Title: Out in the Open

Author:  Froxyn

Show:  Doctor Who

Pairing:  Rose/Ten

Rating: FRAO

Timeline: A linear week or so after Earthlight.

Synopsis:  Rose unlocks another of the Doctor's secrets.

Author’s Note: Part VIII of the Unlocking Secrets series.  Thanks to fairygothmum for the beta!



“Think they’ll be okay?”  Rose asked, fingering the inner lining of the coat she was currently using as a mat...stretched out in the middle of a field, under the warmth of the sun.


“Maybe.”  The Doctor replied, playing with a blade of grass.  “It helps that Jack doesn’t have issues with jealousy.  Her flirtatious behaviour with good ‘ol Will could’ve caused some problems.  Of course...his flirtatious behaviour with Will could’ve caused some problems too.  I would’ve thought Martha would be a bit more...”


He paused when he turned his head to find her staring at him in amusement. 




Rose shook her head and laughed softly.  “I meant...do you think they’ll be okay in New New York on their own?”


“Oh...of course.”  The Doctor grinned, looking at the skyline of the city across the river from them.  “It’s five billion and seventy-five...and there’s nothing but peace and harmony in New New York.”




He nodded and leaned back, crossing his ankles as he inhaled deeply.  “Yeah...if we’d been here twenty-two years ago, it’d be different.  But, the city has bounced back amazingly well since the motorway was closed down.”


“Did you have something to do with that?”  She asked with a smile.


“Maybe.”  He turned his head towards her and grinned brightly.  “I’ve missed the applegrass.”


The way he looked at her, smiled at her...it was so reminiscent of their last trip here.  She rolled onto her side and curled her arm under her head.


“Can I tell you something?”


“ ‘Course you can.  You can tell me anything.”  He answered, lying down next to her.


“I wanted to kiss you the last time we were here.”  At his raised eyebrow, she smiled and continued.   “When you remembered that we’d had chips on our first ‘date’?”


“Oh?  Why didn’t you?”  He asked, moving closer to her and resting his hand on her hip as he supported his head with his other hand.


“You were the new new Doctor...too new.”  She sighed softly.  “But so...cute and excited about being here.  It was almost a relief when Cassandra decided to use me as a disguise.”


“I probably would’ve reacted differently had you kissed me instead of her.”  He glanced at her mouth, aching to taste her warm and enticing lips.  “You gonna kiss me this time?”


“I want to.”  She whispered, slipping her hand under his jacket and curling her fingers in the soft material of his shirt. 


“But...”  He prompted softly, edging his fingers under the hem of her shirt.


“If I kiss you...I’m not going to be able to stop.”  She admitted, shivering pleasurably as his fingertips stroked her skin. 


“You say that as if it’s something bad.”  He grinned, gently pushing her onto her back and leaning over her.  “And...I see it as something very not bad.”


“We’re in the middle of a field...with spacecars flying overhead and Jack and Martha around somewhere...” 


“Mm-hm...”  He murmured, slipping his right leg between hers and lowering his mouth to the hollow of her throat. 


“Doctor...”  Rose gasped, moving her hand to the back of his head as he ran his tongue over her skin. 


He smiled against her throat and then lifted his head to look into her eyes.  “Jack and Martha won’t be back for a while, Rose.”


“What are they doing?”  She asked, swallowing hard as he pulled at the button on her jeans.


“Looking for a neomass extrapolator.  We have time...”  He kissed her chin as his fingers found the zipper.  “If you want...that is.”


She wanted to ask what a neomass extrapolator was and why they were looking for one, but was distracted by his lips and teeth nipping along her jaw.  Instead, she found herself nodding and pulling his shirt out of his trousers.


He raised his head and gazed at her face.  She was turned on, that much was obvious.  But, there was also a flicker of doubt...and he was certain that it was due to their surroundings.  With a shaky breath, he balanced himself above her...his right palm pressed against the warm ground.  He reached down with his left hand and covered her hands, stopping her from unbuttoning his shirt. 


Her eyes darted to his as he gently pulled her hands from his chest.  “What’s wrong?”


“You’re, um...you’re not comfortable here.  Like this...”  He leaned down and kissed her warmly, sighing into her mouth as she slid her arms around him.   Pulling back, he licked his lips and shook his head.  “Rose...”


You started this...”  She groaned, arching her hips towards his.


“Yeah...”  He breathed, closing his eyes as she pressed against his erection.  “And...I’m going to finish it, I promise.  Just...”


“Just what?”  She asked, repeating the movement as she moved her hands to his sides.


He kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth briefly before pulling away with a low growl.  “TARDIS..now...” 


She shivered again at the sound of his voice, smiling up at him as he carefully pushed himself up and reached down to help her.  “Now?”


He nodded slowly, curling his fingers around hers as she slipped her hand into his.  “Unless you’d rather...”  He glanced towards the city across the river and cleared his throat.  “Did you want to go into New Manhattan?”


“Maybe tomorrow.”  She replied with a smile, bending down to pick his coat up off the ground. 


He allowed his eyes to roam over her denim-clad rear and felt his cock harden even more.  “Good...”


She stood back up, coat draped over her arm, and grinned as he adjusted himself.  “You okay?”


“Yep.  Just...well, I’ll be better in a few minutes.”  At her raised eyebrow, he grinned.  “You know...when I’m out of these clothes.  They’re a bit restricting...at the moment.”


Rose laughed and pulled him towards the TARDIS. 


He followed eagerly, lowering his mouth to the side of her neck as she fumbled with the key.  He chuckled as she cursed softly and lifted his hand to cover hers.  He placed a soft kiss behind her ear and then nipped at her lobe with his teeth as he guided the key into the lock.


