Title:  A Perfect Day

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Three weeks after Wishes on Stars.

Synopsis:  Ethan and Michael’s wedding day has arrived.  Hopefully, it will be a demon-free day for them.


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Giles was on his stomach, groaning into the pillow that his head was currently buried in.  His fingers curled and gripped the sheets beneath him.  It had been almost three weeks since Ethan had nearly died and since that night he had wanted this…needed this.  Tonight was the first night that the opportunity had presented itself to them.


Buffy glanced at his left hand and smiled as she slowly moved against him, his hips pushing back against her with each gentle stroke.  “Okay?”


“Yes…”  He replied in a husky tone, grinding his hips against the pillow underneath him. 


She followed his movements, sliding her left hand up his spine before gently scraping her nails back down to his lower back.  “Do you need more, honey?”


He turned his head to the side as he reached behind him, his fingers stroking her hip.  “No…don’t make me come.”


She raised an eyebrow, scraping the nails of her left hand over his ass and the back of his left thigh.  “You don’t want to come?”


His fingers trembled against her skin.  “I want…you to push me.  Push me to the edge again, but…but not over…Christ, that’s…”


She smiled again at his loud groan, his hand falling back to the mattress.  “I understand why you like to watch me while you make love to me…”


“Buffy…dear God…”  He moaned as he pushed himself up slightly, changing the angle of penetration. 


“I wish I could come inside of you.”  She whispered softly.


He pushed back against her, sending the fake phallus attached to the harness fastened around her hips deeper into him.  “Wh…what?”


“I know what it’s like to feel your come inside of me…I wish I could do the same for you…”


She watched the muscles in his back tense as he suddenly stopped his movement.  “Giles?”


“Almost…came…”  He panted heavily as he hung his head.  “Jesus…”


Her smile returned as she carefully eased back, sliding the dildo from him and nudging him with her hand.  “Roll over for me, baby.”


Pushing the pillow that had been under his hips off the bed, he rolled onto his back and looked up at her.  “Buffy…”


She leaned over him, pressing the heavy latex cock against his erection as she licked at his right nipple.  “How close are you?”


He grabbed her hips quickly as she started rubbing the dildo against him.  “Too fucking close…but you already know that.”


She stilled her motion and lifted her head as his fingers pulled at the fastenings of the harness.  “God, I love that look in your eyes…”


Pulling the harness free and throwing it to the side, he shifted his weight and rolled their bodies until he was looming over her with his thick cock resting against her abdomen.  “What look?”


“Barely controlled lust.”  She whispered as she placed her hand over the warm, hard shaft.  “The look that says you’re about two seconds from fucking me senseless.”


His hips began to move, his erection trapped between her skin and her hand.  “Is that what you want?”


She bent her knees and spread her legs open further, gasping as his testicles gently bumped against her clitoris rhythmically.  “God yes…”


He licked his lips, pulling her hand from his erection and lacing their fingers together as he lowered his mouth to hers.  “And…what if I want to take it slow?”


“You don’t.”  She whispered half a second before his mouth covered hers. 


Her groan rumbled in her chest as he plunged his tongue into her mouth, pressing their linked hands to the mattress next to her shoulder.  Shifting his lower body, he reached down and grasped his erection, rubbing the head through her wet folds.


As he pushed himself into her, he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes.  “You’re right…I don’t.”


His hand tightened on hers as he slammed his hips forward, relishing the sound of her screaming his name in pleasure.  He pulled back just as quickly and crashed into her again, causing the headboard to knock against the wall with force.


“Oh…fuck!”  She screamed as he kept thrusting into her at a hard and fast pace.


“Too…much?”  He grunted as she lifted her knees higher, opening herself even more to him.




Releasing her hand, he grabbed her left leg behind the knee and raised it until her ankle was resting against her shoulder.  Her right hand clawed at his chest, leaving thin red lines around his nipple.




He felt the beginning spasms of her orgasm and closed his eyes in concentration.  He’d have to time this just right.  Her spasms grew more intense with each plunge of his cock, her cries growing louder and less coherent.  When he felt her body tremble beneath him, he opened his eyes and looked down at her.  He knew she was close.


As she began to thrash underneath him, he started his mental countdown, continuing to thrust as hard as he could.




With a loud groan, he pulled out and wrapped his hand around his wet cock.  Her eyes flew open as she cried out, her release so close but taken away from her at the last second.




He smiled, his eyes dark with passion, and easily rolled her onto her side.  “I admitted to wanting to fuck you senseless.  But…I want to make love to you as you come.”


She whimpered as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek and then lay down behind her.  His lips trailed hot, open-mouthed kisses along her shoulder as he pulled her back against his chest.  Her body trembled violently against him as he ran his hand down her side to her hip.


“Ssh, love.  It’s alright…”


“No…please, Giles.  Please…”


He smiled at her incoherent ramble and bent her left leg.  “Buffy…hold your leg for me…just for a second…”


“Can’t…”  She groaned as his teeth nipped against her shoulder.  “God, Giles…”


He nodded slowly and pushed her forward just enough to give him enough room to guide his cock back into her with his right hand.  When she gasped pleasurably, he realized that their current position would work just fine.


“Pillow, Buffy…”  He whispered.




He licked his lips and swallowed.  “Pillows…in front of you…to keep you from falling further forward.”


“Oh…”  Her hands fumbled with the two pillows, pressing them against her chest as he slowly pushed his entire length into her from behind.


He paused for a moment and smiled.  Her leg held in place by his forearm against the back of her knee, her body held in position by the pillows in front of her…yes, this would work nicely.


He moved his hips slowly, flicking his tongue against her skin before moving his mouth to her ear.  “Alright?”


“Uh-huh…oh, yes…”  She mumbled as she moved with him as much as she could in this position.  “This…this isn’t…going to take…Giles, God Giles…”


“You need to come.”  He whispered into her ear, smiling when she nodded as she moaned.  “Then come…for me, Buffy.  Come for me…”




The one bad thing about this position was that he couldn’t touch her the way he wanted.  He couldn’t tease her nipples or rub her clit in time with his thrusts.  But, he could talk to her…he could whisper everything he wanted to do into her ear.  As he had taught her years earlier, words could be very powerful.


He knew that he could make her come with his words.  He also knew that in times like this, when they had both teased one another to the point of orgasm at least twice so far this evening, that tenderness was what would push her over the edge quicker than anything else.


He nuzzled her neck, his hard nipples rubbing against her back as he continued rocking his hips against her, before kissing his way back up to her ear.


“Do you…remember our first date?”


“Mm…”  She murmured, her hands gripping the pillows.


“When you opened the door for me…I was sure that I had never seen anything as beautiful as you.”  He exhaled a breath as he felt her inner walls quiver around him.  “And I was sure…I’d never see…anything as beautiful…in the future.”


“Giles…”  She moaned huskily.


“I was wrong.”  He whispered, placing a tender kiss behind her ear.  “I was so wrong.”


