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Rating:  FRM

Buffy and Giles are not as they once were.


Step One

Rating:  FRT

Can Buffy and Giles find a way to heal?


Step Two

Rating:  FRM

Giles and Buffy continue to work through their issues, searching for the way back to one another.



Rating:  FRAO

Giles and Buffy continue on their path together. 


A Night In

Rating:  FRAO

Buffy and Giles have a night in with Willow and Jacqui.






24 Hours

Rating:  FRAO

Buffy comes by with questions, a downpour presents more.


Rating:  FRM

Giles is not coping, someone tries to help.


Rating:  FRM

Buffy talks to Giles, a realisation is made. Time goes on.




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