Title:  Trouble

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRT

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Two years post-series, AU.

Synopsis:  Buffy and Giles are together, however…for how much longer?

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.  Special thanks to wyvernwolf for agreeing to beta this project.




Rupert Giles sat on a park bench overlooking a small pond.  Children were chasing the ducks, squealing with delight.  However, Giles paid them no attention.  His mind was elsewhere at the moment.  Mainly he was wondering if he’d completely destroyed his relationship with Buffy.


He wasn’t a jealous man by nature and he wasn’t really sure what had come over him.  All he knew was that he had walked into his office to find Buffy wrapped up in Spike’s cold arms.  She had tried to explain…he thought he remembered her saying something about Illyria, but he couldn’t be sure.


He knew that had he walked in to find her anyone else’s arms…even Angel’s…he wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  But it wasn’t anyone else.  It was Spike…the vampire who had tried to rape her three years earlier.  It was Spike…the vampire who had tried his best to pull Buffy into the darkness permanently…and had nearly succeeded.


He had lost his temper, thrown Spike across the room and grabbed the stake that had a permanent home on his bookshelf.  He had been fully prepared to vacuum Spike’s ashes from the carpet and had only stopped when Buffy screamed his name.


Spike had smiled, but it hadn’t reached his eyes.  He wasn’t a happy vampire, he didn’t find amusement in the situation.  Giles didn’t care though…all he cared about was the fact that the woman he loved had stopped him from driving a stake through the demon’s shriveled heart.


He had said things that he didn’t mean.  Even as he said them, he knew he didn’t mean them.  But he couldn’t stop himself…not even as he watched Buffy’s eyes fill with tears.  After his tirade ended, he had glared at Spike and dared him to still be there when he returned.


And then he simply stormed out of the office, ignoring Buffy’s pleas for him to come back.


He took a deep breath and scanned his surroundings.  He didn’t remember coming here, but wasn’t surprised that he did.  After all, this was where he had proposed to Buffy just six months earlier. 


He looked down as a soccer ball rolled over his left foot.  A young boy of about seven came running up, breathing hard even as he smiled at Giles.


“Sorry, mister.  My brother don’t have the best aim.”


Giles returned the boy’s smile and lightly kicked the ball back to him.  “It’s quite alright.  No harm done at all.  Be careful around the pond, though.”


The boy nodded quickly.  “Yeah, Mum already told us ‘bout that.  Have a good day, mister.”


“You too.”  Giles responded, watching the boy run back to his brother.


He and Buffy had discussed having children, and were actively trying to have a baby.  He felt his throat constrict as he fought back his tears.


“Christ, what have I done?”  He whispered to himself.


He didn’t stop his tears this time, wiping his eyes as he stood up and walked back towards his office.  He wasn’t sure if she would still be there, but he had left his car in the Council parking lot.  Even if she had left, he'd still need the car to get home.


And hopefully she would be there.


* * *


He took a deep breath and pushed his office door open.  It was late, the sun had set when he was halfway back to Council Headquarters.  As a result, no one else was in the building…at least, not on this floor.


Walking into the room, he glanced to his left and inhaled sharply.  Buffy was curled up on the couch, her arms wrapped tightly around his jacket.  He closed the door quietly, realizing that she had fallen asleep. 


He silently made his way across the room and knelt next to the couch.  Lifting his hand, he gently stroked her cheek as he whispered her name.




Her eyes snapped open and he wasn’t surprised to find them reddened from tears.


“You came back…”  She whispered back, slowly pushing herself up.


“Buffy, I…God, I’m so sorry.” 


She lowered her eyes, swallowing hard as she wiped the back of her hand over her face.  She draped his jacket over her lap and cleared her throat.


“I know how you feel about Spike, but…what the hell was that about?”


“I…you were…he was…”  He sighed sadly and shook his head.  “I…was jealous.”


Buffy looked up and furrowed her brow.  “You don’t get jealous…I’ve tried to make you jealous and couldn’t.”


“I think it’s more the fact that I don’t understand.  I don’t understand how you can allow him to touch you…not after everything he did.”


“You left me, Giles.  And I forgave that.”


Giles stared at her incredulously.  “He tried to rape you!”


“Yeah…and as horrible as that was, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as you getting on a plane.”


He fell into silence, trying to gather his thoughts.  After a few minutes, Buffy exhaled and turned to face him.




“I have…issues…with Spike.  I…I’ve never hated anyone the way I hate him.”




“He tried to take you from me.  He tried to turn you against me…and it nearly bloody worked.”


Buffy shook her head and placed her hand on his arm.  “But, it didn’t.  God, if anything, it brought me closer to you.  Because…you were there for me when he died.  As much as you hated him, you comforted me over him.”


“I’ve never been able to bear seeing you in pain.”  He whispered.  “And…this time I’m the one who caused it.”


“He’s in love with Illyria and he doesn’t know what to do.”   She blurted in an attempt to make him understand.


Giles met her eyes and tilted his head questioningly.  “He came to you for advice on love?”


“I know about love.”  She answered matter-of-factly.  “Well, I know about love where you’re concerned.”


A tear rolled down his cheek as his breath hitched.  “I…I didn’t mean anything I said.”


The corner of her mouth twitched as she lovingly wiped the tear from his skin.  “Yes, you did.”


When he started to protest, she placed two fingers over his lips.  “You may not have meant what you said in relation to Spike and me.  But, you did mean what you said about killing him.”


“I’m sorry.”  He murmured under her fingers.


“I know.”  She whispered, leaning into him and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.


He bit his lip and met her eyes.  “Just like that, you’ve forgiven me?”


“Yeah…weird, huh?”


“Why?”  He questioned, covering her hand with his and stroking the back of her hand.


“Because I love you and…”




She took his hand and, after a moment, placed it on her stomach.  “And…it’s not just the two of us anymore.”


His eyes widened as he glanced down at his hand.  “Buffy, we…we, uh…”


Are having a baby.”  She finished for him.  “And we’ll need to discuss tonight’s events in a bit more detail later, but…right now…I just want to spend some time with my child’s father.”


He swallowed, gently rubbing her stomach, and gazed into her eyes.  “I never meant to hurt you.”


Leaning into him, she warmly kissed his lips.  As he began to respond to the kiss, he knew that he still had things he needed to say….wrongs that he needed to right.  But, when her hands began unbuttoning his shirt, he realized that she was right.


They could talk about it further later.  Right now he just wanted to bask in the knowledge that they were having a baby.  And for the time being, there was no more trouble.



~ End


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