Title:  Tin and Diamonds

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Three months after Unravelled.

Synopsis:  Buffy and Giles reach their ten year anniversary.



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Ethan raised an eyebrow when he walked into the two-car garage.  “What are you doing?”


Startled, Giles dropped the tool and glared at Ethan.  “Besides nearly having a heart attack?”


“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”  Ethan snorted and leaned against the car as he gestured to the workbench.  “Been a while since I’ve seen you working with metal.  What is it?”


Giles smiled proudly and ran his hand over the top of the object in question.  “Buffy’s anniversary present.”


A smile tugged at Ethan’s lips.  “You’re making her a metal box?”


“It’s tin.  And it’s a chest, not a box.  A chest that I intend to fill with items before giving it to her.”


“Don’t get snarky.”  Ethan snickered as he pushed himself off the car and inspected the nearly completed chest.  “It’s nice, Rupert.  You haven’t lost your touch.”


“Thank you.”


Ethan pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and shook one out before offering the pack to Giles.  Giles shook his head and the pack disappeared into Ethan’s jacket pocket. 


“Why tin?  I know you don’t do woodwork, but Xander could’ve helped you.”


Giles smiled and bent to pick up the pair of tinsnips he had dropped.  “Tin is the traditional wedding gift for the tenth year.”


Ethan lit his cigarette and shook his head.  “Thought it was diamonds?”


“Diamonds are the modern day version.  I chose the traditional route.”  Giles replied and turned the chest around to make a minor adjustment on the hinges of the lid.


Ethan grinned and blew out a puff of smoke.  “Ten quid says you’re getting diamonds.”


Giles chuckled and opened the lid, tightening a screw.  “She could get me nothing and I’d be happy.”


“Such a sap.”  Ethan teased before looking around.  “Where is she anyway?”


“Play date with Maria, Jake, and Rayna.”


Ethan raised an eyebrow.  “And you didn’t go along?”


Giles smiled and gestured to the chest.  “I had work to do.”


“Fair enough.”


Giles leaned against the work bench and crossed his arms over his chest.  Ethan looked at him curiously. 




“When are you and Michael going to make your announcement?  It’s been three months.”


Ethan’s eyes widened.  “How do you know about that?”


Giles laughed and shook his head.  “You proposed to him in my hospital room, Ethan.  I could hear everything that was going on.”


“Oh.  Uh…”


Giles’ smile flickered in his green eyes.  “He was right.  It was a very Ethan Rayne type of thing to do.”


Ethan took a long drag from his cigarette.  “We’ve talked about it.  I think we came to the decision that we’d wait until his paperwork is approved.”


Giles furrowed his brow.  “Paperwork?”


Ethan smiled and leaned against Giles’ car.  “He’s changing his name.  Said he wants to be a ‘Rayne’…not sure why though.”


“Because he loves you, Ethan.  Have you set a date yet?”


“Not a definite date.  I know that it won’t be within the next two months though.”  He grinned and tapped his ashes into an old tin can that Giles kept in the garage for that specific reason.  “Wouldn’t want to take anything away from your big day.”


Giles snorted and pushed off the bench.  “Come on, help me put this away and I’ll get you a beer.  Buffy and the children will be home soon.”


Ethan smiled and dropped the butt into the can. 


* * *


Two months later…


“Ten years.  That’s such a long time.”


Buffy grinned at Willow as she handed her credit card to the lady behind the desk.  “You know…technically, you and Oz have been together longer than me and Giles.”


“Not married though.”  Willow replied with a smile.


“I don’t think Xander and I will get married.  We’ll just continue to have bastard children and be happy.”  Anya contributed to the conversation cheerfully.


The sales woman gave her a strange look as she pushed the credit slip towards Buffy for her to sign.  Buffy rolled her eyes as she scrawled her name across the bottom of the slip.


“Anya, you can’t call your daughter that.  If you insist on anything, illegitimate would be a better choice.  But, even that…”  She sighed and looked at Anya.  “You and Xander love each other and you’re wonderful parents to Rayna.  You don’t have to be married to have that.”


“Do you think Ethan would give us more sperm?  I want to have another baby.”


The sales woman’s mouth dropped open in shock as she handed Buffy the bag containing her purchase.  Anya noticed and smiled brightly.


“Ethan is a friend.  My boyfriend has a low sperm count and Ethan helped us have our daughter.”


The sales woman nodded slowly as Buffy coughed.  “Um, Anya?  A little too much information there.”


“So…what are you doing for your anniversary?”  Willow asked in an attempt to change the subject.


Buffy sighed happily as they walked out of the shop and stepped onto the sidewalk.  “I’m not exactly sure.  I know he has something planned.  I’m betting on a nice romantic, hopefully demon-free, dinner…”


“And then lots of sex.”  Anya added with a broad grin.


Buffy laughed, not bothering to comment.  Willow shook her head in amusement as the three of them walked back to the car.


“What time do you want me to pick the kids up?”


Buffy thought for a moment.  “About two?  Is that okay?  I’m picking the other part of his present up at two forty-five, so that would give me enough time.”


Willow nodded, swinging her bag of purchases as Buffy unlocked the car.  “Yeah, that’s fine.  What do you think Giles is getting you?”


“I don’t have a clue.  He’s being really secretive about the whole thing.”


“A diamond-encrusted sword?”  Anya suggested, shrugging her shoulders as Willow and Buffy stared at her.  “What?  You’re a Slayer, he likes swords…makes sense to me.”


Willow chuckled and opened her car door.  “Of course it would.”


Anya narrowed her eyes and slid into the back seat.  “What’s the other part of Giles’ present?”


Buffy grinned and glanced at her through the rearview mirror, shaking her head.  “It’s a surprise that no one but me knows.  And that’s how it’s gonna stay until tomorrow night.”


Anya’s eyes widened.  “You’re getting him a diamond-encrusted sword!”


Buffy laughed and started the car.  “Yeah, you figured it out.  Go you.”


Willow snorted and buckled her seatbelt.


* * *


After dropping Willow and Anya off at their respective homes, Buffy headed to her own.  Giles was going to lose his mind over her gift to him.  As she pulled into the garage and killed the engine, she frowned slightly.


But, what if he didn’t?  What if he hated it?  She shook her head and sighed.  If she continued to think that way, what good would it do?  Besides…in her heart, she knew he was going to love it.


She carefully tucked the bag containing half of his gift into her handbag and made her way into the house.  Hearing the near silence, she deduced that the children were probably still with Peter and Julian.  They enjoyed taking the children out once in a while.  And the children loved the time that they were able to spend with Peter and Julian. 


She grinned broadly.  Maybe she could lure him into bed for a while.


Walking into the living room, she found him sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea in his hand.  “Hey.”


He smiled as he turned his eyes towards her, allowing his gaze to travel down her body before returning to her eyes.  “Hello.”


An immediate wave of arousal washed over her, turning her skin a light shade of pink.  “What are you doing?”


He licked his lips and placed his cup on the lamp table next to him.  “Thinking about you.”


Moving closer to the couch and dropping her handbag onto the chair, she lowered her voice to a whisper.  “What about me?”


“Sit with me and I’ll tell you.”  He answered, a suggestive tone in his voice.


She noticed the bulge in his jeans as she sat down next to him.  To be honest, it was fairly hard to miss.  She chuckled inwardly and moved her hand to his inner thigh.


“I think I have a pretty good idea judging from that.”  She stated with a smile.


“Do you remember the night before our wedding?”  He whispered as he tenderly ran his fingertips across her cheek.


“Mm-hm.”  She turned her body towards him and slid her hand up to cover the hard bulge.  “I really, really do.”


