Chapter Two



“Okay, that’s weird…”  Anya said, stopping at the foot of the hospital bed. 


Buffy looked up, furrowing her brow as she cuddled one of her sons.  “I would’ve thought you would’ve had time to get used to the idea of us having twins.”


“Two babies isn’t the weird part.” 


Buffy looked at Xander, who was staring at his girlfriend.  Then she looked at Willow, who was staring at Xander’s girlfriend.   Then she looked at Giles, who was gazing at the newborn in his arms. 


“Do you know what she’s talking about?”


“Rarely.”  He replied, smiling…but still gazing at his son. 


Anya sighed heavily.  “Them…they look the same.”


Giles slowly lifted his eyes and looked at Anya.  Willow rolled her eyes. 


“They’re identical…that’s what identical means.”


Anya turned and stared at Willow.  “Yes, I do know the meaning.”


“Then, I’m still not understanding why you think it’s weird that they look the same.”


“Because they look exactly the same.  Even in most identical twins, there’ll be a slight difference.”


“Because you know a lot of sets of identical twins?”  Xander asked, not even bothering to hide his confusion.


“I’ve been reading a lot, asshole.”  She grumbled.


“About twins?”  Buffy asked, feeling a sudden warmth for the ex-demon that she hadn’t expected.


“Well, yeah…because I didn’t know what to expect.”


Giles smiled warmly at Anya, who shrugged a shoulder and smiled back.


“So…do they have names?”  Xander asked, leaning over and stroking the head of the baby Buffy was holding.


“They do.”  Buffy said playfully.


“Ooh, did you give them cute matching names like Tom and Jerry?  Calvin and Hobbes?  Bert and Ernie?  Frodo and Sam?”


Buffy stared at Willow.  “No.”


“Rhyming names?  Jack and Mack?  Dayne and Zayne?  Blake and Jake?  Dan and Van?”  Xander jumped in with a grin.


“Good lord…I do hope none of you are going to be naming children anytime soon.”  Giles replied in a horrified tone.


“So…what are their names?”  Anya asked, slightly impatiently.


“Callum…”  Buffy said, then reached over and ran her hand over the other baby’s head.  “…and Felix.”


“Team Callix.”  Willow said with a grin.


Giles looked up, a silent question in his eyes.  Willow shrugged a shoulder.


“You know…how you can merge two names of a duo into one?  Like…you guys could be Guffy or Biles.”  She narrowed her eyes and shook her head.  “Not Biles, that’s horrible.  But, you know what I mean.”


Xander laughed loudly, startling everyone.  “Sorry, it’s just…well, it’s good that you came up with Callix, because it could’ve easily been Fecal – and that’s just shit.”


Buffy groaned, Giles chuckled. 


Silence filled the room for a moment before Anya smiled.  “I was expecting something more…Odd English.”


“You mean…Old English?”  Willow asked, walking closer to Giles.


“No, I mean exactly what I said.  Odd English.  Like Cecil or Clive or Egbert or Farthing.”  She continued as Xander chuckled.  “Instead…you chose Scottish and Latin. Interesting.”


“Buffy chose Scottish, I chose Latin.”  Giles said, carefully placing Felix into Willow’s arms.  “Though I quite like the name she chose.”


“Middle names?”  Xander asked, gently lifting Callum to his chest.


“Bryan and Dunne.  Callum Bryan, Felix Dunne.”  Buffy said with a smile.


“And there’s the English…”  Anya said softly, leaning over and looking at Callum curiously.  “He’s pretty cute…for a human baby.  So, when are you getting married?”


Giles chuckled, placing a soft kiss on Buffy’s lips.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Do you even want to get married?”  Buffy asked, closing the door behind her.


Giles looked up, cradling Felix in the crook of his arm as he fed him a bottle.  “Well, yes.  And how was patrol?”


“It was patrol-y.”  She replied absently, looking around the room.  “Where’s Cal?”


“Asleep.”  He said softly, looking at her curiously.  “What’s wrong, Buffy?”


She glanced at him, then dropped next to him onto the sofa.  “You haven’t even mentioned it in months.  Makes me think that maybe you’re rethinking things.”


“Rethinking?  No, I’m not rethinking anything of the sort.”  He moved to hand Felix to her, furrowing his brow when she shook her head.  “I’ll marry you tomorrow, if that’s what you’d like.”