“Just slide it in, Rose...”


She snorted as he turned the key and pushed the door open.  “Isn’t that your job?”


He paused, looking at her curiously as she stepped into the TARDIS.  When she turned to look at him, and gave him a bright grin, he shook his head in amusement.


“Naughty...”  He murmured, walking into the ship and closing the door behind him. 


Before she could walk up the ramp, he grabbed her arm and turned...pressing her back up against the door.  Sliding his hands down to her hips, he briefly glanced at her chest before staring into her eyes. 


“I like it.”


“Like what?”  She asked, her eyes fluttering as his fingers edged under her shirt again. 


“You being naughty.”  He smiled before bending his head to brush his lips across hers.  “It’s...a bit of a turn on.”


“Yeah?”  She breathed, running the back of her hand over his hard length. 


“Yeah.”  He whispered, pulling his left hand out from under her shirt to grab her hand.  He licked his lips as he gently turned her hand around and pressed her palm against his erection. 




He shook his head, staring into her eyes as he inhaled sharply at her touch.  “No...well, maybe.  I just want you, Rose.”


“Here?”  She asked with a grin, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers.  “Right here?  Against the door?”


“Oh, yes...”  He murmured, pushing her shirt up as her fingers curled around his erection.  “Right here, right now.”


His brow furrowed as her grin faded.  When she averted her eyes from him, he whispered her name.  She shook her head and then swallowed.


“Sorry...I...I can’t...”  She stated quickly, pulling her hand from his cock and pushing him back slightly.


“But...”  He started as she pushed away from the door and ran up the ramp.


As she covered her mouth with her hand, understanding hit him.  He blew out a breath and leaned back against the door, staring at the hallway that she had just disappeared into.  He swallowed thickly and looked down as his erection began to soften.  Silently berating himself for the disappointment he was feeling, he shook his head and tucked himself back into his boxers before zipping and buttoning his trousers.


“Must be one-fifteen.”  He mumbled to no one as he straightened his tie and ambled up the ramp. 


He glanced at the clock hanging on the far wall.  He’d never had a real use for clocks, but Rose had insisted on at least knowing what time it was within the TARDIS.  He smiled softly, the clock reading precisely 1:15 in the afternoon. 


Knowing that Rose would be in the bathroom for a while, he made his way into the kitchen.  His smile grew as he pulled a loaf of bread from a cupboard.  She’d want toast...slathered in mugleberry jam and butter...and a glass of pineapple juice.


He had often wondered how that successfully settled her stomach after being sick...especially considering that when she had tried mugleberry jam just three months ago, she’d hated it.  And he’d never seen her drink pineapple juice at all...


Not until a few weeks ago.


He grinned and placed two pieces of bread into the toaster, but didn’t bother turning the toaster on just yet.  Instead, he flipped the switch for the kettle...tea, then toast.  Cold toast would do no one any good.


He’d just make himself a cup of tea and wait.  This was a routine he knew well now.  He’d have her toast ready just as she’d walk into the kitchen...golden and warm, buttered and jammed.


Just the way she liked it.


* * *


At twenty to two, Rose walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table.  The Doctor smiled softly and placed a plate and a glass in front of her.  After pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head, he sat down next to her and watched as she tore the crust from the toast.


“You okay?”


She nodded, taking a sip of pineapple juice before meeting his eyes.  “I’m sorry.”


“Why?  Did you not quite make it in time again?”  He replied softly, reaching over to brush her slightly damp hair back from her face.  “Because I told you not to worry about that.  The bathrooms are self-cleaning...remember?”


“No...”  Rose sighed and licked the jam off the piece of crust she was holding.  “No, I mean...I’m sorry that I...had to go.”


“Well, it’s not like you chose that particular moment to be sick.”  He answered with a chuckle.  ”That’d be the Gallihu’s fault.”


Rose rolled her eyes and bit into the toast, chewing and swallowing before shaking her head at him.  “I’ve told you...we are not calling this child a Gallihu.”


“Half-Gallifreyan, half-human...what else would he or she be called?”  He replied logically.


Ours.”  Rose answered.  “Just like I’m yours and you’re mine.  I don’t call you my Gallifreyan and you don’t call me your human, do you?  And besides...you normally refer to yourself as a Time Lord instead of a Gallifreyan.  So, going by that...wouldn’t you be calling the baby a Hulord or something?”


The Doctor snorted and leaned over to kiss her cheek.  Gallihu sounds better.”


“Sounds like the name of a resort to me.”  She looked into his eyes and smiled adoringly.  “We never have made it to Hawaii, you know.”


“Overrated.”  The Doctor answered quickly.  “How did we go from you apologizing for leaving me in a fairly uncomfortable state to going to Hawaii?”


Rose’s smile faded.  “I really am sorry.  Did you...you know...”


He raised an eyebrow at her as she paused.  “Are you asking if I masturbated?”


“You do, don’t you?  I mean...when I’m not watching?  Cause it’s a normal thing to do...”


“For humans.”  The Doctor interrupted with a teasing tone to his voice.  “Though, yeah...I’ve been known to.  Not as often as you used to...and not as often now as I used to since we’ve been together.”


“What do you mean...not as often as I used to?”  Rose asked nervously.  “Did you...know?”


“Your hands tremble for ages after you have an orgasm.”  He answered matter-of-factly.  “And even I remembered how glassy a woman’s eyes look afterwards.  I’m brilliant at deducing, you know.”


He laughed softly as her eyes widened in obvious embarrassment.  “We’ve made love in nearly every room in the TARDIS...and we’ve fucked each other in almost half of those.  And you’re going to get embarrassed about the fact that I knew when you’d made yourself come?”


“I just...well, I didn’t know that you knew that I...”