Leaning forward, he brushed his lips across hers.  “I want you, Buffy.”


She increased the pressure of her hand, lightly scratching her nails across the denim and smiling as he groaned.  “How long until the kids come home?”


Brushing her hand away as he reached out and popped the button of her jeans open, he returned her smile.  “We have enough time to make each other come.   That is…if you want.”


Her eyes glazed slightly as he pulled the zipper down and slipped his fingers into her underwear.  “God, I want.”


He stroked her slowly with his right hand, using his left to quickly unbutton and unzip his jeans.  “Here?  Or…elsewhere?”


She shivered at his touch, glancing down as he pulled his erection free.  “I’m not sure I can wait to go ‘elsewhere’.”


Smiling, he rubbed her clitoris.  “Touch me, Buffy. Wrap your fingers around me and…”  He gasped softly as she did just that, stroking him firmly.  “Yes, love…yes…”


Buffy whimpered as she tried to spread her legs more.  “These…need to come off or…at least down.”


He grinned as he continued circling her clit.  “Which would you prefer?  Off or down?”


She looked into his eyes as she squeezed the shaft of his cock.  “Off.  And…I really think we should go to the bedroom…”


He glanced at the clock and swallowed.  “We don’t have much time, Buffy.”


She looked down at the hard flesh in her hand, smiling as a drop of fluid gathered at the tip.  “Don’t need much.  But…”  She met his eyes again licked her lips.  “I really want you inside of me.”


His cock twitched in her hand as he gave her a nod.  “Let’s go.”


* * *


He groaned as she knelt before him, licking the fluid from his erection.  He pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor as she pulled the head into her mouth.


“Buffy, love…”


She smiled at his urgent tone and pulled back, holding his firm flesh in her hand as she looked up at him.  “I know…we don’t have time for this.  I just wanted a taste.”


He nodded slowly, sighing as she released him and stood up.  His eyes followed her hands as she pushed her jeans and underwear down her legs.  As she kicked them to the side, she grinned and turned her back to him.


He inhaled sharply as she bent over the edge of the bed and looked over her shoulder at him. 


“Can you see how ready I am for you?”


He glanced at her glistening folds and swallowed.  “God, yes…”


Tilting her hips slightly, she whispered in a lust-laden tone.  “Don’t make me wait, Giles.”


Giles growled softly, giving his erection a firm stroke as he moved to stand directly behind her.  Gripping her hip, he rubbed the head through her folds before nudging her entrance.


“How do you want this, Buffy?”


“Hard…fast…come together.”  She met his darkened eyes and pushed her hips back towards him.  “Fuck me now, Giles…”


With no further hesitation, he slammed his hips forward, gripping her hips with both hands.  Her fingers curled against the bedclothes as she pushed against him.  The fact that both of them were still half-dressed, she in her shirt and he still in his jeans, cemented the urgency of this union. 


She could feel the denim against the backs of her thighs as he thrust into her furiously.  She found it odd that the sensation of his jeans against her skin was almost as erotic as the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her.




He smiled and moved his left hand under her shirt, rubbing along her lower back.  “If we had enough time for a shower afterwards…I’d love to come all over your back.”


“Oh, God…”  She moaned.


“But, we don’t.”  He whispered, moving his hand back to her hip.  “And so I’m going to fuck you…and I’m going to come deep inside of you.”


He watched her fingers grip the blanket and he suddenly pulled out, smiling lustfully at her groan of protest.  “On your back, love.”


She climbed onto the bed quickly, rolling onto her back.  Sliding his hands under her ass and lifting her slightly, he plunged back into her depths. 


“God, yes!”  She screamed as he quickened his strokes.


“Touch yourself, Buffy.”  He groaned, squeezing the firm flesh of her ass.  “Rub your clit for me.”


Her trembling fingers moved to her hardened clitoris, his eyes stared at her hand as he continued to slam his hips against her.


“I love watching you…”  He whispered thickly.  “Makes me want to come.”


She rubbed harder, her fingers brushing against his wet shaft on each thrust.  “Giles…so…so close…”


“I know.”  He groaned, slowing his thrusts long enough to climb onto the bed with her.


As soon as he was on his knees between her thighs, he resumed his hard thrusts and leaned over her.  Lowering his head, he nipped at her hardened nipple through her shirt.


“Harder, Giles…God, I’m going to come…”


He could feel her hand moving faster between them, her inner muscles beginning to ripple around him.  His teeth clamped around her nipple and she arched her back, screaming in ecstasy as she came suddenly.


He released her nipple, throwing his head back and crying out as thrust one more time and came deep within her.  She pulled her hand out from between them, wrapping her arms around him as he gradually slowed his movements.  Another smaller orgasm washed over her as she gripped his back.


He stopped his motion altogether, waiting until he was completely soft before allowing his cock to slip from her.  Lifting his head, he offered her a smile and placed a tender kiss on her lips.


“I missed you.”


She chuckled softly and rubbed her thumb over his lips.  “I should go out without you more often.”


He rolled to her side and sighed in contentment.  She glanced at his jeans and grinned. 


“You’ll need to change before the kids get here.”


He gently rubbed his spent cock, wet with her fluids and smiled.


Chapter Two


Giles smiled as Willow walked into his office.  “Hello.”


“Hey.”  Willow grinned as she sat down opposite his desk.  “I’ll be leaving to go pick your kids up soon.”


Giles sat back and gave her a nod.  “Thank you again for taking them tonight.”


Willow waved her hand.  “You don’t have to thank me, Giles.  It’s not every day that you celebrate your tenth anniversary.”


“No.”  He agreed as his smile grew.  “But, all the same…I’m very appreciative.”


She chuckled and crossed her legs.  “So, where are you taking her?”


“Nowhere.”  He replied, chuckling as she narrowed her eyes in displeasure.  “I’m preparing a nice dinner…music, candles…”


“Giles, it’s your tenth – ”


“I promised her I’d dance with her on our anniversary.  I’d much prefer to dance with her in our home.”


Willow blushed as realization kicked in.  It wasn’t a secret of how their dances ended…not that it was openly discussed, but it was obvious in his eyes…as well as Buffy’s.


“Well, you better have one hell of a present for her.”


Giles grinned and gave her a nod.  “I’m rather sure she’ll like it.”


“It’s not a diamond-encrusted sword, is it?”


Giles furrowed his brow.  “Pardon?”


Willow laughed and shook her head.  “Just something that Anya said yesterday while we were shopping.”


Giles smiled softly.  “No, it isn’t a diamond-encrusted sword.  I can’t imagine anything tackier for her.  I, uh…I made something for her.”


“You made something?  What?”  Willow uncrossed her legs and sat forward, an expectant look on her face.


“A chest.”


“Like…a weapons chest?”


Giles chuckled and shook his head, reaching into the top drawer of his desk and pulling out an envelope.  As he handed the envelope to her, he smiled. 


“Not like a weapons chest.”


Willow gasped as she pulled the pictures out.  “Wow…it’s beautiful, Giles.  You made this?”


“I did.”


“What is it made out of?  I mean…I didn’t know you could build things.  You always got Xander to do the building.”


He folded his hands on his desk, watching Willow go through the small stack of photos.  “I don’t work with wood.  This…this is mainly tin, with a stainless steel frame.  I, uh…I like working with metal.”


Willow lifted her eyes.  “I’ve known you for umpteen years and I’ve never known you were in to metalwork.”


Giles smiled warmly.  “A man has to have some secrets, Willow.”  When Willow laughed, he continued.  “This…well, I haven’t built anything in years.  But, this is a special occasion and I wanted it to be something unique.”


