Title:  Clocks

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  AU, but they’re still in Sunnydale.

Synopsis:  Buffy’s been on patrol.  Giles has been worrying…as he does.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.



Buffy looked down, watching Giles’ hands unbutton her shirt.  When his hands parted the material and gently covered her silk-clad breasts, she sighed and looked up at him.


“What’s this all about, Giles?”


He met her eyes as he carefully slipped the bra straps off her shoulders.  “Affirmation.”


She grinned at him, shrugging the shirt and bra off.  “And just what are you affirming?”


He hesitated for a moment and then gently pushed her back until she was lying on the bed.  “That dreams are mostly the mind’s abstract way of dealing with a person’s fear.”


Her grin faded, her eyes filling with concern as he removed his own shirt and lowered his body next to hers.  “What’s going on?”


He ignored her question and pulled the button on her jeans free, narrowing his eyes slightly as he pushed the denim down and noticed a large bruise on her hip.  “This is new.”


“Huh?”  She looked down to find him tracing the edges of the bruise with his fingertip.  “Oh, yeah…I kinda got thrown against a crypt wall.”


His eyes flew up to hers.  “Thrown?  Buffy, are you – ”


She offered him a warm smile and ran her fingers through his hair.  “I’m fine, Giles.  Just a normal day at the office.  So, what did you do while I was on patrol?”


“Listened to the clock tick away the minutes.”  He answered softly, pressing a kiss to her injured hip as he worked her jeans down and off.  “I don’t rest while you’re out…you know this.”


Her brow furrowed as he kissed his way up her thigh and over her stomach.  “You had another dream?”


“It’s not important.”  He mumbled against her skin, reaching down with his left hand to unbutton and unzip his own jeans.  “All that’s important is that you’re home…you’re safe and home…with me.”


“It is important.”  She protested, pulling his head up so she could look into his eyes.  “You’ve been having dreams about me dying for a while now.”


She saw the flicker of sadness in his eyes before he was able to hide it.  “Giles, please…”


“Watchers don’t have prophetic dreams, Buffy.  I’m not foreseeing your death…it’s my own fear.”


“Oh.”  She whispered, shifting her body underneath him as he repositioned himself over her.  “So you’d rather stay awake and listen to the clock than to sleep?”


He smiled warmly and shook his head as he knelt between her thighs.  “It’s not all to do with the dreams that I have, love.”


“No?”  She questioned as she pushed his jeans and boxers down as far as she could.


“No.”  He murmured as his erection sprang free.  “My God, I love you.”


She gasped, the shaft of his cock pressing against her clitoris.  “Love you…so much, Giles.”


He smiled and then grumbled, to Buffy’s amusement, as he struggled to free his legs from his jeans and boxers.  Finally kicking his clothing free, he gave Buffy a sharp look.


“Find something amusing?”


Her reply turned into a deep groan as he pushed his hips forward, sliding his erection against her clit.  He grinned, licking his lips as he watched her lift her arms above her head and grasp the spindles of the headboard.


His grin diminished quickly as a scene from the dream he had earlier flashed in his head.  Reaching one hand up above her head, he gently pulled her hands from the headboard.  Her brow furrowed in confusion at the action.


“Giles?  What’s wrong?”


“I…I just don’t…not tonight.”


“What’s wr – oh, God!”  She screamed as he quickly pushed his cock into her warm depths.  “Giles!”


He cursed softly, lifting her legs until she took the hint and wrapped them around his hips.  “That’s it, love…tighter…God, yes!”


“Come…come here…kiss me…”  She gasped breathlessly.


He curled his fingers around hers, pressing the backs of her hands to the mattress on either side of her head as his mouth found hers.  He swallowed her groan as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, matching the rhythm of his tongue with the rhythm of her hips pushing against him.


When he felt her inner muscles tighten around him, he tore his mouth from the kiss and stared into her eyes.  “Affirmation…”


She threw her head back, baring her throat to him.  “Giles!”


“No comparison…”  He whispered, lowering his mouth to her throat.


She came suddenly as he scraped his teeth across her flesh, bucking and screaming his name.  He followed quickly, throwing his head back and giving an almost animalistic roar as he emptied himself within her.


His hands loosened their hold on hers as he collapsed at her side, gasping for breath.  “Don’t leave…”


She swallowed, confusion filling her eyes as she turned to look at him.  “Huh?”


He blew out a quick breath and pulled her against his body.  “I…can’t bear the thought of sitting here…listening to the sound of the clock ticking…and knowing you’re not coming home…so…don’t leave.”


Placing her hand on his chest, she felt his heart race…but wasn’t sure if it was from their lovemaking, his fear, or a combination of both. 


“Are you asking me not to die?”


He covered her hand with his and inhaled as deeply as he could.  “Yes, that’s precisely what I’m asking.  Logically, I know you can’t make that promise to me…but…perhaps you can trick my heart into believing it…and then the dreams will stop.”


Her eyes glistened as she tenderly stroked his chest.  Her voice was a gentle whisper as she gave her response.


“I promise…I’ll not leave you, Giles.  I’ll come home to you…every single night…and I’ll tell you every little detail about my patrol…”  A tear trickled down her cheek as his eyes filled with tears.  “And do you know why?”


He swallowed thickly and lovingly brushed the tear from her face.  “Why?”


“Because I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone…and I refuse to let some stupid vampire with a stupid agenda pull us apart.”  She shook her head and gave him a soft smile.  “I’m not going anywhere, Giles.  Please believe me.”


He simply stared at her for a moment and then leaned into her, passionately kissing her warm lips.  She returned his kiss, equalling his passion as her right hand moved down his torso.


Downstairs, the grandfather clock next to the window continued to tick away the minutes. 



~ End


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