“I didn’t think much about it, Rose.  Well, what I really mean is...I didn’t think badly of you over it.  To be honest, I actually thought about it quite a bit.  Especially in the weeks following...”  He licked his lips as he stopped himself.  “It’s a perfectly normal, human thing to do.  Nothing to be ashamed of.”


“Following what?”  Rose asked.


“Your toast is getting cold...”  When she merely stared at him, he sighed heavily and scratched the back of his head.  “It’s nothing...well, I wasn’t watching or listening or anything.  It’s just...there was one time when you came out of your room and...”


“And?”  She prompted as he hesitated. 


“We ran into each other in the hall.  You had obviously just...glassy eyes, the faintest aroma of...”  He started, inhaling softly before continuing.  “And you reached up to straighten my tie...and your hands trembled as you adjusted the knot.  It, uh...I found that to be one of the most arousing moments I’d experienced in quite some time.”


“Straightening your tie aroused you?”  She asked in slight bewilderment.


He shook his head slowly and glanced at her lips.  “It was every detail of that moment.  The way you looked...satisfied.  The way you smiled at me.  The tremble in your hands and your scent lingering on your fingers...and, afterwards, my tie.  It was so very...innocently intimate.  And I wanted nothing more than to...be with you...at that very moment.”




“Quite...”  He cleared his throat and offered her a gentle smile.  “Eat your toast, Rose.”


She picked up the piece of toast and took a bite, tilting her head as she chewed.  “What did you do?”




“After I fixed your tie.”


He smiled and picked up a forgotten piece of crust and popped it into his mouth.  “Something very human.”


She chuckled and leaned over to brush her lips across his.  He tasted of mugleberry, butter, and tea...and she was sure that mugleberry had never tasted so beautiful before. 


She was also sure that she’d never admit that to the Doctor.


He’d never let her live it down.


* * *


Three hours later found them back outside...the Doctor sitting on the ground and leaning back against the TARDIS with Rose between his legs, resting back against his chest.  Her fingers moved back and forth over his thigh, tracing the blue pinstripes on his trousers.  His arms encircled her, his left hand protectively covering her abdomen as they watched the sun begin its descent. 


She smiled and covered his hand with hers.  “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”  He replied, a smile forming on his face as he spoke.  “For what though?”


“Everything.”  She answered, turning her head to look at him.  “Absolutely everything.”


“Oh...my sentimental Rose is back.”  He stated with a grin, lifting his hand to cup her cheek.  “I’d do everything exactly the same if I could go back in time...which I can, even if I’m not supposed to cross my own timeline.”


Rose laughed and kissed him warmly.  He allowed the kiss to continue for a few moments before pulling back with a soft, contented sigh. She turned her eyes back to the setting sun and shifted until she was resting comfortably against his chest.


“It really is beautiful, isn’t it?”


He nodded slowly and kissed the crown of her head.  “Yeah...it really is.”


They sat in silence, watching the sunset...listening to the spacecars zoom overhead as the heady scent of applegrass faded along with the sun.  As the air around them began to cool, the Doctor draped his coat over her...smiling as she snuggled against him.


“Doctor?  I want to ask you something.”


“Hm?”  He murmured, watching the last of the light disappear from the sky.


She hesitated...long enough for him to softly assure her that she could ask him anything.  She bit her lip and exhaled slowly as the lights on the bridge began to glow.


“What was your daughter’s name?”


The Doctor’s fingers, which had been lightly stroking her abdomen, suddenly stilled.  She felt the rhythm of his hearts change...a long pause before four rapid beats...followed by another long pause.   She closed her eyes as she felt him swallow hard.


“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean – ”


Jehti.”  He whispered softly before clearing his throat.  Jehtineve, actually.  But, we...we called her Jehti.”


She heard the sadness in his voice and opened her eyes, not surprised to find her vision blurred by her welling tears.  She waited for him to say something...anything.  And then he did...but what he said was not at all what she was expecting him to say.


“Would you like to see her?”


She turned her head, her brow furrowing as she met his eyes.  “What?”


“I’d like to show you.”  He whispered, his voice trembling slightly.


“You mean...like a picture of her?”


The corner of his mouth twitched into a half-smile.  “No cameras on Gallifrey.  Just...memories.”


“I don’t understand.”  She stated softly.


His eyes drifted over her face as he brushed his fingertips over her temple.  “Once opened, the doorway can be entered from either direction.  I...could open the door for you.”


She moved carefully, turning her body until she was facing him...her knees resting on the ground either side of his thighs and his coat draped over her shoulders.  She stared into his eyes, looking for any shred of unease but finding only love and trust. 


“Are you sure?” 


He nodded slowly and tucked her hair behind her ears.  “I’m sure.”


Rose bit her lip and lifted her hand to the side of his face in a tender caress.  “How does it work?”


“Well...I’m not really sure, to be honest.  It’s only happened once before...”


Rose’s eyes drifted to the knot of his tie.  Reinette.”


“Rose?”  He whispered, tilting his head slightly as he watched a single tear spill down her cheek.  “Rose, what is it?”


“What did she see?”


“Something that you won’t.”  He sighed and gently tilted her head, forcing her to look into his eyes.  “She saw my loneliness, Rose.  Lonely angel, remember?  Once I realized that she was seeing inside of me, I...broke the connection.  The loneliness that had followed me throughout my life...that’s what she saw.  And it’s not there anymore...it’s in the past because I’m no longer lonely.”


She swallowed, tracing her fingertips along his cheek.  “What am I going to see?”


Jehti...to start with.”  He leaned into her touch, not breaking their gaze.  “And we’ll go from there, yeah?”


“Yeah.”  She licked her lips nervously and took a deep breath.  “I love you.”