Her left hand let go of the pillow and reached for the arm holding her leg in position.  “Oh, God…”


“Our wedding, your pregnancies…you became more beautiful every day.”  He stated softly as he kissed a bead of sweat from her neck.  “I know now what the most beautiful sight that I could ever hope to see is…with perfect certainty.”


He closed his eyes as her fingers tightened around his arm, her quivers quickly becoming ripples against his hardened flesh.  “Would…would you like me…to tell you?”


“Yes…”  She breathed heavily.  “God, yes…”


“Your smile…”  He answered with a soft moan as her fluids gathered around his erection, threatening to flood over him.  “When you look…into my eyes…and say you love me…”


He inhaled sharply as her walls clenched around him.  “My God, Buffy…I love you…”


Her nails dug into his arm as she screamed his name, her elusive orgasm finally breaking free.  He slowed his thrusts, but didn’t stop completely…continuing to whisper tender words into her ear as she came down.


After a few minutes, he pulled out and carefully untangled their bodies before rolling her onto her back.  He smiled warmly at her, pushing her sweat-dampened hair back from her face.  When she felt a wet hardness against her thigh, she glanced down and narrowed her eyes.




His smile grew as he moved between her legs and leaned down to kiss her.  “No…”


“But…”  She started, but trailed off into a moan as he slowly pushed his way back in.  “Oh…”


He slid his arms under her back, his fingers pressing against her skin as he swallowed and lowered his lips to her neck.  “I wanted to feel your arms around me when I come.”


She smiled and lifted her arms around his back, sighing as she felt his muscles bunch and relax under her touch as he moved.  “I love you, Giles.”


He grunted softly against her neck, his orgasm quickly approaching.  When her hands rubbed their way down his back and she tenderly kissed his neck, he shuddered. 


“That’s it, Giles…you’re so close…”


When he softly whispered ‘I love you’, she held him tightly and scraped her teeth over the scar on his neck.  His reaction was immediate, throwing his head back and calling her name as he came deep within her. 


As he rolled to the side, she rolled with him, throwing her leg over his hip in an attempt to keep his softening cock inside of her.  He inhaled deeply, running his hand over her thigh as he raised an eyebrow in a silent question.


She smiled as she looked into his eyes.  “I have a feeling that tonight isn’t over.”


He returned her smile and leaned into her, kissing her lips softly.  “No…just having a rest.”


“Mm…”  She murmured as her fingers lightly stroked his sweat-covered back.  “That’s what I thought…this…”  She gestured to her leg that he was still rubbing lightly.  “Well, I like feeling you get hard inside of me.”


He glanced at her heaving chest and swallowed.  “Shouldn’t take long…”


She chuckled and looked around the room.  “How thick do you think these walls are?”


Grinning brightly, he shook his head.  “I didn’t get us the penthouse for the spectacular views of London city.”


She laughed and moved her hand to his head, loving the feel of his damp hair curling around her fingers.  “Should I feel guilty that I allowed you to bring me here and leave the children with Mom?”


His eyes sparkled as she lightly scratched his scalp.  “She practically threw us out of our own house, Buffy.  This works for us…and it gives her some quality time with her grandchildren.”


She furrowed her brow and looked at him.  “Do you think it’s weird that she came all the way over here for Ethan’s wedding?  I mean…I know she likes him, but…do you think she likes him like that?”


Giles laughed heartily and shook his head.  “No.  I think…this was a good reason for her to spend some time with her family.  I don’t think there are any feelings, other than friendship, there for Ethan.”


“Good, ‘cause that’d just be weird.”


He arched his eyebrow again.  “And why is that?”


“Ethan and my mother?  She’d kill him.”


He laughed again, nodding in agreement as she smiled at him.  “Probably…”


She shifted and looked at him curiously when she felt his cock twitch inside of her.  “Okay…are you getting excited thinking about my mother and Ethan?”


He rolled his eyes and carefully moved, bringing her with him, until he was on his back and looking up at her.  “No…I’m getting excited because…”


When he trailed off, she gently rubbed his chest.  “Because?”


“You smiled at me.”  He answered simply, lifting his hand to the side of her face.


She kissed his thumb as it brushed over her lips and looked into his eyes.  “I love you so much, Rupert.”


Her smile grew as she felt him harden within her. 


Chapter Two


Giles pulled into the driveway of Ethan and Michael’s house and smiled at Buffy.  She returned his smile and reached over to straighten his tie. 


“You look very nice.”


His eyes drifted down the dress she was wearing, stopping at her bare knees and moving back up to her eyes.  “And you look beautiful.”


She took a deep breath and dropped her hands from his tie.  “Stop looking at me like that or we’ll never get inside for the rehearsal.”


Giles grinned and glanced at the front window of the house to find Evan peeking through the curtains.  “The kids will come out…”


“Mm-hm.”  She sighed, running her hand down the front of his shirt before pulling away and unbuckling her seatbelt.  “And if there’s one thing I don’t want our children to see is what’s going through my head right now.  So…we’d better go inside.”


He chuckled softly and pulled the keys out of the ignition as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door. 


Before they could step onto the walkway that led to the porch, the front door swung open and Haddie and Evan came running down to greet them.  Buffy sighed softly, causing Giles to look at her as he picked Evan up.


“What’s wrong?”


Buffy shrugged as she knelt and gave her daughter a hug and a kiss before standing back up and taking Evan from Giles.  “I don’t know…it wasn’t all that long ago that Braden and Lucas would’ve come out too.”


Giles grinned, lifting Haddie into his arms.  “They’re boys, Buffy.  Nearly ten and seven.  It’s normal.”


As they resumed their way up the walk, Buffy looked up at him.  “May be normal, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”


Giles chuckled again and looked at the dress Haddie was wearing.  “Did Grandma buy that for you?”


Haddie smiled brightly as she nodded.  “Like it?”


He kissed her cheek as he climbed the front stairs.  “I think it’s nearly as beautiful as you are.  But, not quite.”


Haddie giggled, wrapping her arms around her father’s neck and giving him a kiss.  As they walked through the front door, Lucas ran over to them with a bright smile on his face.


“Guess what?”


“What?”  Buffy replied, placing Evan on the floor and ruffling his hair.


“Bay and I didn’t fight at all last night!”


Giles laughed softly and lowered Haddie, smiling as she smoothed out her dress before taking off after her younger brother.  “You sound as though you should be rewarded for not fighting.”


“I should.”  Lucas answered, shoving his right hand into the pocket of his trousers as he looked up at his father.  “Do you know how hard it was?”


Buffy and Giles both laughed, Buffy gently nudging Lucas’ shoulder.  “Go on and play, your father and I will discuss rewards, okay?”


Lucas grinned and started to run off, stopping suddenly and running back to them.  After giving each of his parents a hug, he smiled shyly.


“Missed you last night.”


Before either of them could reply, he was running towards the back door.  When Giles looked around the room and narrowed his eyes, Joyce walked over to them and smiled.


“She’s outside with the kids.” 


Giles smiled and chuckled.  “I wasn’t sure if you’d bring Callie or not.”


