Title: Anything to Help
Author: Froxyn
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: FRAO
Synopsis: Buffy has an issue and there’s someone who might be able to help her.
Timeline: AU, post-series. Prequel to The Other Man.
Author’s Note: This was requested by Colinzeal, hope you enjoy it. As always, thank you A.

Buffy smiled as she opened the gate that led to the back garden of Giles’ home.  The lights were on inside the house – not that she had expected them to be off.  In all the years they’d known each other, she could count on one hand the number of times he’d actually been asleep when she came by to give a patrol report.  And those times he’d either been sick or…well, drunk. 


Well…there was that one time back in Sunnydale when Olivia had visited.


Buffy’s smile faded as she walked up the steps to the back door.  She didn’t like thinking about that time.


Since relocating to England and helping him rebuild the Council, there hadn’t been one time that she’d been by and he hadn’t been awake.  She had teased him about it more than once and he’d just given her that smile.  That smile – the smile that made her feel things that she definitely shouldn’t be feeling.  Things that she’d never discuss with him because…just, no.


She blew out a breath and opened the door.  That was another thing that had never changed.  He still didn’t lock his door.  That concerned her more than anything else.  Even though he had given her a key, he still didn’t lock the door until she had left for the evening to go home.  It didn’t matter the time – if she hadn’t been by yet, his door wasn’t locked. 


“Hey, Giles…report time!”  She called cheerfully, closing the door behind her.


He laughed from the kitchen.  “Tea or coffee?”


She thought for a second before pausing in the doorway to the kitchen and giving her reply.  “Wine?”


He arched an eyebrow as he looked at her.  “Everything alright?”


“Yeah, it was just stupid fucking busy tonight.  And I need to relax…”  She answered with a smile.


He gave her a nod and opened a cupboard above the sink.  “Red or white?”


“Red…it’s chilly out there.”


“Go on into the other room – the fire is on.  Are you hungry?”


She considered the question for a moment and then shook her head.  “No…definitely not hungry.”


He watched her as she pushed away from the doorframe and walked into the living room.  He pulled down two wine glasses and grabbed a decent, full-bodied red out of the rack.  He hesitated and then switched out the bottle with a much nicer bottle…one that he’d been wanting to open for a few weeks, but didn’t feel like drinking it on his own…nor did he feel like sharing it with just anyone.


Buffy was not just anyone.


He smiled as he walked into the living room.  She was curled up on one end of the sofa, gazing into the fire…his journal on her lap.  He moved to the chair that was positioned next to her and sat down before filling both glasses with wine. 


She took the glass from him while still staring into the fire.  “What is it about fire that’s so mesmerizing?”


He carefully pulled the journal from her lap and then sat back in his chair, taking a sip of his wine.  “The unpredictability of the flames.”


She nodded slowly and then sighed, forcing herself to look at him.  “How has your night been?”


“Quiet…for a change.” 


She smiled and took a sip from her glass.  “Ooh…nice.”


“Mm…”  He murmured, watching her take another sip.  “So…busy, then?”


She leaned her head against the back of the sofa and groaned.  “Oh my god…I don’t know what the hell is going on in London tonight, but…fuck me…”


He chuckled and picked up a pen.  “Tell me about it.”


* * *


He closed the journal and placed it on the coffee table, his pen on top of it.  He picked up his wine glass and sat back, crossing his right leg over his left. 


“Seems that we may need to look into the possibility that we have a turn-happy vampire in London at the moment.”


She nodded, taking a long sip of her wine.  “Yeah.  Fun times for us, huh?”


He heard something more in her tone…a weariness that he hadn’t heard in ages.  Not exactly tiredness, but…something.


“Is everything else alright, Buffy?”  When she looked at him, he tilted his head slightly.  “Work?  Home?  Dawn?  Friends?”


“Yeah, everything is good.  Work is normally enjoyable…I have a pretty good boss.”  She offered him a warm smile, which he returned.  “Home is okay…Dawn drives me to the edge of insanity, as always.  But, that’s the perk of living with a teenager who thinks she knows everything.”


“Sounds like someone else I knew once.”  He said playfully, grinning as she rolled her eyes at him.