His smile shone in his eyes as he cleared his throat and placed his fingers in very specific spots on her temples and behind her ears.  “Ready?”


When she nodded, he exhaled a slow breath.  “Close your eyes...and when you feel the door open, look for me.  Follow me, okay?”


“Okay.”  She breathed, closing her eyes.


After just a few moments, she gasped...and there he was, smiling at her.


She smiled back as she took his hand and stepped through the doorway.


* * *


“A lot of rooms...”  Rose remarked as the Doctor led her down a corridor.


“Yeah...over nine hundred years worth of memories and thoughts...”  He offered her a smile as they rounded the corner.


“No doors?”  She asked as she looked up at him.


“Oh.  Well, there are doors, but...I don’t see any point in closing them right now.  Well, most of them...”


Rose nodded, furrowing her brow as she felt something.  She wasn’t sure what it was...it felt like the feeling she had one time a long time ago when she’d been asked to her first dance.  Excited, but scared at not knowing what was going to happen...and whether she’d have a good time or not. 


Why she felt like that now...here with him...she had no idea. 


She shook her head, clearing her mind of the sensation, and gestured to a painting on the wall.  “That’s beautiful...”


His smile grew as she stopped in front of the painting.  “That was one of the first things I saw when I left Gallifrey the first time.”


“What is it?”  She asked softly, fascinated as she studied the angle of the brush strokes.  “And who painted it?”


“No one.  It’s not a real painting...it’s just how I remember it.  And...it’s a quasar.  I really should take you to see one...I’m not sure why I haven’t before.  They’re...breathtakingly beautiful.”  Before Rose could comment, he cleared his throat and glanced at a doorway directly opposite the painting.  “Two of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen are in this corridor.”


“Yeah?  What?”  Rose asked, rubbing her thumb over his as he squeezed her hand.


“That quasar and...Jehti.”  He replied, taking a step towards the door.  He met her eyes quickly when she didn’t move forward with him.  “Have you changed your mind?”


“No...”  She shook her head as she bit her lip.  “It’s just...I don’t really know what to expect.  I mean...is she going to see me?  Or...is it kinda like the painting?  You know...the way you remember her.”


“Oh...”  He exhaled slowly and ran his fingers through his hair.  “What you see in here...well, nothing is really interactive.  Memories...thoughts...dreams...hopes...all manifested into images.  Normally, when I visit this room, I see her playing in a field of red grass...the twin suns of Gallifrey keeping her warm as she searches for the perfect flower for her Mum.  Sometimes, she’s sleeping...cuddling her favourite toy.  They’re just...they’re just memories, Rose.”


“And you want to share them with me?”


“Yeah.”  He whispered, gently tugging her forward.  “And then we’ll need to go.  Jack and Martha will be back soon...”


“Okay.”  Rose nodded, slowly following him into the room. 


He leaned against the wall...and then slid down until he was sitting on the red grass covering the ground.  Rose gasped softly as she watched the little girl with hair the color of spun toffee run along the hillside.  The Doctor swallowed hard, not bothering to try to hide his tears, and pulled Rose down next to him.


He chuckled as his daughter tripped as she ran clumsily.  Rose noticed that the sound of his chuckle held more sadness than joy.  She leaned her head against his shoulder and held his hand in both of hers.


Jehtineve was astoundingly clumsy.  But, no matter how many times she fell, she never failed to laugh at herself.” 


“She’s so beautiful.”  Rose whispered, not taking her eyes off the girl when she felt him nod in agreement. 


“Yeah.  My wife and I argued over who she looked like...but, she definitely had my eyes.”


Rose regarded Jehti closely.  “What did you look like then?”


“I don’t really remember.  I just remember not arguing with...her...when she said Jehti had my eyes.”


Rose looked up at him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder.  “I can’t know her name either, can I?”


The Doctor shook his head slowly, a tear spilling down his face as he heard Jehti giggle happily.  “Not yet.”


“I love you.”  She whispered on a breath that she was fairly certain he didn’t hear. 


She tried to ignore the anxious feeling she was sensing once again.  She narrowed her eyes when two words accompanied the feeling this time.


Neomass extrapolator.


She made a mental note to ask him about it later.  Right now wasn’t the time.  She rested her head back against his shoulder and sat with him in silence while they watched his daughter play for just a while longer.


* * *


He broke the connection with a gentle kiss, smiling softly as she opened her eyes and looked around.  “We, uh...we were gone for a little longer than I had anticipated.”


She nodded slowly, looking up at the crescent moon hanging in the sky.  “Huh...their moon is blue.  How come I didn’t notice that last time?”


He chuckled and adjusted the coat draped over her shoulders.  “We weren’t out during the night.”


“Oh...yeah.”  She laughed, turning her eyes back to his.  Seeing that most of the sadness from earlier had gone from his eyes, she smiled.  “Feeling a bit better now?”


“Yeah.”  He glanced at her lips as he moved his hands down to her hips.  “A bit...”


A grin tugged at the corner of her mouth as he pulled her closer.  “Is this a side effect of mind walking?”


“Hm?”  He mumbled, closing his eyes as she settled herself on his lap and gently rocked against him.


“Do you get...all hot and bothered...afterwards?”  She clarified, sliding her hands to his shoulders when she felt him harden beneath her.


“Depends.”  He answered cryptically, opening his eyes and staring directly into hers.  “Apparently, the answer would be ‘yes’ this time.”


He groaned as she shifted, twisting the coat around to reach the pocket.  “What’re you doing?”


“Looking for the phone...”  She replied, gasping when she felt his left hand cup her breast.  “Doctor...”


“Who you calling?”  He asked, leaning forward just enough to brush his lips across her chin.


