Title:  Cemeteries of London

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRT

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Post-series, AU.  Sequel to Lost!.

Synopsis:  Buffy and Giles…on patrol…in London.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.



Giles rolled his eyes as Buffy taunted a vampire.  Some things never changed.  And though he dreamed that one day she would finally listen to him and just plunge and move on, he knew that it would never happen. 


It wasn’t her style.  Her style had kept her alive longer than any other Slayer in history.  So, he was fairly alright with that.


He smiled as she finally dusted the demon and made her way back to him, slipping her arm through his as they continued on their way.


“Is this weird?”  She asked, resting her head against his upper arm.


“What’s that, love?”


“This, us…is it weird?”


He stopped and looked down at her, his brow furrowing.  “I’m not sure I’m following you on this one, Buffy.”


“Well…we have a huge argument, then I say I’m sorry, and we end up having sex.  And then we just kinda pretend it didn’t happen for a couple of years and then I get all jealous when you say you have another Slayer.  And then you get pissed off and yell at me…and then…”


She trailed off as he chuckled, looking up at him with a small smile on her face.  “It’s weird, isn’t it?”


He shook his head and leaned down, gently brushing his lips across hers.  “No, love…it’s us.”


Her smile grew as she moved into his arms.  “I really do love you.”


Before he could respond, she looked over towards the city…the London skyline just an outline against the light of the full moon.  London really is beautiful.”




She slid her hand into his and tilted her head questioningly.  “You don’t think so?”


“Oh, I love London.”  He turned so that he was facing her and lifted his free hand to her cheek.  “But, I would find it dull and grey if not for you.”


“Sap.”  She murmured as she took her turn initiating a kiss. 


Hearing a rustling in the leaves behind them, she pulled from the kiss and pushed Giles behind her.  He had just reached into his jacket pocket for a stake when three young men stepped through the bushes.


“Oh…sorry…”  The one in the lead said quietly.


Buffy shook her head and stepped to the side, silently letting Giles know that these three were no threat.  “Probably not safe to be out here this time of night.”


“Father Tom sent us on a mission.”  The young man stated, glancing around at their surroundings nervously. 


Giles raised an eyebrow.  “Father Tom?  From St. Matthew’s?”


The man smiled and nodded, extending his hand to Giles.  “My name is Colin, these are my friends Ross and Tristan.”


“Rupert Giles.”  Giles shook Colin’s hand, returning his smile as he gestured to Buffy.  “Buffy Summers.  You said that Father Tom sent you on a mission?”


“Yeah.”  Tristan nodded as he scratched the back of his head.  “But, I think we took a wrong turn…I’m not seeing a group of women around here…”


“Group of women?”  Buffy asked, studying the trio closely.  “What kind of mission is this?”


“Oh…apparently there is a group of women, wiccans…Father Tom asked us to find them to give them something.”


Giles furrowed his brow.  He knew the group that the man was talking about…and knew they were harmless.  “What did he want you to give to them?”


Ross reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a handful of silver crosses, each on its own chain.  “These.  He said that they would be safer if they had God watching over them.”


“Indeed, they would.”  Giles smiled warmly and gave him a nod before pointing to his left.  “Down by the river is where you’ll find them.  Best to head back to the road though…”


“Thank you Mr. Giles.”  Colin stated with a smile before looking curiously at Buffy.  “Buffy Summers?  Father Tom mentioned a Buffy.  Said she was a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the darkness and the evil it breeds.”


“Huh…”  Buffy chuckled, squeezing Giles’ hand slightly.


Colin nodded slowly, glancing at Giles.  “He also said that if not for her, the world would’ve ended ten times over.”  His eyes darted to the stake held in Buffy’s right hand.  “Thank you for everything you’ve done.”


Buffy smiled and handed the stake to Colin.  “Be careful.  Silver and crosses are handy things to have, but…you can never have too much protection.”


Colin smiled warmly, clearing his throat softly.  “Thank you.  We’ll give Father Tom your regards.”


And with that Colin led Ross and Tristan back towards the road.  Giles smiled as he looked down at a very confused-looking Buffy.


“What is it?”


“Father Tom?”  She questioned as she looked up at him.


Giles grinned and placed his hand on her lower back, leading her down the path towards the other end of the river.  “Former Watcher…Thomas Chaston.  He found God and decided to leave the Council…but, he still fights the demons.”


“You’ve never been particularly religious, have you?” 


Giles shook his head, holding a small tree branch out of Buffy’s way.  “Not particularly, no.  But, I do remember seeing something in Mum’s garden when I was young.  Dad said that it was probably a demon, possibly there to try to put a stop to the Giles line in the Council.  Nan, Mum’s mother, said that it was God, coming to visit.”


“What do you think it was?”  Buffy asked, intrigued by this rare glimpse into Giles’ childhood.


Giles shrugged a shoulder.  “Who can say?  Nan said that whatever it was didn’t stay because my heart wasn’t open to God.  Dad said that it didn’t stay because the Seer at the Council banished it from this dimension.”




“Mm, yes.”  He scanned the riverbank and breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of vampires.  “What would you say to one more pass through the cemetery and then heading home?”


Buffy smiled, knowing that that part of the conversation was over.  He rarely talked about his childhood and when he did, it was merely snippets.  She never pushed him, but hoped that one day he’d open up more.


“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea.”


With a loving smile, he led her back up the path that they had followed down. 



~ End


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