“It is that.”  Willow gushed as she slid the pictures back into the envelope and handed it over to him.  “And she’s going to love it.”


Giles placed the envelope back into his drawer and smiled.  “Any reason why you’re picking the children up so early today?”


“Yeah, but I can’t tell you.”


Giles laughed and glanced at the family portrait in a frame on the corner of his desk.  His laughter faded as he spoke softly.  “Ten years.  There was a time I wasn’t sure if any of us would survive the Hellmouth.”


Willow nodded slowly.  “Yeah, but we did.  Thanks to you and Buffy.”


Giles smiled and shook his head.  “We had help.”


“Yeah, you did.  But…if you hadn’t come to California, I don’t think any of us would be here now.  Not even Buffy.  If…if anyone else had been assigned to replace Merrick…I don’t think she would’ve lasted a year on the Hellmouth.”


“She had the power and ability in her soul from the very beginning.”  Giles stated softly.


Willow thought for a moment and then responded.  “She did.  But, you always understood her.  Even when you pretended that you didn’t.  And because of that understanding, you were able to make her see her potential.  She was stronger because of you, Giles.  It’s always been because of you.”


Giles was quiet, staring at Willow in wonder.  After a few moments, he took a deep breath and cleared his throat.


“Thank you, Willow.”


Willow grinned.  “I think that’s the closest I’ve ever come to making you cry happy tears.”  When Giles chuckled, she stood up.  “And it’s time for me to pick up four little Gileses.  Have a wonderful night, Giles.  The two of you deserve it.”


She turned quickly and left before he had a chance to say anything else.  He thought about her words and smiled as he leaned back in his chair.


Buffy wasn’t the only one who was stronger because of their professional relationship.  Buffy had strengthened him within months of meeting her.  He offered a silent thanks to Merrick for demanding that Giles take over in the event of his death.


He didn’t want to think about where he would be if someone else had replaced Merrick as Buffy’s Watcher.


* * *


Buffy smiled happily as she signed the papers and handed over the money.  The man didn’t bother counting it, he trusted this young lady.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have agreed to the sale.  He was always careful about placement…all good breeders were.


He smiled as he placed a kiss on the puppy’s head before handing her over.  “She may cry a bit at first.  She hasn’t been away from the litter or her mother.”


Buffy cuddled the puppy and laughed when she received a little lick on her chin.  The man grinned and handed her a small plush Scooby.


“She’s always shown favoritism to this toy.  And she’ll be able to smell her littermates and mother on it.  When she cries, give it to her and it should help calm her down.”


Buffy shook her head in amusement.  “It figures that her favourite toy would be a Scooby.”


The man was curious, but didn’t comment.  He reached over and scratched the puppy between her ears. 


“If you wouldn’t mind…would you be able to send pictures of her now and again?  I’ve got a fondness for this one, even more than the others.  I know she’ll be very happy with you and your family, but…I wouldn’t mind seeing her grow up.”


Buffy smiled warmly.  “I can do that.  Thank you so much.  My husband’s going to love her.”


“You’re welcome, Mrs. Giles.  When you’ve decided on a name, let me know and I’ll send the paperwork off for her registration papers.”  He smiled affectionately at the puppy.  “She’s show quality, but I suspect that she won’t be in any shows.”


When Buffy hesitated, he met her eyes and quickly continued.  “I have no issues with that, Mrs. Giles.  I just want her to be loved and cared for.  And, though she’s show quality, I don’t think that she’d be happy being a show dog.  She’s a cuddly one…cuddly ones don’t really go well with showing.”


Buffy gave a sigh of relief and nodded.  “I’ll keep in touch, Mr. Barlow.  And she will be loved.”


“I’ve no doubt.  If you have any questions at any time, please ring.”  He smiled at the puppy again and rubbed her head.  “Be good, little one.”


The puppy wagged its tail and licked the man’s hand. 


* * *


Buffy had just enough time to get the puppy settled in the back room, waiting until she had fallen asleep before leaving the room, and get changed before Giles walked in the front door.


His eyes gazed over her appreciatively as she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him down for a kiss. 


“You look stunning.”  He whispered a millisecond before their lips touched.


“So do you.  This isn’t what you wore to work.”


He smiled and shook his head.  “I showered and changed before I left.  Thought I might not beat you home.”


She sighed softly and ran her hand down the front of his shirt.  “Giles?”




“Is it okay if we don’t go out tonight?  I mean, I’m not sure what you have planned, but…”


He smiled warmly and curled a strand of her hair around his finger.  “What I had planned was a nice candlelit dinner at home.  Just the two of us…dinner, gifts…perhaps a dance.”


A smile appeared on her face as she nodded.  “That sounds perfect.  Except…maybe gifts, then dinner?”


He arched an eyebrow at her.  “Gifts first?”


She bit her lip and took a deep breath.  “I’m not sure mine will wait until after dinner.”


He tilted his head, suddenly very curious as to what she had gotten him.  “If you’d prefer to open gifts before dinner, then that’s what we shall do.”


She nodded quickly and leaned up, giving him another kiss.  “Thank you.”


“Let me get dinner in the oven and then we’ll exchange gifts, yes?”


“Okay, I have to go get yours ready.  How long do you think?”


“Dinner’s mostly prepared.”  At her look, he chuckled.  “I was up early this morning, remember?”


“You were up making dinner?”


He leaned down and kissed her.  “Something like that.  It’ll take me about five minutes to get everything together…another five to set the table.  We’ll say…fifteen minutes?”


She ran her fingers along his jaw, smiling as his eyes darkened slightly.  “I’ll see you in fifteen minutes…here in the living room.”


He nodded and gently squeezed her hip.  “Go now.  Before I insist on taking you to bed without dinner or gifts.”


“I love you.”  She whispered as he moved to kiss her again.


“I love you too.”  He brushed his lips across hers and sighed.  “Now…go.”


She grinned and took off down the hall.  He took a deep breath and smiled before he made his way into the kitchen.


He turned the oven on and opened the refrigerator, pulling out a tray laden with vegetables surrounding a huge beef roast.  He smiled and shook his head.  It wasn’t the most romantic of dishes, but roast beef was her favourite by far. 


After sliding the tray into the oven, he set the table with their best china and silver.  As he placed the candles on the table, he grinned and glanced at his watch.  He had just enough time to move the chest in from the garage.


* * *


Buffy sat on the floor with the puppy in her lap.  She straightened the dark green collar and carefully tied the small box to the ring near the buckle.  The puppy yawned and stretched, making Buffy smile.


She glanced at the clock on the wall and grinned.  “Come on, little girl.  Almost time to meet your daddy.”


The puppy wagged her tail as Buffy placed her on the paper.  Buffy chuckled as the puppy squatted. 


“Good girl.  Definitely wouldn’t be good if you peed on Giles first thing.”


The puppy scratched at her collar and then bounced around the room playfully.  Buffy took a deep breath when she heard Giles call her name.


“Come on, little one.  It’s time.”


The puppy wagged her tail harder as Buffy opened the door.  Buffy almost expected the puppy to take off down the hall.  Instead, she walked behind Buffy.  Buffy shook her head in amusement, wondering how long that behaviour would last.


Giles was standing in the middle of the living room with two glasses of wine in his hands.  There was a box-shaped something on the floor next to him with a brightly coloured blanket draped over it.  He smiled at her and motioned her in when she hesitated.


She shook her head slightly, causing him to furrow his brow in confusion.  As she took one step to the left, he looked down and gasped softly.




He placed the glasses on the coffee table and knelt down, holding his hand out as he smiled at the puppy.  The puppy made her way over to him and sniffed his hand.  When she licked his fingers, he smiled and gently scooped her up. 