“Jack.”  She smiled as she pulled the phone from the second pocket she had searched through and met his eyes.  “Just want to see how much longer they’ll be...”


“Oh...”  A slow smile appeared on his lips as he dropped his hand from her breast and glanced at the phone.  “Better make it a quick call.”


With a chuckle, she quickly dialled Jack’s number and listened to the call connect as she leaned down to kiss the Doctor.  The Doctor’s tongue flicked against her bottom lip just as Jack’s voice sounded in her ear.


“What’s up, Rosie?”  Hearing the unmistakable sound of a kiss quickly ending, he laughed.  “No need to answer that...unless you really want to.  And feel free to...even though I think I have an idea of what’s up.”


Rose cleared her throat, smiling at the Doctor as she blushed.  “Um...just wondering how the search was going for that extrapolator thingy...”


“Um...”  Jack started, pausing when he heard Rose direct a question to the Doctor.


“What is a neomass extrapolator anyway?”


“It’s a part that will replace the demitemporal extrapolator in the TARDIS.”


“The what?”


“Find out if they’ve found one...and I’ll explain it after you get off the phone, yeah?”


“Huh?  Oh...oh yeah!  Sorry, Jack...” 


Jack chuckled and gave an answer that he hoped would satisfy both her and the Doctor.  “We’ve got one that seems to be in near mint condition.  We were getting ready to head back, but...we could always stop for dinner...maybe a show.  There’s a musical based on the works of George Lucas playing on New Broadway.  Could be good for a laugh.”


He grinned as he listened to Rose relay the message to the Doctor...and then laughed when the Doctor eagerly agreed to the notion of him and Martha taking in a show.  “Right...have fun and we’ll see you later then, okay?”


“Yeah...and try to stay out of trouble, okay?”  Rose answered with a grin before ending the call as Jack playfully protested the idea of him getting into any kind of trouble at all.


She slipped the phone back into the Doctor’s coat pocket before shrugging the coat off her shoulders.  “TARDIS...now...take two.”


The Doctor grinned and pushed himself off the cool ground after Rose stood up.


* * *


Rose smiled at him as he closed their bedroom door and tugged his tie loose.  “Slowing things down?”


He shrugged a shoulder as he pulled the tie over his head and dropped it onto the dresser.  “I wanted to fuck you earlier.”


She licked her lips as she kicked her shoes off.  “And now?”


“Now...I want us to watch each other take our clothes off.  I want to feel you shiver beneath my fingertips as I touch you.  I want to taste the passion on your skin.  I want to hear your gasps and sighs...your cries as you near orgasm.  I want to watch your body glisten as you move beneath me...or above me...or...”  He slid his jacket off and draped it over the footboard of the bed.  “I want to make love with you, Rose.  And I want you to make love with me.”


“How do you do that?”  She whispered, fingers paused on the third button of her blouse. 


“Do what?”  He asked, eyes darting to her hands as he started unbuttoning his own shirt.


“Make it hard to breathe.”  At his look of concern, she smiled and shook her head.  “In a good way.  You make me feel like I can’t breathe...unless I’m touching you.  It sounds silly...maybe cliché and all...” 


He smiled and unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt.  “Maybe, but...you’ve just described how I feel.  So, if you’re cliché and all, so am I.  We’re supposed to be watching each other, Rose.  Right now, you’re watching me take my shirt off...and I’m watching you play with a button on yours.”


“Oh...”  She chuckled softly and slipped the button free, arching an eyebrow as he removed his shirt and let it drop to the floor.  “Look at you...with no layers under your shirt.”


“Well, you do keep dropping hints...”  He laughed, sitting down on the bed to untie his shoes. 


She watched him pull his shoes and socks off as she moved to stand in front of him, clad only in her jeans and bra.  She ran her hand through his hair and sighed happily.


“You really do have spectacular hair...”


“Not too long or hedgehoggy?”  He asked, unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers before slipping his fingers into the belt loops of her jeans. 


Hedgehoggy?”  Rose asked with a gentle laugh.


The Doctor smiled, looking up at her.  “Martha’s description.”


She raised an eyebrow at him, fingering an unruly strand of hair.  “You care what Martha thinks of your hair?”


“Nope.  But...”  He leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to her abdomen before continuing.  “Thought I’d get it cut if her description was the general consensus.”


“General consensus, huh?”  She chuckled, lightly scratching her nails against his scalp.


“Well...more like...if you didn’t like it, I’d get it cut.”  He replied softly.


“I’ve loved your hair for as long as I’ve known you.”  She shook her head, tracing a sideburn with her fingertip before unbuttoning her jeans.  “It’s perfect like it is.  If we have a boy...I hope he has your hair.”


The Doctor snorted a laugh and then turned his attention to her fingers pulling the zipper down on her jeans.  He inhaled sharply when he glimpsed the pale pink satin of her underwear.


“Rose...”  He looked up at her questioningly, gently tugging on her belt loops.


She smiled and gave him a nod as she reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her bra.  “Go ahead.”


No sooner had the words left her mouth than he’d pulled the denim down, exposing her hips to him.  He leaned forward, nuzzling her skin before placing a warm, open-mouthed kiss on her hipbone as he pushed her jeans down her thighs.  She whispered his name, dropping her bra to the floor and gripping his shoulders.


He lifted his eyes, groaning against her skin as she moved her right hand to the back of his head.  He knew what was coming...but, waited until he heard the words.  She’d wait until she pulled her feet free from her jeans...she always did.  He didn’t mind.  Besides, it was always better when she told him...


“Come here, Doctor...”


He moved quickly, abandoning her hip for the tender, firm flesh of her breast.  As he pulled her nipple into his mouth, she pushed him onto the mattress...crawling on top of him as he shifted further up on the bed.  