“Friends are great.  Willow and Xander are fitting in really well, aren’t they?  And most people at the Council are really friendly and everything.”


Giles furrowed his brow.  “Most people?”


She waved her hand and finished her glass.  “Yeah.  You know there’s always the few who are like ‘we know how you got your job’.  And you know that they don’t mean that you got the job because you’re the fucking Slayer.”


Giles’ eyes narrowed.  “Who are these few?”


Buffy shook her head slowly.  “Oh, no.  I’m not telling you – it’s not an actual problem, Giles.  It’s just annoying.”  She glanced at the bottle and held her glass towards him.  “And…I’m empty.”


He held her gaze for a long moment and then refilled her glass. 


“Buffy…if you are receiving grief because of our relationship and they believe I’m playing favourites, that’s something that needs to be addressed.”


“I’m the Slayer, you’re my Watcher – who just so happens to be Head of Council.  Accusations are to be expected.  They don’t see that you ride me harder than anyone else in the entire organisation.”


He thought for a moment and then refilled his own glass.  “Alright, but if you feel I should step in, please let me know.”


“Thank you.”  She said sincerely.


He gave her a wink of acknowledgement.  “And Todd?  How are you two doing?”


Buffy sighed and took more than a sip from her glass.  “Fine.”


Giles arched an eyebrow.  “What’s going on?”


“Nothing.  I mean, nothing’s really wrong or anything.”


“But?”  He asked, genuinely concerned.


“Look, he’s such a lovely guy.  He’s so nice and considerate and…I do love him.”


“But?”  Giles repeated.


“I have ‘but’ face, huh?”


The corner of his mouth twitched into a quasi-smile.  She took a deep breath and shifted somewhat uncomfortably.


“I don’t know.  Something isn’t quite right, but I just can’t…I don’t know what it is.”


“Demon issues?”  He asked quietly.


“He’s not a demon, Giles.  You know he’s not.”


“No, I mean…cavorting with.”  He cleared his throat.  “Not necessarily romantically, but…”


“No.”  She interrupted quickly.  “No, he’s not…there’s no…it’s not a demon issue in any sense of the word.”


“Well, obviously there isn’t an issue with your calling.  He understands, yes?  There’s no issue with the power dynamic?”


“You mean like with Riley?”  She shook her head.  “No.  No, he’s not all ‘let me open the pickle jar for you because I’m the man’ or anything.  Besides…his grandfather was a Watcher.  He gets it.”


Giles leaned forward then, resting his elbows on his knees as he looked at her.  “He’s not…testing…that dynamic, is he?”


“Huh?”  She narrowed her eyes in confusion and then shook her head quickly.  “Oh, god no.  No, he’d never lay a hand on me like that.  That’s just not in his nature.”


He watched her carefully.  The way she shifted against the cushions as though she couldn’t get comfortable.  The way she held the glass of wine, her fingers absently stroking the smooth glass.  The way the skin behind her left ear was pinker than the rest of her skin.  The unevenness of her breathing. The slight change in color of her irises. 


Giles thought for a moment and then sighed.  “Is it more of a personal issue?”


She was quiet for a very long minute and then took a deep breath.


“I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm that I didn’t cause.”  She whispered, staring into her wine.  “And I’m so fucking frustrated.  He gets so close, but…it just…it doesn’t happen.  And…”


Giles cleared his throat.  “Um, maybe…well, perhaps…I mean, you haven’t been together for…maybe you just need more, uh…more time.”


Buffy shook her head slowly.  “I’m so tired of faking it.  I need to come and…I do love him, but if he can’t make me…”


She closed her eyes and bit her lip.  He swallowed, fingers tightening around his own glass as he watched the skin behind her ear darken further. 


“What am I doing wrong?”


The frustration in her voice nearly caused his heart to break.  “Buffy, I can’t imagine you’re doing anything wrong.”


“You obviously don’t have the same problem.”  She muttered, still staring into her glass.


His eyes widened slightly.  “I’m sorry?”


“I mean…Olivia came all the way to Sunnydale for sex with you.  So, you obviously know what you’re doing…how to make…”  She trailed off and slowly lifted her eyes to his.


He was staring at her, mouth slightly open…panic flickering in his eyes.


“Can you?”