He beamed brightly as he looked up into Buffy’s eyes.  “You got me a puppy.  A boxer…with a tail…”


Buffy smiled as she nodded and knelt in front of him.  “You mentioned one time that you wanted a dog.  You never said what kind, so I had to do a lot of research.  And it helped that Ethan mentioned that you used to like boxers and labradors.  I, uh…there weren’t any lab puppies ready for today.  And, I have to admit…when I saw her I fell in love with her.”


Giles laughed as the puppy licked at his chin and then nibbled at the knot of his tie.  “She’s absolutely beautiful, Buffy.  What’s her name?”


“I have no idea.  She’s yours…you have to name her.  She’s nearly eight weeks old.  The breeder normally doesn’t let them leave until they’re at least eight weeks, but…he knew that she was an anniversary present and she’s pretty advanced for her age.”


Giles gently stroked the puppy’s face with his fingertip.  “Such beautiful markings.  And…I don’t believe I’ve seen a boxer with a tail.”


Buffy smiled broadly.  “Mr. Barlow is fighting for the anti-docking law.  This is his second litter that he hasn’t had docked.”


“I love the tail.  I’ve never understood the purpose of docking them.”  He placed a kiss on the puppy’s head before leaning forward and kissing Buffy warmly.  “Thank you so much, darling.”


“You’re welcome.” 


Buffy laughed as the puppy bounced around the room when Giles put her down.  She explored the room, coming back to Buffy and Giles after each exploration before beginning another.


“What are you going to name her?”


Giles smiled as he watched the puppy dart around the room, her tail wagging constantly.  California.  Callie for short.”


California?”  Buffy asked with a slightly bewildered tone.


Giles looked into her eyes and gently caressed her cheek.  “My life…this life…began in California.  And though I used to damn the weather and the idiotic drivers…California will always hold a special place in my heart.”


Buffy’s eyes glistened as Callie ran over, placing a white paw on Giles’ leg as she yipped playfully. 


“I think it’s beautiful.”


Giles looked down, only now noticing the small box tied to Callie’s collar.  “What’s this?”


“Oh.  The, uh…the other part of your present.”


Giles smiled as he carefully untied the box, Callie making the task much more difficult than it should’ve been.  When she emitted a playful growl, he laughed loudly.


“Oh, you’re a vicious puppy, aren’t you?”


He finally got the box free and shook his head when Callie attempted to grab the ribbon.  Buffy laughed and stood up.


“Hold on.  Don’t open it yet, okay?”


Giles looked after her as Buffy ran back down the hall.  Then he looked down into the not-quite brown eyes of Callie and grinned.


“Where is she going?”


Callie perked her ears, wiggling as she went for the ribbon again.  Giles chuckled and picked her up, rolling her onto her back in his arms and rubbing her stomach. 


“You can’t have the ribbon, Callie.”


“No, but she can have these.”  Buffy replied as she came back into the room with a bag full of toys that she had picked up on the way home.


When she handed the bag to him, Giles picked out a tennis ball and rolled it across the floor.  He and Buffy both laughed as Callie tripped as she chased after the ball.


Buffy smiled brightly at him.  “I think it’s safe to open it now.”


He returned her smile and unwrapped the box, carefully opening the lid.  “Thank you, Buffy.”


“Do you like it?”


He nodded as he lifted the small diamond stud out of the box.  “It’s beautiful.”


She sighed happily as he removed the golden hoop that he had worn every day for the past ten years and replaced it with the diamond stud.  “Wow…”


He placed the hoop in the box and closed the lid.  “How does it look?”


“Perfect.”  She whispered softly.


As she leaned in to kiss him, a soft snore could be heard.  They both smiled as they saw Callie stretched out on the carpet, the tennis ball next to her as she slept.


“Well, that was quick.”  Giles commented with a grin.


“She’s a baby, she needs her sleep.”


Giles reached up and ran his fingers through her hair.  “While she’s sleeping, perhaps you should open your gift.”


Buffy leaned forward again and kissed him slowly.


Chapter Three


Giles sighed softly as Buffy ended the kiss and stood up.  She smiled down at him and then made her way over to the blanket-covered object.  Giles glanced at Callie and chuckled as he stood.  Picking her up, he lovingly cuddled her as he sat down on the couch.  Callie nuzzled Giles’ palm as she slept and he gently stroked her soft fur.


Buffy ran her fingertips over the blanket and looked over at Giles.  “Now?”


He smiled warmly.  “Whenever you’re ready, Buffy.”


She grinned and pulled the blanket off.  Her eyes widened as she stared at the chest, beautifully adorned with various symbols that had been carefully worked into the tin.


“Oh my God.”  She whispered.  “It’s beautiful, Giles.”


His smile grew as she examined the designs.  She gasped and turned, meeting his eyes.  “You made this.”


He nodded at her statement and placed the sleeping puppy on the cushion next to him, covering her with the afghan before standing. 


“I did.  There, uh…there’s more inside.”


She took a deep breath and opened the lid, kneeling in front of the chest as she peered inside.  Giles cast a quick glance at Callie and, seeing that she hadn’t even moved and was sleeping deeply, knelt beside of Buffy.


There were ten items in the chest.  Buffy grinned as she pulled each one out.  There was something that symbolized each year of their marriage, some new and some old.  There was a wedding photo in a frame that looked very similar to the chest.  She sighed as she ran her fingers over the image.


A pair of garnet earrings followed.  She grinned as she pulled out a braided leather bracelet.


“Trying to suggest something here, Giles?”


He chuckled and shook his head.  “Leather for the third anniversary.  Do you know how hard it is to find something that is made with leather that isn’t obviously sex-related?  Besides…I thought it would look nice on you.”


She smiled and lifted out a vase that looked to be made out of antique jade.  Underneath that was a wooden disk that had an ornate carving on it.  She furrowed her brow and stared at it.




He leaned over and kissed her cheek.  “The Goddess Isis.  In Egyptian mythology, she is celebrated as the ideal mother and wife.”


A smile appeared on his lips when she turned to look at him.  “You are my ideal wife…and the perfect mother for our children.”


She ran her finger over the carving and sighed as she looked back down at it.  “It’s beautiful.  And it reminds me of how truly sweet you really are.”


He placed a warm kiss on the side of her neck.  “Four more to go, love.”


A set of cast iron candlesticks were next.  She smiled as she held them, noticing their wedding date etched delicately along the base of each one.  “You’re such a hopeless romantic.”


He shook his head slowly and ran his fingers through her hair.  “Not hopeless.”


She shook her head in amusement and placed it to the side before pulling out a framed painting.  Her mouth dropped open in surprise.




Clearing his throat, he glanced at the portrait of their children.  “It’s, uh…a friend of Michael’s is an artist.  This…this is oil on copper.  I thought it turned out rather well.”


“It’s amazing.”  She whispered.  “Absolutely perfect…”


He swallowed, aching to pull her into his arms.  Instead he took a deep breath and gestured towards the chest.  “Only two to go.”


She nodded and, after gazing at the picture again, carefully placed it to the side.  Reaching into the chest, she pulled out a small bronze heart.  She chuckled as she closed her fingers around it.




Giles laughed softly.  “Nearly as hard as leather.  Daft, I know…”


“I’d prefer ‘sappy and sweet’.”  She replied with a loving smile.


A beautifully made ceramic bowl adorned with willow leaves rounded out the gifts.  She sighed happily and sat back on her heels, staring at the gifts surrounding her.


“I think this is probably one of the sweetest things you’ve ever done.”


He brushed her hair back from her neck and exhaled slowly.  “We have but one ten year anniversary.  I wanted it to be special.”


