  “I want to watch you.”


He gasped as he gazed at her.  “Watch?”


“Mm-hm.”  She murmured, glancing down and then smiling.  “Make yourself come and let me watch, Giles.”




She looked into his darkened green eyes and bit her lip.  “Please?”


He knew that he could never deny her when she looked at him like that.  And, God help him, she knew that as well.  As a result, neither of them were surprised to hear the soft metallic clink as he unbuckled his belt. 


She dropped her gaze to his groin when she heard the sound of his zipper being lowered.  She breathed a soft sigh as he pulled his erection free from his boxers.




He smiled, his eyes flickering with lust, as his hand tightened around the shaft.  “I, uh…I don’t think it’ll take long, love.”


She nodded in agreement and licked her lips again.  “I think you’re right…”




“Huh?”  She mumbled, her eyes fixed on the glistening tip of his cock.


“Can you do something for me?”  He asked gently.


“Yeah.”  She looked up at his eyes and smiled.  “What?”


“Unbutton your shirt.”  He gave his erection a slow stroke.  “Please…”


Her smile turned to a grin as her fingers deftly pulled the buttons free.  “You want to look at me while you jack off?”


“Yes.”  He replied hoarsely, his eyes darting to her lace covered breasts.  “But…what I really want is to cover your nipples in my come.”


Her chest heaved as she inhaled sharply, her fingers trembling lightly as she opened the clasp on the front of her bra.  “Giles…”


“And then I want to suck them clean…”  He lifted his eyes to hers, his hand quickening its pace on his erection.  “If you’re up for it…”


“God yes…yes, I am…”


He gave her a quick nod and moved to sit on the coffee table.  His voice was gravelled with desire when he spoke.


“Lay down, Buffy.  Push your shirt open further…let me see how hard your nipples are while you watch me…”


She complied eagerly, relishing the sound of his deep growl as her nipples tightened.   She could feel herself nearing orgasm and he hadn’t even touched her.  When she unbuttoned her jeans, Giles groaned softly.




“I want to come too…”  She whispered, carefully lifting her hips to slide her jeans down. 


He knew that she wasn’t up for him being inside of her, but trusted her to know how far she could let herself go.  His strokes became slightly erratic as he watched her slide her fingers through her wet folds.




He stood up quickly and moved next to her, bending his knees enough so that he could hold the head of his cock against her breast.  He groaned loudly as he shuddered and came, his thick semen coating her left nipple. 


She cried out at the sensation, her body quivering as she neared orgasm.  He kept pumping his cock, her name leaving his lips on a cry of ecstasy as another spurt landed on the firm flesh of her breast.


He released his cock as he dropped to his knees, latching his mouth onto her nipple.  He sucked hard, cleaning her of his come.  As his tongue circled the hardened nub, she screamed, shuddered, and then gasped.


He lifted his head suddenly when he heard her swift intake of air, concern etching his face when he realized that her gasp was one of pain. 


“Buffy?  God, I’m sorry…”  He whispered urgently as he lovingly stroked her hair.  “I…”


“Ssh…s’okay.”  She mumbled, reaching up to touch his face.  “I’m okay...a little tired, but okay.  You?”


“Don’t worry about me.”  He stated, shoving his cock back into pants before standing up.  “You need to rest…truly rest.”


Before she could reply at all, he bent over and scooped her into his arms.  She relaxed against him, resting her head against his shoulder as he started towards the stairs.


He groaned in frustration as someone pounded on his front door.  He looked down, making sure that Buffy was fully covered before carefully opening the door with a glare firmly set in place.




Spike released a mouthful of smoke and returned Giles’ glare.  “You wanna tell me why your mate is all naked and tied up in my bed?”


Buffy stifled her chuckle and shifted in Giles’ arms.  Giles shook his head and kicked the door shut with the toe of his shoe. 


As the door slammed in his face, Spike’s eyes widened.  “Hey!  What the bloody hell am I supposed to do with him?”


Giles ignored the shout and continued his journey to the bedroom. Spike stared angrily at the door for a few moments.  Realizing that Giles wasn’t coming back, he groaned and dropped his cigarette to the ground, savagely crushing it out with the sole of his boot.  He gave the doorframe a solid kick before turning and stomping back into the darkness.


Buffy smiled as Giles settled her on the bed.  Giles read the question in her eyes and offered her a tender smile before turning and making his way to the dresser.


“I don’t know…maybe Ethan and Spike will find that they’re absolutely perfect for one another…or maybe they’ll end up killing each other.”


Buffy laughed, carefully easing out of her clothes as Giles pulled a t-shirt out of the top drawer of his dresser.  “It’s weird how you do that.”


“Hm?”  He murmured, handing the t-shirt to her. 


“The way you know what I’m going to ask before I ask it.”  She pulled the shirt over her head and slipped under the covers.


He smiled, quickly shedding his own clothes and sliding into the bed next to her.   “I’m sure you could do the same if you thought about it.”


Buffy looked at him, regarding him carefully before shaking her head.  “I’m not upset with you, Giles.”


His smile returned as he pulled her into his arms and placed a loving kiss on the top of her head.  “See?  It’s not that hard to know what I’m thinking…”


She snuggled against him, sighing as he gently rubbed her back.  “Did you want him?”


“No.”  Giles answered with no hesitation.  “I wanted to hurt him, possibly even kill him…but, I knew I’d never be able to live with myself if I had.  I had no desire to be with him.”


“Really?”  She asked sleepily.


“Really.”  He responded, closing his eyes as he felt her begin to drift towards sleep. 


“Just me?”  She mumbled.


He smiled and slid his hand down to her hip.  “Just you, love.  Only you.”


When she didn’t say anything else, he knew that she had fallen asleep.  He also knew that he wasn’t going to be far behind her.  It had been an exhausting day…and with her here, safe in his arms, and Ethan otherwise occupied…he could relax.


And tomorrow, if she wanted, they could discuss more about what took place in Spike’s crypt. 



~ End


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