Joyce laughed and shook her head.  “I didn’t have much choice.  The kids insisted and then Ethan called to make sure she was coming as well.”


Buffy grinned and slid her arm through Giles’.  “I think if he had the chance, Ethan would take her off of us.”


Giles raised an eyebrow.  “I dare him to try.”


Buffy and Joyce laughed brightly.  Joyce gestured towards the back door with a tilt of her head. 


“Everyone else is out there too.  But…I wanted to talk to you first.”


Giles looked at her in concern.  “Is everything alright?”


“Yes, it’s just…”  Joyce sighed and shook her head.  “I know that you told me that Haddie can…well, she…”


“Sees spirits?”  Buffy finished for her.


Joyce smiled nervously and nodded.  “I wasn’t expecting for it to happen in front of me.”


“Oh.”  Giles replied quietly.  “Um…yes, it does tend to happen frequently.  I, uh…well, are you alright?”


Joyce’s nervous smile turned warm at the concern in his voice.  “I’m fine, Rupert.  It doesn’t seem to bother her or the boys.”


Buffy shook her head, sliding her hand down to Giles’ and lacing their fingers.  “No, it doesn’t.  Ru has a basic idea of what’s going on.  Lucas wonders why he doesn’t have ‘imaginary friends’.  Haddie just takes it as normal, they don’t scare her or anything.  And Evan…he doesn’t seem to care.”


“She seemed quite happy to see whoever it was that she saw.  They played for a while.  It was…interesting.”


Giles gave her a crooked smile.  “Interesting.  The first time I saw it, it fairly terrified me.”


Joyce grinned and shrugged a shoulder.  “I wouldn’t say it terrified me.  As Buffy used to say…it wigged me out for a few minutes though.”


“How were they last night?”  Buffy asked as they made their way to the back door.


“Oh, they were great.  Braden and Lucas played quite nicely together and Lucas read Evan a bedtime story.”  She glanced at the couple as she opened the back door.  “And how was your night?”


Buffy huffed in amusement as Giles blushed lightly.  Joyce grinned and shook her head.


“No more needs to be said.  I’m glad you had a good time.”


Stepping out onto the back porch, Giles smiled as he watched Callie chase the children.  Willow gave them a wave as she talked with Anya.  Xander and Oz were manning the barbeque, chatting as they watched the steaks cook.  Ethan and Michael were off to the side, finishing a conversation with the celebrant. 


The celebrant nodded at something Michael had said and walked off with her assistant.  Ethan and Michael shared a smile before leaning into one another for a warm kiss.  Giles’ smile grew, happy for Ethan and Michael.


Turning his eyes back to his puppy, he gave a short whistle.  Callie stopped in her tracks and looked towards him.  Her ears perked up and her tail wagged madly as she bolted towards him.  As she bounded up the stairs, Giles knelt down to give her a pat.


As Callie wiggled excitedly, placing her front paws on Giles’ thigh so she could give him a kiss, Joyce laughed.


“I think someone’s happy to see you.”


Giles grinned and placed a kiss on the top of Callie’s head.  “Hello, sweetheart.”


Buffy shook her head in amusement and looked at her mother.  “I think it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.”


“One of, yes.”  Giles looked up and gave her a wink before looking back into the puppy’s eyes.  “Go on, Cal.  Go play.”


Callie gave Buffy a quick lick before running back down the stairs, immediately honing in on Braden.  Braden laughed happily as the chase started again, his brothers and sister joining in with Maria, Jake, and Rayna.


As they walked down the steps that led to the yard, Joyce watched Rayna jump and giggle.  “She’s such a beautiful little girl.”


Buffy grinned and nodded.  “Yeah, she really is.  And Xander is such a good father to her.”


“Anya is very attentive.  You can tell how much she loves her.  To be honest, when you told me that she was pregnant, I was a little worried.  I remember what she was like with Braden when he was a baby.”


Giles snorted a laugh and leaned down to kiss Buffy’s lips.  “I’ll leave you two to chat about motherhood.  Would you like a drink or anything?”


Buffy shook her head, lightly squeezing his fingers.  “No, I’m good.  Go on and be all manly with our friends.”


Giles chuckled and gave her another soft kiss before he walked off towards the barbeque, stopping long enough to pick Maria up and toss her in the air playfully.


Joyce looked down at her daughter, not surprised to find her watching Giles with a warm smile on her face.  “He’s really good with the kids.”




Joyce furrowed her brow at Buffy’s wistful tone.  “Would you have had more?”


“Hm?”  She looked up at Joyce and shook her head.  “No, probably not.  We always said we’d stop at four.  Sometimes I wish we could have another one though.  I’d love to have another girl.  Haddie and I are a bit outnumbered.”


Joyce nodded and turned her eyes back to Giles and the others as they walked across the grass towards Willow and Anya.  She knew of the history between Giles and Ethan.  It had come out during one of the late night conversations she had with Buffy when Buffy had been dealing with issues concerning Amelia and some girl at a pub.  Joyce couldn’t remember the girl’s name…and it didn’t matter.


When Ethan walked up to Giles and gave him a hug, Joyce sighed.  Buffy narrowed her eyes slightly.




“Do you ever…worry?”  At Buffy’s confused look, Joyce glanced at Giles and Ethan.  “About their past ever coming back around?”


“Oh, that.”  Buffy shook her head, her smile returning.  “Ethan is Giles’ best friend.  Neither of them want more than what they have now.  And…if I’m being honest…I think they both need each other.  I know that Giles keeps Ethan grounded…well, as grounded as Ethan can be.”


Joyce stopped and tilted her head.  “Is he still heavily into magic?”


“Oh yeah…but not the raising demon kind of magic.  I made my peace with their past years ago.  Before we were married, even.  Giles was always honest with me…and Ethan has been completely open with Michael about it.”


“So…you don’t think they’d ever…um…”


Buffy chuckled softly.  “No.  I don’t even think about it anymore.  Not until someone mentions it.  They’re best friends…and that friendship is important to them both.”  She looked up when she heard Giles and Ethan both laugh.  “And it’s worth it just to hear that.  It took them a long time to get to here…and I wouldn’t take it away from them for anything.”


Buffy smiled with Anya and Willow walked over, Jake rushing over to grab a bottle of water from Willow’s hand.  Willow smiled down at her son as she handed the bottle to him.


“Share it with your sister.”


Jake grinned broadly and took off back to the other children, happily handing the bottle to Maria. 


Willow looked at Buffy and smiled.  “So how was your night?”


“Oh, it was nice.”


Anya snorted and took a drink from the cup in her hand.  “Yeah, I hear that the penthouse has beautiful views of the city.  But, I’d bet that you didn’t spend much time looking out the windows or being out on the balcony.”


Buffy grinned and gave Willow a wink, timing her reply just right.  As soon as Anya had taken another drink, she took a step back.


“Oh, we had our time on the balcony.  But, you’re right…not much time spent looking at the city.”


Anya swallowed and grinned back, shaking her head.  “See, I don’t splutter my drinks anymore when you say things like that.  We all know that you and Giles have sex quite often and in unusual places and positions.  We even know you have a toy collection.”