“Every day as your wife is special, Giles.”  She whispered as she gazed into his eyes.


As he watched her hazel eyes darken a shade, he took a deep breath.  “Dinner’s ready.”


She licked her lips as he stood, pulling her up with him.  Wrapping her hand around the back of his neck, she gently pulled him down and kissed him deeply.  As she nudged her tongue into his mouth, he pulled her tightly against him.  She groaned softly when she felt him harden under his trousers and attempted to deepen the kiss further.


With a heavy sigh, he pulled back and gently shook his head.  “Dinner, love.”


She pouted, looking up at him through doe-like eyes as she stuck her bottom lip out.  He laughed and ran his thumb over the pouty lip. 




“Okay.”  She mumbled, turning her head towards the sound of a whimper. 


Callie raised her head and yawned widely before stretching.  Buffy rubbed Giles’ chest and smiled.


“You go get dinner ready and I’ll take Callie outside and then set her bed up before she has her dinner.”


Giles nodded, quickly pulling her back towards him as she started to walk away.  He covered her mouth with his and kissed her passionately, lovingly massaging her tongue with his.  As he slowly ended the kiss, he combed his fingers through her hair and smiled.


“Thank you, Buffy.  Thank you for the most wonderful ten years of my life.  Thank you for four beautiful children, a gorgeous puppy…”  His eyes glistened as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek.  “Thank you for loving me.”


She sniffled and shook her head.  “How am I supposed to top that one?”


He grinned and stroked her cheek.  “It isn’t about one of us topping the other…”


When she snorted, he rolled his eyes and playfully smacked her rear.  “You, my darling, have an extremely dirty mind.”


“Apparently so do you if you knew what I was thinking.”  She shot back with a grin before gently pushing him towards the kitchen.  “Go on.  If we stand here much longer, I’m going to have to clean the carpet.”


When he raised an eyebrow, it was her turn to roll her eyes.


“Puppies need to go to the bathroom pretty much as soon as they wake up, Giles.”


He chuckled as he turned and made his way into the kitchen.  Callie wagged her tail as Buffy walked over to the couch and picked her up.


“Daddy’s funny, isn’t he?”


Callie whimpered, letting Buffy know that it was becoming fairly urgent that she be put down soon.  Buffy laughed and opened the front door, kissing the top of Callie’s head before placing her on the grass.


Buffy laughed as Callie bounced around, looking for an appropriate spot to do her business.  


* * *


Giles looked up and smiled as he lit the candles on the table when Buffy walked into the dining room.  “Where’s Callie?”


“Asleep in her bed.”  Buffy watched the light reflect in Giles’ eyes.  “You…are so gorgeous…”


Giles stared at her for a moment.  It always caught him off-guard when she said such things randomly.  He swallowed and slipped the lighter into his pocket before reaching for the bottle of wine.


“Please…have a seat, darling.”  He said in a throaty voice. 


Holding the chair out for her, he felt his heart begin to race as she moved towards him gracefully.  She sat down and touched his hip lightly as he poured the wine into two glasses.


“Are you okay, Giles?”  She whispered when she noticed the bottle shake in his hand.


“Mm?”  He cleared his throat and offered her a smile as he sat down next to her.  “I’m…more than okay, Buffy.”


She smiled knowingly and lifted her glass.  “You made my favourite dinner.”


“Mm-hm.”  He agreed softly as he picked up his glass and lightly clinked it against hers.  “Everything I do is for you.”


His eyes darkened as he took a sip of his wine before placing the glass back on the table.  He picked up some of the tender beef with his fork and held it to her lips.  She accepted the bite of food, grinning as she chewed and swallowed.


“I have my own plate, you know.”


He nodded slowly as he cut a piece of potato and fed it to her.  “I…enjoy feeding you.  Watching your lips close around my fork and…”


He inhaled sharply when he felt her toes slide up the back of his calf.  “If you don’t stop that…we’ll never get through dinner.”


She chuckled as she placed her foot back on the floor and fed him a forkful of beef and roast carrot.  “Then I should stop.  Because a dinner this wonderful shouldn’t be wasted.”


He chewed the meat slowly, his eyes shining with happiness.


* * *


After a quick check on his puppy, who was still sleeping and snuggled with her plush Scooby, Giles grabbed the remote for the stereo and turned it on.  Buffy smiled as he held his hand out to her.


She took his hand and moved into his arms.  “I love this song.”


“I know.”  He whispered as he moved his left hand to her hip.  “Dance with me, Buffy.”


As she linked their fingers and held their linked hands between them against his chest, she looked up into his eyes.  “I love you.”


“I love you.”  He sighed as she loosened their fingers and lightly ran her fingers over the right side of his chest.  “It still bothers you.”


Her eyes glistened as she took a deep breath.  “It still scares me…how close we came to losing you.”


He smiled softly and shook his head.  “But, you saved me, Buffy.  If it weren’t for you – ”


“Please, don’t.”  She whispered.  “I don’t think I can bear hearing that tonight.  Let’s just be here…”


He nodded and gently squeezed her hip as they moved to the music.  “I’m here…with you, our children, our friends.  And I have no intention of being anywhere else but in your arms for the remainder of the night.”


She smiled as she reached up and pulled his tie free.  “God, I love dancing with you.”


He grinned and glanced down as she began unbuttoning his shirt.  “You love dancing with me…or undressing me?”


“Both.”  She replied as she leaned forward and placed a warm kiss on his chest.  “Even better when they’re done at the same time.”


He gently pushed the strap of her dress over her shoulder, lowering his mouth to her collarbone.  She sighed as he lovingly sucked and nipped at her skin.  When she roughly pushed his shirt off, he lifted his head and smiled.


“Not even half-way through the dance…”


She nodded as he lowered his arms, giving her unspoken permission to completely relieve him of his shirt.  “My fault.”


Inhaling sharply as she brushed her lips over each scar on his chest, he pushed the other strap of her dress over her shoulder.  “How…how is it your fault?”


Scraping her teeth against his left nipple, she lightly scratched her nails across his back.  “I’ve thought about making love to you all day.  I was well aroused before you even came home.”


He groaned as she ground her hips against his erection.  “Buffy…if you keep that up, I’m liable to take you right here.”


She looked up at him and grinned, rubbing against him even harder.  “And where’s the bad in that?”


His fingers quickly found the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly lowered it, grazing his fingertips across her skin as he did so.  “Is that what you’d like, Buffy?”


She shivered as he pushed the dress down her body.  “We don’t really get all that many chances to…”


Her sentence trailed off as his fingers brushed the sides of her breasts.  He smiled as she trembled against him.


“You’re so very beautiful, Buffy.”  He whispered as he unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts.  “And I want nothing more than to make love with you…right now, right here…”


A soft whimper coming from the couch broke the moment and he sighed heavily.  “Or…perhaps not.”


She leaned forward and dragged her tongue over his right nipple before lightly blowing on it, smiling as he gasped.  “How about…”  She moved her mouth to his left nipple and repeated the action.  “You take Callie outside…and I’ll go get the bed ready…”


Groaning as her mouth warmed his skin, he slid his right hand to her hip as his left lovingly caressed her breast.  “I want you.”


“You’ll have me.”  She whispered, moving her hand to the hard bulge in his trousers.  “As soon as our newest addition is asleep.”


She chuckled softly as he whimpered.  “It’s late, Giles.  She’ll go to the bathroom and be back asleep before you know it.”  She gently rubbed his erection as she flicked her tongue against his nipple.  “Let her run from outside to the bedroom…she’s a tiny baby, it won’t take much.”


“Keep doing that and it’s not going to take me much either.”  Giles stated matter-of-factly as he pushed his hips against her hand. 