“Can I…what?”  He stammered, unsure how the conversation had shifted so drastically.


“Can you help me?”  She whispered, biting her lip nervously. 


“I…Buffy, I don’t think…um, I’m not sure that’s appropriate.”  He swallowed hard and moved to place his glass on the table.  “If you’re asking what I think you’re asking.”


“I’m asking you to make me come.”  She said matter-of-factly.


Giles fumbled the glass, hitting the base on the edge of the table.  Wine splashed over the rim, puddling on the table top.




She moved quickly, grabbing a blanket to put over the growing puddle.  She curled her fingers around his hand and gently pulled the glass from his grasp.  When she’d placed it safely next to hers, she met his eyes.


“Please.  I’m on edge, Giles.  Slaying definitely doesn’t help the situation and going home isn’t…Todd is there and he’ll do what he can, but it’ll just make everything worse.”


“I…”  He started, pausing when she squeezed his hand.


Please, Giles.”


The pleading tone, the glistening in her eyes…this wasn’t something she was taking lightly.  This was actually something she needed


“What, uh…what have you…well, tried?”  He asked on a soft whisper.




He nodded, still not moving.  “Ah, sexually.  Um…what have you...”  He paused and then closed his eyes briefly.  “Bloody hell…”


The nearly inaudible curse told her so many things.  And one of those things was that he wasn’t exactly comfortable with this scenario.


“I’m sorry.”  She whispered, pulling her hand out of his.  “I shouldn’t have put you in this position.  This is my problem, not yours.”


He watched as she stood up and started walking towards the door.  He hesitated only a split-second before pushing himself out of the chair and rushing behind her, grabbing her hand to pull her to a stop.  She turned slowly, nervously meeting his eyes.




“Go take a hot shower.”  He said softly. 




He glanced down the hall and swallowed.  “Take a hot shower, relax…and think about this.  When you’ve finished…if you still want me to, uh…” 


He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.  “After your shower, come to the bedroom and I’ll do what I can to help you.   If you decide that this isn’t…just knock on the door, say goodnight, and go home.”


“What?”  She asked, more than a little surprised that he’d agree to this.


“I’ll do my best to help you, if it’s what you need.”  He reiterated, gently squeezing her hand.  “But, I need you to think about it.  So…go have a shower.  And…think about it.”


“Because you’re my Watcher?  Is that why you’re saying yes?  It’s your…duty?”  She questioned, but not in an accusatory manner.


“No.”  He exhaled softly and rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand.  “Because I’m your friend…and you’re asking for my help.”


She thought for a second and then gave him a subtle nod.  As she pulled her hand away from his, she smiled appreciatively at him.  And without another word, she turned and made her way towards the bathroom. 


He watched her and then closed his eyes as she closed the bathroom door.  Of all the things he had expected, this didn’t even come close to making the list.  He rubbed his hand over his face and then opened his eyes.  He scratched his jaw and, after looking towards the bathroom once more, he made his way into his bedroom to change the sheets on the bed.


* * *


Buffy stood in the hallway and stared at the door, her towel-dried hair curling around her face and her body wrapped protectively in Giles’ plush robe.  She took a deep, calming breath and opened the door. 


He was sitting on the edge of the bed, arms resting on his thighs as he stared at the floor in front of him.  He looked up as the door opened, swallowing hard as she walked into the room wearing his robe…and presumably nothing else.  He studied her movements, looking for anything that would signify that she wasn’t completely sure about this. 


As she closed the door behind her and made her way to stand in front of him, he could find no such clue. 




He smiled at her soft whisper.  “Hello.”


“So, uh…”  She shrugged a shoulder and moved her hand to pull at the belt holding the robe closed.


He reached out, covering her hand quickly.  “Not yet.”


He searched her face, her eyes.  There was an obvious low-level anxiety showing, but he would have been more surprised to not see that.  He smiled warmly and lifted his hand to her cheek.  And then, without another word, he carefully drew her down to his lips. 


He kissed her slowly, giving her plenty of opportunities to stop.  He groaned softly when her tongue slipped into his mouth.  Obviously, she had no intention of stopping.  She placed her hands on either side of his face, deepening the kiss passionately.  Her right thumb stroked his cheek and she pulled back, offering him a gentle smile.