“What I’d like is a hot shower to wash fucking vampire dust off of me before I hold my child.”  She pushed herself back up and stared at him.  “You good with that?”


She didn’t give him time to respond before she fairly stormed out of the room.  He stared after her, more than somewhat confused by her behaviour.  He glanced down at the baby and sighed, seeing that he had gone back to sleep. 


“Alright, Felix…back to bed for you.”  He whispered as he stood up. 


He stopped briefly to drop the empty bottle in the kitchen.  He glanced at the bathroom door…and then made his way to the nursery.


* * *


He exhaled a slow breath and then opened the door.  Steam was billowing out of the shower – he wasn’t sure how she wasn’t scalding herself under the hot spray.




“Yeah?”  She answered after a beat.


“Are you alright, love?”


There was a long pause and then he heard it.  A sniffle.  The kind of sniffle that only occurred when tears were present as well.


“I don’t think so.”  She said, her tears very evident in her voice. 


He stepped into the shower quickly and pulled her into his arms.  “Talk to me.”


She curled her fingers into the back of his shirt and then quickly uncurled them.  She leaned back slightly and stared at him.


“You’re…wearing clothes.”


“You needed me.  Material will dry.”  He replied, carefully sliding his fingers through her hair.  “Please, talk to me.”


“I don’t even know what’s wrong.”  She whispered, tears mixing with the water.  “Are they okay?  Cal and Felix?”


“They’re perfect, Buffy.  Well, Felix hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sleeping longer than four hours yet, but…what are you concerned about?”


“Failing as a mother.”  She replied, lowering her eyes. 


He gently tilted her head back up, gazing into her eyes.  “Do you love them?”


“More than anything.”  She answered without hesitation.


“Then you can’t possibly fail them as a mother.”  He said softly.  “We’re going to make mistakes as parents – that’s a given.  But, when love is at the very core of everything…how can you fail them?”


“I’m sure I’ll find a way.  I’m Buffy Summers.”


“Mm…the Buffy Summers who has defeated an obscene amount of vampires and demons, stopped a plethora of apocalypses…you even slayed a fucking dragon.”  He smiled adoringly at her as he stroked her cheek with his thumb.  “I’ve never known you to fail once, love.”


“I don’t know anything about raising kids…”  She sniffled, leaning into his touch.  “And it’s not just one life I can fuck up…it’s two.  And that’s not at all stressful.  How am I supposed to do this?”


“With help.”  He replied, sliding his left hand to rest on her hip.  “You’re not doing this alone, Buffy.  I’m here…Xander, Willow…hell, even Anya.”


“I wish Mom was here.”


With that whispered statement, Giles understood much more than he had thirty seconds earlier. 


“She would be so proud of you.”


Buffy snorted a laugh, resting her head against Giles’ chest.  “Oh yeah, I’m sure.  Falling into bed with my Watcher, then falling in love with him, unplanned pregnancy…with fucking twins, getting engaged…”


“Having two gorgeous sons for her to completely spoil.”  He interjected with a warm smile.  “And I was being serious, Buffy.  I’ll marry you tomorrow, if that’s what you want.”


“I know you would.”  She looked up at him and sighed.  “Right now…I’m thinking we’re running out of hot water.  And I want to check on our boys.  And then I want to check on you.”


“I love you, Buffy.”


She reached behind her, shutting the water off as she captured his mouth with hers. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Why won’t you marry her?”


Giles looked up slowly, staring at Anya.  “I’m sorry?”


“The kids are what…four months old now?  And you’re still not married.”  Anya said, closing the till and staring back at him.  “I just wonder why that is.”


“And I just wonder why you think it’s any of your concern.”  Giles muttered, moving away from the counter.


Anya tilted her head slightly, watching him.  “It’s not you, is it?  You’re not dragging your feet – or running away from the altar, like someone else I know.”


“I didn’t run.”  Xander said, looking up from the comic he was reading.  “I had an adult conversation with you – where I explained that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to marry you, I just didn’t think it was the right time.”


Anya rolled her eyes as she gestured vaguely with her hand.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever.  You’re still getting sex.”