Grinning and rubbing him once more, she took a step back.  “Go…and then come to our room.”


He nodded, allowing his eyes to travel over her nearly nude body.  “I shan’t be long.”


She laughed as she turned and made her way down the hall.  He took a deep breath and looked into Callie’s eyes.  He couldn’t help but smile as she stood and wagged her tail.


“Come on then, darling girl.”  He picked her up and kissed her head.  “Please promise me that you’ll go back to sleep soon…”


Chapter Four


Giles laughed as he sat down on the steps to the front porch.  Callie was currently running in circles, careful not to stray too far from her new owner.  She’d pounce at a cricket, trip over her feet, roll across the grass, and then look to Giles to make sure he was still there.


He rubbed his left shoulder and sighed happily as he watched her.  He glanced down at his bare chest and chuckled.  Here he was sitting on his front porch, wearing a pair of dress trousers, black leather shoes…and no shirt.  At least his erection had waned somewhat, the cool night air taking care of that for him.


Not that their neighbours were out and about anyway. 


Furrowing his brow, he lightly ran his fingers over the scars on his chest.  The Mark of the Thorn that had been burned from his soul stood in high relief, the darkness of the scar contrasting with his light skin.  He swallowed and touched the most recent patch of marred flesh…the only physical reminder of the bullet that nearly took his life.  Further down his torso, on his side…the large circle where a lance had pierced him many years earlier.


His body was scarred…battle-scarred.  There were too many imperfections to count, when he thought about it.  The chill wind breezed by him, causing him to shiver and then grimace.  He shook his left hand and sighed.  His broken bones caused by Angelus had healed, but they still caused him pain when the weather changed.


Most of Buffy’s scars faded as they healed.  He wasn’t as lucky. 


His thoughts were interrupted when Callie ran up the walkway and put her front paws on the first step.  He smiled as she looked up at him and whined.


“Need some help do you, Callie?”


Reaching down, he easily scooped her up with one hand and placed her on his lap.  “One day, probably very soon, you’ll be bounding up and down these steps with no problems whatsoever.”


His fingers turned the tag on her collar.  His mobile and work numbers had already been engraved on the back, the front left untouched. 


“Should we have ‘California’ or ‘Callie’ put on your tag tomorrow?”  He grinned as the puppy yawned widely.  “I suppose we can discuss it tomorrow.  You look like a sleepy little puppy.  And…I have a prior appointment that I intend to keep.”


He stood up and walked back inside, closing and locking the door behind him.  “So, we’ll put you to bed with your Scooby and you can have a nice, hopefully long, nap.”


He chatted softly to her on the way to the bedroom, her body draped over his left arm with her head resting in his palm.  Gently scratching her head between her ears with his right index and middle fingers, he chuckled as she sighed and closed her eyes.


“That’s my girl.”  He cooed as he walked into the bedroom.  Glancing at the bed, his mouth dropped open.  “Dear Lord…”


Buffy smiled, her arms drawn up over her head, her wrists held to the headboard by a pair of handcuffs.  “Don’t drop her…”


He swallowed thickly as his eyes roamed over her body, clad in what looked to be a leather bikini.  “Dear Lord…”  He repeated in a lust-filled whisper.


“Giles?”  Buffy spoke softly as he continued to stand there, staring at her as his erection returned quickly. 




A grin formed on her lips.  “Why don’t you put Callie into her bed…and then come to ours?  Preferably less clothed than you are now.”  She licked her lips as his eyes met hers.  “As in…get rid of them for me.”


He nodded numbly and moved quickly, gently settling Callie into the bed Buffy had set up for her.  He smiled as she wrapped a paw around the Scooby and sighed in her sleep.  After placing a blanket over her, he kicked his shoes off and unbuckled his belt.


He paused as he looked at Buffy again.  Her chest heaved in anticipation and when she whispered his name in an urgent tone, and then his hands began working to rid himself of the remainder of his clothing. 


Standing next to the bed, his erection stood out proudly as he moved onto the bed and ran his hand up the length of her leg.  His fingers trembled as they traced the soft leather bikini bottoms.


“This is new.”


She smiled, lifting her leg and brushing his erection with her knee.  “Mm-hm.  Bought it especially for tonight.  I was hoping you’d like it.”


His fingers moved over her ribs towards her leather-clad breasts.  “I think ‘like’ is a gross understatement.”  Glancing at her hands when he heard the chain rattle against the spindles of the headboard, he smiled.  “Leather and handcuffs…tell me, love…what is it that you’re wanting?”


“You.”  She replied, her eyes darkening as his fingertip circled her hardened nipple.  “To do whatever you want…that’s what I want.”


Placing his right knee between her thighs as he leaned over her, he kissed her chin before nipping her bottom lip with his teeth.  “Where’s the key?”




He smiled as he ran his right hand down her side to rest on her hip.  “The key…for the handcuffs.  Where is it?”


Her body arched as he rubbed his thigh against her core.  “But…I thought…”


“Mm-hm.”  He mumbled, pressing harder against her.  “And I love that you’ve cuffed yourself to our bed.  But…you did say that I could do anything that I want.”


She gasped at the contact and could feel the heat of his erection against her skin as he lowered his mouth to her neck.  “Giles…”


He lifted his head, sliding his right hand back up her body to cup her breast.  “What I want is to feel your arms around me as we make love.  I want you to touch me.  I want you to have the freedom to move into a different position if you so choose.  And for me to have what I want…you have to tell me where the key is.”


She stared at him for a moment, a soft moan escaping her lips as he gently squeezed her breast.  “Phone…under the phone…”


Smiling, he leaned over and pushed the phone out of the way.  As he picked up the key, she raised her head slightly and latched her mouth onto his left nipple.  His fingers curled around the key as he growled softly.


Her teeth scraped against the sensitive nub as he pulled back and swallowed.  “Sometimes you make things wonderfully difficult.”


She grinned as he quickly unlocked the cuffs, tossing them and the key onto the bedside table.  “What do you mean by ‘wonderfully difficult’?”


He returned her grin as she quickly flipped him over and climbed on top of him, the soft leather rubbing against his abdomen as she lightly wriggled her hips.  “I think you know exactly what I mean, love.”


Sliding his hands up her thighs, he licked his lips and glanced at her breasts.  “And as much as I love the way you look in that…I really want you naked.”


Grinning, she rubbed her hands over his chest.  “Then make me naked.”


He sat up, sliding her onto his lap as he leaned back against the headboard, and stared into her eyes.  Her skin flushed even more as she watched his eyes darken. 


“God, I love watching that…”  She whispered as his hands cradled her face.


“Watching what?” 


Reaching between them, she wrapped her fingers around his erection.  “Your eyes clouding with desire.  It’s…it makes me want to do really naughty things to you…”


He exhaled softly as she began to stroke him.  “What kind of naughty things?”


Her eyes sparkled as his fingers began working on the leather top, unclasping the latch on the back.  “Wanting me to talk to you, are you?”


“Oh, yes.”  He nodded as he pulled the top up, freeing her breasts.  He smiled as she followed his train of thought, releasing him long enough for him to remove the top completely.


Before the scrap of leather could fall from his hands, her fingers returned to his erection.  “What would like me to say, Rupert?”


She grinned as he groaned at her use of his given name, his hips thrusting against her hand.  “Would you like me to tell you how much I’d love to feel your come against my skin?  How I’d love to bring you to orgasm with my mouth and have you pull out just as you come…splattering my throat or face?”




“Or how much I love sucking your come from your tongue after you’ve licked my skin clean?”  Using her free hand, she ran her fingers through his hair and silently urged him to pull one of her hardened nipples into his mouth. 