“You shaved.”


He nodded slowly, resting his hands on her hips as he looked up at her.  “I, uh…thought it best.”


She blushed lightly, understanding his meaning.  “Thank you.”


He had removed his tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt.  She chewed on her bottom lip as she slid her left hand down to his chest, her fingers resting against the third button. 


“You okay if I unbutton this?”  She asked, looking into his eyes.


He nodded again, gazing into her eyes as she quickly pulled the remaining buttons free.  She smiled as his eyes darkened when she pushed the shirt down his arms.  He lowered his hands from her hips, helping her completely rid him of the garment.  When she knelt on the floor in front of him, between his legs, he narrowed his eyes.


“What are you doing?”


Her fingers stilled on the button of his jeans.  “Um…undressing you?”


“Why are you on the floor?”  He asked softly.


“Oh…”  She blushed again, pulling the button free.  “Um…do you like it?  Blowjobs and…”


He took a shuddering breath as she pulled his zipper down.  He quickly pulled her hands away, bringing them to his lips.  He kissed each fingertip, flicking his tongue against the pad of her thumb.


“Yes.”  He breathed.  “But, this is about you…not me.”


“But…I kinda have to make sure that – ”


He cut her off with a sudden kiss, curling the fingers of his left hand into the soft material of the robe she was wearing.  His tongue probed her mouth, slid along hers, until he felt her whimper.  Only then did he pull his mouth from hers and smile. 


“Rest assured, I’ll not have any issues being ready for you.”   His fingers parted the top of the robe, giving him a tantalising view of her cleavage.  “You don’t need to do anything that you feel you have to do.  Do you understand what I’m saying?”


She nodded silently, lifting her hand to his chest.  “What can I do?”


“Oh…you can do whatever you want to do, Buffy.  But only if it’s what you want to do and not what you think I want you to do.”  He licked his lips and gently tugged her up.  “Come here, love.”


She arched an eyebrow at the term of endearment, but allowed him to pull her up onto the bed next to him.  He slowly pushed her down and then he laid down next to her.  His fingers lightly stroked her sternum as he looked into her eyes. 


“What do you like, Buffy?”




“Mm-hm.  What do you like doing?  What do you like your partner to do?”


Her eyes widened slightly, causing him to stop his gentle strokes.  “I, uh…you know, I don’t think anyone has actually asked me that before.”


“Well, that could be part of the problem.  If he’s not asking, then he doesn’t know.”


“And you’re asking…”  She said, tracing her fingers over his ribs.


“Mm…because I want to know.”  His fingers toyed with the belt on the robe, but didn’t untie it.  “What can I do to give you the pleasure you desire so greatly?”


“Jesus…all of the words…”  She said, amusement in her voice.


“How do you like to be touched?”  He asked, ignoring her tease.  “Do you like to be tasted?”


Her eyes darkened another shade and her hand slid to the waistband of his jeans.  “Tasted?”


His tongue peaked out, wetting his lips as he slowly pulled the knot free on the belt.  “Mm-hm.  Can I taste you, Buffy?  Can I suck your clit?  Fuck you with my tongue?”


“Oh my god…you like talking…”  She breathed, squirming impatiently as he rubbed her thigh through the thick material of the robe.


“I do.  But, the real question is…do you like being talked to?”  He glanced at her throat when she swallowed.  “I’m here to please you tonight, Buffy.  Tell me what you want.”


“You.”  She murmured, pushing at his jeans.  “Fuck, Giles…”


He smiled and then lowered his mouth to her throat, warming her skin with his kisses.  He felt her moan vibrate against his tongue and he slipped his leg between hers.  He sucked gently against her throat, careful not to mark her flesh, and moved his hand to the back of her thigh.  He squeezed gently before lifting her leg, guiding it over his hip. 


She followed his lead without question…curling her leg around him, arching her hips up to press against his obvious erection still concealed in his jeans.  He groaned at the contact, sliding his hand to her hip as he placed a line of hot kissed down over the slope of her breast. 


He pushed open the robe completely, exposing her body to him.  He lifted his head and allowed his eyes to wander over her, while his fingers inched back behind her thigh…caressing the crease where her thigh met the smooth curve of her ass. 