Xander sighed heavily.  “Yeah, ‘cause everything boils down to sex, doesn’t it?”


Anya paused and stared at him.  “That makes no sense.  Boils down.  Sex is hot and is best at a rolling boil…so why would you want it to boil down?”


Giles pinched the bridge of his nose.  “What, pray tell, is the point of this conversation?”


“Why is Buffy not pushing a wedding, I think.”  Buffy said with a grin, a baby carrier in each hand.


Xander narrowed his eyes, quickly glancing at the door.  “Why didn’t the bell ring when you came in?”


“Oh, that was me.”  Willow said proudly.  “The bell wakes Callum, so I did a little spell that if any little Gileses come through the door, the bell doesn’t ring.”


“Handy.”  Buffy said, lifting one of the carriers to Giles.  “Especially if I’m wanting to sneak in – just need to make sure I have a baby with me.”


Giles chuckled, placing the carrier on the table and quickly unbuckling the baby.  Callum grinned at him as Giles carefully lifted him from the carrier. 


“Hello there, Callum.”  He whispered, pressing a kiss to the baby’s cheek.


“How did you know it’s not Felix?”  Anya asked, darting her eyes between the two four month old boys.


“Because that’s Felix.”  Giles replied, gesturing towards the baby that was being handed to Willow.


Anya rolled her eyes dramatically.  “Why are you so infuriating?”


“Because he’s Giles.”  Buffy answered playfully.  “And we’re not married yet because I’m not sure there’s a point.”


“You’re breaking up with him?”  Xander asked, eyes wide.


“No…”  Buffy drawled, arching an eyebrow at Xander.  “And I’m surprised you jumped to that conclusion, Mr ‘I can’t marry you because my dad’s a drunk asshole and I don’t want to turn out like him’.”


“You don’t want to turn out like your dad?”  Xander asked, clearly confused.  “Or your mom?”


“Neither.  I’m just saying that out of everyone here, me having reasons for not getting married just yet shouldn’t have surprised you.”


“Oh.  What?”


Buffy hopped up onto the table and leaned her head against Giles’ arm.  “I’m spending the rest of my life with him.  I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me that.  My heart screams that every single day.  We’re in love, we have a house, two beautiful boys, great friends…and live on a goddamn Hellmouth.  He keeps me safe, he trains me…he Watches me…what’s going to change with a marriage certificate?”


“Your name?”  Willow asked, playfully tickling Felix’s chest.  “Is that important to you?  I mean…being a ‘Giles’?”


“Names are names.  I can change my name, if I want.  I don’t need to be married to change my last name to Giles.”


Anya darted her eyes from Buffy to Giles, just in time to see his gaze drop.  “What about you though?”


“Hm?”  He looked back up as he sat down next to Buffy and placed Callum on his thigh.  “What about me?”


“Well, you asked her, right?  So…marriage means something to you…”


“It means something to me.”  Buffy said, somewhat defensively.  “When did I say it didn’t mean anything to me?”


Giles looked at her quickly.  “Love…”


“I never said it didn’t mean anything!” 


Giles exhaled slowly as Buffy rushed towards the back, the other three watching her in confusion.  Anya furrowed her brow and looked back at Giles.


“What was that about?  I didn’t say that…”


“I know.”  Giles said softly, standing back up and looking at Xander.  “Can you take Cal for a mo?”


Xander nodded quickly, gently cradling the giggling baby.  “Is she okay, Giles?”


“She’s…”  Giles ran his hand through his hair, glancing at the training room door.  “…her emotions are heightened.  And she…worries…about issues that shouldn’t be a worry, but they are a very real worry to her.”


“And you’re worried about her?”  Willow asked, shifting a now sleeping Felix in her arms.


“I always worry about her.”  He offered Willow a small smile.  “I worry about all of you.”


“Yeah, I know.  But, I mean…are you worried about PPD or something?”


“Penile penetration dysfunction?”


Everyone stared at Anya.


“Post-partum depression.”  Willow said slowly, shaking her head slowly.  “What goes on in your head?”


Giles cleared his throat.  “I’m not sure it’s as serious as that.  But, there’s definitely some anxiety that’s presenting.”


“She’s not going to drown them or anything, is she?”  Anya asked, looking at Giles expectantly.