He complied obediently, running his warm, soft tongue over the tender nub.  She lightly scratched at the back of his head as she tightened her hand around his hard shaft. 


“That’s it, Giles…God, yes…”


He mumbled incoherently around her flesh, his hands clutching at her hips as she began to rock in time with the movement of her hand.  


“I want you to come like this, Giles.  Come like this…and then let me make you hard again so you can come inside of me.”


He groaned and sucked harder, gently biting her nipple before moving his mouth to the other breast and giving it the same attention.  She gasped at the sensation and felt his cock thicken in her hand.


“That’s it…God, you’re so close…I can feel how close you are to coming all over me, Giles…”


He pulled at her nipple, biting as he sucked.  Hearing her groan his name, feeling her stroke his flesh harder, he shuddered and threw his head back as he called out her name.  His semen splattered over her abdomen and she released his cock.


His glazed eyes watched as she lifted her hand to his mouth, tracing his lips with her come-coated fingers.  He murmured softly, pulling her fingers into his mouth and using his tongue to clean her skin.


She trembled as she watched him, her eyes trained on his mouth.  “God…Giles…”


He smiled lustfully and rolled her onto her back, kissing her slowly before moving down her body.  She gasped as she felt his tongue drag across her stomach, collecting the fluid as he hooked his fingers under the edge of the leather bottoms.


Nuzzling her damp curls as he pushed the material down her legs, he sighed at the scent of her arousal.  “Buffy…”


The leather free from her legs, she bent her knees as he slid his hands underneath her and tilted her hips slightly.  When he lowered his mouth to her core, she groaned and grasped the sheets tightly in her hands.


“Yes…oh, God yes…”  She breathed heavily as his tongue traced her wet folds. 


He raised his eyes and looked up at her as he tasted her, suddenly wanting nothing more than to be buried deep within her.  But, she was so close…he could taste it, feel it, hear it.  And so, he delved in, thrusting his tongue into her as his hands kneaded her ass. 


“Giles!”  She screamed, her right hand flying to the back of his head as her hips bucked against his mouth. 


His tongue continued darting within her, pushing her closer to the edge with each stroke.  When she began to grind her hips against him, he smiled inwardly.  He knew what she wanted and with one final thrust of his tongue, he gave it to her.


He moved quickly, replacing his tongue with two fingers as his mouth covered her clitoris.  Her head thrashed against the pillow, her nails digging into his scalp as he sucked, licked, and nibbled at her clit.  As his fingers curled and stroked over her g-spot with each thrust, she began to pant heavily, groaning his name.


Her orgasm hit suddenly, flooding his fingers with her fluids as her clit throbbed in his mouth.  His name echoed in the bedroom, and he briefly wondered if Callie would wake.  That thought left his mind when he heard her hoarse voice begging him to be inside of her.


His cock hard once more, he quickly removed his fingers and moved up her body.  Her legs curled around his hips, drawing him closer.  A mutual groan of satisfaction sounded as he slowly sank into her.


She tasted a mixture of their fluids as he kissed her, and she was sure she’d never tire of the taste.  She gripped his back, feeling his muscles clench and release as he thrust at a leisurely pace. 


Lifting his head, he looked into her eyes and smiled.  “I love you.”


She threw her head back, baring her throat to him as she came again.  He grunted softly, lowering his mouth and placing warm, sucking kisses to her skin before licking the sweat from her neck.


“Christ, I love you.”  He whispered again, feeling his orgasm build rapidly. 


Her nails scratched at his back as she moaned, unable to form the words to respond.  The bedposts creaked softly as he quickened his pace.  Straightening his arms, he held himself above her and watched a bead of sweat roll between her breasts. 


Smiling as she watched him watch her, she moved her hands to cover her breasts, kneading the firm flesh before pinching the nipples with her fingers.  His arms trembled and he momentarily lost his rhythm.


“Come…”  She whispered thickly, pushing her hips against him to urge him on.


His eyes stared at her hands, rubbing her breasts together before flicking her nipples with her fingertips.  He gave a guttural groan and thrust hard, burying himself completely within her as he flooded her inner walls.


His arms finally gave out and he collapsed on top of her as she came for the third time.  She held him tightly, rubbing his back as he murmured words of affection against her neck.  Carefully, she rolled their bodies, shuddering as his spent cock slipped from her.


“Love you so much.”  She whispered as she stroked his sweat-drenched hair.


He smiled a sex-drunk smile and placed a tender kiss on her lips.  “Happy anniversary, Buffy.”


She grinned and rolled him onto his back.  His eyes closed when he felt her mouth move across his chest.


She wasn’t finished…and he was sure he wasn’t either.  He’d just need a little more time to recover.


Chapter Five


Buffy smiled as she rolled off of him and collapsed by his side.  She could feel his heart pounding in his chest as she ran her fingers through the mixture of sweat and bodily fluids matting his chest hair to his skin. 


“You okay?”


He nodded slowly as he tried to keep his eyes open.  “Completely buggered.”


Kissing his shoulder before resting her head on it, she inhaled deeply.  “Maybe we should get some rest.”


“Mm.”  He mumbled, his exhaustion already pushing him towards sleep.


His eyes opened when he felt the bed shift.  “Where’re going?”


She grinned at his slurred question.  “I’m going to take Callie out…I’ll be right back.”


“She ‘wake?”


She shook her head as she slipped into her robe.  “No, but if I take her now maybe she’ll sleep the rest of the night…and so can we.”


“Mm.”  He responded, his eyes closing again.  “Quick-like…”


She bent down and kissed his forehead.  “Yeah, I’ll be quick-like.  Rest, Giles.”


* * *


Her plan worked, the sleepy puppy waking up long enough to go to the bathroom and then falling back asleep almost instantly.  Buffy carried her back into the bedroom and settled her in the bed before draping a light blanket over her. 


She chuckled softly when she heard a soft snore come from the bed she shared with her husband.  Shedding her robe and dropping it to the floor, she slipped under the blankets and moved next to him. 


He stirred, rolling onto his side and placing his hand on her stomach.  Sighing softly, he murmured ‘I love you’ as he sleepily nuzzled her neck.  As his fingers began to gently rub her stomach, she trailed her fingertips over his forearm.






Knowing he wasn’t entirely awake, she turned her face towards him and whispered.  “Sometimes I wish I could give you another baby.”


His fingers paused their movement and his eyes snapped open.  “I’m sorry?”


She swallowed and took a deep breath.  “I was just thinking about our wedding night…and how we made love all night, kinda like tonight.”

He resumed the action of lightly rubbing his fingers against her skin.  “Yes?”


“That ended with us conceiving Ru.”


“Yes.  Yes, it did.”  His brow furrowed as his exhausted mind tried to follow.  “Are you...do you want another baby, Buffy?”


She sighed heavily.  “We can’t have another baby.”


“Not in the traditional manner.”  He agreed softly.  “But…there are other options.”


She looked into his eyes and shook her head.  “We only ever talked about having four.  We have our four.”


“I’m confused.”


Rolling onto her side and facing him, she ran her fingers through his still-damp hair.  “Evan is at the age when we would start to talk about having another…and we’re not having that discussion this time because that choice was taken from us.”


“Buffy…”  He whispered as concern filled his eyes.


She offered him a tender smile, leaning forward to kiss his lips.  “It’s not that I want another baby.  It’s more that I wish we had the choice of having another.  I mean…if you decided you wanted another one, I wouldn’t be able to – ”


He cut her off with a gentle shake of his head.  “I have everything I could ever want, Buffy.”


“I just wish that decision hadn’t been taken from us, that’s all.”


