Title:  Lost+

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Post-series, AU.  Directly after Lost.

Synopsis:  Giles doesn’t like drinking alone.

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and Lyrics can be found here.



Buffy arched an eyebrow as Giles handed her a tumbler, half-full with an amber liquid.  He smiled as he took a sip of his own drink.


“We’re drinking?”


“I distinctly remember saying that I wanted a drink.”  His eyes sparkled as he glanced at her lips.  “And I remember you saying that I shouldn’t drink alone.”


“Yeah, but that was just my way of getting you to bring me home with you.”  She replied, watching his hand as he gently swirled his drink.


“Then, perhaps, you should’ve just said ‘take me home’.”  Giles countered, allowing his eyes to drift down her body. 


“I want you.”  She whispered huskily, swallowing as his eyes darted to hers.  “I don’t want a drink.  I want you.”


He stared at her, long enough that she started to get a little uncomfortable.  Finally, he cleared his throat.


“I can’t be as cavalier as I was the last time, Buffy.”


“Neither can I.”  She whispered, placing her glass on the nearest flat surface before pulling his glass from his hand.  “I said I love you, Giles.  I meant it…it wasn’t just something to say.”


He was quiet for long seconds, gazing at her.  Just as she was getting ready to ask him what was wrong, he pulled her into his arms and lowered his mouth to hers.  The glass of scotch fell from her hand, shattering on the hardwood floor as it landed.


If Giles heard the crash, he ignored it.  Instead, he turned their bodies and pushed her back against the nearest wall.  Buffy tore her mouth from his and groaned loudly as he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.


He smiled as he slipped his fingers into her silk underwear, sighing lustfully as his fingers encountered her wetness…already hot and ready for him.  He licked his lips and watched her for a moment.  Her chest was heaving, her fingers were curled in the front of his shirt, her head was leaning back against the wall, her eyes dark with passion.


With no warning, he moved his fingers to her swollen clitoris…grinning as she gasped and clenched her eyes shut.  He rubbed the sensitive flesh hard and fast, pushing her towards a surprisingly quick orgasm.  When he felt her start to tremble, he latched his mouth onto the side of her neck…sucking hard as she cried out his name when she came.


His fingers stopped their movement as quickly as they had started.  He smiled warmly as he lifted his head and pulled his hand out of her underwear.


“What…what the hell…”  Buffy gasped, unclenching her fingers and letting her hands slide down his chest.


“Tension breaker.”  Giles whispered, placing a warm and tender kiss on her lips.  “You were too…worked up.”


Her fingers found the hard bulge in his trousers and she smiled as he shuddered lightly.  “What about you?  You seem a bit tense…”


“Buffy…”  He started, a warning tone in his voice.


“Take me to bed, Giles.”  She stated bluntly, pressing her palm against his evident erection. 


He inhaled sharply, pushing against her hand for a brief moment before taking a step back and pulling her from the wall.  Taking her hand in his, he turned and led her down the hall that led to his bedroom.


She grinned brightly, happily following him.


* * *


He had wasted no time in ridding her of her clothing and pushing her onto the bed.  He smiled and then undressed himself nearly as quickly and knelt between her thighs. 


When he hesitated, she pushed herself up slightly and lovingly rubbed his chest.  “Giles?”


“I…”  He regarded her closely for a second before continuing.  “This can’t be what it was.  I know you said you love me…and…and I do believe you.  But…if this…if it’s just sex right now, desperate and needy sex…I can’t.”


She licked her lips and took a shaky breath.  “Can I ask you something?”


He gave her a quick nod, leaning into her touch as she moved her palm to his cheek.


“How long has it been since you’ve had sex?”




“It’s been two weeks for me.  I’m not desperate and needy.  I can have sex if I want it…but, I want to make love…with you.”


Giles felt a wave of jealousy rush through him at her words.  He stamped it down quickly and looked into her eyes. 


“Last week…”  He swallowed as Buffy raised an eyebrow at him.  “And that was just sex.  I…I want more with you.”


A slow smile appeared on her lips.  “So…neither of us are desperate or needy…”


“Seems as such.”  He murmured, gently pushing her back and leaning over her.  “I do love you, Buffy.”


“Love you too.”  She whispered, lifting her legs over his hips as he slowly pushed his erection into her.  “God, love you too..”


No more words were spoken as he moved within her.  At least…no coherent words.  What could be heard were moans, mutters, mumbles…interspersed with groans, gasps, and holy names.  Hands and mouths explored the skin that could be reached easily, pausing when an especially sensitive area was found.


Buffy scratched her nails over his lower back and was given a pleasurable bite to her collarbone.  When Giles gently squeezed her hard and swollen nipple, she rewarded him by clenching her inner muscles around him.


Sweat dripped from his chest and onto hers as he increased his pace, thrusting his hips hard against her.  When she started to cry out as her orgasm built, he pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach.




Grasping her hips and pulling her to her knees in front of him, he quickly re-entered her and leaned over her back.  “This is easier…”


“Huh?”  She groaned, pushing back against him as the headboard rapped lightly against the wall.


He slid his left hand under her…finding her throbbing clit with his fingers as he shortened his strokes.  “Touching you…like this…it’s easier…Christ, Buffy…”


She came almost instantly, screaming his name as her inner walls convulsed around his thickening cock.  He followed her over, pressing her clit with his fingers as he came deep within her. 


He placed warm, open-mouthed kisses along her shoulder blade as they lowered their bodies to the mattress.  He pulled his softening cock out of her slowly and turned her over to face him. 




“Uh-huh.”  She murmured, nodding in an exhausted manner as her trembling fingers stroked his chest.  “You?”


He took a deep breath and brushed her damp hair back from her face.  “Stay with me, Buffy.”


When she met his eyes, he swallowed and covered her hand with his…pressing her palm against his chest.  “Stay with me.”


She smiled after a beat, kissing his lips lovingly in acceptance of his request.  Neither of them were lost any longer…that, she was sure of.  And as she rolled him onto his back, deepening the kiss and feeling his body start to respond to her again, she was pretty sure that he was sure of that fact as well.



~ End


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