Chapter Two



“Do you remember asking me why vampires are so obsessed with sex?”   He asked quietly, lying on his back…his left arm curled around her…his fingers lightly stroking her back as she lazed next to him – more on him, than next to him.  Not that he was complaining.


“Yeah.”  She murmured, kissing his chest as her fingers traced indistinct shapes on the front of his hip.  “I also remember laughing because you were so cute with your not knowing.”


“For me, it’s imagination.”  He continued, swallowing as she lifted her head to look at him.  “For those moments, I’m warm…my chest feels full…as though my heart wants to beat, my lungs want to breathe.  Much like an astronaut feels weightless while in space, I feel alive while I’m within you.”


“Oh…”  She whispered, sitting up next to him.


“When I come, I remember how it felt to scream your name – how my chest would ache in the most beautiful way.  I remember how it felt to warm your skin with my breath as I fought to regain control.”  He glanced at her, sliding his hand into hers and linking their fingers together.  “And as my body cools…I remember how it felt to die.  And living is much more preferable – even to the undead.”


He sat up and leaned back against the headboard.  “I believe it’s more about wanting to feel alive again, than actually having sex.”


“Oh…”  She repeated.


A smile played on his lips as he scratched his chest.  “That’s not to say that I don’t fucking love having sex with you.  Because I do.”


“You say ‘fuck’ more now.”  She observed, seemingly out of the blue.  “Not that I mind, it’s just…different.”


“ ‘Having sex’ isn’t the correct term to use.  And I’m not sure why I used it just then…”  He continued, after a soft chuckle at her statement.  “Because, it’s more…it’s always been more, it will always be more.  I love making love with you, Buffy.”


“I love making love with you.”  She echoed, scooting up the bed to sit beside of him.  “And…while I understand your hesitance…god, I miss the feeling of your mouth on me.”


“I miss the taste of you.”  He admitted, sliding his hand to her thigh and allowing his fingers to rest against her inner thigh.  “I smell you and…fuck, I want to devour you.  Problem is, I’m not sure where I end and the demon begins in that thought.  And…what if I…go too far?”


“Pretty sure I could stop you.”


He shook his head slowly, looking deeply into her eyes.  “From everything I’ve read, the Slayer’s blood is…incredibly potent.  I worry that…I’ll lose myself within the demon if I make a mistake.  I don’t want human blood, Buffy…and I most definitely do not want yours.”  He closed his eyes as he felt his arousal begin to build once more.  “But, I do miss feeling you come apart – my tongue deep inside of you, your legs over my shoulders, your fingers in my hair…holding me as you – ”


He shuddered lightly and gripped her inner thigh as his cock twitched against his own thigh.


“Well, that’s not hot at all…”  She muttered, sarcasm heavy in her tone. 


He snorted softly, turning his head towards her as he opened his eyes.  He stared at her for a long moment before licking his lips, his fangs briefly visible. 


“Make me feel alive, Buffy…”


She reached over, curling her fingers around the quickly thickening shaft.  “So much for just picking up a couple of things and heading back to your place.”


He watched her hand stroke him, groaned softly as his flesh hardened once more.  “We can go in the morning – I’ll ask them to come by in the afternoon.”


She quickly moved, facing him as she straddled his thighs.  She leaned forward, kissing him as she increased the pressure on his erection.  She carefully ran her tongue over his left canine and he froze in place, as if he were afraid to move. 


“It’s okay…”  She whispered, before licking the right canine and then running the tip of her tongue along the tip of his.  Then she kissed his bottom lip and slid forward.  “I’m sorry, I just…wanted to see…”


“I will forever love you, Buffy.”


“Vampires tend to have that one special mate, huh?”


“I don’t know, love.”  He whispered, carefully gripping her hips and holding her tight against his cock.  “I’m talking about me…Rupert Giles.”


His fangs retracted, his eyes faded back to the brilliant green that she’d felt so much comfort in over the years.  “I will forever love you.” 


Her eyes glistened as she raised up onto her knees and positioned the head of his erection at her entrance.  “I will forever love you, Ru.”


His fingers tightened on her hips as she lowered herself onto him.  She inhaled sharply at the sensation – he wasn’t cold, but his skin wasn’t hot like it used to be when they made love.  He used to make her feel like she was burning from within, her fingers would slip through the sheen of sweat that would coat his back as he’d fuck her. 