He smiled warmly and lifted his hand to her cheek.  “I understand.  But, please know…I wish for nothing more than your love and the happiness of our children.”


Tears filled her eyes and he sighed softly, brushing his thumb over her cheek.  “And that was intended to make you feel better, not to make you cry.”


“I love you so much, Giles.”


“And I love you, Buffy…more than I could ever hope to verbally express.  I’ve tried, but the words just don’t seem to – ”


She interrupted him with a smile, pulling him closer for a kiss.  “Sometimes, you really do use too many words, honey.”


He had just enough time to return her smile before her mouth covered his.  Though his body was tired and sore, as her tongue nudged into his mouth he realized that making love to her one more time tonight wouldn’t exactly kill him.


* * *


Giles was nearly two hours later than normal as he walked through the front doors of the Council building, Callie bouncing happily beside of him.  He chuckled as he looked down at her, a large cushioned dog bed under his left arm and the fingers of his left hand looped through a bag containing toys, food and water bowls, and a small bag of puppy food. 


“Stairs or lift, Callie?”


Callie perked her ears, tilting her head to one side as she looked up at him.  With a slight nod, mainly to himself after ascertaining that it would be too difficult to carry her and the newly purchased items up the stairs, he walked over to the elevator and pushed the button.


Callie jumped, putting her left front paw on Giles’ right foot as the doors slid open.  Giles laughed softly.


“It’s alright, little one.  Come and see.”


He stepped into the lift and held the door open as Callie cautiously made her way inside.  As the doors slid shut and the elevator started to move, the puppy whimpered and pressed her body against Giles’ leg.  Bending down, he gently stroked her back as he told her not to worry.


When the elevator stopped and the door slid back open, Callie gave a tiny growl.  Giles shook his head in amusement as he stepped out, Callie hot on his heels.  She followed him down the hall, pausing once in a while to sniff the air. 


Giles opened his office door and ushered her in before pulling a tennis ball out of the bag and rolling it across the floor.  As she chased it, he wondered if he should’ve chosen a darker color of carpet when the midnight blue had been replaced by a moss green.


He pushed the thought aside, content to watch his puppy push the tennis ball around the room with her nose.  When she nudged the ball against his foot, he laughed and gently kicked it for her.  Callie chased it again, tripping over her feet and rolling across the floor.  Giles grinned brightly and then began setting up Callie’s bed behind his desk.


He had just come out of the bathroom attached to his office with a bowl of fresh water in his hand when the office door opened.  Willow smiled as she walked in, closing the door behind her.


“You’re here earlier than I was…”  She glanced at the bowl and furrowed her brow.  “Why are you carrying a bowl of water?”


Just as Giles was getting ready to answer her, Callie yipped and bounded across the room, her tail wagging.  Willow gasped and knelt on the floor.


“Oh my God, you have a puppy!”


Giles chuckled as Callie ran to her, sniffing her hands before licking them.  Placing the bowl on the floor next to Callie’s toy box and tossing a few toys into the bed, he smiled warmly.


“Willow, meet Callie.”


Willow cooed over the puppy, laughing when she rolled onto her back so that Willow could rub her tummy.  “So this is what the mysterious appointment yesterday was all about?”


Giles nodded as he stretched his tired muscles.  “Apparently so.”  He sighed happily as Callie yawned.  “Come on, Callie…let’s have a nap, yes?”


Hearing Giles’ voice, Callie got up and ran to him, waiting for a pat on the head before she jumped into the bed.  Willow laughed as the puppy flopped onto the cushion and yawned again before closing her eyes.


“How were the children last night?”


Willow tore her eyes from the adorable puppy and looked at Giles.  “Lucas will probably have a bruise on his shoulder, but don’t worry.  He just misjudged his escape from Haddie and Maria.”


“That sounds like Lucas.”  Giles laughed and sat down in his chair. “Thank you again for watching them last night.”


Willow waved her hand in a manner that said ‘don’t be silly’ and regarded him carefully.  “You look tired.”


“Mm, I am.  I considered taking the day off entirely, but there’s some rather urgent paperwork that I need to go through today.”


Willow glanced at his left ear and smiled.  “It looks good.  I was so used to the hoop, I wasn’t sure if it would look right.  But…it does.”


“Thank you.”  He replied as he noticed Willow’s eyes move a little further down his neck and widen slightly.  He cleared his throat nervously and lifted his hand, rubbing his neck.  “I take it that the collar doesn’t hide everything?”


Willow blushed lightly.  “No one else would notice, Giles.  I think it’s kinda sweet.  I mean…after ten years…”  She trailed off as he reddened.  “It’s not really noticeable.”


Giles lowered his hand and looked at the door when it opened.  Ethan came in and grinned as he looked at Giles’ ear. 


“You owe me ten quid, mate.”  He announced brightly before his grin widened.  “And it looks like  you had a good night.”


Giles rolled his eyes and looked at Willow.  “ ‘Not really noticeable’?”


Willow shrugged a shoulder.  “It’s Ethan, it concerns sex…of course, he’s going to notice.”


“Ooh, a puppy.  Buffy got you a boxer?  That explains all of the questions a few months back.”  Ethan spoke quickly as he walked around the edge of the desk.


Giles narrowed his eyes.  “You wake her up, you have to take her outside.”


Ethan stopped in his tracks and shook his head.  “I’m not going to wake her up, Rupert.  Just want to have a look.  What’s ‘er name, anyway?”


“Callie.”  Giles responded quietly as he stared at Ethan.  “Are you alright?”


Ethan looked at Giles and smiled.  “Yeah, I’m fine.  Why?”


“Rapid speech, slightly dilated pupils, and you look a little flushed.  Magic?”


Ethan chuckled and took a deep breath.  “Maybe a little.  I remembered a spell we used to use back in the day.  The one we used that night when those three young things came home with us and we – ”


Giles’ eyes widened in alarm as he interrupted his friend quickly.  “Um, yes.  Yes, I remember.”


Willow grinned as Ethan glanced at her and then back to Giles. 


Ethan gave him a wink.  “In case you’re curious…still as potent as it was back then.  Even more so when only two people are using it instead of five.”


Willow laughed loudly as Giles reddened deeply. 


* * *


Buffy had come in with a packed lunch as a surprise.  Giles looked up from the papers on his desk as she walked in, a smile spreading across his face.




“Hey.”  She gestured towards the window and smiled.  “Beautiful day today.  I was thinking maybe lunch in the courtyard?  Callie would enjoy playing in the sun…”


He glanced down at the puppy who had just opened her eyes at the sound of Buffy’s voice.  Nodding as he met Buffy’s eyes, he pushed his chair back.


“Sounds wonderful.”


She glanced at the dark bruise peeking out above his collar as he gathered a few of Callie’s toys.  She sighed softly as she felt a wave of arousal wash over her.  Hearing the sigh, Giles looked at her curiously.


“Everything alright?”


“Mm-hm.  Just thinking.”


He smiled as he made his way over to her, toys in his left hand and Callie right behind him.  “What were you thinking?”


She knew that he could sense her arousal, just as she could sense his.  Her eyes closed as his right hand cradled the side of her face and he brushed his lips across hers.


“That maybe we could spend some time together…after lunch. Maybe lock the door and just…”  She cleared her throat and took a deep breath.  “If you’re not overly busy.”


He smiled, kissing her again before Callie made it known that she was more than ready to go outside. 


“I’m not ‘overly busy’.”


Buffy grinned widely.  “Then let’s have lunch and play with Callie.”


Chuckling, he bent down and scooped the puppy up.  Ten years of marriage…as of today, they were starting their eleventh.


And she still surprised him day after day.




~ End


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