“Seriously, what the hell, Anya?”  Willow asked, eyes wide with disbelief. 


“Sometimes it happens.  I read about it.  There’s been reports of new mothers going crazy and – ”


“No.  No, that’s not a concern.”  Giles interrupted swiftly.  “She’s bonding well with both boys, there are no signs of psychosis.  Her issues stem from her own inner concerns.”


“Huh?”  Xander asked, moving his comic away from Callum’s wandering hand.


“I need to go check on her.  Are the boys okay with you three?”


“Yeah, of course.”  Willow replied, smiling as Giles reached over and gently stroked Felix’s head. 


“Thank you.”  He whispered and then quickly made his way to the back room.


“You don’t think she’ll drown them?”  Anya asked.


Xander shook his head with a light chuckle.  “No, An…I really don’t.”


He glanced down at Callum and arched an eyebrow at him.  Then he looked over at Willow.


“Wanna switch?”


Willow shook her head and pointed towards the bag that Buffy had placed on one of the chairs.  “Diaper bag’s there, bud.  I’m not the communal baby changer.”


* * *




Buffy wiped her eyes before turning towards Giles.  “It means something to me, Giles.  It means a lot to me.” 


“I know.”  He said, quickly walking over to her.  “For what it’s worth, I really don’t think Anya meant anything negative by what she said.”


“I know.”  She sighed, folding her arms over her chest.  “They probably think I’m crazy, don’t they?”


“No more than they always have.”  A smile played on his lips as she rolled her eyes at him.  “How has your day been?”


“Hm?  Oh…wonderful, really.  They actually slept at the same time for about two hours today…so I slept too.”


“Good.”  He whispered, lifting his hand to the side of her face.  “Mum called earlier – asked if we’d be able to take some time in October.”


“Did you tell her that I’d love to but demons don’t tend to take holidays?”  She asked with a soft laugh.


He grinned, shaking his head.  “Not in so many words, but something to a similar effect.”


“I want her to meet her grandchildren, Giles.  I know that I can’t go, but what if you take them over?”


“I’ve been thinking about that actually.  What if we could both take them…and should something arise here, we come back?”


“How the hell would that work?  It’s a ten hour flight…”


“A little more, but that’s beside the point.”


“Yeah, okay…so we’re off galivanting in the English countryside and get a call that there’s trouble.  We hop a plane – after driving…what, like three hours? the airport – then fly for ten and a bit hours.  That’s at the very least thirteen hours and it would actually be closer to fifteen or sixteen, in all probability.  Sunnydale could be decimated in that time.  So, I really don’t see – ”


He cut her off with a kiss, smiling when she huffed. 


“Have you forgotten about old sorcerers and younger witches and the amazing things they can do when they come together?”


She slid her hands up his chest, curling her arms around his neck.  “Why does that always sound disturbingly sexual?  And…what do you have in mind?”


“A portal.”


“Time travel?”  She raised an eyebrow.


“Time travel?  No.  I’m talking about teleportation, not commandeering a TARDIS.”


“What the hell are you talking about?”


“Good lord…”  He started, pausing when she grinned at him.


“Doctor Who.  I get the reference.”  She leaned up and kissed him tenderly.  “BBC America plays it at stupid o’clock when one or both of the boys are telling me that they’re starving.”


“I could watch it with you.”  He offered, sliding his hands to her hips.


“You could.  Or I could feed the babies and come back to bed…”  She lightly scratched her nails over the nape of his neck.  “Where are the boys?”


“Weapons cabinet out front.”


“Funny.”  She murmured.  “I have patrol…”


“Mm-hm.  As your Watcher, I’m well aware.”


“What do you know as my lover?”  She asked, licking her lips.


“That patrol is the last thing you want to do.”  He nearly groaned, eyes darting to her lips.


“Mm…”  She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his skin just above his collar.  “If the kids are asleep and you’re awake…”


His eyes darkened slightly as she trailed off.  “I’ll be awake, love.  I can’t guarantee the boys will be asleep, but…there’s a tiny little sleep spell…”


She laughed brightly and he grinned adorably.   He breathed a deep sigh, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 


“That is a beautiful sound.”


“I’m sorry I’ve been so…blah…”


“You can’t help how you feel, darling.  Know that I’m here for you – to hold you, to wipe your tears, to catch your punches, to draw you a hot bath…whatever you need, you need only ask.”