She gasped as he carefully rolled their bodies until he was cradled between her thighs.  He suckled at her flesh leisurely, seemingly content to be half-dressed while she was nearly completely nude.  He smiled inwardly when he felt her fingers twitch against the back of his head. 


“God...Doctor...”  She panted, curling her left leg over his hip. 


It was then that she realized that he was still wearing his trousers.  And she made a decision that that just wouldn’t do.  She waited until he released her nipple and started to capture the other one...and then she smiled, quickly flipping him onto his back with a move that...judging by the wideness of his eyes...completely surprised him.




She laughed softly and shook her head, reaching down to grasp the waistband of his open trousers.  “These need to come off, Doctor.  Now.”


He lifted his hips obediently, swallowing thickly as she pulled his trousers and boxers down his legs.  His eyes closed briefly as she lowered her mouth to his stomach, nipping at his navel as the rest of his clothing was tossed onto the floor.


He could feel one of her hard nipples against his thigh and wondered what it would feel like to have his cock nestled between her breasts.  He opened his mouth to suggest that very thing, but a strangled moan overtook his words as she wrapped her lips around the head of his erection.


She looked up to find his dark eyes staring at her.  She gave him a wink and slid her mouth further down his length. 


“Come here...”  He whispered, struggling to keep his eyes open.


“Mm-mm...”  She mumbled around him, causing him to groan. 


He licked his lips and reached down, sliding his fingers into her hair.  “Want to taste you too, Rose.  Please...”


She raised an eyebrow at him, pulling her mouth from his erection with an audible pop.  He uttered a soft curse in Gallifreyan as she ran her tongue along the underside of his cock.  She grinned and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, gently stroking him as she spoke.


You suggesting a sixty-nine, Doctor?”


Begging for it...if it’ll help.”  He replied with a grin of his own.  “Will it help?”


“Wouldn’t hurt, but...you just have to ask.” 


“I just did, didn’t I?”   He shuddered as she rubbed her thumb over the head of his erection.  “Come here...”


“Not really asking...”  Rose chuckled playfully, moving to kneel beside of him. 


When she let go of his cock to remove her underwear, he licked his lips...moving his hand down to his groin.  As he wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft, Rose exhaled shakily.


“Go on then...”  At his raised eyebrow, she pushed the pink satin over her hips.  “It’s hot watching you touch yourself.  Just...don’t make yourself come.”


“Don’t want to watch me make myself come?”  He asked, slowly sliding his fist along his length.


“Didn’t say that.”  She breathed, shifting just enough to rid herself of the last remaining article of clothing that she wore.  “Just want you to come in me...”


The Doctor smiled and looked down at her right hand...which was currently stroking the soft, dark hair covering her mound.  She stopped her movement when he furrowed his brow.




He reached out and gently brushed her hand away, staring at her in an almost studious manner.  “It’s shorter.  The hair, I mean...”


“Oh...”  She started, blushing lightly.  “I just...trimmed it.”


He met her eyes, gliding his fingertips over the soft, but now shorter, hair.  “Why?”


“Just something...different.”  She whispered, trembling as he stroked down the side of labia. 


“And the hair here is...gone.”  He licked his lips as he continued exploring.  “Skin’s so soft...and warm.  Smooth...”  He smiled, repeating the exploration down the other side.  “Oh, I like it...”


“Yeah?”  She asked, gasping as his fingers began tracing her inner folds.  “Wasn’t sure if you would...”


“It’s you.  ‘Course, I would.”  He replied, sighing as he dipped the tip of his middle finger into her. 


She whimpered longingly as he pulled his hand away.  She moaned softly as she watched him slip that same finger into his mouth.  He gave his cock another long, slow stroke and then licked his lips as if he were savouring her taste...which he was.


“Now...come here?” 


“God, I love you...”  She whispered, leaning down to capture his lips in a searing kiss.


He returned her kiss without hesitation, pushing his tongue into her mouth as he moved his hand to her hip.  After a few moments, he gently squeezed her hip and ended the kiss.  He smiled up at her through dark, passion-glazed eyes.


“As much as I love having my tongue in your mouth...I’d rather have it elsewhere at the moment.”


“Me too, I think.” 


“You think?”  He asked with a grin, shifting slightly on the bed and pushing the pillows to the floor.  “Because, I’m positive...”


She glanced at his erection, thick and glistening with a mixture of her saliva and his natural fluid.  She absently licked her lips and moved closer to his head.  “Yeah...so am I...”


With no further words spoken, she turned and moved over him...resting her knees either side of his shoulders.  She barely heard his mumbled ‘oh...yes...’ before lowering her head and pulling his cock back into her mouth.  She placed her right hand on his hip as he arched towards her...groaning around his hard flesh as he pushed his tongue inside of her.


He gripped her hips tightly as he tried to focus his attention on what he was doing...and not on what she was making him feel.  When he felt her teeth lightly scrape along the underside of his erection...just the way that she knew he liked...he knew that he was dangerously close to losing all focus on everything.


With one more quick stroke against her inner walls, he pulled back...just enough to whisper her name before moving his mouth to cover her clitoris.  He smiled inwardly as her hips bucked against him, squeezing the flesh beneath his fingers as he revelled in the sensation of her moaning his name as she sucked harder.


At that moment, he made a decision.


She would come...right here, like this.  But, he wouldn’t. 


As the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat, and she angled her head slightly to swallow him further, he realized that maybe he’d made that decision a bit too hastily.


With a deep groan, he pulled her swollen clit into his mouth...gently tugging at it with his teeth as he sucked and flicked it with his tongue.  She ground her hips against him, silently begging for more as she pulled back...clamping her lips around the head of his cock, sucking hard as she pumped her fist around the shaft.