Joyce coughed as she swallowed a sip of water.  “And that’s something a mother should never hear.” 


“What’s something a mother should never hear?”  Xander asked as he walked up behind Anya and slid his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder.


“That Buffy and Giles have a toy collection.”  Anya answered with no hesitation.


Xander paled and cleared his throat.  “That’s also something a Xander should never hear.”


Buffy met Giles’ eyes and smiled lovingly as the others laughed.


Chapter Three


The children and Callie had all fallen asleep on the way home.  It had been a long day and everyone was tired.  However, the rehearsal had gone well, much better than anyone had expected.


Joyce was busy watching the scenery as Giles navigated the streets that led home.  She smiled as she thought about the upcoming ceremony.


“You know, it wasn’t what I expected at all.”


Buffy turned around and looked at her mother.  “What do you mean?”


“I don’t know.  I guess I was expecting a magic show or something.  It was all…very normal.”


Giles chuckled as he made a left turn.  “Despite all of Ethan’s eccentricities, he’s a very traditional type of man.  Especially if it’s something that he takes seriously.  And his wedding is something that means a great deal to him.”


Joyce nodded and watched Evan as he shifted in his booster seat.  “I can tell.  He seems very happy with Michael.”


Giles smiled at her through the rearview mirror.  “Ethan is the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”


Joyce was quiet for a moment and then took a deep breath.  “Ethan’s wedding isn’t the only reason I came to England this time.  However, the timing worked out well.”


Buffy slapped the back of her hand across Giles’ upper arm.  “I told you there was something else!”


Giles glanced at her quickly, sending her a mock-glare.  “Yes, you did.  And, thank you for what I’m sure will be a nicely colored bruise tomorrow.”


“Sorry.”  She smiled sheepishly, gently rubbing his arm as she turned to look at her mother again.  “So, what’s the what?”


Joyce bit her lip and then smiled.  “I…have an interview at the British Museum on Monday afternoon.”


Buffy’s eyes lit up with excitement.  “You’re moving to England?”


“Well, that depends on whether or not I get the job.”


Giles smiled as he stopped for a red light.  “Do you know which department the vacancy is for?”


“Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.”  Joyce replied nervously.  “I wonder if my expertise with African zombie masks would be beneficial.”


Giles chuckled as the light turned green.  “I started out in Coins and Medals when I took employment with the museum years ago.  I, uh…I’m still very good friends with the curator and the director.  I wouldn’t mind at all putting a good word in for you.”


“Thank you.”  Joyce said with sincerity.  “But, I’d like to see if I can do this on my own.  I…have another appointment at the National Gallery next Wednesday.”


Buffy beamed as her excitement grew.  “We can help you find a house.”  She looked at Giles quickly.  “Right?  I mean…”


Giles gently patted her thigh as he nodded.  “Of course, but maybe we should wait and see what happens first.”


“Oh, yeah…the whole horse before the cart thing.”


Joyce laughed as Giles pulled into the driveway.  “That was always one of your weaknesses.”


Giles chuckled and killed the ignition.  “She has gotten better over the years.”


Buffy rolled her eyes and looked at their children.  “Okay, how are we gonna do this?”


“Wake Braden and Callie.  I’ll take Lucas, Joyce takes Evan, and you take Haddie?”


Buffy nodded as she climbed out of the car.  “Sounds like a plan.”


* * *


They were able to put the children into bed without much fuss.  Evan whinged for a brief moment, but as soon as Joyce gave him Glowy he closed his eyes.  Even Braden fell back asleep quickly, taking just enough time to change into his pajamas and sleepily brushing his teeth. 


Giles prepared three cups of tea as Joyce and Buffy sat down in the living room.  Buffy smiled as Callie yawned widely and collapsed on the rug in front of the fireplace. She looked at Joyce and exhaled softly.


“You know, Giles could just about guarantee you a job in either the museum or the gallery.”


Joyce reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind Buffy’s ear.  “I know.  But, I don’t want to get a job because of who my son-in-law knows.”


“Achieving employment on your own merit is a very important skill that many people, in this day and age, do not possess…unfortunately.”  Giles added quietly, walking into the living room with a tray in his hands.  “I admire that trait.”


He offered Joyce a smile as he placed the tray on the coffee table, quickly adding the right amount of milk and sugar to Buffy’s before handing her the cup.  “And I’m fairly certain that Joyce will be just fine without my assistance.  They wouldn’t have requested an interview with someone out of the country if they didn’t see great promise in the applicant.”


Wanting to change the subject before she became even more nervous about her appointments, Joyce took a sip of her tea and quickly blurted the first thing that came into her mind.


“So, are Ethan and Michael planning on starting a family?”


Buffy’s eyes widened as she looked at her mother.  “Kinda hard for two guys to have a baby, Mom.”


Joyce rolled her eyes.  “Yes, I do know how the human reproductive system works, Buffy.  But there is adoption, surrogacy…”


Giles chuckled as he gently stirred his tea.  “I believe that it’s been discussed, but no definite decision has been made.  For Ethan, it’s an age issue.  For Michael, it’s a ‘who will carry the child’ issue.”


Buffy narrowed her eyes.  “Ethan’s like a year older than you, Giles.”


Giles nodded slowly and sipped his tea.  “Mm-hm.  And ten years ago, I wanted to start a family.  I’m not sure I would now at this age.”


She tilted her head as she ran her finger around the rim of her cup.  “You wouldn’t want another baby now?”


He picked up a biscuit and nibbled the corner.  “That’s not what I’m saying.  You know that if we decide that we want another child, we can take other routes.  What I’m saying is…if I hadn’t already started a family by now, I’m not sure that I would.”


“Oh.”  She glanced down at her tea and sighed.  “Anya wants another baby.”


Giles regarded her carefully, placing his cup on the small table next to the chair.  Joyce darted her eyes between the two, wondering if she should quickly excuse herself.




She looked up quickly and recognized the concern in his eyes.  “No, I don’t want another baby.  It’s just…I’d like for Ethan to have a chance to be a Dad…and not just a father.  You know?”


Giles exhaled deeply and gave her a nod.  “I do.  However, that choice is for Ethan and Michael.  Having children had always been in the back of my mind…it wasn’t like that for Ethan.  They’ll make the choice that’s right for them and their relationship.”


Buffy glanced at Callie when she started to snore.  “Well, I know where they can get cute boxer puppies.”


Giles chuckled and Joyce grinned as she took another sip of her tea.


* *  *


A couple of hours later, Joyce retired to the guest room she was staying in.  Giles and Buffy went to bed shortly after, checking on the children before they walked into their room and closed the door.


They changed quickly and slipped under the blankets.  Buffy snuggled up to Giles, resting her head on his shoulder as she draped her arm over his stomach. 


“It’d be nice to have Mom close by.”


Curling his arm around her, he gently stroked her back.  “I know you’ve missed her terribly.”