Now the heat came from her, warming his room temperature flesh as she enveloped him.  Interestingly, it wasn’t any less erotic…in some ways it was moreso.  The way her heat would seep into him…the way he would absorb her – it was like nothing that she had experienced previously with…the vampires of her past.  It had been one time with Angel – her first time, she hadn’t had time to process the sensations before that had taken a horrible turn.  With Spike…she had been fairly dead inside and he obviously was more into his own gratification that hers.


But, Giles – Rupert – oh, he was still very much about what Buffy needed, wanted.  She may never again feel his heart pound, feel his breath heat her skin as he panted, hear his gasps as she pushed him closer to orgasm, watch the sweat roll down the side of his neck, have her fingers unable to find purchase on his sweat-slicked back…but, she could still look into his eyes and see how desperately he loved her, hear his words as he whispered – sometimes groaned – encouragement, feel his muscles ripple under her touch as he thrust into her.


Like now…gripping her hips hard enough that she was sure he’d leave bruises as he followed her movements.  She didn’t care if he did, but she knew that he would.  A fact that was proven when he suddenly released her hips and slipped his arms around her lower back.  She moved her hands to his shoulders to increase her leverage – and she smiled as his eyes darted to her bare breasts.


“You can…”  She whispered, leaning forward and brushing her lips over his.


“Fuck, I want to…”  He murmured, pulling her bottom lip into his mouth for a brief second. 


She understood that he wouldn’t…and understood the reasoning…but, she had to admit that she truly missed feeling his lips wrapped around her nipple, his tongue bathing the pebbled flesh, as he made love to her.  He looked into her eyes and gave her a nod.  Just as she was getting ready to ask what the nod was for, he moved his hands back to her hips and lifted her up and off of him.




He moved quickly, positioning her on her knees and moving behind her.  He re-entered her in one deep thrust and groaned as she gasped, curling her fingers into the pillow.  He paused, slipping his left arm underneath her and pulling her back up against his chest.  His hand rested between her breasts and he lowered his mouth to kiss her ear. 


“Can you reach the wall?”  He asked thickly, his thumb rubbing along the underside of her breast.


She lifted her left arm, curling it around his neck as she shook her head.  “Maybe the top of the headboard…”


Her fingers tightened in his hair as he gently sucked her earlobe.  He carefully nudged her closer towards the headboard, moving his hand to cover her breast.  She inhaled sharply when he allowed her nipple to slip between his fingers, squeezing until she whimpered his name.


“Hands on the wall, love…”  He whispered, releasing the pressure on her nipple…then immediately squeezing again.  “Fuck, Buffy…I love you…”


Her right hand trembled as she reached out, placing her palm flat against the wall.  He covered her hand with his, nuzzling the side of her head as her nails scratched the back of his head. 


“I’ll get there, I just need…time…”  He said, increasing his thrusts as he curled his fingers around her hand.  “I know you want it, but…I need to make sure…”


“That you’re in control…”  She finished for him, moving her hand from his head to slide along his hand that was rhythmically squeezing her breast.  “I…oh, god, Ru…I understand.”


“Let go, love…” 


Her left hand squeezed his as she pushed back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust.  Within seconds, she was panting…chanting his name.  He watched a few beads of sweat roll down her spine and he ached to run his tongue over her skin.  And then he felt her inner walls begin to quiver around him.


“Oh, fucking yes…”  He growled, giving her breast one final squeeze before pulling his hand out from beneath hers.  He ran his fingers through the sweat on her back and then gripped her hip tightly.  “I’m going to come…”


“Uh…huh….me too.”  She gasped, moving her left hand to the top of the headboard.  “Jesus, Ru…”


He gently turned her head so he could look into her eyes…dark, glazed, pupils blown.  His gaze slid to her lips…plump, swollen, red…inviting.


“Fuck…”  He murmured, then covered her mouth with his. 


He kissed her ravenously, swallowing her cries as she came forcefully.  He waited until the time was just right, then pulled out and pulled her to his chest as he shuffled backwards on the bed.


