Title:  Real World

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  S4’ish, AU. 

Synopsis:  Sometimes real life is just a hassle.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Lyrics and song can be found here.



“Don’t you ever wish that we could just be Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles?”


Giles looked up from the text he was translating and furrowed his brow.  “We are.  I’m Rupert Giles and you’re Buffy Summers.  Just as we’ve always been.  Who’s the President of the United States?”


She rolled her eyes and pushed herself up from the couch, shaking her head as she walked to the kitchen.  “My memory is fine, Giles...and I don’t need a quiz on current events.”


His eyes followed her, his concern ebbing somewhat as he watched her pour two glasses of juice.  “In that case...I’m not sure what you mean.”


“Well...that we were just two normal people, with normal lives, in a normal town.  No Hellmouth, no demons, no vampires...”


“Ah.”  He replied, taking the glass when she handed it to him.  “No, I don’t.”


She perched herself on the edge of the table and took a sip of her juice.  “Why not?”


“If we were just ‘two normal people’, we never would have met.”  He sighed as he looked down and noticed that she had sat down on some of his papers.  He carefully pulled them out from under her and gave her a teasing smile.  “Of course, if we’d never met then you wouldn’t sit on important paperwork.”


She snorted softly and finished off her juice, placing the empty glass on the table...far away from his work.  “If we’d never met you wouldn’t be having mind-blowing sex every night...”


“Not with you, anyway.”  He grinned playfully at her feigned glare, sitting back in his chair and running his finger down the side of her calf.  “What brought this thought on, Buffy?”


She shrugged a shoulder, watching him as he lifted her foot onto his thigh.  “Don’t you ever think about what it would be like to be...I don’t know, a superhero or something?”


He chuckled, pulling her shoe off and dropping it to the floor as he shook his head.  “No, because I watch you every day...and every night.  I know what being a superhero entails...it’s not a job I’d particularly care for.”


“You’re happy just being the boss?”  She sighed as his fingers lovingly rubbed her foot.


Barking out a laugh, he shook his head.  “Oh, I’m not sure I’ve ever been the boss.  You rarely followed my directions for the first few years...”


“I’ve gotten better about that.”  She smiled, pulling her foot from his hands and sliding off the table.  Licking her lips, she climbed on top of him and draped her arms over his shoulders.  “You have to admit that much.”


“Mm-hm.”  He murmured, sliding his hands down to her hips.  “I do admit that, love.”


“I’m glad you’re you.”  She whispered, leaning into him and kissing his lips warmly.


His fingers edged under the hem of her skirt as he licked his now-tingling lips.  “I’m glad I’m me as well.”


She inhaled sharply as he quickly ripped the side seams of her underwear.  Another pair gone...not that she really minded in the least. 


“I meant...”  She paused as he pulled down the zipper of his jeans, shifting just enough to give him enough room to free his erection. 


His eyes smouldered as he gazed at her, capturing her lips with his in a brief, but searing kiss.  “What did you mean, Buffy?”


“Huh?  Oh...”  She swallowed thickly as she reached down and guided his erection into her.  “God, yes...”


His hands moved to the firm cheeks of her ass as she slowly moved against him.  “Tell me, love...what did you mean?”


“If...if you weren’t you...”  She moved her mouth to his neck, placing a line of warm, wet kisses along his skin until she reached his ear.  “Everything...would’ve fallen apart...years ago.”


“I love you, Buffy.”  He groaned softly, sliding his right hand to her back and holding her to his chest. 


When he stopped her movements, she started to question him. She held her words when he began to whisper in her ear.


“Whenever I think about you, us and our future...I want the real world to just leave us alone for a while.”  His tongue flicked against her earlobe before he gently nibbled on it.  “And when we make love...it does.  For just a while.”


“Is that why you want to make love so much?”  She murmured, her hands gripping his shoulders.


He chuckled and shook his head, reaching out to push the papers and books to the other side of the table.  “No...I’ve found that I’m just simply unable to get enough of you.”


She whimpered as he lifted her off of him.  “Giles...”


He smiled lovingly at her as he stood up and gently laid her across the table.  He glanced at the door as he ran his palms over her bare thighs. 


“Did you lock the door?”


“Uh-huh...”  She mumbled as she hooked her legs around him and pulled him to her.  “Don’t stop now.”


He pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it onto the chair before pushing his jeans and boxers down his thighs.  Sliding his hands under her ass, he tugged her body closer to the edge of the table and gently pushed his erection back into her warmth.


He moved with long, slow strokes...smiling as her hands grasped his forearms.  He allowed her to pull his hands out from under her and lace their fingers together. 


“Love you...”  She moaned as he leaned over her, pressing the backs of her hands against the table on either side of her head.  “God, I love you...”


“I love you too, Buffy.”  He whispered back as he increased his pace, pushing them both towards orgasm.


He wanted to take it slow...and he would have, had they’d been upstairs in their bed.  But, they weren’t.  They were in the living room...on the table that was supposed to be used for research.  She had said the door was locked, but the others had the uncanny ability to open locked doors.


He felt his cock thicken within her as her inner walls tightened around him.  And as she called his name when she came, he thanked whatever deity was listening for letting the real world leave them alone for just a little while again and then allowed himself release...her name leaving his lips on a cry of ecstasy.


And on the other side of the front door, Willow blushed and lowered her hand from the doorknob.  She turned to an equally embarrassed Xander and hurriedly suggested that they come back later.  Xander agreed...and was suddenly glad that Anya had decided to stay at home.



~ End


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