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At this time, the Doctor Who fic is all about Ten/Rose. 





A Portal in Sunnydale

Rating:  FRT

BtVS/DW Crossover

Buffy befriends a strange man while on patrol.  Giles runs into a lost woman on his way home.  Two worlds are getting ready to collide.


A Girl’s Best Friend

Rating: FRT


Tony Tyler has a couple of ideas of what a certain half-human, half-Time Lord could get Rose for Christmas.


Carpets and Misunderstandings

Rating: FRAO

After their escape from Krop Tor, the Doctor and Rose decide to celebrate.



Rating: FRM

Sequel to Floodgate

Doors open, but they don’t always close. This is not necessarily a bad thing.



Rating: FRT

When the Doctor’s ready to talk, he’s ready to talk.  Luckily, Donna’s always ready to listen


Lessons Learned

Rating: FRAO

Sequel to Same but Different

Rose and the Doctor are learning more things about the new him.


Same but Different

Rating:  FRT

How different is the new new Doctor?


Stuff of Legend

Rating:  FRAO

Sequel to A Portal in Sunnydale

The Doctor and Rose make it to the TARDIS safely.


The Flight of the Lamborions

Rating: FRAO

Sometimes, romantic notions don’t work out as they’re intended.


Three Dances

Rating: FRT

Prequel to Floodgate

Rose and the Doctor danced three times to one song…their song.


Unlocking Secrets Series:


Part I

On the Mend

Rating:  FRT

Rose has questions that the Doctor doesn’t want to answer.


Part II

The Truth Behind the Words

Rating:  FRAO

The Doctor still has some secrets...and those come with explanations.


Part III


Rating:  FRM

The Doctor and Rose spend some time on Stasis Twelve...and learn a bit more about one another.


Part IV


Rating:  FRT

Rose is in Pete’s World, the Doctor is not.  The Doctor isn’t coping well.


Part V

First Things First

Rating: FRAO

Jack knows more than he’s letting on.  The Doctor has questions.


Part VI

Passing the Time

Rating: FRAO

The TARDIS needs repairing, but Rose has other ideas.


Part VII


Rating: FRT

Rose and the Doctor are caught up in an adventure in the last place they expected.



Out in the Open

Rating: FRAO

Rose unlocks another of the Doctor’s secrets.


Part IX

The Night Before

Rating: FRM

There are better ways to spend a night than tinkering.


Part X


Rating: FRM

Interdimensional time travel made easy...if you’re a brilliant Time Lord.






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