She smiled as the sound of a hungry baby drew his attention and he glanced towards the door.  “You are an amazing father – have I told you that before?”


“You have – as many times as I’ve told you what a wonderful mother you are.  And you are, Buffy.  Please don’t let your fears create doubt in your mind concerning your abilities as their mother.  Fears are normal – I’m terrified most of the time – but, I see their eyes when you walk into the room.”


“I’m a walking food station for them, that’s what you see.”  She laughed, taking a step back from him.  “But, I get what you’re saying.  Thank you for being an even more amazing partner.”


She paused for a moment and then offered him a loving smile.  “I’m not that big on the idea of church weddings.  You remember that, yeah?”


He nodded slowly, his eyes sparkling as he took in her words.  “I do…”


“I see what you did there.” 


The sound of a second hungry baby joined the first and they both laughed.  He gestured towards the door and gave her a wink.


“After you, love.”


“Always the gentleman.” 


His eyes drifted slowly down her body and he shrugged a shoulder.  “Not always…”


She looked over her shoulder and laughed loudly.  “And that’s how we ended up with the noisemakers out there.”


“No regrets here.”


“None here either.”  She replied, pulling the door open.  “None at all.”


He followed her out of the training room, feeling lighter than he had in weeks.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


She smiled as she walked into the house, kicking her shoes off as she closed and locked the door behind her.  The house was quiet and the living room was bathed in the orange hues from the fire flickering in the fireplace.  He entered the room from the hallway that led to the kitchen – a glass of wine in each hand and a warm smile on his face.




“Hey…”  She replied, taking the proffered glass and glancing down the hall.  “It’s very quiet.”


“Mm-hm.”  He took a sip from his glass and gently ushered her to the sofa with a hand on her lower back.  “Told you…I know a tiny little sleep spell.  It’s very good for helping tiny little humans…sleep.”


She arched an eyebrow at him as she sat down and curled her legs under her.  “You seriously didn’t cast a spell on our children…did you?”


He chuckled softly and sat down next to her.  “Let’s just enjoy the quiet for now, yes?”


“Stopped a couple of idiot teenagers deciding to – ”


“You’re not likely to forget the details from your patrol for a few hours, are you?”  He asked softly.


“No, not likely…”


“And – was there any occurrence of urgency or importance during your patrol?”


“No, just general stake and go…”


He allowed his eyes to drift over her body.  “Are there any injuries?”


She shook her head slowly.  “No.  No injuries.”


He returned his gaze to her eyes.  “Then…your report can wait.”


She nearly trembled at the timber of his voice.  “Yeah.  Yeah, definitely.”


“I think I should kiss you.”


“You kiss me and I’m going to be all over you.”  She licked her lips.  “Like…all over you.”


He glanced at her lips as he gently pulled the glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table.  “Then I think I should definitely kiss you.”


“Rupert…”  She whispered, sliding her hand to his thigh.


Fuck me…”  He murmured, covering her mouth with his. 


She took control of the kiss quickly, following his body as she pushed him back against the cushions.  True to her word, within moments, she was…all over him.  Not that he minded in the least.  When she climbed on top of him, sliding forward to press against his quickly emerging erection, he pulled from the kiss and groaned a soft curse.


She grinned, nimble fingers making quick work of his shirt buttons as her teeth nibbled his earlobe…tugging at the small silver hoop that he wore more often than not. 


“Slow down, love…”


“Uh-uh…”  She mumbled, pushing his shirt off of his shoulders and down his arms.  “Never know when they’re going to wake up…and I fucking want you.”


“Fair enough.”  He whispered thickly, quickly pulling her shirt off and dropping it on the floor.


He grabbed her hips when she started moving more urgently against him.  “But if you keep that up…”


“Then do something about it.”  She suggested, staring into his eyes. 


With a quick nod, he turned his body and carefully dropped her onto the cushions.  She giggled as he pushed her down and began working on her jeans.  She lifted her foot, pressing it against the fly of his jeans and allowing her toes to trace the zipper.  He playfully batted her foot away and then pulled her jeans and underwear off, tossing them over his shoulder and not really caring where they landed. 


