Title:  Death and All His Friends

Author:  Froxyn

Rating:   FRAO

Pairing:  Buffy/Giles

Timeline:  Post-series.  Immediately following Violet Hill.

Synopsis:  Buffy wants to completely close a chapter of Giles’ past.  Will her efforts be successful?

Author’s Note:  Album fic.  Song and lyrics can be found here.



Giles smiled brightly, huddled under a shopfront awning as the English rain poured from the grey sky.  Buffy looked up at him, laughing as she wiped the rain from his face.


“You’re drenched…and you’re smiling like a loon.”


“I’m getting married.”  He stated matter-of-factly, tracing his thumb over her still kiss-swollen lips.  “I seriously doubt that anything could wipe the smile off my face right now.”


She kissed the pad of his thumb and slid her arms around his waist.  “Are you still going to take me up there?”


He glanced down the street and licked his lips.  “If you’re sure.  I…we don’t have to.  I have no issues with taking you up, but…”


“Will you make love with me up there?”  She asked softly, interrupting his ramble.


His eyes met hers quickly before looking around to see if anyone had overheard her.  It seemed as though no one had.  He coughed lightly as the fingers of her right hand slid into the back pocket of his jeans. 


Suddenly, he was very glad that she was positioned in front of him.  He was barely able to stifle his groan as he felt himself begin to respond to her gentle touches. 


“Not here.”  He whispered gruffly.


She leaned up, placed a warm kiss on his jaw before whispering in his ear.  “Then you’d better get me somewhere fast…”


He stared at her, his jaw clenching and releasing as he saw the desire burning in her eyes.  Without another word, he grabbed her hand and quickly made his way along the sidewalk, not worried in the least about the downpour or the fact that neither of them had an umbrella.


* * *


Giles opened the door that led from the stairwell to the roof and stepped outside, pulling Buffy with him.  The rain had let up slightly, but hadn’t stopped completely.  Large raindrops pelted the rooftop as he closed the door and pushed her against it.


She moaned as his mouth latched onto the side of her neck, her fingers pulling his shirt up and out of it’s tucked position.   “Here?”


Reaching between their bodies, his fingers quickly found the button on her jeans and pulled it free as he lifted his head to look into her eyes.  “Wherever.  I picked this spot simply because there’s a bit of shelter from the rain…but, the entire rooftop is yours, Buffy…”


She shivered as he slipped his hand into her jeans and under the silk underwear she was wearing.  “Where…oh, God…where…where did you fuck him?”


“Different places…”  He murmured, sliding his fingers through her wet folds as she spread her legs.  “Dear God, Buffy…”


She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans as he used his free hand to work her jeans over her hips and down her thighs.  “You…really need to be inside of me…”


“Soon…”  He grinned as he lowered himself to his knees in front of her. 


Before she had a chance to say anything else, he spread her lower lips with his thumbs.  He looked up at her as he dragged his tongue through her folds before pulling her swollen clitoris into his mouth.


“Oh, fuck…”  Buffy groaned, gripping his shoulders for support.


He smiled inwardly, not concerned about the bruises that she was surely leaving through his jacket and shirt, and slipped the middle finger of his right hand into her.  He was rewarded with a low moan and a buck of her hips as she moved her right hand to the back of his head.


“Giles…oh, God…Giles…”


When she felt wetness under her feet, she looked down...startled, and even more aroused, to realize that he had removed her sandals, jeans, and underwear without her knowledge.  His eyes held his loving smile as he gently nibbled on her clit, bringing her to orgasm almost immediately.


She was still trembling when he stood, shoving his jeans and boxers down just enough to free his erection.  He lifted her easily, groaning pleasurably as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


“I love you.”  He whispered, pushing his hips forward and easing his thick cock into her.


“Love you…oh fuck, Giles…love you too!”  She cried out, scratching her nails along the nape of his neck as he started to move against her.


He timed his thrusts with the rhythm of the rain hitting the tin ledge above their heads, knowing that he’d forever associate rain with sex with Buffy from this moment on.  His hands squeezed her hips as she let her head fall back against the door behind her.




“Close…so close…”  She whimpered, feeling his cock thicken within her.


“Fucking hell…”  He muttered, closing his eyes as her muscles started to contract around him.  “Christ…fuck yes!”


Within seconds she was screaming his name as she came…and he was flooding her inner walls.  Her legs loosened their grip, but he didn’t let her go.  Instead he leaned forward, pinning her body between his and the door.


“My God…”  He whispered, moving his left hand to the side of her face as he gazed into her eyes.  “Are you alright?”


“Uh-huh…so alright. You?”


He nodded slowly, brushing his lips across hers.  “Mm-hm.”


Carefully, he pulled out of her and kissed her again as he lowered her feet to the floor.  He broke the kiss reluctantly, kneeling in front of her again.




Shh.”  He whispered, retrieving her discarded clothing that he had made sure to place out of the way of the rain.  “I’m…very tempted to make you come again with my mouth…right now.”


She shivered and ran her trembling fingers down the side of his face.  He turned his head slightly and pressed his lips to her fingers as he slowly slid her underwear back up her legs. 


“But, it’s cold…and we should probably get home.”  He glanced up at the darkening sky.  “It won’t be long before the sun is completely down.”


She nodded and lifted her left, then her right, foot…allowing him to redress her before he stood in front of her.  He offered her a warm smile as he pulled his jeans up, refastening them as he leaned forward and kissed her softly.


“Show me?”


He raised an eyebrow in a silent request for her to clarify her question.  She ran her fingers through his rain-soaked, mussed hair and gazed into his eyes.


“Where you were when you decided to go back to the Council…”


“Oh.”  He whispered, clearing his throat as he looked around.  “Um…over there.”


She slipped her hand into his and squeezed his fingers lightly as she took a step forward.  “Take me…”


He gave her a gentle nod and then led her to the edge of the rooftop.  He peered over the small retaining wall and looked towards his left. 


“I was standing here.”  He pointed at the road with his left hand.  “She, uh…she was down there.  The vampire pulled her into that alley.”


“And you ran down and saved the day.”  She whispered, moving in front of him and leaning back against his chest as he slid his arms around her.  “Following death and all that.”


“Mm.”  He murmured, looking upwards as the rain finally stopped.  “So many years ago…such a different time.”


“Yeah, but…we still kinda follow death around.”


“True, but it’s not something I want to do.  I don’t want to follow death and all his friends…”


“No?”  She asked, running her fingers along his forearms. 


He shook his head and placed a kiss in her wet hair.  “No.  But, I know it’s something that we still have to do.”


She sighed heavily, knowing that he was right.  They didn’t have a choice…even with the newly active Slayers, Buffy was still the Chosen One.  And Giles was still her Watcher.  Neither of them wanted this, but neither of them could walk away.


“Can we go home?”  She asked softly, turning in his arms and looking up at him. 


“Of course.”  He replied just as softly, gazing into her eyes.  “I love you so very much.”


Her smile brightened, unable to verbally respond before his lips captured hers once more.  She’d be sure to tell him later.



~ End


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