“You really are lovely.”  He murmured, glancing at her eyes before lowering his mouth back to her breast.


She sighed softly as his mouth closed over her nipple, her hand resting at the back of his neck.  He suckled for only a few seconds before he lifted his head and looked at her curiously.


“That really does nothing for you, does it?”


“Huh?”  She asked, confusion in her eyes.


He smiled sweetly and nudged the robe off of her shoulders, guiding her arms out of the sleeves.  “That’s not a turn on for you.”


“Oh…it doesn’t feel bad.”  She said as he pulled the robe out from under her and tossed it onto the floor.


“But, it doesn’t feel good.”  He added, tracing a finger down the middle of her sternum.  His smile grew as she shuddered lightly.  “Interestingly, that does feel good for you.”




“But, you’ve never told him that.” 


She shook her head slowly.  “No…guys like boobs…”


“Guys should like what their partners enjoy.”


“You don’t like them?”


He chuckled softly.  “Oh, I love them.  But, I’m also aware that some women don’t find it arousing…and that’s perfectly acceptable.”


“How did you know?”  She asked, suddenly very interested to know how he could read something within seconds that none of her previous partners had ever picked up on.


“Your sigh.”  He replied.  “Your nipple hardened, but your sigh clearly said that it wasn’t what you want.”




“I’m a listener as well as a Watcher.”  He murmured, shifting away from her. 


She watched as he slid from the bed and knelt on the floor.  And then she smiled as he ran his hands over her thighs and placed a warm kiss on the inside of her right knee. 


“And right now, I’d really love to listen to you as I taste you.”  He said, kissing his way up her inner thigh.  He paused and gently rested his chin against her soft curls as he looked up at her.  “Is that alright with you?”


She nodded, reaching out to touch his hair with her fingers.  “Pretty sure you said something about fucking me with your tongue?”


“I did.”  He confirmed with a grin.  “And I most likely will.  But…first things first…”


“Like wh – ”  She gasped as he suddenly dragged his tongue through her folds.  “Oh…oh, okay…”


He smiled inwardly and repeated the action, this time taking a slight detour to circle her clitoris.  Circle, but not directly touch.  She lost track of how many times he did that…over and over, up and down, circling around, pausing to allow his warm breath to ghost over her sensitive flesh. 


And then his fingers became involved, gently probing her entrance while his mouth continued to torture her in the most beautiful ways.  Her fingers tightened in his hair, trying to direct his mouth to her clit.  He met her eyes and read her unspoken request. 


No…it was a demand.


And then he gave her what she was demanding…and he relished in the sound of her groan as his mouth covered her hardened clit.  He sucked gently, not overly surprised when her hips arched against his mouth.  His tongue bathed and flicked her flesh, his finger slowly pushed inside of her.  Not thrusting, just resting inside of her.


She gasped, grabbing at his shoulder with her other hand.  “God…more…please…”


He allowed it to continue for a few more minutes, his mouth doing sinfully sweet things while he added a second finger.  And then he suddenly lifted his head, his mouth leaving her clitoris with a loud pop.  Her eyes snapped to his when she felt his fingers slip out of her. 


“Giles…what…fucking hell, what are you doing?”


He smiled and quickly removed the rest of his clothing.  “I’m building…”




He crawled up on the bed with her, gently nudging her more towards the center of the mattress.  “I’m building.  The higher I build, the more intense the fall…”  He leaned down and kissed her lips.  “…when you come.”


“Oh…”  She mumbled, sliding her hand into the back of his hair as she kissed him wantonly.


He moved over her, kneeling between her thighs as he returned her kisses.  He carefully slid the shaft of his cock through her wet folds…back and forth, gentle pressure here and there.  And when she tore her mouth from his to utter a deep groan, he blew out a raspy breath. 


“Do you want this, Buffy?”  He asked, his hips still moving slowly against her.  “Do you want me to fuck you?”


She opened her eyes, her fingers gripping his back as she moved with him.  “Yes.  God, yes…”


He nodded and paused his movement as he leaned over to the bedside table.  When he pulled a box of condoms out of the top drawer and emptied the contents onto the table, she smiled.