“We talk once a week…”


He turned his head and tenderly kissed her forehead.  “It’s not the same, I know.”


“If she gets the job…how will the expenses work?”


“Normally, the company will be pay the relocation costs and pay for accommodation for a set amount of time, giving the new employee time to look for a house or flat.”


Buffy nodded slowly.  “Could we afford to buy her a house?  I mean, she’d insist on paying us back, but…I don’t like the thought of Mom not having a place to call her own.”


“I’m sure we can do something, Buffy.”  Giles smiled, running his hand down over her hip.  “And I wouldn’t consider asking your mother to pay us back.”


“She’ll insist.”  Buffy whispered as she unbuttoned the first three buttons of his pajama top, leaning forward to kiss the exposed skin.  “You know she will.”




“Hm?”  She murmured as she continued pulling buttons free with her fingers, followed by warm kisses to his skin.


He swallowed as he felt his body begin to respond to her.  “We…uh…your mother is just down the hall.”


She raised her eyes to meet his as she dipped her tongue into his navel.  “Yeah…and she knows we have sex, Giles.  She even knows we have toys…thanks to Anya.”


“Dear Lord…” 


She smiled, tracing her tongue around his navel teasingly.  “And…I want you.”


He shook his head slowly, even as he lifted his hips when she started to pull his pants down.  “Buffy, we – ”


“Can be quiet.”  She finished for him, as she placed a light kiss on the head of his erection.


He bit his lip and shook his head again.  “That’s never really worked for us.”


Her eyes gleamed as she ran her tongue along the underside of his cock.  “Then I guess you’ll just have to figure out a way to keep me quiet.”  She glanced at his erection as it twitched in her hand.  “Personally, I have a pretty good idea…”


He groaned softly as she pulled the head into her mouth and sucked gently.  “Jesus…Buffy…”


As she began to slide her mouth down his shaft, he groaned a little louder.  His hand quickly cradled her cheek, effectively halting her movement.  She looked up at him, her question shining brightly in her eyes.


He took a deep breath and licked his lips.  “You’re not the only one who’s loud.”


Lifting her head, sucking hard on her way up, she grinned as the head slipped from between her lips.  “What do you suggest?”


He carefully moved until he was sitting up, his back resting against the headboard.  She smiled as she slipped her underwear off and climbed onto his lap.


“This what you have in mind?”


“Yes.”  He whispered as he nodded slowly, gazing into her eyes as she draped her arms over his shoulders. 


As she rose up on her knees, giving him enough room to position his cock at her entrance, he nipped her nipple through the silk nightgown she was wearing.


“I want you, Buffy.”  He whispered hoarsely, biting his lip to stifle his groan as she lowered herself onto him.  “My God, I want you.”


She whimpered as she began to move on top of him.  “God…it always feels so…good…”


He groaned again, his hands tightly gripping her hips as she increased her pace.  “Buffy…”


“Ssh…”  She whispered, leaning forward and lightly kissing his lips.  “We’re supposed to be being quiet.”


Mischief flickered in his eyes as he pulled her down hard as he thrust upwards.  She bit her lip to keep from screaming. 


“Then…I suppose we should find a way to keep one another quiet.”  He replied with a smile on his lips.


Her eyes darkened as she quickly captured his lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth.  His groan rumbled in his chest as he returned the passion-fuelled kiss, sliding his tongue along hers as she continued to rise and fall on his lap.


They both knew it wouldn’t take long for either of them.  It wasn’t just the position they were in that was pushing them closer to orgasm with each movement.  It was also the fact that her mother was just down the hall and they were doing their best to keep their noises to a minimum.  It was the thrill of the act that was causing her inner muscles to quiver around his thickening cock.


Of course, it also helped that their kiss was growing more frenzied with each passing second. 


Her orgasm hit suddenly, quicker than Giles expected.  He swallowed her cries of ecstasy, his fingers threatening to bruise her skin as he pulled her down three more times before he came deep within her.


Only when their movements ceased did they dare pull their mouths apart.  They each panted heavily, swallowing reflexively as they looked into one another’s eyes. 


“I think that’s the…quietest…we’ve ever been…”


He smiled as he fought to catch his breath, groaning softly as she moved off of him and slid down onto the mattress.  She pulled him down beside of her and sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. 


They whispered softly to one another as they drifted towards sleep.


Down the hall, Joyce chuckled to herself with the pillow over her head.  She was sure that they were doing their best to be as quiet as possible.  In fact, she hadn’t even heard them…but she had heard the soft rhythm of what she assumed was the headboard against the wall.


Realizing she wouldn’t be able to sleep with a pillow on her head, she carefully poked her head out and listened.  She breathed a heavy sigh when she heard nothing.  With a smile on her face, she rolled onto her side and closed her eyes.


Chapter Four


Giles grinned at his youngest son as Evan glared at him.  “I know you don’t like it, but this is a special occasion.  You need to wear it.”


Evan blew out a deep breath and looked at Buffy.  “Where’s Gramma?”


Buffy finished the last bow in Haddie’s hair and smiled at Evan.  “Xander and Anya picked Grandma up earlier and…Daddy’s right about the tie, Ev.  You can take it off as soon as the ceremony is over, okay?”


Lucas chuckled as he put on his jacket.  “It’s not that bad, Evan.  Besides, it looks just like Dad’s.”


Evan furrowed his brow and stuck out his bottom lip in a perfect imitation of his mother’s pout.  “Don’t like ties.”


“I know, son.”  Giles spoke softly as he straightened Evan’s collar over the tie.  “You look very handsome though.”


Evan looked up at him and then glanced at Giles’ tie before looking down at his.  “It is like yours!”


Giles smiled as he ran a brush through Evan’s freshly cut hair.  It was more wavy than curly at this length and Giles found that though the cut was very becoming on the boy, he missed the curls.


“Just like mine.  Does that make it okay?”


Evan smiled at him as he nodded, his green eyes shining brightly.  “Yeah, but still takin’ it off after… ‘cause Mummy said I can.”


“That’s fine.”  Giles chuckled.  “Why don’t you and Lucas go find Braden?”


Evan grinned widely and grabbed Lucas’ hand.  “Come on, Luke.”


Lucas rolled his eyes, but allowed Evan to drag him down the hall.  Giles laughed and then turned to look at his daughter.


“Don’t you look beautiful?”


Haddie blushed lightly.  “Mummy put ribbons in my hair that match my dress.”


Pride showed clearly in Giles’ eyes as he carefully pushed back a curl of Haddie’s hair.  “I see that.  Purple is a very beautiful color on you, Hadley.”


Haddie leaned back against Buffy’s leg and sighed dramatically.  “You say that about every color, Daddy.”


“Mm-hm.  That’s because it’s true.”  He kissed her cheek and then stood up, his eyes moving over Buffy’s dress.  “And…you look extraordinarily beautiful as well.”


Buffy smiled warmly and straightened his tie.  “Anyone ever tell you that you’re a smooth talker?”


He glanced at her lips and shook his head.  “I’m simply speaking the truth.”