He moved his right hand to the small of her back, scratching his short nails against her skin as he alternated between sucking her clit as hard as he could and holding it between his lips as he laved it with his tongue.  He felt her start to tremble and doubled his efforts...sucking, licking, nipping...groaning against her flesh as he coaxed her towards orgasm. 


His groan turned to one of near-disappointment when she suddenly released his cock from her mouth.  But, then he heard her scream his name...felt her shudder violently against him...tasted her as she came...


It took all of his self-control to keep his own orgasm at bay. 


Her balance gave way and he moved quickly, rolling their bodies until their positions were reversed.  He gave her quivering clit one last lick, smiling as she gasped his name.  Feeling her tongue press against the swollen head of his cock, he moved off of her and shook his head. 


Rose furrowed her brow, but then smiled as he knelt between her thighs and lifted her right leg over his hip.  “Oh...”


He licked his lips, pushing his hips forward and sliding his thick cock into her...moaning at the sensation of her still-quivering inner walls surrounding him.  She pulled him down, fingers curling in the hair she loved so much as she licked his glistening chin.


He allowed his body to choose the most random rhythm it possibly could, smiling as she cried out in pleasure and ran her hands over his sweat-slicked back.  He was only mildly surprised when she matched his rhythm only a few moments later.


Apparently, random wasn’t as random when making love to her.


Knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer, he leaned down to whisper in her ear.  He wasn’t sure if the phrases he was speaking were Gallifreyan or English, but it didn’t really matter.  She always seemed to know exactly what he was saying...even though the TARDIS was still refusing to translate Gallifreyan for her. 


She’d said one time that it was the tones he used that she understood...not the words.  And that made perfect sense to him.


He pushed his upper body up, holding himself above her as his hips continued thrusting against her...pushing her towards her second orgasm and his first.  He stared down at her and felt a nearly overwhelming rush of love for her surge through him.


He tried not to think about it very often, but...he had come very close to losing her.  Her and the baby.  However, sometimes the thoughts found their way back to the forefront of his memory.  And the thought of her not being here...with him...was nearly crippling. 


Times like this, though...with her underneath him, legs around him, hands grasping for purchase on whatever she could reach...


He was able to push those crippling thoughts back...and smiled down at her just as her nails raked down his chest.


“Come for me, Rose...”


He gazed at her in amazement as she threw her head back and screamed his name, her inner walls convulsing around him as her fluids gushed over and around him.  Just a few strokes later, he growled her name and emptied himself deep within her.


His arms threatened to give way, so he lowered himself to her chest...sighing as she wrapped her arms tightly around him.  “Love you...I love you...”


She slipped her fingers into his sweat-drenched hair and inhaled shakily.  “Love you.”


He raised his head and looked at her curiously.  “What did you just say?”


He brushed the damp hair back from her face as she repeated herself.  When he smiled brightly at her, she couldn’t help but smile back.


“What?  It’s not like I never say ‘I love you’ or anything...”


“Never in Gallifreyan.”  He stated, carefully rolling onto his side and pulling her with him. 


“Thought I’d surprise you.”  She sighed as his softening cock slipped from her.  “And...I figured that’s what it meant.”


“So very clever, Rose Tyler.”  He chuckled, pressing a kiss to her forehead. 




“Hm?”  He murmured, smoothing his hand along her hip and thigh.


“What’s a neomass extrapolator?”


His hand paused in mid-stroke.  “Well...it’s a part to replace the semitemporal extrapolator in the TARDIS.”


Demitemporal...”  Rose corrected, regarding him closely.  “Earlier, you said demitemporal...not semitemporal.”


“Demi, semi...they’re interchangeable, really.  In relation to TARDIS extrapolators, that is.  There are two extrapolators...normally one demi and one semi.  But, the TARDIS functions normally with two demis or two semis...doesn’t really matter.”


“Yeah, okay...”  Rose stated, not really understanding what he was talking about.  “And the neomass?”


“Well...I think the neomass could possibly take the place of both demis and semis.  Which would be a lot easier to replace at any given point in time.  Neomass extrapolators can be found anywhere...even in New New York.  There’s no way we’d find a demi or semi here.  They’d be considered obsolete...which, I guess they are.  I mean, this model TARDIS is considered obsolete...by Time Lord standards.”


“Why were you so anxious about it?”  Rose asked, continuing when he gave her a questioning look.  “It’s just...when we were doing the mind walking thing...I kinda felt that you were anxious or...nervous...or something.”


The Doctor gave her a half smile and cleared his throat.  “ ‘Course I was nervous...it was the first time I’d welcomed anyone into my thoughts and memories...”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought at first, but...then I heard ‘neomass extrapolator’ and...got the feeling that you were worried about it or something.”


He stared at her...half amazed at her observation and half terrified that she knew more than she was letting on.  As he watched her eyes narrow just the slightest bit, he became more than half terrified and decided to use an age-old question evasion technique.




“Not worried, just anxious...it’s like surgery on a loved one, you know?”  He smiled and tapped his fingers against her hip.  “Have, um...have you given any thought about when, or where, you might want to get married?”


“Oh...um...well, not really.” 


His smile disappeared instantly...as did the gentle tapping of his fingers.  “Oh.”


“Oh, God...no, I still want to get married, Doctor.”  Rose continued quickly, realizing that he had thought otherwise.  “It’s just...I always thought Mum would be there, you know?  At my wedding?  So, it’s kinda hard to think about planning a wedding without her here...and...I don’t know, maybe I was hoping...”


“Hoping what?”  He asked softly as she trailed off.


