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Archaic Amusement

Rating:  FRM

Giles puts his foot down.  How will Buffy react?


Broken Pencils

Rating:  FRAO

A run-in with a demon has an interesting side-effect for Buffy.



Rating:  FRM

Giles is having paranoid delusions.  Or is he?



Rating:  FRAO

Giles lets some things slip when Buffy asks a few questions.


Enough is Enough

Rating:  FRAO

Buffy and Giles are in love, but Giles is determined not to let things go further.

(Prequel to Frustration)


Foolish Games

Rating:  FRAO

Even Giles has needs sometimes.



Rating:  FRAO

Giles is busy.  Buffy wants him to be busy doing other things.


In Sickness…

Rating:  FRT

Giles rushes to Buffy’s aid.


Moving Forward

Rating:  FRAO

Sequel to Standing Still.  Buffy and Giles’ relationship progresses.


Out of the Darkness

Rating:  FRAO

Length:  3 chapters

Giles learns a disturbing detail concerning her relationship with Spike.


Rainy Day

Rating:  FRAO

Buffy needs Giles’ culinary expertise.



Rating:  FRC

One person’s thoughts about Buffy and Giles’ relationship.

(Drabble challenge)


Searching for the Truth

Rating:  FRT

Giles has a visitor. How will Buffy react?



Rating:  FRM

Buffy puts herself and Giles in an awkward situation.


The Other Man

Rating:  FRAO

A dishonourable Giles doesn’t come along often.



Rating:  FRAO

Buffy has a problem that isn’t necessarily a problem.



Rating:  FRAO

Buffy goes to Giles after a problem with her boyfriend.



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