Haddie giggled and tugged on Giles’ trouser leg.  When he looked down at her, she giggled again.


“You gonna kiss Mummy?”


He chuckled softly and gave her a wink.  “I rather think I am.  Is that alright with you?”


Haddie giggled more and ran off down the hall, presumably in search of her brothers.  Giles met Buffy’s eyes, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.


“Is it alright with you if I kiss you?”


Her eyes sparkled as she rested her left hand against the side of his neck.  “I think I can deal with that.”


His lips had barely brushed across hers when the familiar sound of four children running down the hall could be heard.  She chuckled as he pulled from the kiss and sighed.


“It’s probably for the best right now.”


He raised an eyebrow in a silent question as the kids ran into the living room.  She lowered her voice to a whisper that only he could hear.


“Some things I prefer not to let our children see.  Your tongue in my mouth is one of them.”


His eyes darkened a shade as he inhaled sharply.  He swallowed and let his left hand drift down to her hip.


“Will you dance with me tonight?”


She gave him a wink in lieu of a verbal answer and glanced at the children, smiling as Callie ran circles around them.


“You guys ready to go?” 


She smiled as the kids raced to and out the front door.  Her smile grew as Giles called Callie with a quick whistle and hooked her lead to her collar.


“You know, she’s old enough to stay home by herself for a few hours.”


Giles grinned as he reached for his car keys.  “Her attendance was requested by one of the grooms.”


Buffy laughed, gently nudging him with her shoulder as she walked past him and out the door.


* * *


Giles leaned against the wall, smiling as Ethan paced back and forth in front of him…Callie right on his heels.


“Are you alright?”


“God, I’m nervous.”  Ethan blew out a deep breath and fiddled with his tie.  “Were you this nervous at your wedding?”


“I don’t remember.”  Giles stated honestly as he pushed off the wall and gently knocked Ethan’s hands out of the way.  He smiled at his friend as he quickly adjusted the tie.  “To be very honest, there’s little I do remember about the wedding.”


Ethan raised an eyebrow in disbelief.  “You forgetting wedding details?  I find that hard to believe.”


Giles chuckled and took a step back, slipping his right hand into his pocket.  “What I remember the most is how beautiful Buffy was as she walked towards me.  I don’t remember our vows at all.  When we watch the video, I remember…and I know what was said…but, all I could think about was how happy I was at that very moment.”


He leaned back against the wall as he continued.  “Any nervousness I felt left as soon as I saw her.  I knew that for that moment, everything in the world was perfect…and there was nowhere else I’d rather be.  I remember sliding the ring onto her finger…her sliding mine onto my finger…and I’d never felt more at peace.”


Ethan stared at him for a moment before smiling.  “You’re such a fucking sap sometimes.”


Giles chuckled and shrugged a shoulder.  “Perhaps.  But, I’m a happy fucking sap.  You’re going to be fine, Ethan.  As soon as you look into his eyes, you’ll understand what I mean.”


Ethan took a deep breath and looked at the clock.  “Almost time.”


“Mm-hm.”  Giles stepped forward, placing his hand on Ethan’s shoulder.  “I’m proud of you, Ethan.  I’m proud of the man you’ve become.  And I know that you and Michael do, and will continue to, make each other very happy.  That’s all I’ve wanted for you…to be happy.”


Ethan was quiet for a moment and then swallowed.  “Thank you, Rupert.”


Giles smiled and gestured towards the door with a tilt of his head.  “Come on then.  You don’t want to keep him waiting.”


Ethan’s smile returned, even brighter than before.  “I’m getting married…”


Giles merely grinned and opened the door, leading Ethan out to the backyard, Callie bouncing happily beside of him.


* * *


Evan carefully balanced the pillow in his hands as he walked down the aisle with Rayna at his side.  Giles stood next to Ethan, Callie sitting quietly at his feet.  He chuckled softly at the look of concentration on his youngest son’s face.  It was clear that he was determined not to drop the pillow, on which rested the rings.


Rayna waved at her parents as she passed them.  As he watched Xander and Anya’s reaction, Giles thoughts drifted to the fact that he thought they were wonderful parents.  He never thought otherwise, but…to see the two beam with pride and happiness as their only child waved at them…it warmed his heart.


Giles’ thoughts were interrupted as Ethan leaned towards him and whispered softly.


“She really is a beautiful little girl, isn’t she?”


Giles nodded in agreement.  “That she is.”


Evan took a deep breath of relief when he stopped between Ethan and Michael.  He looked up at his father and grinned brightly. 


“I didn’t drop ‘em!”


Giles laughed, as did every other person in attendance.  “You did well, son.”


After the celebrant had blessed and picked the rings from the pillow, Evan looked at Rayna.  “You can have it now, Raymie.”


Rayna grinned and took the pillow, giving Evan a quick kiss on the cheek before turning and running back to her parents.  Evan blushed deeply and wiped his jacket sleeve across his cheek.


Giles gave him a wink and gestured for Evan to stand next to him. 


Seated with her other three children and her mother, Buffy thought her heart would melt as she watched Giles absently stroke the top of Evan’s head.  At her soft sigh, Joyce looked at her daughter.




“He doesn’t even realize he’s doing it…it’s just so natural for him.”


Joyce smiled in understanding and turned her attention back to the ceremony in progress as she lifted Haddie onto her lap.


* * *


Ethan looked into Michael’s eyes as he slid the ring onto his finger.  Michael’s eyes glistened when he heard Ethan’s softly whispered ‘I love you’.  Michael’s hands were incredibly steady as he took Ethan’s ring from the celebrant, placing a kiss on the platinum band before sliding it onto Ethan’s left ring finger.


“I love you too, EJ.”


Ethan exhaled a deep breath, a bright smile appearing on his face.  He glanced at the celebrant with hopeful eyes.


“Can I kiss him now?”


Giles chuckled as a soft wave of laughter could be heard from the other guests.  The celebrant grinned and closed the book she was holding.


“If you don’t, I think he’s going to be fairly disappointed.”


Michael laughed gently as he nodded in agreement.  Ethan leaned forward and brushed his lips across Michael’s.  Once, twice…and on the third, he lifted his hand to Michael’s neck and slowly deepened the kiss.


Giles cleared his throat and Ethan reluctantly broke the kiss, his face turning a light shade of pink.




Michael grinned and gave him a wink.  “We’ll pick it back up later.”


The celebrant laughed affectionately and addressed the group of people sitting under the large oak tree.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…Ethan James and David Michael Rayne.”


Ethan blushed as everyone stood and clapped.  Michael squeezed his hand reassuringly and offered him a tender smile.


Buffy found Ethan’s reaction adorable, which was something she’d never considered before.  Ethan…adorable.  Those two words didn’t go together often.  But, today they did.


Evan reached up and took hold of Giles’ hand, leading him back to the rest of their family.  Buffy grinned when Evan ran to her and wrapped his arms around her legs.


“You did wonderful, Ev!”


Evan grinned and nodded quickly.  “I didn’t drop the rings!  Bay told me to be careful and I was!”