She bit her lip and took a deep breath.  “That maybe you’d find a way...even if it’s just to talk to her for a minute or two.  It’s just...I want her to know.  About the wedding...the baby...”


He lowered his eyes from hers, but didn’t say anything.  She sighed sadly and tried her best to keep her tears from surfacing.


“But, you haven’t found a way, have you?  I mean...it’s impossible, right?”  Despite her best efforts, her tears welled.  “And she’ll never know that I’m okay.  That I’m happy...and still in love...and she’ll never even know that she has a grandchild, much less – ”


“I lied to you.”  He whispered softly, hearing the tears in her words but still not looking at her.  “I’m sorry.”


“Lied to me?  About what?”


He closed his eyes briefly and inhaled deeply.  “I’m close.  I’m so very close, Rose.  It’s...my fingertips are touching it, but...I just can’t grab it yet.”


“What did you lie to me about?  You never lie to me...unless...”  Her eyes widened.  “Unless you’re trying to protect me...”


He finally met her eyes and lifted his hand to the side of her face.  “The TARDIS does have extrapolators...both demitemporal and semitemporal.  But, they function perfectly...and there’s never been an issue with finding replacements if need be.  The neomass extrapolator isn’t for the TARDIS, Rose.”


“What’s it for?”  She asked softly, a tear spilling from the corner of her eye and running across the bridge of her nose.


“It’s for the dimension cannon that I’m building.”


She sat up and pulled the sheet around her body.  She wiped her face as she stared at him.  The what you’re building?”


Clearing his throat, he sat up and draped a blanket over his lap before scratching the back of his head.  “Dimension cannon.  I’ll think of a cool name for it once I figure out if it works properly or not.  Something like an Interdimensional Teleporter or something...”


She opened her mouth, closed it, and then shook her head when her words wouldn’t form.  Not that she knew what to say anyway.  Reaching over, he took hold of her left hand...running his thumb over the White Point Star in her ring before lacing their fingers together.


“I...didn’t want to get your hopes up.  I’m sorry that I lied to you...I just...I wasn’t expecting you to ask me what a neomass extrapolator is and – ”


She cut him off with a kiss...a soft kiss that deepened only briefly before she pulled away.  He licked his lips and offered her a small smile.


“I wasn’t really expecting that...”


She rolled her eyes, pulling her hand from his as she leaned back against the headboard.  She looked at him, crossing her arms over her chest to hold the sheet in place.  “It was either kiss you or hit you.  I think I’ll wait and let Mum do the hitting...”


If it works.”  He added softly, his smile fading as he shook his head.  “I don’t know that it will, Rose.  I just know that I’m close.  I could very well blow up what I’ve built.  And...if that happens, then...I’m back at square one.”


He sighed as another tear rolled down her cheek.  He tenderly brushed the tear away before running the backs of his fingers along her cheek.


“Please don’t cry, Rose.”


She shook her head and smiled, covering his hand with hers and turning her head enough to brush her lips over the back of his hand.  “Not bad tears, Doctor.  It just amazes me...you amaze me with what you’d do for me.”


“I can’t promise you that it’ll work.  And if it does work, I can’t – ”


“No, it’s not what you do...”  She interrupted, holding his hand in her lap.  “It’s what you try to do for me.  You’re trying to make the impossible possible...and that’s amazing.”


“Isn’t that what you do for someone you love?  Try to make them happy?”  He asked, confusion showing in his eyes.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in love, but...I’m pretty sure that’s what you do.”


“There are times when I forget that you’re not human.”  Rose stated, grinning as she leaned over and brushed her lips across his.  “This isn’t one of those times...you daft alien.”


He chuckled, sliding his free hand to the back of her neck.  “Stupid ape...”


Before she could offer a retort, the phone still tucked safely away in the Doctor’s coat pocket sounded an incoming text message.  He gave her a wink and gestured at his coat with a tilt of his head.


“That’d be Jack...”


She gave an exaggerated sigh and moved onto her knees, leaning forward to reach the coat draped over the footboard.  She jumped when she felt his hand slide over the warm curve of her bare hip.  She looked over her shoulder to find him looking at her with the most innocent expression he could muster...which wasn’t all that innocent.


She laughed, playfully smacking his hand as she sat back...the coat firmly in her grasp.  He smiled happily, running his hand through his hair as he watched her dig the phone out of the pocket.


“You really are quite beautiful.”


She looked up at him, seeing the truth in his dark eyes.  “So are you.”


The Doctor blushed lightly and cleared his throat, wondering if the TARDIS was actually translating for him now.  “What’s the message?”


Rose smiled, silently thanking the TARDIS.  She’d tell the Doctor later that the ship had finally decided that Rose was worthy of translations for Gallifreyan.


“Show’s over...wants to know if it’s safe to come home.”


He stared into her eyes, a smile playing on his lips.  “I’ll let you decide whether it’s safe for them to come back or not.”


She thought for a moment and then sent a quick message back.  As she tossed the phone onto the bedside table and climbed out of bed, he raised an eyebrow.


“What did you tell him?”


She moved over to the dresser and opened the top drawer, pulling out a pair of clean underwear...dark blue soft cotton instead of pink satin.  “Told him to come back because we have a dimension cannon to work on.”


The Doctor grinned as she tossed a clean pair of boxers onto the bed for him. 


They watched each other redress, laughing and flirting as they did so.  As much as the Doctor had wanted to protect Rose from the possibility that his plan might not work, he had to admit that it felt liberating to know that the secret was no longer a secret.


It was out in the open...where it should be.  After all, building something as momentous as a dimension cannon or an Interdimensional Teleporter...or whatever they decided to call it...would be so much more exciting with Rose’s assistance. 


Just like everything else in life.



~ End


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