Title:  Life in Technicolor ii

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:   FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  S6, AU.  Not long after Life in Technicolor.

Synopsis:  Buffy faces someone from her past.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.



Giles pulled his mouth from Buffy’s breast, groaning as her inner muscles contracted around his cock.  Buffy shivered, the air feeling cool against her wet nipple.  She leaned forward, supporting her weight with her hands on his shoulders.




His fingers dug into her hips, guiding her movements as she rode him.  “Close…so fucking close…”


His voice, specifically his thicker than normal accent, sent her over the edge.  She straightened, screaming his name as she came forcefully.  He muttered a curse and followed her over, coming hard and deep within her.


She collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavily as he rubbed his hands over her back before gently squeezing the cheeks of her ass.  She shuddered and lightly nipped at his neck with her teeth.


“Christ…”  He mumbled, rolling their bodies onto their sides. 


She whimpered as his softening cock slipped from her, her teeth biting harder at his flesh.  His hand gently massaged her breast, his fingers stimulating her nipple.  He chuckled as she arched her back.


“I love you.”  He whispered as she pulled her mouth from his neck.


“I love you back.”  She responded, still slightly breathless from their exertion.  “We going to be able to win this one?”


“Of course.”  He answered with no hesitation.  “We have a wedding to plan, after all.”


She rolled her eyes and then shifted onto her back.  “He’s a violent one…”


He nodded in agreement, sliding his hand over her stomach.  “It’s a violent world.”


“But, you’re not worried.”  She stated, covering his hand with hers and lightly stroking his long fingers.


“Violence is different to danger.  But, to some extent, I am.” 


She looked at him, one eyebrow slightly higher than the other.  “To some extent?”


“Mm-hm.  I worry about losing you…I worry what will happen if the streetlights go out…”


Her brow furrowed.  “Streetlights?”


He chuckled softly.  “I didn’t say that my worries were logical.”


She shook her head as she laughed, kissing his lips as she ran her fingers through his sweat-dampened hair.  “Everything’s still all technicolory?”


He sighed and gazed into her eyes.  “Always.  The color is nearly blinding at times.”


Buffy grinned and glanced at the window.  “It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful night.”


He followed her eyes and nodded in agreement.  And then he moved over her, nudging her legs apart and kneeling between her thighs.


“Giles!”  She exclaimed playfully.


Leaning over her, he slid his right hand to her thigh…silently coaxing her to wrap her legs around him.  As she complied, he brushed his lips over hers.


“Walk me through it, Buffy.  Tell me how we’ll defeat this demon tonight.”


“The same way we defeat every other vampire…together.”  She answered, sighing as she felt his cock twitch against her abdomen.  “You going to make love to me again?”


“Oh, yes.”  He answered a second before covering her mouth with his and thrusting his tongue between her lips.


* * *


A gust of wind blew a styrofoam cup down the road.  Giles hunched his shoulders and turned his back to the wind as he zipped his jacket up. 


“What the hell?”  Buffy exclaimed, nearly yelling in order to be heard over the howling wind.


Giles shook his head and narrowed his eyes.  “I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem natural.”


They heard it coming…even the wind couldn’t mask the sound.  Buffy briefly wondered what it would’ve sounded like in normal conditions.  She didn’t have time to ask as he stepped out of the shadows, the glow from the streetlights illuminating his form.


The wind died down as suddenly as it had started.  The demon grinned and rubbed the palms of his hands together.


“How was that for an entrance, huh?  I mean…Dracula may have his smoke and Hollywood accent, but really…that was so much better, don’t you think?”


Buffy rolled her eyes and stepped forward, accepting the stake that Giles held out to her.  “Big noises and heavy winds never scared me…”


The vampire glanced at the Watcher, baring his fangs as he rocked on his heels.  “But the thought of losing him always did.”


Buffy stopped, her hand tightening around the stake.  Riley Finn ran his cold tongue over the sharp points of his teeth and grinned.


“He was the main reason I found the suckhouse to begin with, you know.  Hearing you call out his name in your sleep…not the best feeling in the world.”  Riley’s yellow eyes flickered with rage as he stared at Giles.  “So, I think I’ll kill you first.”


A smile quirked at the corner of Giles’ mouth.  “Howling wind is as effective as smokescreens…once you realize what’s behind them, the fear dissipates.”


Riley moved quickly, grabbing the front of Giles’ jacket as he glared at the Watcher.  “You always did talk too much.”


“And you never listened enough.” 


Riley wrinkled his nose and turned his head to the side.  “She’s all over you…”


“Yes…she is.”  Giles stated confidently, his smile growing.  “And I’m all over her…inside and out.”


Riley growled and clenched his fist.  “I’m going to enjoy this…killing you.”


“You still let your emotions rule you.”  Giles stated quietly, continuing before Riley had a chance to speak.  “And though you may have a startling wind storm to announce your arrival, there’s something that I think you may have forgotten.”


“Oh?”  Riley snarled, his eyes blazing with rage.  “And what’s that?”


“That you’re still just a vampire.”  Buffy answered, her eyes narrowing as Riley turned to face her.  “And I’m still the Vampire Slayer.”


Giles smiled, taking a slight step back as a cloud of ash exploded in the air.  As the ash fell to the ground, Buffy met Giles’ eyes.


“Are you okay?”


His eyes roamed over her body and he sighed as he felt his arousal build.  “I think I’m more than ‘okay’, love.”


“You’re insatiable.”  She chuckled, slipping the stake into his jacket pocket as she stood in front of him.  “I just staked my ex-boyfriend…and you’re all hot and…”  She licked her lips as her hand brushed over the front of his jeans.  “…hard.”


He inhaled sharply, lifting his hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Are you alright?”


She smiled at the genuine concern in his voice and nodded.  “Yeah…I am.”


He breathed a sigh of relief and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.  “Good.”


“What do you say about one more trip through the cemeteries…and then we head home?”


He nodded, asking another question as he slipped his hand into hers and started walking towards the nearest graveyard.


“So…you used to call out my name in your sleep?”


“Usually it was because you’d gotten hit on the head in my dream.”  She grinned as she looked up at him.  “But, sometimes it was because you’d given me the best orgasm of my life in my dream.”


His eyes darkened slightly as she laughed softly.  Behind them a gust of wind blew the pile of ash from the sidewalk.  The streetlights continued to glow…casting a warmth over the sleepy town as the Slayer and her Watcher continued to protect it.



~ End


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