Braden laughed and rubbed his youngest sibling’s head.  “You did really good, Evvie.”


Evan pulled at his tie, sliding it from his neck and handing it to Giles.  “Can we play now?”


Giles nodded and unclipped Callie’s lead.  “Off you go.”


He smiled as he slipped Evan’s tie into his pocket and looked down at Buffy when she rubbed his back.  “You really do look rather beautiful.”


“You’d better save me a dance.”  She answered softly as she returned his smile.


Chapter Five


Giles, Buffy, Willow, Oz, Xander, Anya, and Joyce found themselves off to the side…happily watching the children and puppy play together as Ethan and Michael accepted congratulatory hugs and handshakes from the rest of their guests.


A few minutes later, Ethan made his way over to the group and grinned brightly at Giles.  Giles arched an eyebrow at him.




“You were right.”  When Giles merely stared at him, Ethan laughed and continued.  “I don’t really remember much about the ceremony…”


“Oh…”  Giles chuckled.


Ethan looked at Oz nervously.  “But…you got all of it, right?”


Oz smirked and gave him a nod.  “Every second.”


Ethan breathed a sigh of relief and glanced over at Michael.  “I…should get back, but…you’re all staying for a while?”  He turned his head and met Giles’ eyes.  “I mean, until we head over to the reception…for which, I sincerely thank you for allowing us to use the Council ballroom.”


Giles gave him a quick nod as a ‘you’re welcome’ and at the chorus of ‘yes’ from his friends, Ethan grinned again and took off.  Anya smacked Giles’ arm, causing him to turn sharply towards her. 


“Ow, what the bloody hell was that for?”


“You don’t remember your wedding?  Mr. I remember every single detail about every single demon I’ve ever faced or read about?”


Giles rolled his eyes.  “I don’t remember every single detail about every single demon I’ve ever faced or read about.  This is why we continue to research.  And…I remember the important parts of our wedding.  The rest is somewhat blurred.”


“Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Anya.”  Buffy added quickly when it looked like Anya was getting ready to smack Giles’ arm again.  “Besides, we have it on video.”


Anya sighed heavily and shook her head.  “I don’t understand why people forget important aspects of their lives.”


Oz smiled, his fingers running along Willow’s spine.  “Because sometimes beauty and happiness overpowers what are, essentially, minor details of a specific event.  When Willow and I got married, all I could focus on was how much I loved her and how absolutely beautiful she looked.  The words weren’t all that important when I thought about the fact that I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend…who happens to be the woman I love.”


Buffy and Giles nodded in agreement.  Anya thought about his words for a moment and then smiled.  Joyce and Xander both chuckled and Xander grinned at Oz.


“I think that’s the most I’ve heard you say at one time, ever.”


Oz grinned and shrugged a shoulder.  “It happens.”


Giles arched an eyebrow when Buffy tugged on his jacket.  “Yes?”


“We need to get Ethan and Michael’s wedding present out of the car.”


Seeing something flash in her hazel eyes, he smiled and gave her a nod.  Xander shook his head in amusement as they watched the couple make their way across the yard and into the back door of the house.


“Grandma!”  Haddie called excitedly, pointing at the garden when she had Joyce’s attention.  “Come look at the flowers!”


Joyce chuckled as she excused herself. 


* * *


As Buffy led Giles through the back door, she turned and looked up at him.  He smiled as he trailed his fingertips down her arm.


“Why do I get the impression that retrieving a wedding gift was not your main purpose in bringing me in here?”


She smiled as she took a step closer to him.  “I find it unbelievably sweet that you can’t remember some details of our wedding.”


His eyes darted to her lips as he lifted his hand to cradle the side of her face.  “I love you.”


She whispered the sentiment back to him as she placed her hand on the back of his neck and drew him down to her waiting lips.


* * *


Xander dropped his gaze from the kitchen window when the kiss between Buffy and Giles deepened.  “Surely they’re not going to have sex here?”


Anya snorted, grinning as Ethan and Michael walked over.  Ethan held a glass of champagne in his right hand, his left holding Michael’s hand. 


Realizing that everyone, with the exception of Xander, was looking at the house, he looked towards the window.  His smile widened as he watched Buffy’s mouth move to Giles’ chin briefly before recapturing his lips.


“Are they done yet?”  Xander asked, staring at the ground.


Ethan chuckled as he took a sip of his champagne.  “Just getting started by the looks of it, mate.”


“They wouldn’t.”  Xander stated, lifting his eyes to Ethan’s.  “Would they?  I mean…your house, your wedding…”


Ethan grinned and glanced back at the window.  “They know where the guest room is.”


Xander’s eyes widened when he looked back towards the window in time to see Buffy slowly end the kiss and lead Giles out of the kitchen.  “They wouldn’t…”


Ethan gave Michael a warm kiss and then smiled at Xander.  “I would.”


Anya snorted again.  “Well, think of it like this, Xander…if they get it out of their systems now, maybe they’ll be able to actually complete a dance or two before one of them drags the other off the dancefloor.”


At Xander’s shocked expression, Ethan shook his head.  “I said that I would.  Rupert has a little more control than I do.  He’s just giving her a taste of what’s to come later, I’m sure.”


“But…she just took him out of the kitchen.”


Michael laughed gently.  “Towards the living room.  If she was taking him to the guest room, she would’ve taken him out the other side of the kitchen.”




* * *


Having retrieved the gift from the car and placing it in the living room, Giles sighed heavily.  Buffy looked at him curiously.


“What’s wrong?”


He smiled shyly and shrugged a shoulder.  “I want to kiss you again.”


“And…what would be the problem?”


His eyes travelled down her body and back up to her eyes.  “I’m rather sure I wouldn’t be able to stop with another kiss.”  He shook his head when she started to reply.  “And, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making love to you in Ethan and Michael’s house on their wedding day.”


Buffy chuckled and nodded in understanding.  “Then I guess we’d better get back outside.”


Giles took her hand in his, lacing their fingers together and rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand as he led her back outside.  As they walked onto the back porch, he smiled as he watched the children playing together. 


Haddie held Joyce’s hand, excitedly pointing out various flowers to her grandmother.  Callie was resting under one of the trees, keeping a close eye on the kids.  Ethan and Michael were standing with Willow, Oz, Xander, and Anya…the six of them seemingly deep in conversation.


The other guests were mingling and laughing.


It was a beautiful day.  Giles looked down as Buffy gently squeezed his hand and realized that it was more than just a beautiful day.  It was a perfect day.


And perfect days happened rarely in their lives.


* * *


Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Giles looked up as Evan snuggled closer against his chest.  Ethan smiled at him and gestured towards the dancefloor in the darkened ballroom.


“Music’s playing, the kids are upstairs asleep…except for Evan, who’s asleep on your lap…and here you sit, all by yourself while everyone is dancing.  Including your wife, I might add.” 


Giles nodded, smiling as he watched Buffy dance with Michael.  “I was just getting ready to take him up.”


“Mm-hm.”  Ethan muttered knowingly.  “Or…were you just waiting for the last dance?”