“Look at you…all prepared and everything…”


He snorted a laugh and grabbed one of the foil packets before pushing himself up and resting on his heels.  “I’m not exactly celibate, Buffy.”


“So I’ve heard.” 


His eyes darted to hers as he opened the packet and pulled the condom out.  “I’m sorry?”


“Some pretty blonde was talking about you at the pub a few weeks ago.”  She said, plucking the condom out of his hand.  “Didn’t listen to everything she was saying because…I didn’t need to know the details.”


He looked down as she rolled the condom onto his erection.  “Ah…”


“She did say something about you not taking her to your house though…”


“Mm…”  He nodded, licking his lips as her hand slowly stroked him.  “Never do.”


“No?”  She asked, somewhat perplexed.


“Sex is…sex.  It’s an outlet.  I’m not at a point in my life where I can…safely…have a relationship that’s more than a fuck.”  He put his hand on her left thigh and gently pushed it, further opening her to him.  “I don’t bring random women into my home for a fuck.”


He watched her face as he guided his cock into her.  She inhaled sharply as he pushed forward until he was completely embedded within her. 


“And yet…here we are…”  She panted, curling her legs around his hips.


“You are not a random woman.”  He whispered, leaning over her and sliding his hands underneath her shoulders. 


“But you’re still going to fuck me.”  She said, scratching her nails along his ribs.


He smiled and pulled his hips back.  “I am…”


Before she could say anything else, he pushed forward…hard.  Hard enough that she gasped.  And then he did it again, a slow, deep, hard thrust.  He pushed his upper body up so that he could watch her.  He could feel her legs tighten around him, her hips moving in a small circle…arching to meet his thrusts, he fingers gripping him as if she didn’t know whether to pull him closer and push him…


Her eyes were closed, her bottom lip held between her teeth, sweat forming on her brow.  He slowed his thrusts, brushing the hair back from her face when she opened her eyes.


“Relax.”  He whispered.  “Don’t force it…let it happen naturally.”




“Tell me what you need.”  He said, picking up the pace again. 


Her eyes glistened, frustration clearly showing.  “I don’t know…”


He suddenly pulled out, causing her to whimper at the loss.  Before she could voice her displeasure at the interruption, he rolled her onto her stomach.  She ground her hips against the mattress as he moved her hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck.


“Giles…what the fuck…”


He hovered above her, his cock brushing against her backside as she tried to relieve the tension in her body.  He watched her for a moment longer and then pulled her up onto her knees.  And then he smiled when she cried out in pleasure as he pushed himself back inside. 


“Oh, that’s it, love…”  He groaned as she pushed back against him, meeting each thrust with one of her own.  “Is this…is this better for you?”


“Uh-huh…”  She whimpered, lowering her head as she reached for a spindle on the headboard.  “Oh, fuck…”


“You’ll come like this…you’re so close already.”  He said, pushing harder against her. 


Her grip tightened around the spindle.  So tight that he was certain she’d snap it.  He didn’t care…headboards could be replaced.


He could feel her heat surround him, the wetness growing with each thrust…a soft slapping sound becoming louder, drowned out only by their mutual moans and groans.  And then he felt her begin to quiver around him.


He slid his left hand up her spine, coming to a rest between her shoulder blades.  His fingers twitched against her skin and then he gently pushed her upper body down to the mattress.


She screamed his name, her fluids flooding over his thrusting cock as she suddenly came.  He smiled, riding out her orgasm.  When her hand fell from the spindle, he pulled out and rolled her back onto her back. Gripping her hips, he quickly pushed back into her. 


He built another orgasm rapidly, allowing his own to grow as well.  His eyes drifted between her breasts, bouncing with each hard thrust, to her lips…dry and swollen.  Her skin glistened with sweat from exertion.  Her eyes clenched shut as he pushed her closer and closer…


“Open your eyes.”  He requested, his voice gravelled with lust.


She forced them open and stared at him…her eyes dark and glazed.  He smiled down at her as his thumb pressed against her clit.  Her eyes widened, clearing only briefly before glazing back over as she screamed his name. 


He came with her that time, throwing his head back as a guttural groan left his lips. 


“Oh…oh my fucking god…”  She gasped, feeling his cock throb within her.


