Merlin: Uther/Arthur – gloves (heavenlyblack)


A Rite of Passage


Arthur looked at the leather gloves on the table.  Uther removed his gloves rarely during the day and Arthur had often wondered why, but had never asked.  He stood straight and turned his blue eyes to his father.


“Is this necessary?”


“I find no enjoyment in this, Arthur.”  Uther stated softly. 


Arthur watched Uther remove his cloak.  “This strengthens our bond?”


Uther shook his head.  “Nothing could make me love you more than I always have.  This is about tradition, Camelot, and being a Pendragon.”


Arthur touched Uther’s gloves and sighed.  “Then…for Camelot.”


“For Camelot.”  Uther whispered in agreement.




Supernatural: gen (readerj)


Until the End


Saying ‘sorry’ had never been easy for Dean.  But as he looked into the pain-filled eyes of his younger brother, he knew that he had no other choice.  He said the words…surprising himself with the ragged emotion causing his voice to waver.


As Sam’s eyes glistened, Dean pulled him into a hug…and they broke down together.


It would be a long journey, but the first steps had been taken.  In time, their strength would increase along with their mutual trust.


They might not be able to stop Armageddon, but they’d die fighting if needed.  Who knows…they just might get lucky.




Merlin:  Uther/Morgana – dance (firthgal)


A King’s Secret


Uther sipped wine from his goblet, watching her move across the floor in the young knight’s arms.  At one time, seeing her in another man’s arms would have thrown him into a blind rage.  He smiled as she met his eyes. 


At one time, yes…not now. 


He knew whose bed she would be going to later that night and it didn’t belong to the knight currently whispering in her ear.  He gave her a slight nod, his eyes barely hiding the desire that he allowed only her to see.


Morgana smiled back, her eyes smouldering as the song finally ended.




NCIS:  Gibbs/Abby (ladyforash)


Discussion in Silence


Gibbs smirked as Abby’s hands furiously signed her frustration.  Tony narrowed his eyes in confusion and nudged McGee with his elbow.  McGee shrugged, turning his attention back to the computer monitor.


Gibbs chuckled softly, his hands gracefully forming a response.  Abby crossed her arms over her chest, obviously unhappy with Gibbs’ answer.  Gibbs smiled and placed a soft, lingering kiss on her cheek before whispering four words into her ear.


“Tonight, Abs…I promise.”


Abby’s scowl turned into a grin as Gibbs left the lab, motioning for Tony to follow him.  Tony followed…determined to get an answer out of someone later.




Merlin/BtVS:  Uther/Buffy (seldomifever)


Just to Help


She amazed him.  He didn’t know how she ended up in Camelot.  He did know that when she screamed his name as he thrust into her time and time again that he didn’t care where she was from.


He wasn’t sure if he was falling in love with her, but she made him feel younger each night they spent together. 


One day, maybe tomorrow, he’d ask about the name she whispered in her sleep from time to time.  Maybe this Giles was to her what Igraine was to him.  And if so…maybe they could help each other through their losses.




Merlin:  Merlin/Arthur – “would you quit that” (okegirl)


Finely Polished




Merlin clenched his jaw and glared at the Prince.  “What?”


“Would you quit that?!”


“I’m not doing anything.  I’m polishing your armour, just as you ordered.”


Arthur smiled and leaned against the doorframe.  “Well, now I’m ordering something else.  Come now, it’s late.  That can wait until tomorrow.”


Merlin’s glare softened as Arthur walked over and lightly touched his hair.  The armour could wait, but Arthur couldn’t.  He was as impatient as his father…and sometimes that worked to Merlin’s advantage.


“Fine, but – ”


“Shut up and come to bed, Merlin.” 


Merlin smiled and obeyed…as a good servant always did.




NCIS:  Gibbs/Kate – rain (fairygothmum)


Words Unneeded


Jethro Gibbs sat on the ground, not concerned about the rain pouring down around him.  He sighed sadly and paused long enough to gather his words.  They had been through so much together and had barely started their relationship before she and her love were taken from him.


A year later found him here, at her grave…in the rain with a single red rose in his hands.  He swallowed thickly and placed the flower at the base of her headstone.


“I miss you, Kate.”


Jethro Gibbs had never been a man of many words.  But not many were needed now.




BtVS/House:  Giles/House – pain (polly1esther)


Case File:  Giles, Rupert


House picked up the untouched medicine bottle from his patient’s beside table.  As he shook a pill out, he noticed his patient staring at him.


“I have pain, you’re refusing your meds.  To waste them would be a sacrilege.”


Rupert Giles ignored his pain, as was his custom.  “That’s highly unethical for a physician.”


“It’s highly unethical for anyone.”  House shrugged as he sat down, resting his feet on the end of Giles’ bed.  “I’m unethical…I’ll still save your life.”


“Perhaps you shouldn’t.”


House raised an eyebrow.  Something told him that this was going to be a very interesting case.




BtVS:  Buffy/Giles – dirty dancing (seldomifever)


Maybe it was the Heat


If anyone had told Buffy that Giles could dance like this, she would’ve laughed.  But, she wasn’t laughing now.  No…at the moment, she was very close to actually having an orgasm. 


Could this be considered dancing?  His hands roaming over her hips, their bodies writhing together intimately to the rhythm of the music…


Maybe it started out as dancing.  Maybe it became her wanting to tease him a little.


Maybe it ended with her crying his name, her fingers clutching his shoulders as he gave her a smug smile.  He kissed her warmly…maybe it wasn’t ending at all just yet.




Supernatural/Smallville:  Dean/Chloe – Eye of the Tiger, Impala, Jello pie (okegirl)


Dean’s Rule


Chloe glared at Dean as he took a turn just a bit too fast.  The Impala swerved as it hit a patch of gravel.  He grinned and gave her a wink. 


“Eye of the Tiger…simple rule: drive fast when it plays.”


“That rule doesn’t mean you have to kill me.  Martha said there was plenty left.”


“Love me some pie…especially Martha’s Jello pie.  She should call it ‘pudding pie’ though.  Jello pie make me think of gross jiggly-wiggly things.”


Chloe rolled her eyes and gave Clark a small wave as they slammed to a sudden stop in the Kent’s driveway.



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