Giles chuckled as he stood with Evan in his arms.  “I think that if I were to dance the last dance with Buffy, it would make things more difficult than they need be.”


Ethan grinned and carefully took the sleeping boy from his father.  “I’ll take him up and check on the others…you go find your wife.”


Giles straightened his tie and smoothed down the front of his shirt.  “It’s not as if she’s hard to find, Ethan.  She’s right there…with your husband.”


“Yeah…which makes it even better.  You can dance with your wife, I can dance with my husband.”  He stated before turning and carrying Evan out the door.


Giles shook his head in amusement and quickly made his way across the room.  Michael looked up at him as he approached and smiled at Buffy.


“I think someone’s getting ready to cut in.”


Giles nodded, offering Michael a warm smile.  “Only if there are no objections.”


Michael glanced towards the door, the smile showing in his eyes as a thought ran through his head.  “None here.  Buffy?”


Buffy looked up into Giles’ eyes and shook her head.  “Definitely no objections.”


Giles cleared his throat as Michael stepped to the side and Buffy moved into his arms.  “We, uh…should be careful.”


“Yeah, I know.”  She whispered, resting her head against his chest.  “We can make it through a dance, Giles.”


Giles swallowed, holding her against him as they swayed to the music.  “Yes…”


* * *


At the end of Buffy and Giles’ third dance, Willow raised an eyebrow.  “Well, that’s gotta be a new record.”


Xander grinned mischievously as a heavy bass line came through the speakers.  “How much you wanna bet they don’t make it through a fourth?”


Anya sat on Xander’s lap, draping her arm around his neck.  “I’ll put ten down on less than four minutes.”


Oz shook his head and reached over to tuck a strand of hair behind Willow’s ear.


* * *


Buffy grinned as the next song started.  “So…are we staying here tonight?”


Giles nodded, his eyes darkening as Buffy moved her body against his in time with the music.  His hands moved to her hips, his fingers flexing against the material of her dress as he fought to maintain some semblance of control.


She licked her lips, feeling his erection grow as she continued her movements.  “What’s going on in that head of yours, Rupert Giles?”


A slow grin appeared on his lips.  “Do you really want to know?”


“Oh, yeah…”  She grinned back as his fingers tightened on her hips.


He lowered his head until his lips brushed across her ear.  His warm breath tickled her ear as he whispered gruffly to her.


“Visions of taking you to the nearest, darkest corner of this room and pushing you against the wall…that’s what’s going on my head at the moment.”


She groaned softly, sliding her hands under his jacket to grip his back.  “And…then what?”


His tongue flicked her earlobe, causing her to shiver, before he continued.


“Now, that’s pretty much a toss-up.  I have flashes of us touching each other, or me lifting you up as you wrap your legs around me and I pull my hard cock out…or…moving against you…both of us fully clothed…”


He smiled as she trembled in his arms.  “The ending for each of those scenarios is the same…”  When she looked into his passion-filled eyes, he lifted his hand and brushed his thumb across her bottom lip.  “Both of us come.”


She gasped and moved her right hand to the back of his neck, pulling his mouth to hers.  She kissed him deeply, smiling inwardly as his chest rumbled when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. 


He returned her kiss hungrily, not caring that they were on the middle of a dancefloor surrounded by friends and family.  Only when he felt her start to tug his shirt out of his pants did he pull from the kiss and stare into her eyes.


“Not here, love.”  He whispered breathlessly.


She narrowed her eyes in confusion and then looked around, her eyes widening with embarrassment.  “Oh, God…I forgot where we were…”


He chuckled softly and ran the fingertips of his left hand down her cheek.  “To be honest, I don’t think anyone is paying attention to us.”


“Even so…”  She started, pausing when his eyes darted to her lips.  “God, Giles…just take me to our room…please…”


He gave her a nod and stepped off the dancefloor, pulling her with him.  He didn’t bother looking at the table where their friends were sitting…he was too busy gazing into Buffy’s eyes as he led her out of the room and towards the elevator.


Anya grinned and held out her hand.  “Three minutes and ten seconds.  Pay up!”


* * *


As the elevator doors slid shut, Giles pressed the button that would take them to the third floor.  When the elevator began to move, Buffy grinned and reached around him, hitting the ‘STOP’ button.  Giles raised an eyebrow in a silent question as the lift came to a halt between floors.


She placed her hand over the hard bulge in his trousers, squeezing gently before pulling his belt free and unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.  “I’m not sure I can wait until we get to our room…”


He leaned against the wall and inhaled sharply as her hand pulled his erection out.  “In the lift?”


Stroking him slowly, she rubbed her thumb over the head as she nodded.  “I wouldn’t care if we were in the courtyard.  I want you…now.”


In what seemed to be one swift movement, he picked her up and turned so that her back was pressed against the elevator wall.  Pushing her dress further up her thighs, he smiled as her legs wrapped around his hips.


Her eyes widened in surprise as he slipped his hand under her dress and ripped one side of her silk underwear.  “Giles!”


His smile grew, shifting slightly and pushing his cock into her.  “Sorry, love…they were in the way.”


“Oh…God…”  She moaned, resting her head against the wall as he began to thrust.  “Yes, Giles…fuck, yes!”


He moved faster, urging them both towards a quick orgasm.  When she lifted her head to question him, he grinned.


“This needs to be quick…people may need the lift.”




He lowered his mouth to the crook of her neck, gently sucking at the tender flesh as he shortened his strokes.  Her nails scratched at the back of his neck as her moans became louder with his plunge of his cock.


“Giles!  God…oh my God!”


He let go of her skin, looking into her eyes as he moved harder against her.  “I’m going to fuck you until we both come…and then…we’re going to our room…and I’m going to suck my come from you and then fuck you again.”


“Giles…”  She groaned, feeling her inner muscles begin to quiver.


“I just haven’t decided whether I’m going to fuck your mouth or your ass.”


He smiled as his words pushed her over the edge.  He didn’t care that her juices flooded over him and around him, seeping into the material of his trousers.  All he cared was that she came.


He threw his head back, her name leaving his lips on a groan of delight as he came deep within her.  He held her tightly as her aftershocks ebbed and then kissed her slowly as he carefully pulled out of her and stood her on the floor in front of him.


She stared at him through passion-glazed eyes as he tucked his still semi-erect cock back into his trousers.  “I love you.”


He smiled at the intensity of her spoken words and started the elevator back on its journey.  “I love you too.”


Chuckling softly, she moved into his arms and looked up at him when he lovingly rubbed her back.  “I was just thinking…”


“What about, darling?”  He whispered as his fingers toyed with the zipper on her dress.


“That the married couple aren’t the only ones who are going to be having a good time tonight.”


He smiled as the lift doors slid open and he led her to their room.  “No, they aren’t.”


Buffy sighed as he dug the key out of his pocket and slid it into the lock.  “A perfect end to a perfect day.”


The door swung open and he quickly ushered her inside. 


“My thoughts precisely.”  He whispered as he closed the door behind them.



~ End


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