“Giles…”  She groaned, then gasped as he quickly turned her to face him before lowering her body down to the mattress and moved between her thighs.  “Oh…” 


He smiled as he pushed back into her, hooking his arm under her left knee as he leaned down and reignited their kiss.  Her nails scratched his back, then she smoothed her palms over his skin, feeling his muscles ripple under her touch. 


She tore her mouth from his when she felt his cock thicken within her.  “I love you…”


He groaned loudly, slamming his hips against her one last time before coming deeply within her.  He lowered his head to her shoulder, placing a soft gentle kiss there.  As he started to shift off of her, her arms tightened around him.




He gave her a nod and brushed his lips over her collarbone.  “Tell me when it’s too much.”


“It’ll never be too much.”  She replied, pressing her lips against any part of his skin she could reach. 


“I love you, Buffy.”  He whispered, lifting his head to look into her eyes.  “I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to tell the Council Board, but…I’m very grateful that you’ll be there with me.”


“Will I be allowed to say anything?”  She asked, combing her fingers through his hair.


He shook his head, then licked his lips.  “They’ll see it as the Slayer having her Watcher on a lead – this needs to be discussed between me, the Board members, and Lottie.  I need you there for moral support – do you think you’ll be able to stay calm?”


“You ask that like I have trouble keeping a cool head.” 


He stared at her for a moment – then, seeing the amusement flicker in her eyes, he laughed.  She laughed with him, then bit her lip as he moved to her side, gently easing his softening cock from her. 


“I didn’t say it was too much…”  She pouted, rolling on her side to face him.


“You never would.”  He countered with a grin, kissing her lips.  “We should get some sleep…tomorrow is going to be stressful.”


Buffy narrowed her eyes as he followed that with pulling away from her and sliding off the bed.  “Um…pretty hard to get some sleep if you’re getting out of bed.”


He chuckled and quickly slid his jeans on, causing her to sit up in the bed and stare at him.


“Where are you going?”


He picked up his shirt and paused, gesturing towards the door with his free hand.  “I, uh…need to get the cool box out of the car.”


Cooler…”  Buffy attempted to correct him, earning her a glare.  “It’s even quicker to say!”


“When have I ever said anything quicker?”  He replied with a roll of his eyes.  “I’ll be right back.”


She watched him walk out of the room and sighed heavily.  She heard him pick up the keys from the table and heard the door open and close.  She ran her fingers through her hair and slid out of bed, grabbing her robe.


* *


She was in the kitchen, hands in the pockets of her robe and staring at the kettle, when he came in carrying the large cool box.  He placed it on the floor and popped the lid open, pulling out one of the many packets of blood that Ethan had sent with them.


“Are you alright?”  He asked, pulling a mug from the cupboard.


“Hm?  Oh, yeah…”  She took the mug from him as the kettle flicked off.  “It’s just…this has to be a much better way to warm that than throwing it in the microwave.”


He tilted his head slightly when she took the packet from him.  Then he watched in awe as she placed the packet in the mug and then filled the mug with boiling water.  She looked up at him, flushing lightly at the look on his face. 




“I just…never would have expected you to…”  He glanced at the mug and shrugged a shoulder.  “Thank you.”


“Well, don’t thank me yet.  It could be worse or as bad…but, I noticed that the microwave caused a film over the top.  That can’t be appetising.”


His eyes darted back to hers.  “And this is probably one of the most surreal conversations we’ve ever had.”


“Maybe.”  She agreed, leaning up on her toes and pressing a kiss to his cheek.  “But, this is who we are now.  Don’t let it sit for too long…and don’t be too long coming back to bed…”


He nodded slowly, watching her walk out of the kitchen and head back towards the bedroom.  He smiled and pulled the pouch from the cooling water.  Then he dumped the water into the sink and ripped the pouch open with his teeth, closing his eyes as a drop of the pig’s blood landed on his lip. 


“Perfect temperature…”  He mused, opening his eyes and emptying the pouch into the mug.  He took a large swallow, not even bothering to fight the change that he knew had just occurred. 


She was right – this is who they were now. 


And slowly warmed blood was much better than microwaved.


He chuckled, finishing off the mug then rinsing it and placing it in the sink.  He’d wash in the morning – for now…he was tired…and slightly emotional.  But, mainly…tired.


He flicked off the kitchen light and made his own way to the bedroom.

Chapter Three

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