He licked his dry lips and fought to control his breathing as he looked at her.  “You okay?”


She gave a half-chuckle/half-snort as she lifted her right hand to his chest.  “I can’t remember ever feeling this okay.”


He gave a chuckle of his own and carefully pulled out of her, causing her to tremble again.  He blew out a deep breath as he removed the condom and tied the end before tossing it into the bin under the bedside table.


“I get it now…”  She said, still breathing heavily.


“Hm?”  He mumbled, lowering his body down next to hers. 


“I’d travel internationally for that too.”


He rolled his head towards her and laughed softly.  He lifted his hand and gently ran his fingers along her cheek. 


“You look…sated.”


“Feel it too.”  She sighed. 


“You can stay.”  He said softly.  “If you want, that is.”


“Mm…should probably get home soon.  Todd’s at the house.”


“Ah…”  He blew out a breath and lowered his hand, giving her a playful smile.




“Might want to stay until you don’t look like you’ve been thoroughly fucked.”


She smiled for a moment and then rolled onto her side, facing him.  “This isn’t going to get all awkward now, is it?”


“What…us?”  He shook his head when she merely gave him a look.  “No.  This is what it is, nothing more…nothing less.  I will be what you need me to be.  Once we leave this room, we’re Watcher and Slayer, friends…not lovers.”


“Thank you for helping me.”  She whispered. 


“I’ll always help you with whatever you need – as much as I’m able.”  He replied, placing a soft kiss on her lips.


* * *


Giles stared at the ceiling, on sheets that were still damp. 


It had taken all of forty-five seconds for him to close his eyes and let the guilt wash over him after he heard the front door close.  He had kissed her after she’d come back from gathering the clothes she’d left in his bathroom.  She kissed him after she’d gotten redressed, whispering a heartfelt ‘thank you’ before slowly backing out of the bedroom.


When the front door closed, he took a deep breath and shook his head.  “Fuck…”


He liked Todd.  Once Todd became involved with Buffy, he and Giles became friends.  He wasn’t part of the inner circle, but he was a nice enough young man.  He’d even helped them research on occasion.  He was very much smitten with Buffy…and Buffy obviously cared a great deal for him.


“So, how the fuck am I supposed to continue this after…what I’ve done?”  He muttered to no one.


And then he laid there for the next few hours, staring at the ceiling…his mind racing – until sleep finally claimed him.


* *


He walked through the Council hallways, a steaming cup of coffee in his right hand as he read through the paper held in his left.  He looked up when he heard his name in her voice.


“Good morning.”  He said with a warm smile, glancing at the young man standing next to her.  “Hello, Todd.”


“Morning.”  Todd replied with a bright smile of his own. 


“So, I remembered something from last night.”  Buffy said, running her fingers through her hair as Giles turned his attention to her.


Giles’ eyes darted to her neck briefly before lifting to meet her gaze.  “Yes?”


“Yeah, something that one of the vampires said.  He was talking about a moondance.”


Giles arched an eyebrow at her.  “Moondance?”


Buffy nodded enthusiastically.  “Yeah, right?  So, I was thinking about that club down the street from our suspected vampire club…the Crescent Swing…”


A slow smile appeared on Giles’ face.  “Moondance.”


“Yes!”  She replied, her smile matching his.


Todd looked from her to Giles…back to her.  He sighed softly – if he weren’t misreading the interaction, then…


“Feel like hitting a club tonight?”


Todd smiled quickly as she grinned at him. 


He’d keep his suspicions to himself…until she didn’t look at him like she was looking at him at this particular moment. 


“Sure, sounds like fun.”


Giles nodded and then looked at Buffy.  “Let me know what you find out, yes?”


“I’ll come by with a report for you.”  She said cheerfully.


“Please do.”  He replied, a nearly imperceptible sparkle in his eye.  “Be careful.”


And then he turned and walked off towards his office, sipping deeply from his coffee.


Todd watched Buffy watch Giles walk away…then smiled adoringly at her when she turned to him.


“Lunch later?”


She returned his smile.  “Sounds good to me.”


Giles glanced back at them as he rounded the corner to his office.  He could do this…for her, he could do anything.

~ End

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