His eyes darkened with desire, his fingers pulling the button free on his jeans as he watched her stroke her soft curls with her fingertips.  “Jesus Christ, Buffy…”


“You good with skipping foreplay right now?  ‘Cause…my mind was all over that during patrol.”


He nodded absently, standing long enough to rid himself of the rest of his clothing before rejoining her on the sofa.  “To be honest, I’m not sure how much I could cope with right now.”


“Your mind been wandering too?”  She asked, curling her legs around his hips as he knelt between her thighs and leaned over her. 


“Mm…you could say that.”  He whispered, reaching between them and guiding the head of his cock into her.  “Bloody hell, you’re so…”


“Shut up, Rupert.  Just…shut up and fuck me.”  She groaned, tightening her legs and pulling him further into her.


He gripped the arm of the sofa with his left hand, gazing down at her as he pushed his hips against her.  “I wasn’t expecting this…”


She grinned up at him, arching her hips to meet his thrusts.  “I totally believe that…what with the wine and the fire and…oh, my god…”


He smiled, sliding his thumb over her bottom lip.  “I love watching you beneath me.  And what I meant was – my plan was to take you to bed.”


She nipped the pad of his thumb with her teeth and exhaled a shaky breath.  “I just wanted you to take me.”


“Mm…”  He murmured, lowering his upper body and kissing her deeply.  He increased his strokes – intensity, speed, depth…varying depth…just the way he knew she preferred. 


He could make her come quickly or slowly…he could spend ages building her orgasm or he could push her over the edge in just a few moments.  Tonight wasn’t about spending ages – as much as he would love that.  Her nails scratched his back, his chest, his hips…they dug into the firm flesh of his ass as she sucked his tongue into her mouth hungrily. 


She needed to come quickly.  And he could do that for her. 


So he pushed harder, deeper…his right hand gripping her thigh as she tore her mouth from his and latched her mouth onto his collarbone.  He groaned deeply as she did her best to mark his skin, slamming his hips against hers as he lifted her thigh, opening her further to him. 


She pulled her mouth away from his skin and looked up at him, eyes dark with passion.  She lifted a trembling hand and wiped a bead of sweat from the side of his face. 


“I’m…going to marry you, Ru.”  She whispered emotionally. 


He smiled, sliding his hand back down her thigh…across her abdomen…through the curls that were now very damp.  He watched her eyes flutter as his thumb found her clitoris, applying just the right amount of pressure before rubbing the sensitive nub in rhythm with his thrusts. 


He moved quickly, covering her mouth and swallowing her cries as she came suddenly.  Her fluids washed over his cock, pushing him closer to his own orgasm.  He waited a few more seconds, riding the waves of her orgasm, before pulling out.  He closed his eyes when he felt her hand wrap around his thickened shaft, stroking hard and fast…a groan rumbled in his chest as she rubbed her thumb over the head.


On the fifth stroke, he whispered her name in a tone that she only ever heard when they were in this situation.  She smiled as he came, his semen landing forcefully and hot on her abdomen. 


“Fuck…”  He muttered, lowering his head and resting his forehead on the arm of the sofa.  “Jesus, Buffy…”


“I fucking love you, Rupert.”


He pressed a warm, lingering kiss to her shoulder.  “You’re going to marry me?”


“Yeah…yeah, I am.”  She whispered, running her fingers through his sweat-dampened hair. 


His response was interrupted by the soft cry of a baby down the hall.  He smiled and carefully moved off of her, grabbing his boxers from the pile of clothes on the floor. 


“Spell must’ve worn off.”  He said, grabbing his nearly forgotten glass of wine and taking a sip.  “I’ll go get him.”


She stretched her body and then sighed, sitting up and leaning over to grab his shirt.  She slipped it on and then finished her glass of wine on her way to the kitchen to warm up a bottle. 


She smiled, listening to him speak softly to the baby on his way back down the hall.  She glanced at the calendar and her smile grew. 


Maybe a portal would be the best option.  And maybe they could get married in England.  October was still four months away, that should be enough time to get everything in order.


Definitely something to talk about. 


“Everything alright?”  Giles asked softly from the doorway.


Buffy looked at him, adoration in her eyes.  “Everything’s perfect.”


He smiled brightly.  Felix giggled softly.


Chapter Three

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